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rigged 2016LUMPENPROLETARIAT  Your anger is a gift. -Zack de la Rocha

It’s admirable to see amongst our young people such moral outrage and indignation in the face of the grotesque leadership, to which our nation will be subjected under a Trump presidency.  (They are leading by example; adults can follow suit with a general strike.)  We’ve seen this kind of public moral outrage before, at least as far back as the 1960s.  But, back then, the conclusions at which young people arrived, about the corruption of our antidemocratic society, about its patriarchal and white supremacist origins, about the New Jim Crow, about the ideological stratification of society, the criminalisation of left-wing politics, all of these conclusions rendered the 1960s antiwar/social justice movements enemies of the state, hence COINTELPRO.  But the 1960s generations had their finger on the pulse of the problem.  Let’s help today’s young people catch up to them and understand the real object of their ire, antidemocratic institutions, such as capitalist modes of production and contemporary neoliberalism, not to mention our rigged two-party electoral system with its antiquated electoral college and closed presidential debates.



la-na-election-day-2016-anti-trump-protesters-hit-the-streets-1478740472LOS ANGELES TIMES—[9 NOV 2016]  Trump win sparks student walkouts and protests across the U.S.: ‘I expected better’

Matt Hamilton, James Queally, and Barbara Demick

Donald Trump‘s victory in the presidential election sparked protests across the nation Wednesday [9 NOV 2016], with crowds marching through city streets, rallying at college campuses and staging walkouts at schools in an open disavowal of the president-elect.

Students at several Bay Area high schools got up from their seats in the middle of class and filed out. A throng of more than 1,000 young protesters gathered on the steps of Los Angeles’ City Hall, burning a giant Trump head in effigy and blocking traffic along Spring and 1st streets.

“I expected better of my electorate,” Vishal Singh, 23, said in downtown L.A. late Wednesday. He said he was reeling in shock over the support for a man he saw as opposed to immigrants and LGBT rights. “I thought this country was different.”

Thousands of protesters blocked traffic in downtown Portland, Ore., Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia, with some torching flags. Demonstrators in Oakland smashed windows at five businesses and ignited trash containers and tires, police said.

In New York City, thousands clustered in front of Trump’s flagship building, the Trump Tower, and repeated a common refrain: “Not My President.”

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Anti-Trump Student Protest Rally, Los Angeles City Hall video posted by Anthony Estrada on 9 NOV 2016

“Protestors Plan to March from Union Square to Trump Tower” posted by Mrs. Liar on 9 NOV 2016


CBS SF BAY AREA—[10 NOV 2016]  San Francisco Students Stage Citywide Anti-Trump Campaign

On bikes, scooters, skateboards and on foot, thousands of San Francisco high school students staged a citywide walkout and shutdown San Francisco’s Market Street before marching along the waterfront in a mass demonstration Thursday [10 NOV 2016], protesting the presidential election Republican Donald Trump.

Escorted by San Francisco police officers, hundreds of students took several routes across the city to converge in growing numbers at City Hall and then began marching done busy Market Street.

As students from other city high schools streamed out of the Muni metro subway stations, the crowd swelled. Traffic on the busy Embarcadero grounded to a halt as the students marched toward Fisherman’s Wharf.

In Oakland, students walked out of classes and interrupted a press conference by Mayor Libby Schaaf.

Elsewhere, between 400 and 500 students from Napa, New Tech, Vintage and Valley Oak high schools participated in the march that started around 9am and ended at Memorial Stadium about a block north of Napa High School, Napa Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Elizabeth Emmett said.

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Learn more at CBS SF BAY AREA.


“Your anger is a gift…”


[10 NOV 2016]

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