Understanding the COVID-19 issue…

We can always benefit from a second opinion. To understand the COVID-19 issue, we must understand academic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and informed consent. We must understand medical freedom, and the right of doctors to practice medicine with freedom from state coercion. We must respect the Hippocratic Oath.

The courageous people below deserve our attention because they raise serious questions and important concerns, which the state-corporate media actively work to obfuscate, to conceal. The big pharma experimental gene therapy drugs are not vaccines, especially not sterilizing vaccines. Science depends upon peer-review and public review. Science depends upon debate. The best ideas can stand up to scrutiny.

We must not follow the science. We must question the science. There is no science without questioning. Censorship is unscientific. Corporate media tends to be corporate propaganda.

Dr. Julie Ponesse | ethicist; philosopher; professor of ethics; forced out of her teaching position by medical authoritarianism; author of My Choice: The Ethical Case Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

  • Dr. Julie Ponesse | The Faith and Democracy Series” by The Democracy Fund, 1 NOV 2021.
    • “In the fall of 2019, I was a professor of ethics and ancient philosophy. I taught students critical thinking and the importance of self-reflection, how to ask good questions and evaluate evidence, how to learn from the past, and why democracy requires civic virtue. | Fast-forward to September 16th, 2021, when I received a termination with cause letter, after I questioned and refused to comply with my employer’s vaccine mandate.” Of course, the experimental products from big pharma are not vaccines, much less sterilizing vaccines. They are COVID-19 injectable drug products, which are associated with inflammation and adverse effects, including brain, heart, blood coagulation, reproductive system, immunologic system, as Dr. Robert Malone; Dr. Peter McCullough; Dr. Jessica Rose; Dr. Lawrence Palevsky; et al have documented.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich | lawyer; consumer protection; “advise and support activities related to the Corona damage claim”; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative [N.B.: right-click to translate website]

Dr. Gary Null | Nutritionist, researcher, author, educator, filmmaker, radio host; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | lawyer; consumer protection; critic of big pharma and vaccine industry; author of The Real Anthony Fauci; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. David Martin | “corporate advisor'”; “entrepreneur”; financier; storyteller; professor; “inventor”; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. Robert Malone | inventor of mRNA vaccine technology platform; former contractor to the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and the chief medical officer at Alchem Laboratories; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. Peter McCullough | influential physician, who developed successful early treatments for COVID-19, when Mr. Fauci, et al were having people wait at home until symptoms worsened; testified on COVID-19 issues before the U.S. Senate and Texas Senate; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. Kary Mullis | Nobel Laureate; AIDS researcher; PCR test developer; ‘PCR test is not a diagnostic test’; prominent critic of Mr. Anthony Fauci and big pharma (both push PCR test as a diagnostic test); Dr. Mullis died in 2019, months before the onset of the plandemic dystopia in March 2020; likely would have been a critic of the state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Adv. Dipali N. Ojha | lawyer; COVID-19 justice; practicing advocate; head legal cell; Indian Bar Association; Mumbai; India; litigator in Indian Bar Association vs. WHO; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky | pediatrician; Northport Wellness Center; expert on spike protein shedding; mRNA drug products; appeared before Connecticut House Public Health Committee to testify against H.B. 5044 (a bill to remove religious exemptions from anti-COVID injections and experimental drug mandates for school attendance); critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

Dr. Mattias Desmet | psychiatrist; professor of clinical psychiatry (Ghent University, Dept. of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting); public educator of post-COVID “mass formation”, mass psychosis, and mass hypnosis; critic of state-corporate COVID-19 narrative

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