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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 18 NOV 2021] The WVW Broadcast Network has published an explosive, informative, and compelling interview with Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), Jr., which discussed his new book for Children’s Health Defense, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. RFK, Jr’s book provides us with a much-needed timeline of events regarding the police-state response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and the overall COVID-19 psyop. (Read a transcript below.)

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Source: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” by Brannon Howse, World View Weekend (WVW) Broadcasting Network, 18 NOV 2021.

(Transcript by Messina for Lumpenproletariat, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense, and WVW)

BRANNON HOWSE: (c. 0min 00sec) “Alright. Let’s go to our guest tonight, the author of The Real Anthony Fauci, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sir, thank you for being with us tonight.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Thank you for having me.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “I’ve been reading your book. I was showing the audience. I have a printout of it. I called the bookstore to get a copy. It wasn’t in yet. I have a friend up in Minneapolis, that’s called his bookstore to get a copy. But I was able to acquire a printout, put it in a three-ring binder. I flagged it up. I’m really enjoying what I’m reading. I appreciate your writing the book, The Real Anthony Fauci, subtitled Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

“How is the book doing? Are you having issues with people being able to get the book in their local bookstores?”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “The book is doing very well. In hardcover books, I think it’s #2, as rated on Amazon. In e-books and Kindle, it’s #1. The New York Times [bestseller] list comes out next Wednesday. We should make it. I mean we’ve sold huge, huge numbers.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Good.” (c. 1min 00sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “We hope to have done over a hundred thousand by the end of the week.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “That’s excellent, ‘cos it just came out November 16th. So, that’s a hundred thousand copies sold, while it’s already just the 19th of October. Excellent. Well, I’m just gonna dig right in.

“[Chapter 1 “Mismanaging a Pandemic”, Section 1 “Arbitrary Decrees: Science-Free Medicine”] Page 11: “Dr. Fauci’s choice to deny infected Americans early treatment was not just a bad public health strategy; it was” what Dr. Peter McCullough, who’s a guest here often, avows, “cruelty at a population level.” Says McCullough, “Never in history have doctors deliberately treated patients with this kind of barbarism.” [NB: During the interview, Mr. Howse reworded the exact word used in the book, barbarism, into “barbaric behavior”, and also misread cruelty as “certainly”.]

“You openly talk in this book about ivermectin, ACQ(sp?), all of these things came under attack. And it led to a lot of people dying. Didn’t it, sir?” (c. 1min 47sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Yeah. Probably. I mean there’s a—if you look at the peer-reviewed science, there are now over a hundred studies that indicate that. And some of them are very powerful studies, that indicate probably 80% of the people, who died from COVID [did not] receive ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, steroids. (c. 2min 29sec) There are many, many things, that work almost miraculously against COVID. It’s a very, very manageable disease.

“It’s not just the peer-reviewed science that looks at each one of those individual interventions. If you look at the record for the United States of America, which Tony Fauci thought was the right thing, compared to, for example, the Chinese or other nations, that actually encouraged people to use early treatment, the Chinese published a protocol for early treatment as early as April 2020. And it immediately killed the pandemic in China.

“In China, the death rate is three in a million population. The death rate in the United States is 2,200 per million population. So, almost close to 800 times what the Chinese were able to achieve. The Chinese pandemic lasted two months. Ours [in the USA] has gone on for 20 months. We have about 4.2% of the world’s population in the United States; we had 14.5% of the world’s deaths.

So, the track record for Tony Fauci is an absolute catastrophe. It’s extraordinary that people believe that, somehow, he was a success story who was giving us good advice.

“The Chinese protocol, incidentally, begins with choloroquine.”


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “He knew about chloroquine, which comes from hydroxychloroquine, they knew about chloroquine in April. And they [i.e., the Chinese] were telling all the doctors. And what they did was, anybody who had symptoms of COVID and tested positive, they immediately isolated them, which is what you’re supposed to do in a pandemic. You isolate the sick and you give them treatment. We did the inverse of what everybody has known you’re supposed to do in a pandemic. We isolated the entire population, locked people at home. And we knew, from the Chinese experience and from the Italian experience, that COVID-19 is a disease, that spreads indoors. So, instead of telling people to get outside. We locked everybody in the home. And, then, if you came in, and if you got sick, and if you got a positive PCR test, what did your doctor tell you to do? Because this is what Tony Fauci was telling doctors to do. Your doctor told you, Go home. You go home, where you’re gonna spread it to your family. And, then, you go back to the hospital where you get so sick, that you cannot breathe. And this was the prescription, that was given to every American. And every one of those hospital visits was a super-spreader event because those sick people, were now shedding huge amounts of viral load. They’re contaminating the Uber driver. They’re contaminating the ambulance driver. They are contaminating their families. They’re contaminating the people, infecting the people, who treat them in the hospitals. And it’s exactly the opposite of what you would want to do. And they got no early treatment. (c. 5min 43sec)

So, 80% of the people, who went to a hospital should not have gone to a hospital. They should have been treated early and, then, never gotten sick.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Wow. You write in your book, [Chapter 1 “Mismanaging a Pandemic”, Section III “Ivermectin”] page 40: “Ivermectin furthermore impairs the spike protein’s ability to attach to the ACE2 receptor on human cell membranes, preventing viral entry.” That’s interesting.

You write: “Moreover, the drug prevents blood clots through binding to spike protein, and also deters the spike protein from binding to CD147 on red blood cells, which would otherwise trigger clumping.” (c. 6min 20sec)

What you don’t know, sir, is, just right before you were on, we had an undertaker from Great Britain on for 40 minutes talking about the number of people dying there, after the vax within two days to 24 weeks. He’s talking about their blood being thick, like glue, and all the blood clotting and strokes, that everyone is having. So, that’s a real-life testimony, just before you came on.

“But here you’re reporting in your book, on page 40, ivermectin would have helped stop a lot of these blood clots.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Well, ivermectin works as hydroxycholoroquine. Ivermectin works on about 20 different pathways. One of the things, that it does is it acts as an ionosphere, which is—it facilitates the entrance of zinc into the tissue’s cell.

“And people have known for decades that zinc inhibits the replication of all coronaviruses. That’s why zinc is—you know there’s shelves in virtually every pharmacy, that sell zinc for the common cold because there’s lots of peer-review that shows that it works. (c. 7min 27sec)

“Hydroxychloroquine also acts as a zinc facilitator. But it works also on many, many other pathways. We could’ve—you know, the first chapter of this book talks about that particular aspect of mismanagement and also it talks about the vaccines.

I think the parts of the book, that people are really gonna be interested in, is the history of Tony Fauci, about how we ended up in this place where, instead of having a medical response to a medical crisis, we had a militarized response. And we had a monetized response. And that all of the policies, that were implemented by Tony Fauci were policies, that were designed to facilitate the public view that the vaccines were the only way out of the pandemic, and then to use orchestrated fear and propaganda to get people to be locked in their houses, under house arrest for a year, and to induce in them a condition, that is known as Stockholm Syndrome, which, you know, makes people grateful to their captors and believing in them, believing that the only way to survive the crisis is with total obedience, total compliance with the commands of the captor. [ 2 ] (c. 9min 00sec)

“And, one of the things, that I show, that I think will surprise people is the deep involvement of the intelligence agencies. And, something that I didn’t know about when I started writing this book was only disclosed by research with the intelligence agencies and the military, not only in the gain of function funding in Wuhan, and these very, very odd partnerships they had with Chinese military scientists, but also how it was the intelligence agencies and, particularly, the CIA, that conspired with Tony Fauci to use the pandemic as a pretense to impose totalitarian controls, to obliterate the Bill of Rights, not only in our country, but in virtually all the liberal democracies around the world. (c. 9min 57sec)

BRANNON HOWSE: “Absolutely. You write: ‘I show how they used the pandemic simulations, working very closely with the intelligence agencies, with the big media companies, and the major pharmaceutical companies to make that happen.’

“Uh, you also mention the fact, something I did not know—I mean I know that he’s very highly paid. He’s like—what is he? He’s like one of the second-largest, or first, uh, highest paid. “Fauci is the highest paid federal employee in the U.S. And 68% of his $437,000 a year salary comes from bioweapons research.” That last part, sir, I did not know! 68% of his salary comes from bioweapons research! I mean that right there tells us quite a bit, when you think about the Wuhan virus and funding and gain-of-function, doesn’t it?” (c. 10min 44sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Yeah. Well, what happened was Tony Fauci was running NIH [i.e., National Institutes of Health]. And I talk in the book; I give the history of how he parlayed the AIDS crisis into a multi-billion-dollar agency, that no longer does basic research. It does pharmaceutical drug development. It is the principal incubator for new pharmaceutical products. Between 2009 and ’20, 16—it was about 240 new drugs approved by the [FDA]. [ 3 ] That all came out of Tony Fauci.

“And Tony Fauci and his agency are allowed to patent those drugs and to keep up to—individuals in the agency, including Fauci, can keep $150,000 a year from royalties on products, that they develop at NIH. (11min 39sec)

So, he has a $6.6 billion-dollar budget. And virtually all of it goes to drug development. He farms it out to the universities. So, they become allies. And he partners with them and the pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs. And he uses his power to usher those through the regulatory process and get FDA approvals. He controls all of the agencies, all the relevant agencies, at HHS [i.e., United States Department of Health and Human Services], not just NIAID, but NIH and CDC, to some extent, and the FDA, almost completely.”

BRANNON HOWSE: (c. 12min 17sec) “Is that $6 billion dollars a year?!”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “$6.6 billion dollars, annually.”


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “It is more than double what Bill Gates gives out every year. Between Gates and him and Jeremy Farrar, who runs Wellcome Trust, they control 61% of all biomedical research on the planet. (c. 12min 38sec)

“And what’s happening—in 2001 we had the anthrax attacks, which was a seminal event in our country. [ 4 ] And our country, at that point, was moving—after the Cold War, we moved to a terror agenda, to make the speartip of American foreign policy Islamic terrorism. But it wasn’t really a very satisfactory culprit for the military-industrial complex because Islamic terrorism kills fewer Americans every year than lightning strikes. And it’s hard to justify diverting so much of our GDP towards something, that poses such little threat to the average American. And I show how the intelligence agencies conspired with Fauci and with Pentagon officials in the late 1990s to make biosecurity the official speartip of American foreign policy because everybody’s scared of germs. And germs can get into everybody’s houses and kill everybody in the house. (c. 13min 45sec)

“So, it’s a much more potent villain. And it justifies us being in all these developing countries. And they made vaccines—Gates called Fauci to his house in the year 2000. And they shook hands in his living room in his $87-million-dollar mansion on Lake Washington [across from] Seattle. [ 5 ] And they shook hands for a partnership. Gates was the one, who proposed it, a partnership to vaccinate the whole world by 2020. (c. 14min 19sec)

And they worked with the intelligence agencies and with the Pentagon [i.e., U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)] to make that happen. (c. 14min 25sec)

“What happened in 2001—the anthrax attacks occurred. And it later turned out the anthrax came from U.S. military laboratories. And we signed a biosecurity treaty—a bioweapons treaty in 1972. Nixon signed it. And it made illegal any kind of storage or experimentation or development or use of bioweapons. And the CIA continued to develop bioweapons secretly and illegally. The Pentagon was scared of doing it. But after the anthrax attacks, they began allocating huge amounts of money to bioweapons research. But the Pentagon—the CIA was doing the funding through USAID [i.e., United States Agency for International Development], funding the Wuhan lab and others. The Pentagon [i.e., DoD] was scared to do it because they thought, if we start doing this—there’s a loophole in the bioweapons treaty, that said, you can do bioweapons research, if it is dual use [research]. In other words, if you can show that the same experiments for developing bioweapons are the same experiments and research you’re doing to develop the vaccines, in other words, defense to bioweapons, then you’re allowed to do it. But the Pentagon didn’t want to get into that business because they felt that they would be exposed. (c. 15min 52sec)

“And, so, they [cf., DoD] started funneling money through NIH. And that money ended up with Tony Fauci. (c. 16min 00sec)

“And, in addition to the $6.1 billion dollars he distributes from taxpayer money every year, he got another $1.6 billion from the military to do bioweapons research, which they called [gain-of-function]. They changed the name, then, about four years later to call it gain-of-function, rather than calling it dual use or bioweapons research. And they began funding that money through Fauci. And, at the time, in 2002, when they started really pouring this money on, they gave him a raise. And the raise was a 68% raise, that was specifically attached to his continued bioweapons research. (c. 16min 45sec)

“And, today, he gets $434,000 dollars a year, the highest paid individual in the federal government. The President of the United States, by comparison, gets $400,000. Tony Fauci gets $34,000 more than the president does. Plus, Tony Fauci has a lot of other sources of income, that come from, you know, his works.

“But 68% of that salary is tied to his continued commitment to do bioweapons research. (c. 17min 15sec)

“And, of course, a bunch of bugs from his labs and other labs escaped, with three big escapes or three big accidents in 2014. They got publicity. And 300 scientists signed a letter to President Obama, asking President Obama to shut down Tony Fauci’s gain-of-function research. Tony Fauci, by that time, had funded research, that originally, the original research he did in 2000, took a coronavirus from a mouse and taught it to infect a cat, using engineering. And it would no longer infect the mouse. And there was a huge outcry, at that time, from the scientific community, who said, Why is he doing this? This is insane. You’re teaching these viruses to jump species. And it may jump to human beings. (c. 18min 19sec)

“By 2014, he was—he, Ralph Baric, and the North Carolina lab, who was his favorite fundee, had taken mice, that were humanized—so, the mice had been altered, so they had ACE2 receptors, which is a human feature, in their lungs. It’s the landing point for coronaviruses. And they had humanized the mice. And they had taught the coronavirus how to jump to those humanized mice. And the mice, now, also could now pass it. This was key. They had, not only made the coronavirus jump to the mice from bats, but they had also taught it to spread among the mice without intervention. So, in other words, if they sneezed, if they coughed, it would spread to the other mice in the colony. (c. 19min 17sec)

“People were outraged by this. And 300 of these scientists wrote to Obama, asking him to stop Fauci from doing continued gain-of-function research.

“Obama passed a moratorium that year, in 2014, making a moratorium on all gain-of-function research. Fauci repeatedly violated the moratorium. There were 18 studies, that were banned at that time. He immediately restarted nine of them. And, then, in order to avoid the nosy White House and, you know, there was a couple of really important bioweapons control advocates: Marc Lipstich(sp?) of Harvard and Richard Ebright at Rutgers, who were just hounding Fauci. And he wanted to get away from the nosy scrutiny by those individuals and by the White House. So, he began funneling his money to the Wuhan lab, and working with Chinese scientists, who were working under the military. That is a military lab. And during the entire moratorium he continued to fund it. (20min 33sec)

“Not only did he fund gain-of-function studies—he makes the claim, well, we need to do this to develop vaccines and also to be able to foresee what kind of viruses might make the jump from bats to humans—he was doing something that is very, very revealing. He funded Ralph Baric to develop a way of hiding the [genetic] engineering. It’s called no-see-ums technology. (c. 21min 01sec)

“So, what they do is they take the spike, the amino, they create a structure of amino acids into a spike protein. And, at the tip of that, they create a furin cleave, which is a structure, that fits perfectly onto the ACE2 receptor, which only occurs in human lungs. So, now they introduced a new coronavirus, so that it won’t infect bats anymore; but it will only infect humans. It becomes more virulent. It becomes more pathogenic. But not only that, he funded Baric to develop a methodology for hiding the tampering. It’s called seamless ligation technology. And it’s a way of making the tampering seamless, so they cannot be seen. (c. 21min 50sec)

If you really were doing vaccine research, you would do the opposite of that. You’d make sure that all of your tampering were completely visible. But this was weapons research, and nothing to do with public health. It was the opposite of what you would want to do. And, then, Baric, during that four years of the moratorium, taught that methodology to Shi Zhengli, the Chinese bat lady, who was the director of gain-of-function at the Wuhan lab. And the Chinese were very, very open. They didn’t pretend they were doing vaccine research. They were very, very open, as I tell in my book, in admitting they were doing weapons research. And they even talked very specifically about how to develop delivery systems, how to freeze-dry the microbes they were creating to spray them on [cities(?)], the strategies for spraying them at night to make sure there was no precipitation because sunlight weakens the viruses. They were extremely open, that they were doing weapons research. (c. 23min 00sec)

“And, then, one of the things I discovered in the book, that people I think will really be shocked about is this whole string of simulations, that they were working on together. And a lot of people, a lot of your listeners will know about Event 201.” (c. 23min 15sec)

BRANNON HOWSE: “Absolutely.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “And Event 201, for the few people, who don’t know—you can go on YouTube because, strangely enough, it’s still on YouTube. Event 201 was a simulation of a coronavirus epidemic, that took place in New York City at the Pierre Hotel in October of 2019.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “That’s right.” (c. 23min 37sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Now, just for context, you have to understand that we, now, according to the national intelligence agencies, the coronavirus began circulating on September 12th, 2019. And we know that from satellite photos of the parking lot at the hospitals in Wuhan, we know three of the Wuhan lab technicians were hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms. They have chatter on the internet. Also, at midnight, that night, the Chinese government went into that Wuhan lab and removed 22,000 samples of coronavirus. And they purged the public-facing websites of most of their gain-of-function studies, including those with Tony Fauci’s funding revelations on them. So, it was—and the head of the lab was replaced with a high-level military official. So, something happened at that lab that night, that caused extreme alarm to the very highest level of the Chinese government. (c. 24min 49sec)

“That’s a month before this pandemic exercise, that was conducted [i.e., Event 201]. Who conducted that exercise? Who was there? The Silicon Valley, internet titans all had, kind of, representatives there. There were representatives of the social media companies, the biggest pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson, the biggest pharmaceutical and vaccine producer in the world. They had big media companies, like Bloomberg and Washington Post. They also had George Gao, who’s the head of the Chinese CDC. So, the Chinese government knew that a coronavirus was circulating at that point. And the head of the Chinese CDC is in New York doing a global coronavirus simulation. (25min 40sec)

“The two hosts of the day [i.e., Event 201 pandemic simulation] were Bill Gates and Avril Haines, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, who is now Joe Biden’s National Security Council [i.e., Director of National Intelligence], the number one spy in America, the head of National Security Council. And she is managing the coronavirus pandemic, as the head of the National Security Council, which is bizarre. (c. 26min 11sec)

And it’s bizarre that the CIA was at a coronavirus simulation because the CIA does not do public health. The CIA does coup d’états. Between 1947 and 2000, the CIA took part in 73 coups d’états, mostly against democratic nations. In one-third of the nations in the world, they have tried, either successfully overthrown or attempted to overthrow. What are they doing at a medical conference? Well, what they were doing there had nothing to do with medicine. (c. 26min 55sec)

“If you look at that simulation, they were not talking about how to get vitamin D to all Americans, how to get zinc to all Americans, how to repurpose medications, how to develop a grid system to connect the 11 million doctors all over the world, who were front-line doctors, who would be treating coronavirus and finding out what protocols were most effective, what medicines were effective, to develop protocols that could, then, be broadcast to doctors all over the world. (c. 27min 25sec)

They never talked about isolating the sick, and treating them. [ 6 ] They never talked about: How do you preserve the Constitution and Constitutional rights during a pandemic? What they talked about was militarized response, how to use the pandemic as an excuse to impose totalitarian controls on our country and countries all over the world.

“If you go on this and look at the Seminar 4, which is the longest and the last of the four seminars, they had that day, it’s all about censorship. It’s, specifically: How do you get the social media companies to censor discussion of suspicions that this is a lab leak? That the coronavirus, that is now spreading across the world was caused by a lab leak. One of the people, who was very, very vigorous about making sure that this is something people are paying a lot of attention to is George Gao, the head of the Chinese CDC, a close friend of Fauci, a close lifelong associate of Jeremy Farrar from the Wellcome Trust [UK]. And they’re talking about how to hide the fact that this is a lab leak from the American people and from people across the globe. (c. 28min 44sec)

“So, when I started researching Event 201, I was surprised to find out that it was not a one-off event. And, in fact, I was able to identify 20 of these events, these simulations, that have occurred since 1999. Collectively, they are called Operation Lockstep. And the problem, that they were addressing was: How do you get all of the liberal democracies in the world to pivot in lockstep and turn themselves into totalitarian nations? And they practiced it again and again and again. And, each one of these simulations, none of them are about public health. They are all about: How do you do a controlled demolition of democracy across the globe? And the thing that they have in common—you know, Bill Gates has been participating in a lot them directly, or his organizations, one of his quasi-organizations, which is the John Hopkins School of Population studies, population control. [ 7 ] They had written almost all of them. But the one constant at every one of these [simulations] is the CIA. There’s high-level CIA and In-Q-Tel officials, who are taking part, four or five of ’em in man cases. The CIA wrote the script for every single one of them. (30min 14sec)

“And, so, you have to ask yourself: What is the CIA doing with these [simulations]? What is their intent with these kind of simulations? Clearly, it was not the preservation of the United States Constitution, or constitutions or freedoms, in any of these countries. It was all about: How do you abolish democracy?

“And, you know, if you look at what’s happened in the last year in this country, it’s really quite extraordinary because all of our Bill of Rights, with one exception, the Second Amendment, every other one of our Bill of Rights has been obliterated, starting with the First Amendment, which is Freedom of Speech and Expression. We now have open censorship in this country [the USA]—open. People, like me, are not allowed to talk. We’re not allowed to criticize our government. We’re not allowed to question a pharmaceutical product, even a pharmaceutical product, that’s experimental, that is zero liability, that is mandated for, essentially, for every American. And we cannot question about it. People, who are injured by that product are not allowed to talk about it—or who believed they were injured. They can’t talk about it. Doctors, who believe that they have found other ways to treat coronavirus are not allowed to talk about it. They are de-platformed. They are gaslighted. They are marginalized.” (c. 31min 39sec)


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “They are punished. They are silenced. They are, you know, they are shunned.

“Once they got rid of the First Amendment—this is what Madison and Adams and Jefferson said: We put the First Amendment—we put Freedom of Speech in the First Amendment because it is the most important right because a government, that can quiet criticism can get away with any atrocity.

“The next thing they went after was Freedom of Religion. They closed every church in this country for a year, with no public hearings, no demonstration of scientific need. And they abolished religious exemptions from vaccines. And they kept the liquor stores open. You know, I have nothing against them keeping the liquor stores opened. But liquor stores are not in the Constitution. Churches are.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Absolutely.” (32min 33sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Then they got rid of Freedom of Assembly. So, you know, they had social distancing on controls. We can’t do what is critical for a democracy. We can’t get together. They separated families. They separated individuals in a way, that was unprecedented. They made everybody wear masks, which, of course, is a huge psychological distance to people. It drives people apart. It creates fear. We all treat each other as biohazards. Then, they got rid of jury trials. So, the Sixth and Seventh Amendments. Here’s what the Seventh Amendment says: No American shall be deprived of the right of a trial before a jury of his peers in case or controversy exceeding $25 dollars in value‘. That’s all it says. That’s it. You cannot deprive them of a jury trial. And there is no pandemic exception. It says in no case. And, yet, all of these countermeasure companies, vaccine companies, pharmaceutical companies, anybody, who says they’re involved in a countermeasure—by countermeasure they mean, if you had to go the hospital to get your vaccine and you slip and fall on that floor because somebody has put grease on that floor and not cleaned it up, you can’t sue them. So, we are—if they are involved in a countermeasure, no matter how negligent they were, no matter how reckless they were, no matter how grievous your injury, no matter how toxic the product they give, you cannot sue that company. (c. 34min 11sec)

“So, there you go. That’s the [enemy]. They got rid of the prohibitions against warrantless searches and seizures. They now can follow you at your home. They can go through your medical records. They can demand that you reveal your medical records, against your will, before you’re allowed to exercise your Constitutional right to transportation, to vacation, to go into a bar, to go to a sporting event. You now are—your rights are now conditional on your willingness to give up all your privacy.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “And to get vaccinated and get a green passport or a COVID passport.” (34min 51sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Yeah. And green passes—think about—who, in history, issued passes? I’ll tell you who. Hitler, during the Nazi regime, to the Jews, and the apartheid regime of South Africa. This is a tool of dictatorships. We know that. We’ve always known that. You don’t force people to get passes. And, by the way, this pass is very dangerous. If you go to Europe, now they have this pass in Europe. And I was very interested to learn, because I just came back from Sweden, uh, Switzerland, and Italy, the passes are not being issued by the ministers of health in those countries. They are being issued by the financial ministries. And, clearly, the passes have nothing to do with health. They are asking you to get a ‘vaccine’, that doesn’t prevent transmission. So, what, you know, what is the health point? The purpose is to have your credit rating, to have your civic rating on there—” (c. 35min 56sec)

BRANNON HOWSE: “So, we’re going towards social credit scores.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Social credit scores and programmable money. So, you know

BRANNON HOWSE: “Digital currency.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Uh, not only digital, but programmable, so that, if you don’t comply, you didn’t get your vaccine, they tell you, if you don’t get your vaccine, you can’t leave your—you can’t go more than ten blocks from your house. Or a citizen in Milan, that wants to go to Bologna, their money won’t work in Bologna.”


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “You know, if they tell you—”

BRANNON HOWSE: “So, basically, they can put you in a ghetto.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Oh, yeah. If they tell you, you can only eat at pizza parlors, your money will only work at a pizza parlor. So, that’s where we’re headed with this stuff. And, they, you know—back at the beginning of the pandemic I was saying, they’re gonna take us to digital currency. That’s what they wanna do because—”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Well, I think they had it in the original coronavirus relief package, and pulled it out at the last minute.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Yeah. That we know.

“So, all of these Constitutional rights, you know—Due Process of Law, which is, if you wanna pass a law in the United States, and you get Congress to pass it, then that’s fine because, there, the public has some control over Congress, theoretically, because you can vote the guys out, if you don’t like the law. But, if a regulatory agency wants to pass a law, there’s—we’ve put in all kinds of safeguards to make sure that democracy is not completely ignored. You can’t have a guy—you know, people with jobs that’ll last for 50 years, who have no answerability to the public can just make laws. You know he’s been in there for 50 years. (c. 37min 45sec)

“What we do is there’s a process for passing regulations. And this is what the process is. You publish the proposed rule in newspapers of record and popular papers, so everybody sees it. At the same time, you publish an environmental impact statement, which tells of all the impacts it will have on every aspect of social life, of culture, of the economy, etcetera. You publish a regulatory impact statement and an economic assessment, that also does a cost-benefit analysis. Every group in society, from that law, your environmental impact statement has to show all the scientific basis for that law. So, you have to cite the studies, and the scientists, and show the rationale in black and white. Then, you have a comment period, that’s 30 days, 60 days, 90 days—and, by the way, you can do this in emergency. You can pass an emergency law. But, then, after two weeks, you need to go through this process. You can leave the law in place in an emergency. But you still have to go through the [legal] process and justify the law, and talk about it, and debate it. (c. 38min 56sec)

“The next thing you do is you have a public comment period. Let’s say there’s a guy, who runs a kayaking, a white-water kayak company. And he says, under that law, you’re gonna make my clients in a Class 5 Rapids wear a mask. We can end up killing him. And you gotta give me an exemption to it. You need to narrowly tailor the regulation, so it does what it is intended to achieve, but no more. There’s no more effects. Every one of those comments needs to be answered by the government before they can go forward. Then, there’s a public hearing, where Tony Fauci comes with all of his science and all of his scientists. And we get to cross-examine them. And he cross-examines. And, then, we get to bring our own scientists. And you have a judgment and a finding. And you can appeal it to a court, if you don’t like it, if it’s an arbitrary and capricious [ruling]. None of that happened.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Wow!” (c. 39min 56sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “There was one doctor [i.e., Anthony Fauci], who’s never treated a COVID patient, who gets up there in one week, he says, Everybody put on a mask. A month later, he says, No, masks don’t work, in March. They are stupid. They are silly. He says that publicly. He says that privately. He says it to his boss in an email, the head of HHS. Masks don’t work.

“And, then, a month later, he tells everybody to put on a mask. And he doesn’t cite any science to show that it—you know, why his mind has changed. He doesn’t have to. He is now a dictator. He is not—and this is democracy completely ignored and is now abolished in our country.” (c. 40min 42sec)

BRANNON HOWSE: “Absolutely. My guest is Robert Kennedy, Jr. You will find his book on Amazon, all kinds of places. It’s called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Of course, he runs the Children’s Health Defense.

“I’ve only got 15 minutes. I’ve got a gazillion questions. One of them, I want to get to is when you see this you deal with it in your book a ton, the relationship between Fauci and Bill Gates. And I still want to get to them experimenting on children. I want to get to the sterilization of children in poor countries. But Bill Gates—when these guys start practicing, like you said, Event 201 in October of 2019, or the Rockefeller Foundation doing Lockstep in 2010 and projecting a scenario that they played out in 2012. It was a fictional scenario, as you know, but they pushed it out two years, from 2010 to 2012. It reads a lot like what happened to us in 2020 with masks, building shut down, all these—virus breaking out.

“So, when these guys start telling you they want to do something, or that I should say, something is coming, be aware of something, I start getting a little nervous ‘cos they tend to kind of telegraph stuff to us, apparently. And, now, Bill Gates is talking about smallpox, smallpox. And, now, I read, where in Maryland this week, I read where they have a case, I think, coming from Nigeria, of monkeypox. What are your thoughts? Are they going to try to get us to get the next pandemic because this worked so well? But the next one might be even deadlier?” (c. 42min 17sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “I—you know, I don’t make predictions. And, in the book, I don’t look into people’s heads. What I do is I record facts. And there’s 2,200 footnotes in that book. Every statement is sourced and cited. And people can make up their own minds about what the motivations of these people are. It is pretty clear that they’re—that they have sinister motivations.

And, by the way, in those simulations, there were hundreds of thousands of people involved in them. You know, it wasn’t just a few people inside the Pierre Hotel. The earlier simulations had people in all the countries doing them at once, in the countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, all at once. And they were not just high-level officials. They were frontline workers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, paramedics, there were lots of whole systems involved. They were classified, so people were not allowed to talk about it. There were workers from oil companies, from utilities, um, and there were intelligence agents, FBI, etcetera, literally hundreds of thousands of people. (c. 43min 42sec)

“And it was almost all of them had a famous person, who was a figurehead, who kind of gave an imprimatur of legitimacy. You had Madeline Albright, who was the figurehead. Or they had Senator Sam Nunn, or Senator Gary Hart, or a famous congressman, or Bill Gates. At almost all of them basically anointing the whole process with legitimacy.

“But what they were doing is they were teaching frontline workers and police that this is a legitimate response to a pandemic. When a pandemic comes, you have forced vaccination. You have forced lockdowns. You abolish civil rights. You abolish public hearings. You censor people. And this is what you do.

“So, it got a lot of all these people to buy into that. And, as I said, the series was called Project Lockstep because they were teaching all these countries at once. When the pandemic comes, you all pivot at once. And you abandon democracy. You abandon Constitutional rights. And you impose totalitarian controls and authoritarianism.” (c. 44min 46sec)

BRANNON HOWSE: “I think one of the things in your book, that’s most troubling, is you write about Fauci’s lethal, illegal experiments on children, particularly, using as guinea pigs, black and Hispanic children. You—at least 85% of these children died. But the number can be as high as a thousand or so. Fauci got these children by arranging for children in foster care programs in New York and six other states to assign children, who had lost their parents to AIDS to participate in the studies.”

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “It wasn’t the kids, who lost their parents to AIDS. It was just foster kids, people, who didn’t have anybody to protect them. And, in those cases, you know, foster children are allowed to participate in clinical trials; but never without a guardian. And Fauci’s agency made sure that they did not have guardians. So, it was completely illegal, what they did.

“And one of the researchers, who worked really hard on this story on my book was Celia Farber in this chapter. And she actually found a graveyard in upstate New York in Hawthorne, New York at Gates of Heaven Cemetery. And she found a pit in that graveyard, that was filled with tiny coffins. It was covered with an AstroTurf carpet. And, many of those coffined children, we don’t know where most of them came from ‘cos there were hundreds of them. But we know at least 85 died in Tony Fauci’s experiments. We know almost nothing about the experiments that took place [inaudible?]. But we know about one because there was a reporter called Liam Scheff, who wrote about it in the early 2000s. And the BBC actually did a documentary, that did not get shown, like it should have, called Guinea Pig Kids. It showed what Fauci was doing to these children, as absolutely savage, barbaric. It’s like concentration camp experiments. The children resisted. They did not want these drugs. The drugs were making them horrendously sick. They were making them grow these bulbous tumors across their bodies. And they were killing the kids. (c. 47min 02sec)

“And the kids refused; they were sent to Columbia Hospital, where doctors installed feeding tubes to allow the drug companies to give the drugs directly to kids against their will.”


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “That’s one episode of the book. And I also talk about his animal experiments, that he funded. You know, the beagles, and taking the hair off of fully-formed fetuses, scalping little babies, fetuses, and taking their scalps, and transplanting them onto rats to grow human scalps on rats, so they could test shampoo and, you know, other kinds of chemicals.

“So, this is a guy, who really has—I wouldn’t even call it an ethical elasticity—it’s a complete, sort of, contempt for humanity.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Absolutely. (c. 48min 05sec) In the closing moments, let me go to page 329. You write: “John D. Rockefeller, Jr‘s keen interest in eugenics colored his passion for population control. The old baron joined the American Eugenics Society and served as trustee of the Bureau of Social Hygiene. The Rockefeller Foundation dispatched hefty donations in the 1920s and early ’30s to hundreds of German researchers, including those conducting Hitler’s notorious “twins studies” at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in Berlin. The Rockefeller Foundation curtailed donations to Nazi Germany’s medical institutions before Pearl Harbor, but Rockefeller’s success promoting the eugenics movement had already captivated Adolf Hitler.”

“You write extensively about this group, Gates—it is—obviously, eugenics, you write about population control; you write about kids in Africa being sterilized. I mean—this is just—I mean this is not new to me because I’ve been reading your work and your research and I did some stuff on this in early 2020; and I cited your research from your Children’s Defense website. But this has not made it, largely, into the mainstream media, has it, sir?” (c. 49min 15sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “[chuckles] No. Nothing makes it into the mainstream media. But, you know, what they—in 2014, Bill Gates has run the WHO since at least 2009. And he has these quasi-government agencies, like CEPI and GAVI [like a] collaboration that he uses, also, to fund and control international health policies. So, that gives him the leverage to dictate health policies in all the countries in Africa. He wrote almost all of them. Those countries are almost completely dependent on WHO’s support for their health ministries and their HIV programs.

“And what happens is Gates—he does something called philanthro-capitalism. He brags about it. He invests in vaccine companies and pharmaceutical companies.  And, then, he uses control of WHO to require African nations to use certain numbers of vaccines every year, to vaccinate, for example, 80% of their population with the diphtheria-tetanus-protussin(sp?) vaccine.  And, if they don’t do it, if they don’t achieve those uptakes, he can cut off their funding for the ministries of health.  And the companies, that make those vaccines, he owns.  And, so, he basically, takes $33 billion dollars and his money and he shelters it from taxes.  But he continues to control it.  And he uses his control of that money to control special health policies and steer health policy towards buying massive amounts of products, that are made by companies, in which he’s privately invested.  And that way his—you know—foundation and his personal wealth grow in tandem.   (51min 08sec)

“One of the things [of interest], he’s very, very close to the Rockefeller Foundation.  And they coordinate their spending together.  And the Rockefeller Foundation has this long interest in population control.

“And, by the way, I’m not against population control.  I think that we—there’s a Malthusian threat to humanity from—if we keep—[it’s just] mathematical.  Well, if you just keep creating people, you’re gonna end up in an area where you run out of resources.

“But the way to control population is not through stealth or forcing people to get sterilized, but by empowering and building economies.  Rich countries have zero population growth.  Countries where women have job opportunities, have zero population growth. And that’s how you achieve population control. 

“But what Gates does with everything, he finds a technology, that he can get rich on.  And, then, he forces people to take it.  (52min 16sec)

“So, in Africa, what he did, for example, in Kenya.  Kenya had a tetanus program, in which a million Kenyan women of childbearing age were vaccinated over a six-month period.  There were five vaccines, tetanus vaccines, given over a six-month period. And it was only given to women between ages 12 and 39 years old, only to women of childbearing years. And the Kenyan Catholic doctor said, that is it odd because men get tetanus, too. And, not only that, but a tetanus shot is given once and it’s good for ten years. Why are these women—why are we being told to give five of these [injections] to women? Then, they noticed that the women, who were getting these shots, who were pregnant, were aborting. Then, women, who got the shots and were not pregnant, could no longer get pregnant. (53min 09sec)

“So, they tested a bunch of the vials, the Archdiocese in Kenya and Nairobi tested the vials at five different labs. And what they found was a tetanus toxoid and a human gonadotropic hormone [HGH], which sterilized women. It’s a chemical castration for women. The tetanus toxoid, actually, escorts the HGH into the ovaries and disables it by stopping it from producing hormones, that are required for you to get pregnant. (c. 53min 45sec)

“So, he [Bill Gates] did this. The WHO [under the influence of Bill Gates] did that to a million women in Kenya. We know that they had identical programs in the Philippines and Nicaragua and Mexico. But we can’t prove they were sterilizing the women because nobody got those vials. Now, it’s too late. But in all those countries, it was the same thing. It was directed only towards women, of childbearing years. And it had five tetanus shots over a six-month period. And it makes no sense, except as a deliberate sterilization. (c. 54min 21sec)

“Now, this is not speculative. The WHO, originally, denied it. Then, they finally admitted, Yes, there was HGH in some of those. And they also admitted, which they had to, that they have for 20 years been working on sterilization vaccines, that could be given population wide, either surreptitiously or openly to sterilize large populations of women.

“And, you know, they weren’t hiding these studies. Chris Shaw, Chris Exley, two of these really wonderful scientists, actually ended up doing a peer-reviewed study, in which they got all of these sterilization studies, that the WHO had been funding. And they cited them all in there. And it’s very—you know, they weren’t hiding ’em. They were publishing them.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Wow! Wow! Well, folks, there’s so much more here, that we didn’t have time to get to. I’ve got a lot of things, that are flagged up and tagged. I think you should just get the book. It’s called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. It came out November 16th. And he said, at the beginning of the interview, they’re hitting right around a hundred thousand sold already. This is, uh—the book has a lot of history. It’s 2,200 footnotes. I think. It’s what I heard him say. And, so, I think you oughta order up a copy. You might wanna order up two or three copies. Give them as gifts. Pass them around the holidays to people to read. The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He’s with Children’s Health Defense. I go to it and read from it often. I wish we had more time. I’d love to get you back. I want to thank you for writing the book. It’s over 400 pages. And, again, highly footnoted and documented. You’ve been extremely generous with your time tonight. And, of course, we’re gonna replay this on our network several times. Of course, we’re live now. But it’s gonna get a lot of replay. And I hope this resource, our audience will avail themselves of getting a copy of the book. And I thank you so much, sir, for your time.” (56min 32sec)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: “Thank you very much for having me.”

BRANNON HOWSE: “Well, thank you. Wow!

“Well, folks, I gotta run. But, again, I hope you’ll call and get a copy of the book, or order a copy of the book. Call your local bookstore. The Real Anthony Fauci. A fascinating hour. Again, I’m gonna highlight some of the stuff, that we didn’t get to. I’ll mention some of it and talk about some of it in an upcoming program ‘cos there’s several passages in here I wanna read and talk about with you, that I found very fascinating. (57min 00sec)

“Again, you know, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and I would not agree on some things, politically, no doubt about it. Right? But how much did he just say there, that I agreed with? Other than when we talked about the issue of maybe running out of resources, that’s one area I wouldn’t have agreed with him on. But that’s fine. He got into the First Amendment. He got into all of the [Constitutional] Amendments, that are so dear—the First Amendment, with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, shutting down our churches [during the COVID-19 lockdowns]. He talked about, of course, you know, them sterilizing kids, making people sick, the cruelty—I mean there’s so much there.

“And this oughta show us that there oughta be people on the right, on the left, on the center, that can come together and agree on a few basic human things [i.e., human rights]. Right?

“And this is just horrible what Bill Gates, Fauci, the Rockefellers, what they’re doing! And, again, he’s not getting press. He’s not getting airtime. He’s talking about being censored and de-platformed. Well, that’s why this network exists. That’s why this network exists. I mean it’s interesting. I see his book endorsed by Tucker Carlson and Alan Dershowitz—you know?—Dr. [Robert] Malone, who you guys have been seeing a lot on TV. We’ve got Mike Adams, who is obviously very conservative. You’ve got Dr. Joseph Mercola. I mean this book is endorsed by a lot of people, that I know, that you know. Right?

“But, again, I would think that this is something the [political] right, the left, the middle could agree on. Um, it’s just, it’s just vile, what he exposes in here about Fauci. Fauci is just a very vile, dangerous person. And I think Gates is, too, and the Rockefellers. And, again, I wish we had two hours, three hours. I think you gotta get the book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. I get nothing for that. I don’t make any money off his book. I get nothing from recommending it, other than an educated audience. And there’s a lot of stuff in here, that’s highly footnoted and that I know to be true from years of research of my own. I highly recommend the book.” (58min 56sec) [END OF INTERVIEW]


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    • NB: This article is ‘Semi-Protected’, which means not just anyone can edit the article, like ordinary Wikipedia articles. This article is important to an establishment narrative. So, it’s predictable that the power elite will try to assert that ‘the science is settled’ on a topic, when debate threatens the establishment narrative, and limit or prevent editing of certain Wikipedia articles. | Wikipedia is a tool. Tools can be misused and abused. | Wikipedia is not a reliable source, in terms of its editorial direction. People can be smeared, then denied any ability to correct false information. Dr. Gary Null, like other people, who have been smeared by Wikipedia‘s editorial bosses, has sued Wikipedia and exposed inconvenient truths about Wikipedia, and how it is mostly controlled by a tiny minority of people, mostly in Nordic nations with a liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) agenda, according to a Wikipedia whistleblower interviewed by Dr. Gary Null. | Anyway, even though we know the Wikipedia bosses are pretty evil, we can still read between the lines and use the information critically. Uncontroversial science and math topics, for example, will most likely be reliable. It’s mainly the economic, political, and social science topics, which will be skewed. But, in any event, we must check the sources, citations, evidence for each fact claim in each article. And we must check the biases of the sources cited. So, even if it’s biased, as everything usually is, we can detect the bias and critique each source and citation on its own merits. And, obviously, a Wikipedia article without any citations can not be considered reliable information or valid fact-claims until the article is fully fact-checked. BOTTOM LINE: Never take a Wikipedia article at face value. Always check for citations, sources, and references. Then check the quality of those citations, sources, and references.
    • [L0] | QUOTATION FROM VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “Dr. Naomi Wolf says FDA had the Pfizer Documents showing 61 deaths but pushed emergency use authorization the of the Vax anyways.” | DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed on The Ben Armstrong Show are solely those of the host and do not necessarily represent those of The New American. TNA is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented. | Video Source: Bannons War Room – Dr. Wolf Reveals The WH Had The Incriminating Pfizer Documents Before Emergency Use Authorization [Rumble dot com link] […]”
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[ 1 ] Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, is a much-anticipated book among people, with unanswered questions related to the police state response to COVID-19. . People, who are not buying into the absurd government narratives, state-corporate narratives, which plunged most western governments into medical authoritarianism by the Spring of 2020. From day one to day 453 of the lockdowns in California, it was obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes that something was terribly wrong. Our nation was becoming totalitarian. A totalitarian movement was growing within the subconscious minds of those, who trust the state and comply with its absurd demands. Being forced to stay home from work, to lose one’s livelihood, when there didn’t appear to be a pandemic just seemed wrong. People should have been allowed to work, if they wanted to work, or if they needed to work to make ends meet. At one point, your author and his coworkers were forced off of a job site by cops in Silicon Valley. That’s when you know your world has become fascist and totalitarian. Your author never thought he’d see the day when the nightmare world of George Orwell’s 1984 would start to become his reality. If it’s true about the rate of COVID-19 infectivity and lethality, then maybe quarantining would be justified. But, in that case, it is the sick, who must be quarantined, not the healthy, who must work because they live from paycheck to paycheck. And the loss of even a few paychecks can mean economic calamity. But Anthony Fauci persuaded, or coerced, all of us to go along with his police state response to the viral outbreak.

Then, with time on our hands, on lockdown, doing some reading and independent research, we come to find that, statistically, something like 99% of people, who come into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus survive. We soon found many inconsistencies with the establishment media/press reporting on COVID-19, which was often at odds with more compelling, independent media reporting on the same topics. Yet, the mass media/press propaganda was orchestrating a fearmongering campaign. So, the people must try to piece together a puzzle of what really happened from various sources. The Real Anthony Fauci gets us closer to what really happened with this COVID-19 psyop. The chimeric virus is real. But it’s not of zoonotic origin, since Ralph Baric engineered the virus’s spike protein in a lab. But the COVID-19 infection rate data was manipulated to create hysteria. And the statistical modeling was occulted. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data was occulted. Nobody should have ever been forced to take an experimental gene therapy injection masquerading as a sterilizing vaccine, if they didn’t so choose. Nobody should have to choose between their medical autonomy and their job. Injection mandates should have never been implemented. That was government overreach of the worst kind. Fauci and the big pharma corporate elites sold their experimental, cytotoxic drugs and made a killing. And that was all toward adding the experimental, unsafe and ineffective COVID-19 injections to the infant vaccine schedule for all kids. We, the people, got played. We need truth and accountability. The Real Anthony Fauci is an indispensable tool for all COVID-19 truth-seekers.

The hardcover edition was published 16 NOV 2022. Many of us pre-ordered a copy. The Real Anthony Fauci was set to be an instant bestseller. Yet, prominent book reviewers will likely continue to ignore this revealing and informative book. RFK, Jr’s book will likely be blacklisted from the establishment media/press, including by the news bosses and most current affairs programmers at free speech Pacifica Radio Network, where one would expect the book to be treated fairly. There isn’t much free speech on free speech radio, when dissent against medical authoritarianism is suppressed, censored, censored by proxy, marginalized, and persecuted. It’s probable the only free speech Pacifica Radio Network program, which will honor RFK, Jr’s right to free speech, will be The Gary Null Show. If so, it will be to the everlasting shame of all, whose fear prevented them from providing RFK, Jr’s important, historic book the platform it deserves.

Liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) are marching in lockstep with the Biden administration and Anthony Fauci’s dictates and mandates, uncritically and without question. In this hysteria, this climate of medical McCarthyism, anyone seen questioning the official COVID-19 narrative is immediately labeled a rightist or an “anti-vaxxer” or “anti-masker” or ‘anti-science crazy’, without actually engaging in the evidence being presented. Questioning the safety of big pharma’s experimental gene therapy drugs does not make one an “anti-vaxxer”. Yet, we hear such ad hominem attacks, even from people we’d expect to have more critical thinking. When the lockdowns happened, there should have been mass protests in the streets all over the nation against the government overreach, against the controlled demolition of the economy, against the medical authoritarianism. Online dissent against the COVID-19 lockdowns was mainly coming from rightists. Eventually, the few protests we saw in the USA were mostly people on the right. As a leftist, it was strange to find the only people awake to the police-state repression of COVID-19 mandates and out in the streets protesting was the right. It was strange to be a leftist agreeing with rightists on anything. But the totalitarian COVID-19 psyop was an issue, which could potentially unite the working class. But liberals and liberal-adjacent types didn’t perceive the lockdowns as government overreach. Few among us could prove the lockdowns around the world and the COVID-19 hysteria was state-corporate abuse of power, until we were all home with time on our hands. Some of us were curious beyond the establishment narrative. Others were just passing time, uncritical and unquestioning. The left (anti-capitalists) mostly went along with the liberals (pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) in acquiescing to the authoritarian lockdowns. Back in 2020, at first, the establishment was using phrases, like “stay at home order” or “shelter in place” to give a friendly veneer to the totalitarian nature of exaggerating a viral outbreak in order to impose medical authoritarianism, to strip away civil liberties and human rights, and eventually with the mandates, to strip away informed consent, to strip away the right to medical privacy, to lower people’s expectations of privacy and bodily autonomy.

And those of us in California probably saw the most severe medical authoritarianism under Governor Gavin Newsom, a former Young Global Leader student of the sinister World Economic Forum figurehead, Klaus Schwab. In California, we had the longest lockdown of any state, forcing people to stay home, to work from home, if they could. California’s totalitarian lockdown was imposed from 19 MAR 2020 until 15 JUN 2021, for a total of 453 days straight. According to one summary, only nine states or cities in the USA went into full medical totalitarianism mode, eight of the nine had Democrat governors: California (Dem governor Newsom), Connecticut (Dem governor Lamont), Illinois (Dem governor Pritzker), Kansas City (in Kansas) (Dem governor Kelly), Massachusetts (Republican governor Baker), Michigan (Dem governor Whitmer), New York (Dem governor Cuomo, Oregon (Dem governor Brown), and Wisconsin (Dem governor Evers).

Thinking back, living through it in California, the sense one had from the media/press narratives, it often seemed like the whole nation was going through the same totalitarian nightmare that California was going through under Governor Gavin Newsom. There were so much gaslighting, so many daily outrages, silly germophobic social distancing policies, lines painted on the floor of shops to treat society like children, germ screens everywhere, none of it evidence-based, people wrapped in plastic, people afraid to death of germs. The flu season had been weaponized through establishment media fearmongering. People now crossed the street at the sight of another human being approaching them. Alienation has been amplified. It was tough to maintain sight of reality, of what was becoming of our society under the influence of Anthony Fauci, perhaps, the world’s most successful drug dealer, and big pharma, and what Dr. Peter Breggin calls, the global predators. As RFK, Jr wrote in The Real Anthony Fauci, “His $417,608 annual salary makes him the highest paid of all four million federal employees, including the President.” And, as Open the Books has reported on Substack, “While millions of Americans suffered under his pandemic policies, Fauci’s personal profits soared.” “For example, the Fauci household’s net worth now exceeds $12.6 million – up $5 million from 2019 through 2021”.

So, it is a great public service for RFK, Jr and the team at Children’s Health Defense to put together this book, The Real Anthony Fauci, which puts together a lot of information, which diehard news junkies may already know, but may have forgotten as the COVID-19 psyop has developed over the past couple of years or so. The Real Anthony Fauci is bound to be an important historical document, for those, who can handle the truth, for those, who want to know the truth.

[ 2 ] Clearly, crowd psychology or mass psychology played a role in the uncritical behavior of broad sections of the U.S. population. Lack of curiosity and a pre-existing hedonistic mentality also played a role. It makes sense that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr describes the way many Americans became subject to a mass psychology akin to the Stockholm Syndrome. But, after studying the psychology of abusive relationships, we find more precise language in more recent literature, such as Dr. George Simon’s excellent book, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, or Ross Rosenberg’s The Human Magnet

[ 3 ] In the actual audio of the interview, it sounds like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said, “it was about 240 new drugs approved by the EPA.” But that doesn’t make sense because the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, is tasked with environmental protection matters. It seems RFK, Jr misspoke and meant to say “FDA”, as in the Food and Drug Administration.

[ 4 ] Your author recalls the post-9/11 anthrax attacks as a false flag attack or an inside job. Bruce Ivins(sp?) was a patsy… Was he not, fellow readers?

[ 5 ] It sounds like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. actually says, “on Lake Washington in Seattle”. But that doesn’t make sense because Bill Gates’ mansion is on the opposite shore of Lake Washington in Medina, Washington. It seems RFK, Jr misspoke and meant to say ‘on Lake Washington across from Seattle’.

[ 6 ] Indeed. From day one, the public was made believe that not a single doctor had any clue about what protocols may be effective or what medicines may be effective. But that was not true, as frontline doctors, such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Mary Bowden, have testified. There were early treatments available early on, when state-corporate officials, such as Anthony Fauci, were misleading the establishment media/press to perpetuate the falsehood that there were no early treatments available. And, as Dr. Gary Null, and others have emphasized, obviously, the proponents or pushers of big pharma profiteering, big pharma needed to suppress existing medications, which could be repurposed against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The big pharma COVID-19 injectable drug products masquerading as sterilizing vaccines depended upon getting Emergency Use Authorization, a military policy, in order to bypass the usual safety process to get the drugs approved for use. But, in order for Emergency Use Authorization to be valid, there had to be no existing alternative medications. For COVID-19 symptoms, there were existing medications, which could be repurposed. But, since this stood in the way of big pharma profiteering, Anthony Fauci and other government officials, suppressed existing medications, which could be repurposed to treat COVID-19 and prevent hospitalizations and deaths. By censoring and persecuting doctors, who were having successful results by repurposing existing drugs, government officials were able to create a false narrative that the only way out of the COVID-19 pandemic was by locking society down and waiting for big pharma to produce experimental drug products without long-term safety data, or without any adequate data, and without knowledge of what’s inside the injection, with redacted ingredient lists, and so on.

[ 7 ] “They are all about: How do you do a controlled demolition of democracy across the globe? And the thing that they have in common—you know, Bill Gates has been participating in a lot them, both, directly, or his organizations, one of his quasi-organizations, which is the John Hopkins School of Population studies, population control.” | It’s unclear, which organization RFK, Jr is referring to in this passage of the text. Perhaps, RFK, Jr. meant Hopkins Population Center (Johns Hopkins University). Or, perhaps, RFK, Jr. meant The Johns Hopkins Center for Population Health IT (CPHIT). It’s unclear… | It’s notable that the overarching COVID-19 psyop, with its unscientific, totalitarian lockdowns precipitated a controlled demolition of the global economy, of the interlinked global economy. Your author disagreed with the lockdown mandates from day one, purely from an economist perspective because the lockdown mandate set a precedent, which was bound to be abused again. Basically, the U.S. power elite, along with the global power elite installed an on-off switch on the economy, which they can flick off and on, at will, capriciously, to slow or crash the global economy whenever they feel like it. And they will only feel like slowing or crashing the economy when it serves the interests of the power elite. Viral outbreaks will be exaggerated or manufactured, as done with the 2001 anthrax attacks or with COVID-19 or with monkeypox. We, the people, must speak out against the gaslighting, the psyops, and the mass formation. We, the people, must agitate, politicize, and mobilize our communities for a democratic society, a revolutionary society, which is capable of refusing and resisting the psychology and priorities of totalitarianism.

[25 DEC 2022]

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