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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] Today is Day 52 of Mr. Biden’s first one hundred days in office. American liberals, centrists, had made a big deal about how Mr. Biden, they hoped, would usher in an FDR-like New Deal. But, back then, there was a robust political left, which has been smashed since then. Not only are there no active leftist political parties, but there is little to no militant labor movement anymore. Third parties have titillated American voters disillusioned with the two-party dictatorship for decades, but none have ever made it onto the Presidential Debate stage, since, what?, Ross Perot?

So, a robust left existed during the time of FDR, socialist and communist parties. What most pressured FDR to enact his New Deal was the wave of mass strikes across the nation. And, of course, we were reminded by various authors and experts on Pacifica Radio of how the New Deal was more of a congressional affair, than something, which came out of the White House, or God forbid, unstable and polarizing executive orders, which only lead to yo–yo policies.

Today, it is illegal to strike. The labor movement gave up its militancy in exchange for proximity to the Democrat Party long ago. But the Democrat Party, in return, has only betrayed the working class. And that betrayal has led to the lowest levels of union density, perhaps, in history. So, few labor organizers are willing to engage in wildcat strikes anymore. And that means the divided working class has no leverage.

So, it was pure Pollyannishness to believe or “hope” that Mr. Biden will represent the divided working class. As Dr. Richard Wolff has emphasized this week, the crumbs and scraps, which the divided working class will receive from the so-called Rescue Plan, will not change anything about the suffering of exploited and impoverished working class Americans. After the initial buzz of the temporary cash crumbs fade away, we will be back to the ongoing class warfare, which has kept wages stagnant since the 1970s, and which will continue to widen inequality, and continue to tighten police state controls over the poor and over black, brown, red, and, increasingly, yellow people, to use the Nixonian color coding language of Americans.

Post-Trump, the herd mentality continues to spread.

Dr. Cornel West, one of our favorite thinkers and activists, made many admirable and prescient points on Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now! this week. The most salient for us today is the following:

The Condition for Truth is to Allow the Suffering to Speak

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Today’s other salient observations:

  • Pacifica Radio’s Askia Muhammad (WBAI & WPFW News) reported today that a new state law will make it illegal to talk to police officers. Protests have expressed public objection.
  • Pacifica Radio’s Askia Muhammad (WBAI & WPFW News) reported today that Mr. Biden gave his first major public address last night. Pacifica Radio’s Dr. Gary Null expressed concerns regarding Mr. Biden’s neurological health, detecting slurred speech or signs of dementia. A number of us have been thinking the same thing.
  • Margaret Prescod’s Sojourner Truth questioned the comparisons circulating among liberals between FDR’s New Deal and Mr. Biden’s Neoliberal Deal. As Dr. Richard Wolff argued recently on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, the divided U.S. working class has been pillaged since the 1970s with stagnant wages and dwindling benefits and job security. Mr. Biden’s so-called Rescue is nothing more than crumbs and scraps from the plates of the American Ruling Class because it is only a temporary fix. But the class exploitation and immiseration will continue unabated for the proletariat, the precariat.

Solidarity. Equanimity.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

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It’s Our Love” by Thee Sacred Souls, 2021.

“Professor Richard Wolff: Imagining a Real American Rescue” by The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, 12 MAR 2021.

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[English translation below]

Este canal de YouTube es uno de mis favoritos este año pasado porque nos expusieron a Lord Sumption, quien articuló claramente lo que muchos estavamos pensando sobre los bloqueos estatales de las sociedades, o sea la decision de encarcelar a toda la sociedad en sus casas. Además, hicieron muchas preguntas sobre lo que estaba pensando, pero nadie más parecía estar pensando, ni siquiera preocuparse.

Si escuchas atentamente, creo que encontrarás que este canal, o al menos Freddie Sayers, puede ubicarse a la derecha del espectro político. Nosotros nos posicionamos a la izquierda. Sin embargo, el año pasado, solo la derecha ha desafiado, o al menos cuestionado, los bloqueos, la encarcelada.

Lo importante para nosotros, como decía Albert Einstein, es no dejar de cuestionar.

Por lo tanto, nos comprometemos con toda investigación crítica, ya sea de izquierda o de derecha. No estamos de acuerdo con todo lo que dicen. Pero apreciamos su disposición a ir en contra de la mentalidad de rebaño predominante.


This YouTube channel is one of my favorites this past year because they exposed us to Lord Sumption, who articulated clearly what many of us were thinking about the state lockdowns of societies. Also, they asked many questions I was thinking, but no one else seemed to be thinking about, or even care about.

If you listen closely, I think you’ll find that this channel, or at least Freddie Sayers, can be positioned on the right of the political spectrum. I position myself on the left. Yet, this past year, only the right has been challenging, or at least questioning the lockdowns.

The important thing for us, like Albert Einstein said, is to not stop questioning.

So, we engage with all critical inquiry, whether on the left, or right. We don’t agree with everything they say. But we appreciate their willingness to go against the grain of the prevailing herd mentality.

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10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > […] Lopate pushed the controversial zoonotic origins of COVID-19 myth again without qualification. We remind readers that this is an unresolved controversy, as acknowledged by Dr. Michio Kaku on Explorations earlier this week. The fact that Mr. Lopate is uncritically regurgitating the CDC’s dubious claims about a zoonotic origin of the SARS-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, is a red flag. We mustn’t forget the CDC is part of the U.S. military, which is to say part of the military-industrial complex. And let us not forget that their focus on the development of biological weapons, of which germ/microbe weaponization is a very real component. Either Mr. Lopate has an agenda to obfuscate controversy around the origins of the COVID-19, or he is uncritically and irresponsibly re: covid [] 10:17 carbs become glucose and glucose becomes lpyrovate goes jnto mitochondria […] 1024, doctor suggested interesting effects. But Lopate ignored him and instead moved to fear monger about obesity, only for the doctor to say that was wrong. […[ this chat is about weight loss, not body composition, sadly. Cf. Bikman, Why We get sick. Ben pakulski, et al. But we do concede that the more we eat, the faster our cells burn out, like Null said yesterday. […] “overtraining” […] 1046, The doctor just corroborated what we’ve been saying: fat does not make you fat. Your author practices carb cycling. Low carb days are high fat days. But be mindful of the triglyceride profiles. Beware of Omega-6 fats, which are estrogenic. Once I mastered the principles of natural bodybuilding, I always stay under 10% body fat, which is what we want to avoid various health issues associated with carrying excess fat. Of course, women’s healthy body fat percentiles are higher than men. And, ultimately, one’s ability to reduce body fat is a hormonal matter. If one hits a wall with fat reduction, the next step is to consider hormone function. But not everyone needs to be lean. And, we acknowledge, real women have curves. This doctor didn’t mention any of this. Oh, well. Again, all theory, no practice or experience. Pacifica’s Dr. Gary Null was a bodybuilder earlier in his life,270 lbs at about a 6 foot stature. Dr. Null knows from theory and from direct experience with body composition. “Weight loss” is a scam, dear readers. Please master your body composition: reduce your body fat and increase your body muscle, which will increase bone density and improve general health. […] 10:50 PST, ‘We actually produce more energy, pound for pound, than the sun does.’ Whoa. Cf. The Matrix, humans used as power cells for AI, which has plugged us into little bubbles of cognitive illusion, not unlike what society looks like today, perhaps. […] Our primary critique of Mr. Lopate is that he ignores alternative perspectives, such as his own colleague, Dr. Gary Null, who was on his own radio station WBAI in the very hour before his broadcast. This reminds us of what we have observed at other Pacifica Radio stations. It seems there are liberals within Pacifica Radio, who uncritically accept—is there any other way?—the notion of voting Democrat, which is antidemocratic because a two-party political cartel, whicy excludes alternative political parties from ballot access via Top-Two Primary laws and blocks alternative political parties from the presidential debates is antidemocratic. And it has created an acceptance in society of only two political choices, both neoliberal, both antilabor, both anti-working class. Also, two-party systems are polarizing, as we have been saying, and as must be patently clear to all by now. Yet, somehow, only Ralph Nader and a few other voices have acknowledged this reality on Pacifica Radio. And we recall when Ralph Nader was saying this, KPFA’s editorial consensus marginalized Ralph Nader, but championed the neoliberal Mr. Obama. Only people, like KPFA’s Davey D (Hard Knock Radio) aired critical voices, such as Mr. Carl Dix, who wasn’t afraid to go against the herd mentality and speak honestly about the two-party dictatorship.

Mr. Lopate, like his cognates at KPFA (e.g., Kris Welch, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Philip Maldari, et al) seem and at KPFK (Sonali Kolhatkar, et al.) and at WBAI (Kristine Blasdale(sp?), et al and her postmodern hyperrealism, pushing magical thinking towards “wealth and abundance“, neoliberal individualism instead of individual liberty; they seem to be brainwashing the youth, millennials and post-millenials against collective action, like the whole antidemocratic “New Day” Pacifica Bylaws Referendum, which seeks to disenfranchise the Pacifica Radio listeners, who are the legal and rightful owners of Pacifica), they all tend to avoid debate. We suspect these non-grassroots, non-activist types tend to avoid debate because, were they to attempt to debate their positions, they would be exposed as frauds. When I’ve called in to Pacifica Radio stations, management at all stations have censored me once I begin to question all of this, or raise difficult questions about the internal struggles within Pacifica Radio. But some of us have seen liberals, presumably Democrat Party partisans, who have been trying to NPR-ize, or corporatize Pacifica since the 1990s. We remember during the 1999 KPFA Lockout, when many of us camped out in front of our beloved KPFA/Pacifica National Office because we felt the state was trying to shut us down. Mr. Bill Clinton even hammered on Ms. Janet Reno because he felt she wasn’t cracking down hard enough on the protestors camped out in front of KPFA. So, when we hear Democrat partisans and apologists, who look down their noses at their colleagues to the left of them, or their colleagues willing to engage in more controversial questions than them, when we see such intellectual censorship, we must call it out.

On Wednesday, Mr. Lopate (like his cognates at KPFA often attempt to do) tried to claim that he doesn’t take a position, e.g. on controversial topics. Yet, his cheerleading guest said, I’m opinionated enough for the both of us. That underscored the reality that the very selection of guests is where Mr. Lopate and other broadcasters establish their position. It’s one’s bias which drives one to select a topic or guest to emphasize. Everyone is biased. The question is whether they are transparent, or secretive, about their biases. No one is neutral. As Dr. Howard Zinn said, You Can’t Be Neutral On a Moving Train. DON’T FALL FOR IT. Mr. Lopate invited listeners to email him with questions and comments at

Is This a Class Reductionist?” by Jacobin, 12 MAR 2021.

“On the Jacobin Show, Ariella Thornhill discusses why and how black civil rights and labor leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Bayard Rustin fought for the types of universal, redistributive programs that some liberals today consider ‘class reductionist’.”

Tune in to the Jacobin Show every Wednesday at 18:00 ET (i.e., 6 pm ET) on The Jacobin channel.

Wow. What a wonderful video. This analysis makes our hearts sing because it expands the lines of inquiry, which we have been pursuing here at Lumpenproletariat, especially since Epoch Philosophy opened up our eyes to the postmodern hyperrealism and revisionism, which has repurposed Dr. King’s true legacy in service of capital. Maybe it’s time for grad school.

10:55 PST, WBAI & WPFW > News Headlines with Askia Muhammad > […] ‘new law will make it a crime to taunt police officers‘?

11:00 PST, WBAI > Neurodiversity > topic: dyslexia, esp. in black and brown people

11:00 PST, KPFA > Voices of the Middle East and North Africa (VOMENA) > […] 11:07 PST, […] ‘the way Arab Jews were treated in Israel was terrible.’ […] 11:08 PST,

11:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 11:09 PST, [TW] ‘real romance means women matter’ […] On truth and reconciliation’, you can’t have reconciliation without truth. | ‘being angry at injustice doesn’t make you an angry person’ ‘censoring anger is a way to close a conversation’ | Next topic: Remembering Octavia Butler, super cool dystopian sci fi writer.

11:55 PST, new law could make it a crime to talk to police officers.

12:00 PST, KPFA > It’s Going Down > […] 12:12 PST, talk. sounds like the topic is gentrification in Houston. […] ‘mutual aid around the big Texas freeze’ due to what Dr. Michio Kaku described this week on Explorations as the wandering polar vortex, which has become destabilized due to human-induced climate change.

13:00 PST, KPFA > Project Censored with Mickey Huff > topic: big ag vs the environment […] Neoliberalism privatising the Point Reyes Seashore! […] 13:32 PST, Mickey Huff: “Local media matters.” ‘to fill the void of media deserts.’ […] One guest said he was going to be optimistic that Mr. Biden would do better than Mr. Trump. But we implore him to soul-search on that optimism. What is that optimism based upon, past political behavior of Mr. Biden, or a desire to be polite? We don’t think the man was a naive liberal. He seems more politically astute than us. When we listen to Project Censored, we listen like devoted students because they are the truth. But we are as frustrated as Dr. King by this uncritical support for Democrat Party politics, which, as Dr. Richard Wolff said recently on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow is misguided.

14:00 PST, WPFW > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod > Weekly Roundtable with Dr. Gerald Horne, et al. [TW]

The Resurgence of Race Reductionism – Touré Reed” by Jacobin, 12 MAR 2021.

14:00 PST, KPFA > Terra Verde > [TW] real talk. ‘Kern County, California fossil fuel industry plans fast-track drilling of many wells’ and privatize water? […] ‘grassroots’ ‘people of color’ […] ‘This struggle goes back to 2015.’ […] ‘That’s why a second lawsuit is being filed this week.’ […] ‘A single well can have many adverse side effects…’ […] ‘Most of the public comment was opposed to the well-drilling.’ […] ‘well-drilling ordinance will cause harm to rural, unincorporated areas and the local people, as the pollution worsens and the health problems worsen’ […] ‘30,000 premature deaths were due to fossil fuel emissions’ […] The New Republic article, “This is what..” ‘Hopefully, Newsom will do right,’ said the male guest interviewee. But what is that hope based upon, past political behavior or wishful thinking?’ […] 14:29 PST, ‘Ta-Nehisi Coates speech clip’. He seems to please white liberals. But does he challenge the two-party dictatorship, which white liberals support via the Democrat Party?

14:30 PST, KPFA > Pushing Limits > Host is interviewing Adrienne Lauby, a KPFA acquaintance of mine circa 2007-2010, when I ran for the KPFA Local Station Board. After 2011 to 2012, I worked with Abby Martin on After 2013, I was at UMKC. Now, it’s time to reconnect with our peace and justice friends. […] ‘SuperFest’ disabilities film festival. […] 14:53 PST, ‘What’s next for the Longmore Institute?’

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > News with Sonali | Sonali reported on COVID-19 with an uncritical lense, smearing Robert Kennedy for spreading baseless ‘anti-vaxxe’ rumors. Yet, in her accusation of Robert Kennedy, who has been banned from Twitter, Kolhatkar presented no evidence in her baseless smear. What’s wrong with this picture? […] 15:09 PST, music break. | Next segment: ‘American Rescue Plan’ is a $1.9 Trillion. Billions are set aside for black farmers.’ Guest: ‘John’ ‘At the turn of the century 1 million, 14% of farmers. Now, numbers are down drastically due to discrimination, unfair land practices, lending programs, and migration northward of black people.’ […] 15:12 PST,

15:00 PST, WPFW > News Views with Garland Nixon > […] 15:13 PST, ‘What do we need to know about the Haitian Constitution and why Mr. Biden wants to change it?’ documentary film: Aristide and the Endless Revolution. […] ‘It was a dirty informational war against Aristide because he posed an existential threat to US imperialism because he refused to be a political puppet, or proxy, for US imperialism.’ […] ‘US imperialism works 25 hours a day to overthrow any government they can’t control.’ […] ‘We must connect all movements for racial justice around the world.’ cf. Black Alliance for Peace. cf. Dead Pres on dreaming. cf. Malcolm X talked about the house slave vs the field slave. Many colonized minds have a house slave mentality. [TW] ‘That’s why internationalism is important.’ An injury to one is an injury to all, as the Wobblies used to say. Dr. King said something similar, decades later. […] Follow guest Mr. Danny Shaw on Twitter for coverage of Haiti. […] cf. Haïti Liberté. […] @DannyShawCUNY. cf. CodePink. Ecuadorian military may intervene against elections. […] ‘The US will never overthrow Haiti because the last little old lady left will come down from the hills and throw a rock at the imperialists, if she must. But they will never stop fighting for independence because they are very revolutioary. They know that ‘Kidnapping is a political weapon now.’ […] ‘Like Che Guevara said…’ […] call-ins invited. 15:38 PST, unable to hear broadcast any longer, as I’m on hold with WPFW to join the discussion on Haiti and the global struggle against the three evils of society on an internationalist level. […] I called in, dear readers, but I went off-topic and lost my focus, it seems. Or maybe I was censored? Maybe the host didn’t want me to expose the forces within Pacifica Radio, who are opposed to the Pacifica Mission statement, who want to eliminate democratic governance of Pacifica, who have been seeking to corporatize Pacifica since the 1990s. Patience is a virtue, they say. But Dr. King also warned us about gradualism, which is what liberals/centrists at Pacifica are keen on maintaining. […] 1549, male caller just said, ‘I have to commiserate with the gentleman, who can’t get on KPFA,’ he said, referring to your author, ‘but we can always get on WPFW.’ We hope. But what is this hope based on, past behavior evidenced, or wishful thinking?

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Solidarity. Equanimity.


[12 MAR 2021]

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The Gary Null Show | Nutrition, Health, and COVID-19



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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] Dr. Gary Null’s broadcast today corroborated a lot of our thinking around nutrition, health, and COVID-19. Although there did seem to be at least one detail, which didn’t check out when we fact-checked his fact-claims today. But, outside of that, we greatly appreciate Dr. Null broadcasting many of our concerns around what we perceive as mass uncritical acceptance of experimental anti-COVID-19 drugs, whilst whitewashing all alternative perspectives. There are many problems with the notion of mass “vaccination” of the public with anti-COVID-19 drugs. We put the word “vaccine” in scare quotes because we don’t consider flu shots or covid shots as vaccines because they do not produce immunity. Thus, they are not true vaccines, like the other vaccines we’re given as children, which do not require repeated injections in perpetuity, nor seasonal injections. Flu shots and covid shots are therapeutics, not vaccines.

It seems to us that it is a conceptual sleight of hand by state officials to sell anti-COVID-19 drugs to the public as vaccines. The state may be footing the bill this year. But what about next year? We heard news reports on Pacifica Radio today reporting that officials are recognizing that the anti-COVID-19 drugs will likely have to be taken annually or seasonally to provide “immunization”. Meanwhile, the British press is reporting policy discussions around ‘vaccine passports‘. So, if we want any semblance of past civil liberties, or human rights, it is looking increasingly likely that “vaccines” will increasingly become mandatory. Since the start of this Orwellian nightmare, we have found Lord Sumption to most closely articulate our perspective.

But, before we get too political, let’s just try to stay with the scientific parameters for now. As far as the science around COVID-19, we ask for debate around controversial topics.

The public has an understandably favorable view of vaccines, as they seem to provide immunization against previously uncontrollable illnesses. Interestingly, we heard on Pacifica Radio yesterday, on The Leonard Lopate Show, an interview guest, the author of Contagion, say that the smallpox vaccine is no longer administered to the public. Because smallpox was contained, the vaccinations were phased out, he said. The smallpox vaccine injection would leave a scar. I remember my uncle, Jose, and other relatives have this scar, usually on a shoulder, the lateral deltoid muscle. We always thought that vaccine injection was no longer scarring. But the author said otherwise. I spoke to my father about this; and he said he remembers how horrible smallpox was in Mexico. But when he was a kid in the 1950s, he wasn’t immunized because the contagion had been brought under control. However, the Contagion author said that we might have another pandemic, if the smallpox samples stored in labs ever got out somehow. That was a chilling thought.

But, getting back to the conceptual sleight of hand of calling therapeutics, such as anti-COVID-19 drugs, “vaccines”. Drugs that are used repeatedly, obviously, are not providing immunization to users, such as flu shots and covid shots. I spoke to another friend from the Pacifica Radio world. He is 80 years young now. So, I can understand his concerns and decision to accept the mRNA, gene-based drugs. He disagreed with my focus on the use, or abuse, of language by inaccurately calling anti-COVID-19 drugs vaccines. Our contention is that calling anti-COVID-19 drugs vaccines will provide a false sense of security among members of the public. Virtually everyone, who I’ve spoken too made a fear-based decision to be injected with the mRNA, gene-based drugs, without having done their homework first, without having fact-checked anything. Almost no one made a reason-based decision. Some only assented to the injection to avoid problems on the job.

We pray everyone will be okay, as my family have already been injected. I still refuse to partake in the dangerous injection. I mean, if it came down to it, we would prefer the Sputnik drug, which is not a gene-based drug, and not designed to alter your DNA.

But my absence of fear towards all coronaviruses and rhinoviruses, including the SARS-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 illnesses, has allowed me to question the logic involved in the corporate-driven protocols responding to the COVID-19 “pandemic”. And, in so doing, I’ve encountered many glaring red flags, which warrant further attention and scrutiny.

Now, we put “pandemic” in air quotes because we have never been convinced that we are facing a real pandemic. We’re not saying people aren’t suffering or dying from COVID-19. But we are acknowledging all of the concerns from dissenting doctors. For example, we heard scientists and doctors, in their own voices, on The Gary Null Show, today claim that there is usually a spike, or increase, in deaths, above and beyond the usual baseline of annual deaths. But, they claimed, since the pandemic began to date, there actually has not been a spike in deaths. This corroborated what others have said previously, that, statistically, deaths from many other causes have decreased in proportion to numbers of COVID-19 infections have been reported. It seems Dr. Gary Null and others have a point about deaths from other related diseases and comorbidities have been transferred to the blanket COVID-19 cause of death. This would explain the lack of a spike in deaths, as would be expected during a true pandemic.

Moreover, on a previous Gary Null Show, we heard another doctor, representing a mass organization of dissenting doctors, who are taking issue with the use of the PCR test, which they insist, was never intended to be a diagnostic test. Another issue was the protocol for autopsies and/or death certificates. Doctors, such as Dr. Bukacek from Montana, have complained that the process for determining the cause of death is arbitrary and skewed toward labelling everything as a COVID-19 death, whether or not there were comorbidities, which may have been the primary problem. In fact, she argued, hospitals were encouraged to label the cause of death as COVID-19 for all deaths, which are even remotely seen as covid-related. Then, there was also a possible conflict of interest, for the more hospitals reported COVID-19 deaths, the more funding they tended to get from the state. This seems to have created a perverse incentive structure, which is inflating the reporting of COVID-19 infection rates. And, as a result of the magnification process involved in the PCR test, dissenting doctors argue that false-positive results are inevitable. Another point raised by dissenting doctors is their claim that the average death from COVID-19 is about 82. But the average age of death, for any reason, is 79. Another issue is the many reports of deaths due to injecting people with these experimental therapeutic anti-COVID-19 drugs, particularly in retirement homes. These anti-COVID-19 drugs are therapeutics because they have never been claimed to prevent SARS-2 infection nor prevent COVID-19 illnesses. The claim from big pharma, which is pushing these drugs, has always been to simply minimize the severity of COVID-19 illnesses, not eliminate them, nor immunize against them.

As noted before, we were embarrassed to find that we heard Dr. Gary Null report today on Pacifica Radio (WBAI) that “50,000 scientists and MDs” had raised valid concerns about the dangers of pushing untested drugs on the public, namely anti-COVID-19 drugs. When we found the article he mentioned, it was actually 6,000 scientists and 50,000 members of the public. But it was not 50,000 doctors. That was disappointing because I repeated this information to my brother and to a close friend, who I caught up with by telephone today. It’s a little thing, but it’s still embarrassing. So, we’ll have to be more careful with validating and corroborating information before repeating it anywhere. We’ll have to slow down a bit. But, nevertheless, even if there were a handful of dissenting doctors, I would sound the alarms. Those dissenting doctors must be heard and debated and corroborated or refuted, not ignored.

As a form of penance and to burn the lesson into my brain, I’ve decided to transcribe today’s broadcast. I remember a KPFA acquaintance from back in the day, a baby boomer lady, who warned me against paying any attention to Dr. Gary Null. So, I always have that grain of skepticism. But we’ve been paying closer attention to Pacifica Radio since Mr. Trump had made allusions to possibly not accepting the results of the election. And, then, the Sieges of state capitols happened around the nation on January 6th. That lit a fire under our bums. We heard broadcasters on WPFW and WBAI calling for people of conscience to be bolder after we saw an alliance of white supremacy attempt to overthrow the state on January 6th. Some of us felt a degree of guilt about past inactivity or apathy. So, here we are, doing what we can to advance the conversation for peace and justice.

But, as for the anti-COVID-19 protocols, we ask that people consider peer-reviewed work. From a cursory search for information at the outset, I found a peer-reviewed article showing that zinc blocked the virus.

It just doesn’t make sense to ignore important information. And it doesn’t make sense to ignore comorbidities when considering statistical analysis of alleged COVID-19 deaths, which in all likelihood the comorbidities are the primary cause of deaths, which are exacerbated by the virus, rather than caused by it. Perhaps, the most important comorbidity is insulin resistance because it leads to a cascade of problems, from Type II diabetes to dementia. (cf. Why We Get Sick, Bikman)

We’re not saying don’t get injected, dear readers. But we are saying it’s dangerous to be a human guinea pig in a global experiment undertaken by big pharma, whose primary objective is quarterly profits for shareholders, not public health or wellbeing, in our view. And the benefits are trivial to us, relative to the risks of injecting oneself with an mRNA, gene-based drug therapy, which is designed to alter your DNA. Dr. Gary Null has reported that the patents for these experimental anti-COVID-19 drugs have been registered by big pharma as gene therapy drugs, not as vaccines. And, of course, big pharma has secured immunity from liability. So, even if anyone suffers adverse effects or death from these drugs, as many people already have, especially in retirement homes, people harmed will be unable to seek legal redress or justice. And that means the drugs will continue to be pushed onto an unsuspecting public without regard for the adverse consequences, only a regard for corporate profits.

Meanwhile, Russia developed the Sputnik drug, which doesn’t alter your DNA. For years, people have protested GMOs, genetically-modified organisms. Now, it seems many of those people might become GMOs, themselves, given the nature of the mRNA gene therapy drugs, which are being misrepresented as “vaccines”.

Solidarity. Equanimity.

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[Transcription by Mr. Lumpen Proles for Lumpenproletariat and The Gary Null Show]

The Gary Null Show for Friday, March 12, 2021, on Pacifica Radio (WBAI).

THE GARY NULL SHOW[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] (c. 0:00) Tail end of Sue Goodwin’s News Headlines from the previous hour.

(c. 00:35) Introduction to The Gary Null Show

DR. GARY NULL: (c. 1:22) “Hi, everyone. I’m Gary Null. Nice to have you with us today. We’re gonna learn about how curcumin can boost your brain DHA level, a UCLA study. That’s important. We have a lot to talk about helping keep healthy, especially in a time of COVID. In fact, from the Hospital Del Mar Research Institute and the Pompeu Fabra University, zinc can help predict COVID severity. The more zinc you have, the less severe. The less zinc you have, the more severe. Also today, we’re going to look at the gut microbiome—that’s the good bacteria in your intestines—and how it influences the metabolism of processed foods, University of Alabama. New research points to a significant role of the bacteria to shape metabolism, including where fat is deposited on the body and metabolic hormones. If it sounds a little complicated, I’ll put it into a little lay language. Also, from Queen Mary University in the United Kingdom, ‘Convincing evidence that Type-II diabetes is associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s‘ Disease. Also, from Yonsei University College of Medicine in South Korea, there’s a lot of studies concluding a protective effect of the Omega-3 fatty acids, that’s the fish oils, against cardiovascular death. (c. 3:04)

“So, you’re gonna learn how to keep from dying sooner by one single item you put into your diet. That’s good. And a study finds increased risk of death among breast cancer patients, who drink sugar-sweetened soda, University of Buffalo—interesting. When I was talking about this back in the 1970s, and wrote the first article on it, along with investigative journalist Robert Houston. And Bob and I spent over a thousand hours researching the politics of cancer, how corrupt the whole industry was, top to bottom. And we had an insider feed a lot of information to me. I’ll tell you that story a little later. But the takeaway message was: When you look at what people were being fed in these cancer hospitals, and look at the vending machines, you had a lot of sugar-sweetened soda—rather ironic—University of Buffalo. You drink these sugar-sweetened drinks, and you have breast cancer, you die sooner—wow, what irony. (c. 4:19)

“Also today, commentaries, some really powerful commentaries: Chris Hedges, Glen Greenwald, Tom Whitehead. We have some video clips. One video clip I think you’re going to really find interesting because I’m going to play it, as a counterbalance to Biden’s—I don’t know what you call it. I was watching and I couldn’t figure it out. This man is lost somewhere—whoa. And we’re lucky. Anyone with a brain and looking at this is thinking: This man should be getting help, neurological help, because it’s clear that he’s suffering from some form of dementia. But everyone kind of pretends it’s not there. And, then, he gets out and rambles around. He talks about COVID, but only vaccines, vaccines, nothing but vaccines—whoa.

“Well, we’re gonna push back on that today. Some of the world’s leading medical doctors and scientists have something to say about vaccines. We’ll share that with you.

“And we wanna thank one of our fact-checkers out there. She is a consummate fact-checker. She’s looking for the truth in all data ‘cos she sends about five or six a day. And, so, we wanna thank Valentina Farsi(sp?). We’re gonna play one clip of hers, where the White House Press Secretary makes a statement. Now, mind you, when she makes a statement and is emphatic about it, then you have to assume that this has been fact-checked and is accurate. Well, she was fact-checked. She is inaccurate, completely inaccurate concerning COVID and the ‘vaccines’ In fact, nothing you’re hearing about the ‘vaccines’ is honest. (c. 6:10) So, we’ll bring you up to date on some reality checks on vaccines. I’ll tell you the truth about them. All that, on today’s show. (c. 6:20)

“But, of course, we start with the latest on health and healing because we all want to live a longer and healthier life. And we start with something simple. It’s an herb. It’s a simple herb. It’s the most common herb in curries—turmeric. Now, the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. C-U-R-C-U-M-I-N. Here’s the latest from UCLA, published in biochemistry and biophysiology [sic]. They found that, when you increase the amount of curcumin, you increase the production of DHA by influencing a precursor of ALA and DPA, after previous research showed that curcumin prevents reduced DHA content in the brain following brain trauma, and that curcumin plus DHA had added beneficial effects in behavior and the brain DHA content. And you need that. So, simply stated, if you want to have more DHA, and, mind you, curcumin and DHA reduced content of the brain precursor, which is n-3 DPA. And, so, you get a healthier brain when you take curcumin. How about that? It’s simple as can be. (c. 7:42)

“Now, another simple thing is zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral. It does dozens of things in the body, including helping our immune system, and is antiviral. Well, a recent study examined the levels of zinc in people hospitalized with COVID-19 in, both, disease progression and outcome. Now, listen carefully ‘cos this is what they found, that the participants with low zinc had a 21% death rate, compared to normal zinc [levels], which is only 5%. That’s a 400% difference. That’s tremendous. Now, mind you, that’s with normal zinc [levels]. Now, if they were taking 50 milligrams [mg] of elemental zinc, that would probably be down to 1%. So, more reason to take your zinc. Alright? (c. 08:41) Next, the time to clinical recovery was approximately 300% less time, meaning when people did not have enough zinc, it took them 300% longer to get back to normal health. So, the authors conclude the serum zinc levels could help predict the outcome of individuals with COVID-19. Remember, this is simple, inexpensive, non-toxic trace element. It’s naturally present in some foods, but better still just in the biological supplements, a vitamin supplement. Hundreds of enzymes require zinc to function properly. This also plays a role in protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, cell division, wound healing, immune function. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. It’s a superstar. It can reduce the deficiencies in the innate and adaptive immune responses in people with viral infection, cold, flu. The innate immune system is the body’s first line of response to prevent the virus from penetrating and replicating before the adaptive immune system develops targeted protection. (c. 9:56)

So, shouldn’t every doctor’s office, shouldn’t every hospital in America have a simple, quick analysis when you go in? What’s your zinc level?

“And that could help people. This was published in the review journal, Nutrients. So, if you want a healthier outcome, then take zinc. And why do you think that they’re suggesting—both, with Ivermectin and with hydroxychloroquinezinc? Because it’s the zinc the does the killing [of the virus], not the two other drugs. And, then, if there’s a bacterial infection, then, any of the major antibiotics can come in. (c. 10:37)

“The University of Alabama has a study about: As long as your flooding the gut with healthy, good bacteria, then it becomes what is called a microbiome—B-I-O-M-E. That means the amount of this flora in your gut—good bacteria. Good food, like miso and sauerkraut, pickles, kimchee. [1] The more tempeh, tofu, the more good bacteria you have. [2]

— snip —

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[1] The point here is to increase the acidity of the gut in order to properly digest and metabolize all of nutrients and allow for optimal nutrient absorption. For excellent video summaries on this topic, cf. Dr. Sten Ekberg, Dr. Eric Berg, et al.

[2] Another important point here, in terms of helping strengthen or improve one’s gut microbiome, is prebiotics, such as pectin. We like apples, such as the Gala apple, for the fiber, nutritional profile, and the prebiotic benefits of pectin. Prebiotics, basically, feed the good bacteria.


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Robruken Podcast | Episode #7 Psychic Epidemic



, , , , , ,

LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Monday, 8 MAR 2021] The Robruken Podcast has invited us back again. We discussed various salient events and developments in the worlds of politics and society.

We began with a clip from one of our favorite YouTube channels, Academy of Ideas:

“All one’s neighbors are in the grip of some uncontrolled and uncontrollable fear. In lunatic asylums, it is a well known fact that patients are far more dangerous when suffering from fear than when moved by rage or hatred.

“According to the psychologist Carl Jung, the greatest threat to civilization lies not with the forces of nature, nor with any physical disease, but with our inability to deal with the forces of our own psyche. We are our own worst enemies. Or, as the Latin proverb puts it, man is a wolf to man.

“In civilization in transition, Jung states that this proverb is a sad, yet eternal truism. And our wolf-like tendency comes most prominently into play at those times of history when mental illness becomes the norm, rather than the exception in a society, a situation, which Jung termed a psychic epidemic.

Indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious, he writes, that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man, himself, who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.”

A housekeeping note: As noted in this podcast, we’re a bit embarrassed by our previous appearance on the Robruken Podcast because of my inability to articulate what I had intended. Also, I made off-color remarks, which I later regretted. To be clear, we love combat sports, martial arts, and practicing self-defense skills. But we are non-violent. It is the discipline of mind and body, which we seek, not gratuitous violence.

Getting to a point of mastering non-violent communication, however, is something which will require a degree of cognitive transformation, but which we’re endeavoring to learn and practice in the traditions of the Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; Pema Chödrön; Marshall Rosenberg; Dr. George Simon; Meredith Miller (Inner Integration); et al.

We are eternally grateful to Pacifica Radio’s Kris Welch for having exposed us to Thay and Pema over the years. Perhaps, no other voices have struck such powerful chords deep within our soul and psyche as the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and, especially, the voice of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The thing about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is that he is one of my earliest memories of any public speaker. And I have admired his Dream, our Dream, since I was a wee laddy. But, sadly, we needed the rage of Malcolm to wake us, the folk, up. (Personally, I had internalized the racism beaming at me day and night since birth, courtesy of American white supremacist ideology and unwitting narcissistic abuse at home. So, we meditate for peace and justice.)

We only hope to improve our abilities to communicate, especially as feedback comes in and opens our eyes to what we may have been missing.

I suppose I was a bit cavalier about certain things. I’m doing my best to be respectful, even to those I vehemently disagree with. We must overcome fear in order to speak freely and sincerely, and calmly. We aspire to follow in the Kingian tradition of militant non-violent direct action for justice. We do this because we care about our nation and our planet and humanity and want to contribute to making life more wonderful for others, making our nation healthier to itself and to others, causing less harm to its own people and to others. To us, this is the true definition of a patriot, someone who works to make the nation better, rather than simply engaging in nationalism or jingoism.

This is why we study the body of work left to us by Dr. King, as well as Malcolm X, and others. As people of color, we seek freedom, including freedom from state violence. As people of color, our life experiences have been different from those of other Americans. And this is why we may hold different views. So, we ask for understanding as to why we may see things differently from time to time.

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ROBRUKEN PODCAST[Monday, 8 MAR 2021] Welcome to the Robruken Podcast. Today, I’m joined with Mr. Lumpen Proles from We discussed the psychic epidemic that is the Trump hysteria, which continues its hold on the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Also, we discussed the beginning of the Biden administration and America’s return to perpetual warfare, as Trump’s administration was more focused on domestic issues and control over it’s subjects.

This episode was recorded on February 28th, 2021.

Our music may be violent; we are not.


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Day 48 | International Women’s Day 2021



LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Monday, 8 MAR 2021] Today is International Women’s Day! Yay!

We were listening to an excellent Jacobin chat today, discussing the socialist history of Women’s Day. And we got a great idea from Jacobin‘s Meagan Day. She said she decided to start getting her mum flowers on International Women’s Day, instead of Mother’s Day. It was a subtle point, which her mother didn’t mind. But the message was very powerful, in terms of a much more meaningful form of solidarity.

The idea is to honor women, simply for being women, not for being an assigned social role. For some of us brown folks, we sometimes do two Mother’s Day days. We have the “American” Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But, then, we also feel obliged to honor the the Mexican version, which is always on May 10th, you see.

Well, we can add to that a third day, International Women’s Day, which is losing its original meaning as an anti-capitalist holiday. Capitalism tends to commodify everything and erase all traces of humanity, leaving nothing but marketing ploys and profit motive in its wake. Even Mother’s Day, we learn was originally in the spirit of anti-war, a pacificist spirit. Who knew?

Fortunately, the good scholars at Jacobin are working to provide us useful information, context, opinion, facts, and analysis. Jacobin’s Meagan Day spoke with Professor Kristen Rogheh Ghodsee (author of Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism). The two women discussed the socialist origins of International Women’s Day as well as the capitalist co-optation of Women’s Day in our current historical moment.

Kristen Rogheh Ghodsee is an American ethnographer and Professor of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She is primarily known for her ethnographic work on post-Communist Bulgaria as well as being a contributor to the field of postsocialist gender studies.

They delved into the many ways Women’s Day gets co-opted by capitalist social relations and marketing campaigns. But, they remind us that International Women’s Day has socialist origins, like so many other good things in life.

Brought to you courtesy of socialism.

Please listen to this conversation. It’s such an excellent discussion because it carries forward the discourse, which many of us, especially Pacifica Radio listeners, heard from other scholars, such as economist Dr. Richard Wolff and his psychotherapist spouse Dr. Harriet Fraad in the wake of the 2007/2008 Global Financial Crisis. Dr. Wolff had pointed out how men had lost their economic position relative to women. Many men had been laid off or demoted. Many jobs have been deprofessionalized. And men felt threatened in their roles, as masculine heads of households.

Today, we can quite clearly draw a throughline from the Global Financial Crisis over a decade ago to the current rise in toxic masculinity, symbolized by Mr. Donald J. Trump and his 74 million voters. This past decade has brought us to this point where a con artist, like Mr. Trump, has unfortunately become a role model for many men, not to mention women. International Women’s Day provides us with an opportunity to consider healthier alternatives.

Today’s other salient observations:

  • Mr. Biden signed two gender equality executive orders. We may celebrate the progressive spirit of the policies. But, at the same time, we may lament the dysfunctional nature of executive orders, which can easily be reversed by the next presidential administration. Executive orders tend to lead to unstable yo-yo policies.

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Notes from a working class left perspective…

Monday, March 8, 2021


“CHRIS HEDGES on Christian Fascists and the Rot Within the American System” by Reflection of Passion, 8 MAR 2021. Intercepted podcast interview from 7 NOV 2018, hosted by Jeremy Scahill.

15:00 PST,

We recall that billionaire Mr. Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, not unlike a player in the game of monopoly.

16:00 PST,

17:00 PST,

“The Socialist History of International Women’s Day” by Jacobin, 8 MAR 2021.

First, they discussed contemporary co-optations of Women’s Day.

(c. 26:30) On the origins of International Women’s Day

(c. 1:00:41) Why women were better off under socialism.

18:00 PST,

19:00 PST,

Opening song, presumably, by singer Fely Chako(sp?), pronounced by Walter Turner as fey-lay.

(c. 1:57) Broadcast introduction by host Walter Turner.

WALTER TURNER: Fely Chako(sp?) ‘was born in the Ivory Coast and released two albums to critical acclaim in the 1990s. She now resides in San Francisco, where she continues to work on her music and her songwriting. Since 2004, she’s released two more albums, an EP, and has received a lot of accolades, including a 2010 Billboard Award nomination for the best independent artist. Yita(sp?), which means deep water, marks the fifth full-length album from Fely Chako(sp?), where she explores the themes of migration, human trafficking, and calls for social justice. The title track, “Yita”(sp?) was inspired by her 2016 humanitarian trip to bear witness to the Syrian refugee camps in Greece. And the album is dedicated to African and Middle Eastern migrants, who lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean. It’s going to be released on March 8th to coincide with International Women’s Day.

“And Fely sings in many different languages: English, French, and the others, which she will share with us.

“You can take a look at her work at Fely, thank you so much for making the time.”

FELY: (c. 3:10) “Thank you so much, Walter, for having me.”

— snip —

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20:00 PST,

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Day 46| Right-Wing Extremism is, Statistically, the Largest Terrorist Threat in the West



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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Saturday, 6 MAR 2021, 08:03 PST] They will try to control you. But your inner being will be so vibrantly filled with the spirit, that you will be wild and untamed and unbought and unbossed, yet disciplined and peaceful, being peace. Your spirit is indomitable, unassailable. Your soul is bulletproof.

Today’s salient observations:

  • Today is Day 46 of Mr. Biden’s First 100 Days in office.
  • Right-wing extremism is, statistically, the largest terrorist threat in the west.
  • Meanwhile, the military-industrial complex seems to be slowly, but surely, usurping the democratic power of the people. “They know what they’re doing,” said Mr. Drake, at the “Chris Hedges vs Obama NDAA Lawsuit Press Conference“.
  • We must investigate the role of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies in allowing the violence at the DC Capitol on January 6th to escalate for hours, until armed rioters breached the Capitol. We heard Ian Masters on Pacifica Radio‘s Background Briefing this week discussing gaps in the time-line of events, which simply do not add up, unless we conclude incompetence or complicity. And the former seems implausible.
  • In timely fashion, earlier today, Reflection of Passion published Chris Hedges vs Obama NDAA Lawsuit Press Conference“, a video document, which gives us an opportunity to reflect on the lawsuit to Stop the NDAA (Section 1021, authorized under the Obama administration) and the creeping corporate coup de’tat under successive neoliberal governments, perhaps, since the so-called Reagan Revolution, which ushered in the age of neoliberalism. Chris Hedges said, “We have undergone a corporate coup de’tat. There is no check to corporate power.”
  • We can draw a throughline from the Republican Party’s longstanding right-wing agenda to the sieges of January 6th against our republic and against state capitols around the nation, especially against the nation’s DC Capitol Building Complex, which resulted in multiple deaths.
  • With this two-party dictatorship in power, we are all under threat, as is the U.S. Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Your author had the privilege of interviewing Alexa O’Brien, an interview, which was published at We heard Pacifica Radio’s Davey D (Hard Knock Radio) interview Alexa O’Brien during the Occupy Wall Street protests and found her analysis to be world class. But, from listening to this press conference, it seems O’Brien was detained by the U.S. state for writing about the government, which could happen to any of us. That is wrong on so many levels, morally, ethically, spiritually. We must all speak out, fearlessly, if we see something wrong or evil, such as this continuity of government and deep state, this culture of corporate greed and corporate-government revolving door enmeshment of capitalist undermining of democratic process.
  • We still have a two-party dictatorship in the USA.
  • Our voting system: one dollar = one vote.
  • The voting system we need: one person = one vote.
  • We need ranked-choice voting because we want our vote to always count.
  • We need proportional representation in the U.S. Congress because we need all of the people’s political perspectives in the nation to be respected.
  • We need to abolish the Senate because it doesn’t represent the people.
  • We need to abolish the Executive office because the position, under the continuity of government of the last four decades of Executives, has become malignant in its usurpation of power from the other two branches of government. We don’t need a “President” (i.e., pseudo-monarch).
  • We need an MMT-based job guarantee program because we cannot afford to let people looking for work not find work. It’s gratuitous economic pain, which only hurts our economy. (cf. Dr. Stephanie Kelton, The Deficit Myth, 2020; cf. edited by Michael J. Murray & Mathew Forstater, The Job Guarantee: Toward True Employment, 2013.)

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Notes from a working class left perspective…

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

What Do You Know About Love?” by Dwight Yoakam, 2000.

Movin’ On Down the Line” by Raphael Saadiq, 2011.

Life Is… Too Short” by Too $hort, 1989.

Darling Nikki” by Prince and the Revolution, 1984.

Rose Rouge” by St. Germain, 2012.

Right on the Tip of My Tongue” by Brenda and The Tabulations, 1971.

Con La Misma Piedra” by Grupo Limite, 1995.

Midnight Rider” by The Allman Brothers Band.

MindGlitch Keytar TM Theme” by Shabbaz Palaces.

Feels Like Heaven” by Ariel Pink. (A strange bloke, made us laugh at first. Then, he confused us by being sighted at the Siege of January 6th at the DC Capitol. What was he thinking? Observing, like a journo? We know he’s always trying to upset everyone and subvert everything, like his painting project of his art school admin having an orgy. Or is Ariel Pink a Trump loyalist? Or a pro-fascist? If he’s a pro’fascist, we gotta boycott, y’all.)

Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now” by The Brothers Johnson.

Rainbow ’65 [full version] by Gene Chandler.

09:00 PST,

This store is too boo-zhee…

10:00 PST,

We gon’ try an’ make a frittata this morning…

Voila! We plated the frittata atop a bed of steamed spinach, which we forgot to add. We topped the frittata plate with avocado. Our side dish was herbed smashed roasted red potatoes. Bon appetit!

11:00 PST,

12:00 PST,

14:00 PST,

“I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” by The Emotions.

Chris Hedges vs Obama NDAA Lawsuit Press Conference” by Reflection of Passion, 6 MAR 2021.

Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic, 2021.

18:00 PST,

Smashed Roasted Red Potatoes, gotta drizzle some more olive oil...
Wild salmon and asparagus! Nice!

19:00 PST,

“Bulletproof Soul” by Sade, 1992.

Family” by Maze, 1980.

Soldier of Love” by Sade, 2010.

20:00 PST,

This is for the Lover In You” by Shalamar, 1980.


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Day 45 | The White Liberal is the Biggest Stumbling Block to Freedom, Concluded Dr. Martin Luther King Jr




LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 5 MAR 2021]  Today is Day 45 of Biden’s Presidency. Mr. Biden seems to have abandoned all of his campaign promises, except for the one where he promised to buy at least 150 million doses of experimental and untested anti-COVID-19 drugs with which to inject Americans on behalf of drug companies. And we cannot call these untested drugs “vaccines” because they don’t provide immunization, like a true vaccine provides.

Of course, we recall true vaccines, like the polio vaccine or the smallpox vaccine, provide immunization, unlike flu shots or covid shots, which mainly seem to provide profits for big pharma.

It’s March 2021 now. It’s been almost a full year now, since many of us were laid off and have been home on lockdown—no travel, no socializing, no concerts, no gatherings, just police state proto-fascism. I see many people adapting to this new, bleaker form of police state proto-fascism. We told everyone back in March 2020: The state is telling us lockdown will last a few weeks. But we know they will simply extend, and keep extending. We didn’t trust the state. We still don’t.

For many of us brown and black people, ever since we read Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, et al. in high school, we looked around and saw fascist policing from day one. Life in the working class and the underclass means you are, literally, the nation’s sociopolitical canary in the goldmine. America must realize that when its most vulnerable are under attack, so, too, is this most fragile of edifices we call democracy. Of course, we don’t have true democracy. We have a republic; which means we just outgrew monarchies. But we still don’t have true democracy, which sincerely reflects the will of the people. For example, most Americans want health care for all. But the two-party political cartel in power, engaging in class warfare from above, cannot afford to give up any ideological ground. So, they refuse to budge on their anti-working class positions.

It is hubristic for White America to think that the fascist corporate state will stop dehumanizing its population when it’s done with red, black, and brown people. It will move on to further oppress the working classes, of all ethnicities, even the good white people, until the state has morphed into a bleak cyberpunk neofeudalism. Think Blade Runner. Then, think worse.

How do we avoid this bleak future of a dystopian nightmare? Well, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. So, past patriarchal behavior has evidently not served us so well. So, we seek to mature beyond patriarchal social relations. And March is Women’s History Month. We have been learning about women’s history all week on Pacifica Radio. Yesterday, on Pacifica Radio’s #UMustLearn (WPFW), we heard from young black women scholars researching the American women of the freedom struggles. One young academic said she was in graduate school and looking for her dissertation contribution and wanted to write about the women of the Civil Rights movements and the struggle for freedom for black people. We should inform younger people and other folks that when one is in grad school, after college, one engages in research. After college, one often seeks to make a contribution to the literature of one’s field of study by writing a big thesis paper in a Masters program to earn a Masters degree. Similarly, doctoral candidates, students pursuing a Ph.D., must write a doctoral dissertation, which is like a book, which makes an original contribution. So, doctoral candidates are expected to review the literature of their field, see what’s lacking, and determine what original ideas or information they can contribute.

Our protagonist’s doctoral committee told her that the task she was pursuing would be impossible, not because of a lack of funding, but because of a lack of women organizers and mobilizers in the actual history of the Civil Rights movements. What are you going to write about, they asked, the wives of the Civil Rights movements?

Something didn’t seem right. So, she persevered. She sought the help of her local librarian; and explained she was interested in learning about the women of the Civil Rights movements. The librarian said, okay. Give me a few days; and then come back. When I came back, she said, the librarian had a stack of books for me, which included women in the Black Panthers. Then, she became interested in the great Elaine Brown. And the rest is history. Our young scholar even got help setting up some interviews with surviving members of the Black Panther Party and others from that time period. And that’s how our next generation of young scholars is raising up the truth of the black struggle for freedom in America, and by solidarity all people of color, and all people, who value “racial” (i.e., ethnic) egalitarianism.

White scholars and others are also holding up our ancestors in the struggle for freedom. We’ve been vibin’ lately on this one YouTube channel called Epoch Philosophy, which is hosted by a white bloke from Canada, it seems. We just watched a video this morning, Martin Luther King Jr – Postmodern Revisionism and Hyperreality“, by Epoch Philosophy, which expanded our view of Dr. King by acknowledging that Dr. King is one of our greatest leaders in U.S. history. Yet, the deep state assassinated Dr. King.

Brown and black people also recognize the value and importance of the greatest leaders of American history, including Elaine Brown, Pam Afrika, Angela Davis, and other great women leaders.

But, since we heard mention of the wives of the movement on the Pacifica Radio discussion yesterday on #UMustLearn, this morning, we’re especially thinking of Coretta Scott King. She was Dr. King’s partner, who helped him develop his sociopolitical philosophy through the most important conversations of our society, the intimate ones, as Professor Richard Wolff recently reminded us on Pacifica Radio. Those are the conversations, which happen over the dinner table and especially before bed in the bedroom. These conversations, said Prof. Wolff, shape what we call social formation.

We imagine Coretta Scott King worked very hard to preserve Dr. King’s true legacy against impossible odds, after his assassination. As a result, we may now all learn the true legacy of Dr. King. In fact, it’s what has informed the Black Lives Matter movement. We recently heard Bay Area Black Lives Matter organizer Kat Brooks (co-host, UpFront, KPFA, Pacifica Radio). She described how they would play Dr. King speeches before going out to do an action or demonstration.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Marvel movie, Panther, and now Judas and the Black Messiah, in the wake of all of this, we, Americans are finally learning the truth about Dr. King’s true legacy, after being gaslit and narcissistically abused by our government’s postmodern revisionism and pursuit of hyperreality.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was completely obliterated from history in terms of the degree to which historical revisionism has plagued his true legacy.

Dr. King challenged everyone to his left and right in his 1967 speech, “Where Do We Go From Here?”, in which he critiqued romantic revolutionaries, with an almost suicidal longing, who fail to discern realistic material conditions for revolution. Dr. King also challenged Dr. Marx for forgetting Hegelian idealism and overemphasizing Feuerbach’s theses in the development of historical materialism.  Dr. King admitted to having “read The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital long ago.” Most interestingly, Dr. King challenged a corrupted Nietzschean Will to Power philosophy, embraced by the German and American ruling classes, on the right with a compelling philosophical argument.  America, we must catch up to its greatest teacher, healer, and prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today’s salient observations:

  • Max Blumenthal debunked the US/NATO imperialist narrative of Chinese labor camps, among other state disinformation, on WBAI’s On the Ground: Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital.
  • This week, for the first time ever, we heard compelling critiques against communism (from people we trust and/or respect). One was from Dr. King’s 1967 speech, “Where Do We Go From Here?” The other came from a 2012 Marc Maron interview of journalist and author Chris Hedges, wherein he recommended we all read Vassily Grossman’s book, Life and Fate, which discusses, Hedges said, “the twin evils of fascism and communism.”
  • DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR:  “Well, it depends on the level we are talking here because I think we have to make a distinction between the people, who are absolutely and genuinely committed in the white community on the question of racial equality.  And I must confess that I think they are a very small minority. I think the vast majority of white Americans, uh, will go but so far.  It’s a kind of installment plan for equality.  And they are always looking for an excuse to go but so far.”


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Notes from a working class left perspective…

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04:00 PST,

“Chris Hedges – ‘It Is Certain that a Popular Revolt is Coming’ – 23 FEB 2021” by Michabo Sustainable Harmony, 28 FEB 2021.

05:00 PST,

Martin Luther King Jr – Postmodern Revisionism and Hyperreality” by Epoch Philosophy, 15 OCT 2020.

07:00 PST,

We had to delete a typo. So, the two tweets became out of sequence.

Give It All You Got (Dub Mix) by Afro-Rican, 1987.

This was easily one of our favorite wreckids from 1987, a staple of late ’80s Bay Area radio and working class house parties… My people remember this…

Give It All You Got (Doggy Style)” by Afro-Rican, 1987.

08:00 PST,

Friedrich Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy” by Epoch Philosophy, 19 NOV 2020.

09:00 PST,

Revolutionary Theory by Epoch Philosophy

Cyberpunk?, 20 DEC 2020.

10:00 PST,

Zizek , 2 JAN 2021.

Friedrich Engels: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific” by Epoch Philosophy, 18 JAN 2021.

12:00 PST, KPFA > News with Mericle [TW] | ‘wage hike nixxed?’ | ‘the 6th’ | Feb 22 Rochester police incident’ > CS brings more Ram Dass(sp?), 12:09, first clip, ‘seeing past distraction and illusion’ […] ‘Einstein claimed use of his mind beyond rational thought, intuition.’ Whoa! This corroborated what we’ve learned from Professor John Vervaeke from his Awakening From the Meaning Crisis YouTube lecture series. The Shaman mindset disrupts the usual framing of reality. […] 12:15 PST, Okay, CS. After years of hearing Ram Dass, including a few documentaries, I’m finally sold on Ram Dass. We want that 7-CD set. Get yours today. […] 12:21 PST, THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFA. PLEASE DONATE TODAY. Call KPFA to donate at 1.800-439-5732. […] 12:27 PST, next clip: ‘old age often brings distressing role changes’ […] ‘conscious aging has to do with letting go’ […] 12:33 PST, ‘our western youth-biased perspective’ […] 1247, next clip. […] As we’ve commented before, regarding the nature and purposes of Against the Grain airing the wisdom of Ram Daas(sp?), this philosophy makes sense at the interpersonal level, but we weren’t sure how or why this would be relevant to inter-group relations. But we are starting to see the value, or as Epoch Philosophy has noted, our focus on value is an outdated Enlightenment notion, which, they argue, like the labor theory of value, keeps us locked in capitalist social relations. Dr. King and X were leading us to new revolutionary values. The inner work helps us attain higher spirituality or inner integration, which is what is needed in a challenging struggle between good and evil. Evil is narcissistic abuse. Racist abuse presents similar or identical behavioral traits as narcissistic abuse. […] [TW] 1330 Arsenio Hall clip

13:00 PST, WPFW > On The Ground: Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital > […] Max Blumenthal. 1341, Pierre Omidyar, ‘Was the Intercept created to bury the Assange/WikiLeaks documents?’ […] 1348, On The Ground: Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital [TW] This was an excellent broadcast, which deserves to be amplified and shared widely.

14:00 PST, KPFA > Economic Update with Richard Wolff | […] 14:10 PST, France and Macron are blaming USA for infecting them with the “ideology of Black Lives Matter? BLM is NOT an ideology. It represents human values, not factional ideology. […] Mitch Jeserich fundraising for KPFA. THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFA. PLEASE DONATE TODAY. | Prof. Wolff interview on Puerto Rico, suffering under neoliberal oppression. […] 14:30 PST,

Today’s livestream by Epoch Philosophy will be freely available for a few weeks.

17:00 PST, KPFK > Background Briefing with Ian Masters | [TW] 6th loyalists, etc. […] Guest acknowledged “Pizza Gate”, which was ‘gaining traction in 2015 and 2016’, she said. But, then, she just dismissed it. Yet, most people agree that Mr. Epstein did not kill himself. Was the whole Epstein narrative debunked? Didn’t Bill Clinton just catch recent scandals for being shown to have attended Epstein’s pleasure island and whatnot? […] 17:14 PST, This guest seems naive. She seems to need to talk to Abby Martin or Max Blumenthal or Noam Chomsky. She spoke dismissively of “false flag” attacks. Yet, history is replete with such events, including January 6th. “Don’t go down the rabbit hole,” she said. “Look at the political efficacy.” Indeed. Then, she cited “deligitimizing Joe Biden”, as if Mr. Biden had any legitimacy. Guest and host are beside themselves, aghast at the antidemocratic, proto-fascist nature of the Cult of Trump. Yet, they seem to fail to perceive the futility of expecting justice from a two-party dictatorship. Both corporatist political parties gaslight America. Do they not? […] Ian seems to treat this evidently Democrat partisan, Nicole H., author of Messengers of the Right. CNN article, “How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Alex Jones.” Oh? What’s the difference? Lincoln was a racist, only to a lesser degree than Alex Jones. But both supported the white supremacist project. […] 17:24 PST, next interview. Mark Perry on ‘the Pentagon’, ‘Major William Walker testified’ on the Siege of the 6th. […] 17:26, guest: ‘It’s likely the Pentagon dragged their feet intentionally’ to not provide backup, as requested by Capitol Police. […] 17:40 Matthew Rothschild(sp?) […] 17:48 PST, We are monitoring, searching for the best analysis for the benefit of the working classes. We notice that this conversation is light on theory, perhaps devoid of critical theory. Do well-meaning liberals spin their wheels because they lack theory? Ian Masters is resorting to name-calling (e.g., “moron”, “idiot”). ‘Ron Johnson(sp?)’ Earlier, the guest was guessing unemployment may have been intended to keep wages down. […] 17:55 PST, ‘filibuster antics of Ron Johnson(sp?)’ Why is this filibuster rule still allowed? It’s obstructionism. But Ian Masters solely blames GOP for obstructionism. But Dems obstruct all political alternatives to their left. Dems create a two-party cartel, bruh. Quote Ralph Nader, Ian: ‘It’s a two-party dictatorship.’

8 dems join GOP vote?! | Manchen compromise? | APRIL 1st, limited police state recreational activities | x | repub abbott blames Biden of bringing immigrants and COVID-19 | Virginia Equal Rights Amendment? | 1803, joe manchen(sp?) ‘Senate Vote-arama’ ‘Sen. Sanders says its absurd the unelected parliamentarian is given the responsibility of political decision-making, which is the job of elected representatives.’ Pandemic Relief bill may fail, if only one Democrat defects. | 18:09 PST, Missouri news | 18:11 PST, Mark Mericle fundraising. THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFA. PLEASE DONATE TODAY. | 18:13 PST, White House study says masks help; dine-in restaurants harm.’ This news report by Jailin Herdman(sp?), et al was disappointing. She reported on “vaccination”, but anti-COVID-19 drugs are NOT vaccines because they do not provide immunization in the way smallpox or polio vaccines do. Without assurance of immunization, how can we call a drug, vaccine? | California schools are being incentivised by cash for offering in-person learning. 18:23 PST,

19:00 PST,

20:00 PST,

Marc Maron Interviews Chris Hedges” by Reflection of Passion, 5 MAR 2021.

16 NOV 2012

(c. 1:15) CHRIS HEDGES: ‘Everyone should pick up Vasily Grossman‘s [book] Life and Fate.  One of the great books of Russian literature. And he writes about the twin evils of communism and fascism.’

But, wait, then Hedges said Vassily Grossman’s family suffered first under fascism, then under Stalinism, not communism. Is Stalinism equivalent to comnunism? Is Maoism equivalent to communism? Is Stalinism equivalent to Maoism? It seems we suffer from false equivalencies. It seems the common denominator is authoritarianism, not communism.

Now, see, there’s a problem in Chris Hedges’ rhetoric here.  Are we conflating Stalinism with communism?  Are the two synonymous?  Or is there a difference, ideologically?  Stalinism was left-wing authoritarianism.  Nazism was right-wing authoritarianism.  Both were authoritarian. The problem, then, seems to be authoritarianism, not communism.   Theoretically, although it depends on human nature or conditioning, but theoretically we could have libertarian communism or libertarian socialism, rather than authoritarian communism or socialism. (cf. Second Thought: America’s Stunted Political Spectrum; 24 APR 2020.)

Chris Hedges critiqued blind faith in systems.

But system or no system, we are all subject to individual psychology within a fabric of group psychology. History has shown that groups can be manipulated into destruction, toxicity, and evil.  But group psychology can also bond around humane values.

It seems this is the true struggle of our times.  It’s a struggle for hearts and minds.  Perhaps, this was always the struggle.  This struggle was, perhaps, veiled by the trending ideology of a given time and place.

Whoa. Until recently, hearing Dr. King deliver a compelling critique of communism as too extreme in its devaluation of the individual. He also critiqued capitalism as having outlived his usefulness, in a letter to hia spouse, Coretta Scott King. And, now, also hearing Chris Hedges offer more compelling critique of communism is very eye-opening. Until now, I’ve never heard anyone sincere or whom I respect speak ill of communism. Perhaps, young people attracted to the romantic nature of The Communist Manifesto are blinded by the romanticism of the total vanquishment of capitalist modes of production to the point of being blinded to, perhaps, certain evils of communism, if communism proves to manifest itself as another form of fascism. Fascism is truly evil. But we’ll have to read Vassily Grossman’s Life and Fate to learn more about why he described communism as evil, too.

Thank you for reading  Also find us at!  Solidarity.  All power to the people!  What’s the call?  Free ’em all!


[5 MAR 2021]

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Day 44 | Flu Shots and Covid Shots Are Not Vaccines, Since They Don’t Vaccinate. So, What Do We Call These Proprietary Drugs?



, ,

LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 4 MAR 2021] According to Wiktionary, we have the following definition for the word, vaccinate: “Treat with a vaccine to produce  immunity against a disease.” So, by definition: no immunity means it’s not a vaccine.

The key concept for us, with regard to the notion of vaccines and COVID-19 is immunity. A vaccine, as we have known them, is expected to provide immunity, if it is said to vaccinate. That is to say: To vaccinate is to immunize, not simply to mitigate.

When we were all given vaccines against polio and other formerly problematic diseases as children, we were vaccinated against horrible diseases, which we hadn’t been able to control, such as smallpox or polio. But we’ve virtually eradicated those diseases because of the medical accomplishments of vaccines, real vaccines. As far as we know, the flu shot was never called a flu vaccine anywhere. We remember seeing drug dealers selling flu shots everywhere.

One time, I stopped and actually debated a flu shot drug pusher. It was at a Kaiser hospital, as I was leaving the hospital after accompanying a family member. I asked the drug seller, if it was free. She said it would depend on my health insurance. I couldn’t help laughing because the notion of injecting myself with bits of flu virus as some sort of inoculation against the potential strands, or variants, of flu virus, which are anticipated to be floating around seemed absurd. Why would I want to inject myself with viruses? To ward off a potential flu? I have never been scared of the flu before. Why start now?

So, my spouse and I never bought into the seasonal flu shot sales pitch. Yes, we have vaccinated our kids. But we never saw the flu shot as a “vaccine”, like the polio vaccine.

But, it seems the preceding years, in which America and other nations have acclimated themselves to thinking of flu shots as “vaccines”, in scare quotes, that it has set us up for thinking of anti-COVID-19 drugs as vaccines. But they are not. As noted above, vaccines produce immunity. With the anti-COVID-19 drugs being pushed by Mr. Fauci, there will be no guarantee of immunity. There will also be ongoing variants, which will need further “vaccinations”, i.e., seasonal covid shots. It seems like a losing strategy for health outcomes, but a jackpot for drug dealers.

And, then, we have all the risks associated with the mRNA drugs, which are designed to alter your DNA. Talk about risky, and unnecessary, especially, if we consider the fact that comorbidities are crucial in all of this, but are being ignored. Meanwhile, other drugs, like Russia’s Sputnik drug does not alter DNA, but appears equally effective. We keep hearing Dr. Gary Null on Pacifica Radio present reports of harmful side-effects and even deaths due to the anti-COVID-19 drugs. Perhaps, some of his reports are anecdotal; but we must be able to see debate and to see public concerns exposed, amplified, and then refuted or corroborated, not just swept under the rug. The same thing goes for all of the doctors, who dissented early on, including Dr. Bukacek, who questioned the COVID-19 statistics. We also have other complaints by doctors. As we journalled yesterday, Dr. Gary Null interviewed a doctor and expert with a background in law, who reported that doctors are accusing Dr. Fauci and his associates of fraud, for using the PCR test, which, the doctors explained, was never meant to be a diagnostic test, much less to test for COVID-19.

When we are dealing with the category of coronaviruses, we are dealing with respiratory diseases. People, who are most susceptible tend to have compromised immune systems and/or compromised respiratory systems. This is what has prevented the discovery of a flu vaccine. And this is also what is likely to prevent the discovery a COVID-19 “vaccine”.

The diseases, for which we have discovered vaccines, it seems, were less transmissable as they were less airborne. Smallpox was mainly transmissable via direct bodily fluids. But prolonged face to face exposure within six feet was also seen as a possibility for infection, although rare. The main problem was the fluid from open sores, much like the herpes virus causes cold sores around the mouth, which is virally contagious or transmissable when sores are open. So, in the cases of such diseases, societies have been able to create immunity against those diseases. We really don’t see them anymore because we have true vaccines for them.

On the other hand, the seasonal flu has never been something, which has been fully eliminated because we have never developed a vaccine to provide immunity against the flu. This is mainly because of how quickly the flu viruses mutate. Coronaviruses are a group of related RNA viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. Coronaviruses can cause health problems ranging from a common cold to a flu or worse, even SARS, MERS, or SARS-2, which causes COVID-19. It’s important to remember COVID-19 is also a category, not a single disease. The HIV virus leads to AIDS, a category of diseases caused by immune system problems. Similarly, COVID-19 is a category of diseases caused by a compromised immune system’s inability to deal with coronaviruses. Most people, we understand, perhaps over 95%, who come into contact with coronaviruses do not become ill because their immune systems are not compromised.

It is very concerning that none of this seems to be considered by our general public response to COVID-19. Admittedly, even I haven’t read, or studied all of the resources, which Dr. Gary Null has presented on The Gary Null Show. Perhaps, the smear campaigns against his credibility affect us all, after all. The critics of “vaccines” have made compelling arguments, but they seem to have been character assassinated by the general public. Part of the issue seems to be different definitions of vaccine. For example, so-called anti-vaxxers, as far as we understand, are not opposed to early childhood immunizations. (However, Adam Curtis repored anti-vaxxers have been opposed to the MMR drug in a new video, 6 MAR 2021.)

Those vaccines are tried and true. The major contention is when novel drugs, which are experimental with unknown long-term effects, are pushed as safe and, even, pushed as mandatory. What of informed consent?

But we do know that the anti-COVID-19 drugs being pushed onto America right now have not been properly tested, which can take years. All Americans, and others, who take these novel drugs via injection are being used as live guinea pigs. This is a very serious concern, which we are not hearing adequate new reporting, nor analyses, nor opinions, nor context, nothing, just state-corporate gaslighting.

We know that when we face a serious challenge, we must address it from all possible angles. This means we must consider the value of nutrition and fitness. In this case of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unbalanced and single-minded focus on “vaccination” (sans immunity) by our nation’s medical leaders benefits for-profit drug companies and requires repeated doses, whilst completely ignoring the importance of the human immune system.

We’re not saying don’t vaccinate—although your author has never had a flu shot. But we emphasize: flu shots were never called flu vaccines. We’re just saying, people, don’t forget about your immune system, which is the human body’s first defense against everything.

If the immune system works for others, why not help it work for you, too? Why not strengthen it? Inject yourself, if you must. But please don’t ignore your immune system. Please learn about it, how it works, and how to maintain it. (cf. Dr. Bikman, Why We Get Sick)

And, of course, the human body requires regular movement. If we have desk jobs, we must be sure to get cardio exercise at least three or four times a week, depending on the person, for at least 30 minutes of sustained elevated heart rate. We must, somehow, simulate our ancestral lifestyles, which were hunter-gatherer lifestyles for, probably, millions of years.

Over time, this habit of cardio training will help accelerate your metabolism, which will allow your body to more effectively burn more calories, which will be used to build muscle, if you stimulate the muscles with weight training or resistance training, or similarly stimulating physical activity. The more muscle your body builds and maintains, the more fat it burns and the healthier the body composition becomes, with less body fat, more muscle, and greater bone density. I believe this is similarly true for women. We are seeing this evidenced increasingly. Dr. Stephanie Buttermore is a scientist and a natural bodybuilder, who has recently experimented with going all in, that is eating big to get big, the way that men do, who bodybuild. And it seems to be working for her.

The flawed thinking in the weight loss community has been caloric restriction. But we know that protein restriction limits muscle mass, which in turn has a cascade of negative effects in terms of body composition and general health. So, women and others would eat salads, restricting calories and whatnot, trying to lose weight. But the reality is—when we stop and think about it—we don’t want to lose weight. We want to lose excess fat. If we simply lose weight, we may be losing valuable muscle, which will decrease bone density, and have a cascade of other undesirable effects.

Your author, fortunately, hasn’t had a cold or flu, which caused a sick day in years, perhaps since starting to ‘eat clean‘ and adhering to a natural bodybuilding lifestyle a few years ago. Eating clean, for us, also means avoiding alcohol, as alcohol disrupts our hormone function and lowers men’s testosterone levels.

Then, there is the gut and its microbiome. For health and fitness, we need nutrition, which also requires effective nutrient absorption. This is where the gut’s microflaura and microfauna must be plentiful. (Cf. Dr. Bikman, Why We Get Sick)

For brown and black people, being critical and asking questions, not accepting corporate medical recommendations blindly, isn’t about vaccine hesitancy. After all, flu shots and covid shots are not vaccines, as they don’t create immunity.

When we get vaccinated as kids, we only get vaccinated once. We don’t need to continually get polio vaccines or smallpox vaccines every year or every season because those are real vaccines, unlike flu shots, which are like designer drugs for people, who can afford, ostensibly, supplemental protection against the flu.

But many of us have never bought into the notion of flu shots. And, despite not buying into the flu shot fad, we basically never get the flu or colds. It’s one thing, if we’re elderly, but why should young people write off their immune system function?

What do we make of this profit-making scheme of selling flu shots, which are unnecessary for healthy people, but pushed upon people, who perhaps overlook their own fitness, health, and immune system? Are we being trained to ignore our own immune systems and how to strengthen them naturally via nutrition and fitness? Are we heading toward a Wall-E future, as a society? Only if we don’t wake the folk up.

Where there are people, there is human power.

A few salient observations:

  • Pacifica Radio’s Davey D (Hard Knock Radio) has reported today that celebrated and beloved political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal has contracted COVID-19! Further medical tests concluded Mumia has “congestive heart disease.” ‘Dr. Ricardo Alvarez said the only acceptable treatment is freedom.’ WE ASK THAT ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS BE RELEASED BECAUSE PRISON IS FOR LAWBREAKERS, NOT POLITICAL DISSENTERS.
  • Dr. Gary Null featured audio from Ireland of dissent against the state narratives around COVID-19. cf. says, ‘If we use real science, there is no need for lockdowns. We support academic freedom.’
  • Sue Goodwin, et al at Pacifica Radio have reported Capitol Hill Police in DC increased security today (4 MAR 2021), anticipating an attack from Trump loyalists, who claim March 4th is the true inauguration day.
  • Leonard Lopate at Large (WBAI) interviewed a co-director of, and activist featured in, the new documentary film, The People vs. Agent Orange. The film discusses local farmers, who learned of the toxic effects and environmental destruction of the chemical known as Agent Orange and other pesticides, who decided to take action for justice, and became activists. They described horrors, such as babies being born without brains and other birth defects. This reminds us of the Gulf War Syndrome. They also described legal wins after much activist struggle, direct action, and civil disobedience. Activists even put their bodies where the Forest Service was going to spray, under contract from timber companies. One activist got sprayed and now has Parkinson’s disease in her young age of forty-something. This reminds us of Kingian struggle.

@LumpenProles, updated at 21:08 PST, 6 MAR 2021.


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Notes from a working class left perspective…

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Lord Sumption corroborates our view on the police state lockdowns from day one. From day one when we were laid off in March 2020. It was clear to your author that that day would be a historic day, but for sinister reasons.

(c. 17:16) LORD SUMPTION: “I’m not beholden to anybody. I am retired. I am not bound by the conventions, that would bind a serving judge. And I’m also wholly politically neutral. I have absolutely no political allegiance.

“I think it’s very unfortunate that this has, to some extent, become a political issue.”

UNHERD: ‘How has it fared to be, suddenly, in this controversial minority?” (17:42)

LORD SUMPTION:  “Well, I regret that it’s a minority. But I think that somebody has got to speak up for the many victims, some of whom don’t realize they’re victims—but shortly will—of the current measures.

“Somebody has to speak up, particularly, for the young. I mean there are many categories of victims. But the most striking thing is that we are destroying the career opportunities of a generation of people. […]

(c. 22:47)

05:00 PST,

Outta Hand” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

Grab It” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

06:00 PST,

Even You” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

Mind Glow” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

Get Out of This” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

On the Brink” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

06:44 PST, observation: sleek black bourgeois pickup truck with rear glass decal: “Lions Not Sheep” written above a flag with cursive text in the place of stripes. Could this be one of those Trump loyalist types? Proto-fascist?

07:00 PST,

Seemed Like the Thing To Do” by Dinosaur Jr, 1994.

08:00 PST, WPFW & WBAI (simulcast) > 08:11 PST, code pink radio ‘the Pentagon of the South [TW] music break: “Five Corporations” by Fugazi. | 08:33 PST,

09oo wpfw the Blues 4 mar is 44th bday of wpfw

0900 null spirulina, mushrooms > ‘ If we use science, there is no need for lockdowns. We support academic freedom.’ Nice.

10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large with Leonard Lopate > topic: new documentary, The People vs. Agent Orange

11:00 PST, WBAI > Take Charge of Your Health with Corinne Furnari > Not bad. These ladies are learning what natural bodybuilders have known about nutrition and body composition for a long time. As Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, et al., also health integrationists, such as Layna Berman(sp?), have said long ago: Even with the best of clean food, modern food supplies do not provide enough nutrition. So, we supplement with a daily “stack” of supplements. My daily stack, for a few years now, includes (but is not limited to) the following: fish oil, glucosamine & chondroiton complex, Super B Vitamin complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Daily Essentials enzymes complex, Milk Thistle, Echiniacea, Biotin, L-Glutamine, apple cider vinegar, etc. As we learn from KPFA’s The Herbal Highway, we must take breaks from supplements, especially herbs. And, of course, supplements are just that—supplements. In other words, the icing on the cake must never become the whole cake. […] 11:20 PST

11:00 PST, WPFW > […] 11:20 PST, talk: sexual harassment t accountability. Karen Stollznow, author of On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present.

[…] 11:33 PST, “tribalism” ensues often where we have two groups, especially when in opposition. ‘Australia, for a coyntry, which believes in egalitarianism, it’s disappointing to see this us vs them mentality.’ […] 11:37,’ race in Australia, historically? US has influenced Australia, also the UK.’ […] 11:39 PST, ‘Australia does have a colonial history, but it’s more recent.’ ‘America’s Me Too movement has also influenced Australia, but in a positive way.’ But Australia is slow to evolve. […] Host pushed back against the use of the term people of color, instead of black. Indeed, as a brown person, I prefer brown. Human being is ideal, but until then….

11:00 PST, KPFA > Talkies > Ram Dass (rerun audio clips from earlier in this fund drive).

1216 wbai rent is a joke […] color of coronavirus project […] Show co-host woman described feeling an anxiety attack, when she assented to […] 12:52 PST, “vaccine acceptance is a spectrum” We observe the use of language, which is indicative of the underlying cognition. In this broadcast, the co-hosts discussed “vaccines”. Yet, as we’ve been discussing here at Lumpenproletariat is the fact that | Chris Benger Downs(sp?) “with some news headlines”. ‘If…, Holland would become the first blah blah blah to be the boss of one-fifth of the land or something of the United States. Sorry, busy; we can look it up. […] 12:58 PST, the George Floy Justice and Policing Act was passed; it bans choke holds, no knock warrants, and other such policy changes. | Also yesterday, Dems passed sweeping ethics regulations over the GOP opposition: anti-gerrymandering, etc. Bill is designed to push back against voter suppression laws | 1965 Voting Rights Act is under assault. This is part of Dr. King’s legacy, which we must defend, y’all. Court will rule by June. 13:00 PST,

13:00 PST, WBAI > Explorations with Dr. Michio Kaku > ‘Every week, we look at the world of science and its impact on the world. | Life expectancy in the USA has dropped for all by a whole year, the biggest drop since WWII. | Now, leading cause of death is the coronavirus. | We may need up to three “booster shots” to “protect poeple” from the coronavirus. | Also, what is the connection between the coronavirus and global warming? | Also, congrats to NASA for landing on Mars with the latest probe, Perseverance, which cost $2.4 billion dollars. | Alzheimers blood test? Yes, ‘a new chemical biomarker has been found. Of course, why know, if there’s no cure? Some people offer their reasons. […] 13:05 PST, Begin show, in earnest. […] ‘2.5 yr life expectancy drop for black people’ […] ‘but “vaccinations” are picking up. But these shots are not vaccines, Dr. Michio Kaku. […] ‘wandering vortex’ over North America appear to corroborate climate change predictions by scientists. […] 13:45 PST, ‘There is only one DNA–GTAC, which is why we can eat any animal or insect. Why do we have only one DNA?’ 929.205-6099 meeting id 9224572995. Zoom. Lsb meeting phone # is 205.605-????. See main wbai website or


14:00 PST (5pm, NY time), WBAI > Driving Forces > […] 14:27 PST, ‘creative ways to support each other in toxic work environments’. Here, here. Indeed. [TW] […] 1428, Emily May (Holla Back). Let’s not call it bullying. Often, it’s narcissistic abuse. Please call things what they are. Name the evils, which oppress us.

14:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod > Sounds like a rebroadcast. UNIFA webinar with former First Lady of Haiti Mildred Aristide; actor and activist Danny Glover; Rep. Maxine Waters(?); et al. on the new Haitian teaching hospital. […] 14:26 PST, [TW]

1432 wpfw > Sojourner Truth with > fund

15:00 PST, WPFW > #UMustLearn > ‘the best of the Pacifica catalog ‘ we like the sound of that. | guest/topic: grad student wanted to research black women in the freedom struggle. Her grad school committee told her it was impossible because there weren’t enough women. Then, a librarian found her a bunch of books on women in the Black Panthers; and she became interested in the life and experiences of Elaine Brown. […] 15:39 PST, ‘Dr. McCray(sp?) and Dr. Kristy(sp?)’ | music break: “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. […] 15:41 PST, ‘That was by request.” ‘The good doctors requested Chaka Khan.’ […] 15:54 PST, book: Remaking Black Power. […] “Love more, be more, shine more.” We like the sound of that. […] Nina Simone’s “Young, Gifted, and Black”.

16:00 PST, WPFW > music: jazz, clarinet soloist.

16:00 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D > News Headlines with Kristina Aanestad | Families that can afford private education are fine, others are not. | SF “corruption” | Governor Gavin Newsom, COVID-19 response update | Lisa Murkowski broke ranks to vote with Dems today to pass police accountability legislation > 16:05 PST, Hard Knock Radio intro audio collage. topic: impacts of COVID-19. Mumia Abu Jamal has contracted COVID-19!Johanna Fernandez, filmmaker (Justice On Trial). Mumia called Pam Afrika and reported ‘the progressive, so-called, Districr Attorney Larry Krasner.’ No, not, progressive, folks. At least, not back in the day. ‘They removed ten pounds of fluid from his body.’ […] ‘Now, Mumia also has cirrhosis of the liver.’ […] ‘They have gotten down the cost of meal per prisoner down to .99 cents.’ […] 16:17 PST, [TW] […] 16:27 PST, ‘bald-faced white liberal paternalism’, Krasner. […] 1630, DOJ said, “it shocks the conscience”, the level of homicidal behavior of police against black and brown people. That is, until Black Lives Matter became the biggest sociopolitical movement in US history. Call Krasner or call the prison to advocate for Mumia “to make sure that they don’t kill him.” ‘We are also having an event on Saturday. Vic Mensa(?) and Fred Hampton, Jr will be there.

16:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Hard Knock Radio > […] 16:44 PST, ‘Wherever there’s people, there’s power.’ […] On Judas film. […] ‘We see people rising up and taking a stand. But we have to move past intellectual masturbation.’ Indeed. This sounds like a rebroadcast, but a good one. […] ‘If we’re discouraged by repression, then we’re in the wrong game because it’s a long struggle.’ ‘Claude Marx(sp?) and Tur Ha(sp?) music break: new Judas Soundtrack song.

Fight For You” by H.E.R., 2021.

17:00 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints > covid outbreak at a halfway house. [TW]

18:00 PST, WBAI > 18:08 PST, real talk.

18:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > 18:09 PST, On sexual wellness and sexual commodification.

18:00 PST, KPFT > talk. A doctor’s medical school memoirs on ‘integrity’.| Sow What You Sow

18:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK (simulcast) > Pacifica Evening News with Mark Mericle, et al. > [TW] 18:16 PST,

19:00 PST, WBAI > […] 19:49 PST, Pete Seeger special, archive audio of a special concert for WBAI at a local NYC spot in June 1984. ‘Ay, Manuela’, a flamenco protest song in Spanish. […] 19:56 PST, ‘Ay, Nicaraguita, te quiero mucho mas’ […] 20:03 PST, ‘Guantanamera’, whoa, we didn’t realize this song was written by Pete Seeger. Nice. […] 20:07 PST, ‘This is the first rebroadcast of this 1984 live concert broadcast.’

20:00 PST, KPFK > noticias y informacion en español.

21:00 PST,

Thank you for reading  Also find us at!  Solidarity.  All power to the people!  What’s the call?  Free ’em all!


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Day 38 | Biden Bombs Syria; Death Bed Confessions Of Malcolm X Assassination; Police Accountability Activist Facing 48 Years in Prison



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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 26 FEB 2021, 04:36 PST]  These are truly amazing times we are living through, people. The Pacifica Radio family learned yesterday on Flashpoints about a young woman, Lillian House, who is facing 48 years in prison for exposing crimes of state and for working in her local community for police accountability. 48 years!

Meanwhile, the white supremacists, who marauded through the Capitol Building in D.C. are roaming free. We recall young Kyle Rittenhouse was photographed, underage drinking at a bar, wearing a T-shirt that read: Free As Fuck, after he was given kudos by cops for being a good white vigilante and shooting a Black Lives Matter protestor.

Some of us are taken all the way back to the Clinton ’90s, when some of us naively supported the Clinton administration, thinking it was a healthy alternative to the clearly racist Republican Party. We saw Bill Clinton play the sax on the Arsenio Hall show and figured, he’s alright. If Arsenio Hall says he’s okay…

Well, at least that was clear to us, people of color, if not to our white friends or liberal or bourgeois friends, that the Republican Party is racist, toxic, illegitimate. We have always understood the Republican Party to be an institution, which is inimical to the interests of, not only people of color, but all working class people. Surely, this fact must be obvious to all. The only subscribers, at this point, to the Republican Party must be those individuals, who feel they have a stake in white nationalism. And, of course, all subscribers to the status quo have a stake, whether unconscious or not, in US imperialism and proto-fascism. None of us in America would enjoy our current standard of living without the socioeconomic oppression of the global south.

For some Americans, their subscriptions to white supremacy and/or white nationalism are unconscious subscriptions. The beauty—or horror, depending on one’s perspective—of white privilege is the fact that, in order to derive its benefits, the only thing a white person must do is nothing. Since Dr. Michelle Alexander, Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Dr. Joy Degruy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and so many other doctors and learned people have all told us about the structural nature of racism and white supremacy. We have long known about the structural violence of institutions, such as racism, militarism, militarized policing, and materialism.

So, since people of color have always known about the toxicity of the Republican Party, and since now only toxic people will support it, since it’s been exposed so thoroughly. The only question now is whether good people of conscience will also recognize the toxicity of the Democrat Party. Are you a Democrat voter? Is it a form of cognitive dissonance to sincerely position oneself on the left of the political spectrum, but support voting Democrat?

As young people in the 1990s, all we had to do was watch the Clinton administration for a while. Soon, we observed police state repression, domestically, and imperialist aggression, abroad. This is exactly what we are seeing under Mr. Biden. It would have been better if our elders had warned us about the falsity of the Democrat Party. Well, Dr. King and Malcolm X tried to warn us. But that history was obfuscated. So, here we are again, America, still in a similar place we were when Malcolm X and Dr. King tried to heal our nation.

A courageous young woman, Lillian House, is facing 48 years, people, 48 years. This is America. We clearly have a two-tiered justice system. One tier of justice is for people, who conform to the demands of the state, as steered by whatever political grouping happens to be in charge at the moment. When you conform, the state won’t persecute you. When you resist, even if it is resisting evil, the state persecutes you. This is the pattern, which people of color have observed. This is why Fred Hampton warned us that nothing is more important than stopping fascism, because fascism will stop us all.

@LumpenProles, 09:17 PST, 28 FEB 2021


Friday, February 26, 2021

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Before by Pet Shop Boys

Beautiful People (unofficial video) by Pet Shop Boys

“The Great Reset: Is Bill Gates TOO Powerfulby Russell Brand, 24 FEB 2021.

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Notes from a working class left perspective…

Friday, February 26, 2021

Notes below are our semi-edited notes of broadcast highlights for future reference.  For now, it’s just me, taking notes in between stolen moments, stealing away from the daily grind of begging for work in the struggle for survival…

06:00 PST, WPFW > Climate Fridays > […] 0622 Mahalia pipeline, oklahoma to gulf [TW] direct legal action ‘they’re starting to threaten people with imminent domain ‘targeted low-income residents to push out […] 06:26 PST, “Memphis” ‘they said clean water is not our problem ‘

06:00 PST, WBAI > 0628 ‘Youth Blast product’? Sounds like snake oil. Anti-aging? There’s a doctor, who wrote a book, Growing Young, it’s called, if memory serves. But the only way is a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition and mastering your physiology, metabolism, microbiomes, and so forth. Wonder products will disappoint every time. To look like an athlete, one must move like an athlete. One must keep moving, or exercise before or after desk jockeying. Solidarity.


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, the Quarantine Report. I’m Amy Goodman. To talk more about the assassination of Malcolm X, we are joined by his daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz. She joined Reggie Wood on Saturday when he released the deathbed confession of his cousin, the late undercover police officer Raymond Wood, who described being part of a police and FBI conspiracy that targeted Malcolm X, was there at his assassination.

Ilyasah Shabazz is professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, a community organizer, motivational speaker, activist and award-winning author. Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany Jackson have just cowritten a new book for young adults titled The Awakening of Malcolm X. Before we go back in time to the book and Malcolm X’s history, Ilyasah, can you respond to this bombshell deathbed revelation that Reggie just shared with us?

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: Wow. I think it’s deplorable. I think it’s good that he came forward with this letter, because many people just did not understand how intricately involved our—people in powerful positions were to infiltrate organizations that set out to improve society.

AMY GOODMAN: I mean, true that Raymond Wood not only infiltrated Malcolm X’s organization, but CORE, the Panther 21, all these different groupings. Now, you have dealt with this slow drip of revelations over the decades. You are Malcolm X’s daughter. Can you talk about the effect on your family and what you’re calling for now? Do you join Ben Crump in calling for a reopening of the investigation of your father’s assassination?

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: Absolutely. We want the truth uncovered. And if it’s the Manhattan District Attorney, the United States Congress, we would like them to do a thorough investigation on the assassination of our father, Malcolm X. It was quite challenging, you can imagine, for my mother, who was a young woman, pregnant with my youngest sisters, the twins, had four babies, to walk into the Audubon excited to see her husband because their home had been firebombed just a week prior on the evening of Valentine’s Day. And for her to be able to go and see her husband with her family, she must have walked into that Audubon Sunday afternoon really excited, and left, shattered.

And when I discovered this letter, when I discovered Reggie Wood with this information, you know, I thought of my mother. I thought of my father, just a young man. All he wanted was for America to live up to her promise of liberty and justice for all. And he worked quite diligently for 12 years looking for solutions to this ongoing problem. And he provided the biggest critique of America. And I am happy that the truth can finally be uncovered. And so whatever it takes, I and my five sisters are supportive of that effort.

AMY GOODMAN: You were there 56 years ago, horrifyingly. How old were you, two years old?
In the Audubon ballroom where you returned this past weekend. Of course, you have been there many times. It’s now the Shabazz Center. Fifty-six years ago, when he was gunned down, you were there with your sisters and mom.

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: That’s right. That’s right. And again, I always go back to my mother. It had to have been just so difficult for her and how she safeguarded her husband’s legacy. Because, look, what most people are discovering now is that all of what they learned about Malcolm X, it was absolutely inaccurate. This past summer while young people were politicized because of this global pandemic, because of being forced to watch this horrific death of George Floyd, going out into the streets, protesting, 50 states in this country, 18 countries abroad, and we discovered that my father was quoted 53.7 thousand times per hour in social media. And this is the clearest indication that people wanted to know the truth about Malcolm X. They knew that Malcolm spoke truth and that he provided strategies and tactics that they could employ to meet these socioeconomic challenges head on. And so I take my hat off to these young people for being diligent as well.

AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to go to an excerpt of a speech your dad gave at the Audubon Ballroom in ’64, about half a year before he was assassinated there. It’s called “By Any Means Necessary.”

MALCOLM X: One of the first things that the independent African nations did was to form an organization called the Organization of African Unity. The purpose of our organization of Afro-American Unity, which has the same aim and objective, to fight whoever gets in our way. [APPLAUSE] To bring about the complete independence of people of African descent here in the Western Hemisphere and first, here in the United States, and bring about the freedom of these people by any means necessary.[APPLAUSE]

AMY GOODMAN: That was Malcolm X in the months before he was assassinated. Ilyasah Shabazz, you have now written a book for young adults called The Awakening of Malcolm X and it really focuses on his time in jail. Talk about why you chose this period and what do you think is so critical for young people to take from it?

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: Well, I wanted to first make sure that I showed that Malcolm didn’t go to jail and miraculously become Malcolm X. That his parents instilled specific values. And it speaks to all the smart forward-thinking adults that, you know, we have to provide guidance for our children. They need an education curriculum that teaches the truth. We can’t sit back and expect someone else to do these things for us.

If our young people understood that, say, in world history classes, as I teach my students, that Africa is the cradle of the most advanced thriving civilization ever to exist in mankind and if they also learned about the impressive kingdoms of Benin, Fuuta Jaloo, Mali, Egypt, to the same degree that we teach them of ancient Greece and Rome, then we might better appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nonwhite civilizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. And we would have the opportunity to teach our children love, respect instead of instilling these values of hate and discrimination. Rather, love and respect for ourselves and then for humanity. I think all of these things are extremely important.

AMY GOODMAN: You write the book in the first person. What was it like to inhabit your father’s perspective in this way?

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: Well, talking about the values that were instilled in him by his parents, and Malcolm running from himself, running from his identity, running from the fact that his father was lynched. His father was the chapter president of an organization that was commanded by millions of followers in the 1920s, that he purchased land that was then reserved for whites only and, you know, the KKK lynched him. They targeted his family. His mother, who was the recording secretary, instilling values of compassion, human compassion, literary. All of these things that we see in Malcolm later in his life was put into an institution. The family was separated. The land was taken.

And so when Malcolm finds himself in jail, we find that Malcolm is still smart. He ends up being a star debater on the debate team. The prison debated against Ivy League schools, Harvard, MIT, Boston University. And Malcolm debated about capital punishment. And so we see his compassion. We see his wit. We see his ability to inform and engage others. And so what we find is that Malcolm studied the dictionary not so that he could learn how to read and write, but he studied the dictionary so he could learn the etymology, the root words, so he could be his best.

And when we look at today the criminal justice system, we know that there are over three million people behind bars. That the U.S. spent in 2012 $80 billion taxpayer dollars on correction facilities, not education, not after-school programs. And so the incarcerated population has increased by 700% and we wanted to focus on the humanity of these people behind bars.

AMY GOODMAN: And of course you dedicate the book to the incarcerated. Ilyasah Shabazz, we want to thank you so much for being with us. The book is called The Awakening of Malcolm X. I’m Amy Goodman. Wear a mask. Stay safe.The original content of this program is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Please attribute legal copies of this work to Some of the work(s) that this program incorporates, however, may be separately licensed. For further information or additional permissions, contact us.

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The Assassination of Malcolm X: Ex-Undercover Officer Admits Role in FBI & Police Conspiracy

06:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Democracy Now! > […] 0629, death bed confession on X, Raymond Wood, Gene Robe4ts […] 0638, ‘police-orchestrated plot to blow up the statue of liberty’, feb 16 arrests, days before assassination. […] Yuri kuchiyama ID’d Ray Woods | 0648, music break: Malcolm X” by Dennis Brown | 0649, Malcolm X’s daughter? […] 0658, ‘Malcolm studied the etymologies of words’ Indeed. We try to teach our kids everything we have learned, as well. In fact, your author may have taught his whole family about etymologies. I will never forget Mrs. Gates, my 8th grade English teacher at Borel Middle School in San Mateo, California. Mrs. Gates taught us how to study the etymologies of words. We kept a journal throughout the school year, in which we entered words, including analyses of the etymologies. It was eye-opening to learn that the language we knew as English was actually a big mixture of a bunch of other languages. The root words of English words were not just English. Many words have Greek or Latin roots, but also Germanic and Nordic. But, then, there’s a huge influx of French from the Norman invasions and whatnot. But, yes, indeed, young people: Always look up words you don’t know in a good dictionary. And not all dictionaries are created equal. Know their differences. Some are pocket versions, desk versions, big versions. Your author has pretty much stayed with American Heritage dictionaries at home (since high school); and Wiktionary online. So, remember: Always look up words you don’t know. (We used to write words down to look up later, when we had to use paper and writing implements, in the pre-digital world.) And, when you look up a new word, be sure to also look up the etymology. After a while, you’ll notice all of the usual patterns from Greek or Latin roots or whatnot. Before you know it, you’re a lexicon wizard.

07:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein (rebroadcast from 26 FEB 2021) [TW] THIS IS A CRITICAL BROADCAST ABOUT POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIVITY BY POLICE AGAINST FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. A 26-year old woman is facing 48 years in prison for working in her community for police accountability by exercising her Constitutional rights. […] 07:15 PST, “We were abducted [by the police].” ‘And we were held in for eight days, longer than law allows. But Aurora and such locales have never seen such protests.’ […] 07:20 PST, music break […] 07:24 PST, update on the US-Mexico-Central America borders […] 07:35 PST, Langston Hughes, archival audio.

The other day, I saw a truck on the road, which was emblematic of a ubiquitous type these days: White guys have been rockin’ beards for a while, since at least bands like My Morning Jacket and whatnot. The truck had decal symbolism: “WORKFORIT” read one decal. Also, a thin blue line flag was the center-piece. This seems like an obvious racist ‘Blue Wall’ symbol, which it is. But, when challenged, people with that flag simply say it’s not racist, that it’s about honoring officers, who died in the line of duty. But this is only one symbol. When scrutiny reaches a symbol, other more obscure and secretive symbols appear. The truck’s rear glas also had a Tennessee sticker with two flags, one is USA, the other is presumably a Tennessee flag. Decals on rear glass of 4×4 Toyota Tacoma. China = bad, Japan = good?

0800 wpfw […] 0823, LSB? […] arab show, ‘apocalyptic sci-fi cf. Vervaeke Awakening From the Meaning Crisis […] 0836, [TW] caller asked about program change. Manager said that’s personal? […] I called in

0900 Gary Null bias in Wikipedia [TW] gaslighting behaviors by Wikipedia bosses ‘#13 website in tye world

1007 wpfw el Salvador

10:00 PST, KPFA > Economic Update with Richard Wolff [TW] Fire, from Dr. Wolff. […] 10:33 PST, BET just said they’ll discuss “employment and re-employment”. Why no MMT? Why no job guarantee? Why no Dr. Stephanie Kelton, my former professor, former economic advisor to Bernie Sanders, now NY Times Bestseller, The Deficit Myth. Even ask Ice Cube. He tweeted about her book. […] 10:51 PST, BET just alluded to the pitfalls of confirmation bias, which, given the context of de facto suppression of MMT on KPFA and Pacifica, smacks of insidious evil. We must call them on this, by reaching out for an interview. […] 10:53 PST,

11:00 PST, KPFA > Voices of the Middle East and North Africa > Exposing Macron as an opportunist, fake leftist. This corroborated our take, especially after hearing Macron speak at the Munich Summit recently, last week, if memory serves. [Tw] experience of Arab brown folk in France is important to understand for brown folk struggle for freedom elsewhere, including USA. […] 11:42, ‘It’s all about repression. There is no interest in understanding. And this lack of confidence in Muslims is at the core of this new law [of censorship and repression] proposed by the Macron administration.’ […] 11:47 PST,

12:00 PST, KPFA > > News Headlines with Mark Mericle | Mericle just reported that ‘an airstrike hit Syria’. No mention of Mr. Biden. Why not, Mr. Mericle. Is this cover for the evils of the Democrat Party, which Malcolm X and Dr. King tried to warn us about? […] 12:06 PST, […] 1209, excerpt: Speaking Peace, Marshall Rosenberg. […] 12:18 PST, ongoing clip. […] 1238, ‘needs literacy’ and ‘feelings literacy’ we need a vocabulary to express our feelings. Again, all this is true at the interpersonal level. And when dealing with people in good faith. What can we say about people who deal in bad faith? Evil? Narcissistic abusers? Racists? Genocidal people? […] 12:49 PST, THIS IS A REBROADCAST. […] 12:50 PST, next clip from Marshall Rosenberg: ‘Use positive action words’ […] 12:57 PST, CS Soong just interpreted Marshall Rosenberg as holding the philosophical or theoretical or practical position that what is guilt-inducing is not non-violent. Perhaps. But if one feels guilt, and if one is deserving of said guilt, at least in the eyes of the observer, then one must feel the violence of the guilt. As Meredith Miller (Inner Integration) and others acknowledge: The only way to heal it is to feel it. And that means all of it, even the feedback from others. […] 13:02 PST,

1210, wbai, danny glover on Haiti and Haitian.

1216 kpft, talk; avoiding contractor malfeasance

13:00 PST, KPFA > Project Censored with Mickey Huff > We’re 99% sure this is a rebroadcast from last week. But please listen twice, even thrice! It’s that good. Real talk. […] 13:05 PST,

13:00 PST, WPFW > […] 13:07 PST, sincere- and honest-sounding voices. [TW] An interview with a “Little Mason”, a pre-teen-sounding entrepreneur selling love shirts at the local and black-owned Nubian Human located in D.C. Don’t support evil corporations, when good alternatives exist. […] 13:10 PST, ‘We’re about to make it real blackity-black on the Fantastic Friday Show.’ […] 13:11 PST, music break: dope hip hop vibes.

13:11 PST, WBAI > On the Ground | Yes! This is one of our Top Ten shows on Pacifica Radio. We hope to publish a Best of Pacifica list. […] 1327, Wow, Esther just articulated so much better what your author poorly tried to articulate to Mr. Robruken on the Robruken Podcast recently. […] 13:29 PST, ‘Angola’ ‘Capoera(sp?) combat sport, Brazilian style.’ […] ‘the Battle Royal’ (cf. Conan the Barbarian masculinity, we saw that movie heavily in the 1980s) ‘Bo Jack’ […] | 13:55 PST, News Headlines with Sue Goodwin. [TW]

Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanityby Academy of Ideas, 26 FEB 2021.

14:00 PST, WPFW > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod > ‘Sojourner Truth Malcolm X Special on Saturday(?)’ [TW] It seems Malcolm’s case is open and “active”. This is glorious news, brother and sisters. This is how we win our freedom. We must fight for justice for our martyrs and our political prisoners. When the oppressor learns they can kill a revolutionary, but they can’t kill the revolution, that is the moment of kairos. That is the light at the end of the tunnel to freedom. […] 14:05 PST, […] News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary (KPFA News)

14:00 PST, WBAI > […] 14:08 PST, “Reggie and I will be pitching.” It sounds like Dr. Gary Null. ‘pineal gland’ ‘melatonin’ Indeed. We agree with Dr. Null on physiology, nutrition, and fitness. But we disagree with his blanket statements, or generalizations against communism. […] 14:18 PST,

14:00 PST, KPFT > […] 14:19 PST, ‘teaching hospital’ ‘trained Haitians’ ‘So, I’m delighted to be with all of you today and Lara Flynn(sp?) and Danny Glover.’ ‘struggle for freedom and democracy‘ ‘the Dr. Aristide foundation‘ […] 14:22 PST, […] N.B.: Danny Glover also discussed Haiti earlier today on WBAI. […] 14:23 PST, next speaker: Mrs. Aristide. [TW] […] 14:23 PST, It sounds like Sunsara Taylor. simply says, “Special”, in its description of this broadcast. (See screenshot above.) […] 14:28 PST, music break. […] Margaret Prescod just announced the name of the special. Apologies, it was roughly called, Independence for Haiti or something to that effect. Busy doing chores. Revolutionary struggle also involves taking out the trash, washing dishes, and other housekeeping (until we get more volunteers, lol). […] extended description of clinics established in Haiti […] 14:43 PST, ‘UNIFA board’ ‘commissioned’ Wait, is this Mrs. Aristide? Or is it someone reading her words? […] 14:45, ‘Dr. Ford, a Haitian-born doctor, who visits regularly, to speak on the health situation in Haiti. “Mildred, all I can say is wow, double wow.” ‘You really painted a picture like no one else can because you are living it. So, I will dispense with my prepared remarks because I am so inspired. I was born in Haiti. […] 14:47, ‘Haiti needed my money, but also my talent and skills.’ […] 14:48 PST, ‘I can say that after spending two of the hardest years of my life trying to save lives after the earthquake…’ […] ‘So, it became clear to me that I had to go back…’ […] ‘also to teach…’ […] ‘because a lot of babies were dying of very pedestrian medical problems’ […] 14:49, ‘Then, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. & Mrs. Aristide. And I learned of their bold vision. I was skeptical, but I thought, if anybody can do it, Mildred and President Aristide could do it.’ […] Indeed. But the US empire got rid of Aristide, didn’t they? […] 14:51 PST, ‘So, Haiti needs more doctors. So, we need medical schools. But, then, we need hospitals to train doctors in. Hence, the teaching hospital…’ […] 14:53 PST, next speaker, ‘Ira Kerzan(sp?)’, who has worked for decades fighting for human rights, including work with the Aristides. […] Haiti Emergency Relief Fund organized the webinar, said Margaret Prescod. […] 14:58 PST, the univ of Aristide Foundation, UNIFA, has opened a teaching hospital. The Aristides remain in exile. We remember Sean Penn going down to Haiti and endorsing a candidate, seemingly unaware of the Aristides in exile. […] 15:00 “an airstrike of questionable legality”, said Aileen Alfandary, a bit more honestly than Mark Mericle earlier today. Thankfully, Sonali Kolhatkar framed it even more honestly than that in her broadcast today on Rising Up.

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > News with Sonali, highlights: KKK Act?| 300K sign petition to halt pipeline builds | Biden admin declassified CIA docs re: Kadhoggi Assassination | topic: ? […] 1512, ‘white-sounding guy was on with Sabrina Jacobs this morning.’ She’s legit. We met her back circa 2007, if memory serves.

18:00 PST,

19:00 PST,

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: The German Ideology” by Epoch Philosophy, 26 FEB 2021.


[26 FEB 2021]

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Day 37 | The Death of the Liberal Class & the Resurrection of Revolutionary Love



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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 25 FEB 2021, 04:06 PST] So, what do you do? “I make money,” an American said coldly.

Today is Day 37 of Biden’s First 100 Days in Office. The notion of an admirable populist executive ushering in a transformative first one hundred days in office is a withering myth in American political history. At this point, we are questioning the validity of the presidential political model. The executive branch seems to collude with the other branches of government, more than it provides a meaningful check on them. In our schoolhouse understanding of the USA’s system of governmental checks and balances, the three branches of government—executive, legislative, and judiciary—are expected to provide a check on each other to prevent any single branch of government from dominating the others. In our current plight, not only have we allowed power imbalances among the three branches of government, since the rise of neoliberalism in the 1980s. But, more recently, we are seeing a trend toward concentration of power in the executive branch of government. U.S. presidents, especially since Mr. Bush II and 9/11, have increasingly acted unilaterally to implement policy by signing executive orders.

The trend of presidents signing executive orders leads to political instability because it leads to yo-yo policies, such as those, which Mr. Biden has summarily repealed post-Trump, but which will likely return with a vengeance post-Biden. These types of policies, which can be seized upon by the two wings of America’s oligarchic two-party dictatorship, the Republican and Democrat parties, become political footballs, to be tossed back and forth on a political field, which prevents any leftist participation. Meanwhile, the state increases its power over working class lives and the underclass, by constantly chipping away at our Constitutional rights, as we saw with Mr. Obama, as Democrat voters spin their wheels engaging in culture wars, and support a political party that always betrays them.

As far as the heroic president, increasingly, we are learning, as more historians speak out that the great FDR was not so great after all. We knew the only reason FDR ever provided Americans The New Deal was because of pressure from the left, from below, from the grassroots. And we knew it was the political pressure from the left, from socialist and communist parties, which had the greatest impact. But what we often forget is the profound importance of the waves of mass strikes, which happened across America at that time, and which generated the political heat necessary to truly pressure FDR to act for socioeconomic justice by enacting the New Deal policies, poverty relief, and jobs programs.

Things are different now. Since at least the 1970s, labor has been sacrificing its own leverage, its own power, in favor of proximity to the Democrat Party. Business unions and Gomperism have hollowed out union solidarity and union power. Unions have largely lost all power, even the ability to go on strike. Under Mr. Bill Clinton, the Democrat Party became a neoliberal party. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden represent a clear continuity of government. But we could also draw a clear throughline across all presidencies since Mr. Reagan to show that Americans have been re-electing varying shades of the same neoliberalism since 1980.

As liberals have increasingly acquiesced to the evils of the Republican Party, with its xenophobia, racism, anti-labor, and anti-democracy impulses, the ability to speak freely is becoming an increasingly dying art, especially in academia and among the intelligentsia. We can’t even speak freely about facts, as Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and others have warned us.

In academia, educators have so thoroughly internalized capitalist social relations, that fear and self-censorship runs rampant.

As an observer of American politics since the 1980s, your author can attest to the dwindling national leadership in America. Americans appear captives of this two-party system, which only offers the illusion of choice, but not real, meaningful choice. Maybe white folks can point to a plethora of national leaders, to which they can relate. For people of color, it’s more difficult to point to meaningful national leadership. As a kid, according to all the 1970s and ’80s TV images we saw in the Oakland-SF-San Jose Bay Area, many of us thought it was unanimously understood that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the greatest leader America had ever produced. We even remember Bay Area TV channels airing pro-multicultural community announcements in the early 1980s, which featured young people of color saying things like, “I’m proud to be Mexican-American,” or, “I’m proud to be African-American,” or “I’m proud to be Asian-American.’ The TV spots showed young people of color, aspiring to become productive members of society, like doctors or firefighters. It seemed obvious that the long arc of time bends toward justice.

As kids, however, 1980s American TV made us think that Ronald Reagan was benevolent, mainly because of his acting talents, and winning smile. And, perhaps, because of media gaslighting. We were also politically naive, those of us in grade school at the time. As we matured, politically, we learned that Reaganomics was never intended to help the fractured American working classes. Many of us didn’t even know we were working class.

Such was our class consciousness in the 1980s. We all thought we were middle class. As long as our kicks looked fly; we didn’t want to confront our class oppression anymore. We soon learned that Mr. Ronald Reagan abused his presidential powers to brutally suppressed striking workers. At that time, America should have been heeding the warnings of its finest scholars and political observers, voracious readers, who could connect the proverbial dots better than any of us, such as Dr. Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader. But, instead, we turned to the liberal class for answers, but only found craven duplicitousness. Liberal gatekeepers, essentially, blacklisted honest intellectuals, such as Dr. Noam Chomsky. As teenagers, we may be forgiven for being deceived by the liberal class. They seemed like a benevolent alternative to the evils of the Republican Party in the early 1990s. Even Mr. Chris Hedges supported Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, as we supported Clinton in the 1990s. We were wrong. We finally saw the light, the evil of this neoliberal two-party dictatorship we live under. Better late than never.

Now, we must wake the folk up!

How do we understand and address today’s continued support for the morally and spiritually and ethically bankrupt Democrat Party? How do we understand the political black hole known as the Democrat Party, which absorbs all light and resistance and leftist energy and disappears it.

Chris Hedges Greatest Speech Ever Made” by Reflection of Passion, 25 FEB 2021.

We should have been heeding the messages of revolutionary love from Dr. Cornel West, who was speaking out against the evils of society, heroically picking up the baton of Dr. King’s campaign of “the three evils” of racism, militarism, and materialism (i.e., capitalism). But moral outrage fell on deaf ears in the USA during the giddy, decadent, and immoral 1980s, as those of us old enough to remember will recall, and as Chris Hedges, discussed in his book, The Death of the Liberal Class. We, Pacifica Radio listeners, recall when we first heard Chris Hedges deliver a powerful address in Berkeley during his book tour for The Death of the Liberal Class. (KPFA got a lot of fundraising mileage out of that presentation.) As we’ve emphasized previously, Chris Hedges, like Dr. King, has become a living prophet because he has had the courage to say before a large audience what others do not, and their unheeded warnings have seen their nightmarish forecasts coming to pass. The sieges of state capitols around the nation on January 6th is one example of a prophecy foretold. Unfortunately, America is sleeping now. But January 6th was a big wake-up call for many people for different reasons. As more people speak out, it becomes harder to deceive the people.

In the post-Reagan ’90s, instead of listening to our elders, our scholars, our prophets, naively, we turned to the liberal class, foolishly thinking the Democrat Party was still the same political party, who put JFK in the White House. But just as the Civil Rights movement had lost all of its principled leaders of national prominence to state-based violence (cf. COINTELPRO, etc), after the assassinations of principled black leaders, so, too, did the Democrat Party lose all remnants of its principled leaders, since the assassination of JFK. Civil rights leaders and Democrat Party leaders continued to bank on their past credibility with the American people, as they increasingly went to work for big capital, wages stagnated since the 1970s, and our economy began to fall apart, gutted by both corporate political parties.

Today, the last few principled intellectuals, such as Dr. Cornel West, have become increasingly isolated in academia as the ongoing death of the liberal class continues to flounder and acquiesce to the burgeoning fascist politics of the Republican Party and its infatuation with Mr. Trump’s name brand. If we go back to the speeches of people, like Chris Hedges, we find prophetic messages we must heed, if we are to overcome the politics of despair.

As Dr. King said, we need a revolution of values; so, we say, be revolutionary.

You’re gonna have to say that we are the proletariat. We have to make a distinction.

Where there are people, there is always hope. All power to the people!


@LumpenProles, 08:02 PST


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From the Left Forum 2016

Chris Hedges at Left Forum 2016

Cf. Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies.

Southern Poverty Law Center, 25 FEB 2021.

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Day X | We Need A Revolution of Values



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Author James Baldwin, like many other outspoken Americans, was placed on the index list by the U.S. surveillance state. Baldwin emphasized for us in the film, I Am Not Your Negro, how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X were two men, who came from polar opposites, from the bourgeois to the lumpenproletariat. Yet, as both meditated upon the ills of U.S. society, time drew them, philosophically, closer together. Time facilitated political maturation. The surveillance state, or the American deep state, placed them on their index list, and surveilled Malcolm X and Dr. King, and their work for socioeconomic justice until their assassinations.

LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Monday, 25 JAN 2021]  America still finds itself deep in the dangerous throes of President Biden’s first 100 days in office, or, from another perspective, the two-party dictatorship‘s continuing descent into madness.  Neoliberalism continues unabated, since Lewis F. Powell wrote his infamous memo, which attacked the New Deal, attacked the ideologies of socialism, which gave birth to the New Deal, attacked the ideology of communism, and engaged in a massive PR campaign for corporate America.  The nation was leaning left through the New Deal and into the 1960s, until political persecutions, assassination after assassination of moral and political leaders, and until the revolutionary 1971 Powell Memo ignited the right-wing backlash against the excess of democracy his ilk perceived, which initiated a decade of rallying corporate forces, which culminated with Reagan’s grooming and installment for two terms.  The right-wing backlash against the Civil Rights movement, the antiwar movements, the peace movements, the environmental movements, the right-wing backlash against the excess of democracy hasn’t stopped since the Powell Memo.  We may go back further to the assassination of JFK, or Lincoln

Nuclear annihilation is an ever-present threat, as the United States repeatedly obstructs nuclear disarmament talks. Climate change also poses an ever-present threat, but all President Biden has to do is simply smile better than Mr. Trump and liberals will be satisfied with his hollow climate change plan.  Tens of thousands of expert psychologists, and millions of astute survivors of narcissistic abuse, tried to warn America about the observable toxic behavioral traits displayed by the 45th president, reported Dr. James McIntosh recently on Pacifica Radio.  Unfortunately, the Goldwater Rule states “that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures, whom they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss” their psychological issues.  On the surface, that may make sense.  But that is also the same argument a pathological liar or a narcissistic abuser would say. 

And, so, there must be a way for experts of psychology and the narcissistic personality disorder spectrum, particularly, who can call out toxic behaviors when they observe common red flags, such as grandiosity, inability to empathize with others, and a sense of superiority.  But narcissists, experts say, are loath to attend a counseling session of any kind.  The 45th U.S. president was widely viewed as desperate and psychologically unhinged towards the end of the presidency; this was a fallible human being with access to the nuclear codes, nuclear codes, which could end life as we know it on planet Earth.  We must realize that all of these issues are intertwined with the abuse of power, which is concentrated in the the ruling class, which Dr. Peter Phillips, and others teach us about, and warn us about.  The abuse of power, of domination over women, over people of color, over gender diversity, over so many dimensions of our lives, which give us meaning, this abuse of power is deeply ingrained in the capitalist social relation, which we all subscribe to when we engage in capitalist social relations.  This is an individualistic ontology

When a group of people do something, one person can choose to bully the rest somehow to take the lion’s share of the fruits of their collective labor (the capitalist social relation model), or the group can share in the fruits of their labor (the socialist model), just as they shared in the labor to produce the fruit.  Each person contributed according to their ability within the group.  But there are Americans, who subscribe to the philosophy, which takes advantage of those who may be less educated or less prepared than they are, by then saying that, because they are less educated, therefore, somehow, they are less valuable and are less deserving of human rights than the more educated class.  This is called a social hierarchy, which is a central feature of right-wing politics.  Right-wing politics dominates a huge share of America’s ideological spectrum. 

So, we are aware that the inequality suffered by people of color, relative to white people, is a universal phenomenon of capitalistic societies.  Each ethnic and social group is positioned, like pawns, to claw over each other to climb up higher on the social hierarchy.  Tragically, we are seeing in China the introduction of social credit programs, where one’s human rights may be incrementally, or totally, stripped away from people, if they are deemed to misbehave by the government.  But who gets to determine what is correct behavior?  Finger-pointing Americans need to look within.  The same social credit policies are also being planned for the U.S.  We are not exempt from this dramatic drive toward a dystopian techno-fascism, which appears to be sweeping the globe at this historical moment.  The confluence of networks, particularly among the ruling class elites, seems to be funneling toward centralization of technology, information, and power.  In the U.S., it seems to be concentrating in Silicon Valley with big tech, surveillance capitalism, social media political manipulations a la 2016 Cambridge Analytica and The Social Dilemma.  Google, Facebook, YouTube, et al. have all been compromised by their collusion with the state to censor dissent and free speech. 

Since January 6th and the banning of Mr. Trump from Twitter and other social media for fear of what he might say next, the national narrative has been plunging America into a mob mentality out for vengeance against Mr. Trump, but threatening to do permanent damage to our First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of the press.  This push for censoring the free speech of Mr. Trump, will only be used as another tool in the CIA’s global war against the left.  The police have openly said that Black Lives Matter poses the greatest threat to their ability to wield power with impunity.  It is impossible to deny the Kingian Character of the Black Lives Matter Movement, which haunts America like the holy spirits of two of the greatest Americans this nation has ever produced, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for they have truly taught us what it means to be American.  As Bay Area organizer Kat Brooks explained on Pacifica Radio recently, organizers would often play Dr. Martin Luther King speeches to activists before they went out to practice their First Amendment rights, to practice nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience in the tradition of Dr. King.  And those young BLM activists got to know the real Dr. King, the anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, pro-democracy Dr. King.  When we hear Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech our conscience becomes stronger and, eventually, our conscience does not allow us to stand by and witness war for profit without speaking out, without joining with other people of good will to work for peace.  Our conscience does not allow us to watch the horrors of police murder and police terrorism with impunity without speaking out, willing to be arrested in the nonviolent rejection and civil disobedience of evil institutions.  Our conscience does not allow us to watch the materialism of our society become dysfunctional decadence, where people learn to ignore the suffering of others, without voicing a deep and profound moral outrage.  When we hear Dr. King’s “Three Evils of Society” speech, our conscience is empowered and we become clear about these evils, so that we can denounce and reject them, actively and effectively, to the best of our abilities given our limited resources and time constraints.  We persevere with hope because we know better, and because we have no choice.  The alternative to nonviolent struggle for freedom is death, physical and/or spiritual.

People of conscience have tried to warn us: Dr. Noam Chomsky; that Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, and Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, and a few other people, Cornel West, Sunsara Taylor, are a few names, which come to mind.  All of us, Americans, must realize that we cannot adopt a philosophy of idly waiting for elected officials to do the necessary work of solving the crises of racism, militarism, and materialism, which are manifesting themselves in the symptoms of climate change, obscene economic inequality, poverty, widespread health problems, and a pandemic raging out of control.  Biden seems completely oblivious; but the military-industrial complex (MIC) is well-fed with Biden’s massive funding give-away to the MIC, which appears to be even larger than Mr. Trump’s giveaways to the MIC.  Many great Americans have tried to warn us about the military-industrial complex.  We didn’t listen.  It’s time we learn more, and spread the message about who really runs the country, and what we can do to build peace, instead of building bombs.  Americans will have endless forever wars, if we’re not careful.   

The greatest among us have been assassinated or marginalized for seeking peace and justice, for seeking socioeconomic justice.  The generation after the 1960s was much more careful not to end up on that government list, which was out to get anybody who demonstrated dissent.  Meanwhile, the oppressors revolutionized their backlash in the 1970s with the breakthrough Powell Memo, which weaponized the American Chamber of Commerce on behalf of corporate America against the American people.  Recall Ronald Reagan at Bohemian Grove prior to his election and presidency, which ushered in Reaganomics.  In the U.K., Margaret Thatcher mirrored Reaganomics to enrich the ruling class at the expense of the working classes.  And, so, the western ruling classes continued to concentrate wealth and power, as the working classes contented themselves with lifted trucks, lowriders, right-wing podcasts, the boob tube, YouTube, Priuses, NPR, Starbucks, brand name cars, Home Depot, status symbols, Amazon shopping, identity politics, selfies, and the rat race.  To everyday people, who pay little to no attention to the world outside, to politics, objects—or people—approaching Biden’s first one hundred days must look like an object approaching a black hole. 

  ‘An object approaching the event horizon would appear to be slowing down as it approaches the black hole instead of speeding up as we would expect. This is because of time dilation […]’.

An object, or person, approaching Biden’s first one hundred days, like falling into a black hole, would appear to outside, apolitical, observers to be slowing down.  Time dilation slows the passing of time for an object moving close to the speed of light with respect to an outside observer, as one does when one approaches a black hole.  A political black hole, on the the other hand, remains a mystery to the human creature.  A political dilation of awareness appears to open up one’s political lens wider and wider, perceptually slowing down time to the observer, to capture all of the nuances and details of the political disaster known as the Biden Presidency.  We can see everything, all of the evidence, as long as we are very careful not to be seduced by his charm or his smile.  Nietzsche warned us against falling into the trap of becoming like the monsters we may have to fend off on our, sometimes, rocky journey called life. 

Everywhere we look, Biden is failing or avoiding opportunities for healing, for winning over his opponents, for reversing climate change apocalypse, for ending neoliberal predation.  So, we must pay close attention.  Now, we, Americans, find ourselves in Day X of those first 100 days.  The American gaze is falling back into its trance of hedonism, routines, and/or rat race.  “The urgency of now,” as Dr. King referred to it, begins to recede to the back of the minds of many Americans.  Many are overworked and underpaid or unemployed and not paid at all.  Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic ravages through the United States, leaving us worse off than we were this time last year, with tens of millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of covid-related deaths.  And coronavirus variants continue to propagate, threatening the health and safety of everyone at home and abroad, through our systems of travel.  And, of course, exposure to these coronaviruses has also exposed the dysfunctions, flaws, and weaknesses of our capitalist economic system, which allowed neoliberalist ideologies to dominate political discussions and political policies.  Neoliberal policies have prioritized profits over people; they have closed hospitals in favor of mega-hospitals, forcing people to drive longer and longer distances to find fewer and fewer beds and hospital rooms available.  Neoliberalism has ravaged our economy by outsourcing American jobs to the lowest bidder. Labor is perpetually squeezed and devalued. When social unrest flares up because people’s um-met needs overflow, the state response is usually narcissistic abuse and police state repression.

Civic engagement feels like a luxury, when you’re living from check to check, and from meal to meal.  Never mind the dreamers, who pine for democracy, now!  We don’t want to alarm anyone.  But we also don’t want the sleep of reason to engender monsters.  But the red flags abound.  For evidence, tune in to free speech media and seek voices of truth and reason.  And since the moral admonishment of patriotic Americans, such as James Baldwin, still rings true to this day, carrying the torch of Malcolm and Martin and Zinn and Terkel, as we gasp at the moral apathy across our land.  Not everyone is apathetic, some are afraid.  But more people are shedding their fear of liberty, as their eyes begin to open up during times of great psychic pain.

I Am Not Your Negro (2016), written by James Baldwin, directed by Raoul Peck, official trailer

As the sleeping giant awakens, it realizes it has unmet needs.  Working people across America have had unmet needs for too long, as the insatiable desires of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex have been fed without restraint.  As working class people, we open our eyes to realize our demands based in reciprocity.

We demand socioeconomic justice. We demand an MMT-based job guarantee, and an MMT-based pandemic relief package, including a basic income guarantee.  We demand Medicare For All.  We demand ranked-choice voting in free and fair elections.  We demand the abolition of the electoral college.  We demand the abolition of white supremacy.  We demand the abolition of corporate personhood.  We demand abolition of the U.S. Senate.  We demand an Amendment to the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery in prisons.  We demand freedom for all political prisoners and for all people of color, and poor people everywhere.  We demand these things because they are morally correct and morally necessary for the health and wellbeing of our society.




The Liberty of the People” by Theodore Roosevelt, 22 SEP 1912


Awakening From the Meaning Crisis” by Prof. John Vervaeke (Univ. of Toronto), 20 JAN 2019


“Despertando de la Matrix Del Abuso” by Meredith Miller (Inner Integration), 22 JAN 2021.


“Awakening From the Matrix” by Meredith Miller (Inner Integration), 22 JAN 2021

The only way to heal it is to feel it.

Meredith Miller, “Awakening From the Matrix”

Thank you so much for your authenticity, wisdom, and courage, Meredith.  Thank you for thinking outside the box, like a shaman, you help us break free from the usual framing of reality in order to obtain new insights for human adaptation to crisis, solutions, and survival. 

Prof. John Vervaeke, in his Awakening From the Meaning Crisis lecture series said that’s how humans survived near-extinction points in history.  The shaman disrupted the established framing of reality.

Gary Null is another truthteller, a holistic health practitioner or health integrationist. He has also provided us with honest assessments of the state of western society at this particular historical moment in which we all find ourselves.

As Dr. Martin Luther King urged us so many years ago in his speech called The Three Evils of Society, “We need a revolution of values.”


(c. 23:19) “Evil will tempt you to sell out your direct experience to an authority figure, who defines you and your reality, in exchange for approval, security, and status.”

(c. 35:47) “Understand, I am not telling you to be reckless, or to throw caution to the wind. I’m telling you that you can do your own independent research on things, to think for yourself, instead of just believing what self-designated authority figures are telling you. Then, you can choose which precautions make the most sense for you and your family. I am simply encouraging you to stop participating in the collective psychosis. That starts with thinking for yourself. Don’t just believe what others tell you, including me. Do your own research; and don’t be lazy.”

Meredith Miller, Inner Integration, “Awakening From the Matrix”

Some of us are observing a kind of confluence of collective consciousness, which seems to be converging upon a particular character of the times, a spirit of the age, a zeitgeist:  A rejection of bullshitPhilosopher Harry G. Frankfurt referred to bullshit as communication intended to persuade without regard for truth.  A primary example is the baseless RussiaGate narrative advanced by the Democrat Party to deflect from the embarrassment over the Podesta emails, which were leaked and exposed Hillary Clinton’s apparent covert narcissism and underhanded dealings, which were bent on sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign to be the Democratic Party candidate for U.S. president.  The Democrat Party was, basically, gaslighting the nation for four years.  An even bigger mountain of bullshit than Hillary Clinton’s political machinations and schemes, was the craven and opportunistic manner in which Bernie Sanders betrayed his supporters at the Democratic Primary Caucuses, supporters who sacrificed so much to get him so close to the finish line, only for him to acquiesce to the Clinton Corruption machine by not calling out her evil, evidently, in exchange for opportunistic promotion within the ranks of the Democrat Party.  Those of us, who listened to that last 2016 DNC Primary Caucus, could hear the mass of boos of betrayed Berners when Bernie Sanders conceded to Hillary Clinton, despite the widespread understanding of Clinton’s chicanery.  Insiders knew Hillary Clinton’s dirty dealings were a losing strategy.  Having lost to Donald Trump; the Democrat Party spent four years fabricating fake news about Russian hacking of the DNC and the ‘stealing’ of Clinton’s emails.  Yet, there was no evidence.  Americans, for the most part, didn’t seem to question the lack of evidence, as long as it served their partisan position against Mr. Trump and the Republican Party.  This type of epic bullshitting involving various levels of government, combined with American laziness and aversion to serious research and a penchant for fast food information, all conspired to create a perfect storm of American bullshit, which came to be known as QAnonOur nation was now officially in the Twilight Zone.  Initially, a number of us dismissed QAnon, as a right-wing appropriation of the “decentralized international activist/hacktivist collective/movement” Anonymous, kind of like the rise of the so-called Alt-Right during the early 2000s.  But, just as we underestimated Donald Trump.  We also underestimated the power of such alternative repackaging of old bullshit in new packaging.  On one level, the whole embrace of the bullshit QAnon narrative, which is laced with antisemitism and white nationalism, is simply mirroring back to Democrats the years of RussiaGate gaslighting.  Professor John Vervaeke acknowledged, “we seem to be drowning in this old ocean of bullshit.” Some of us call it gaslighting or racism or narcissistic abuse. The abuse takes on various forms, but the common traits of the abuser involve grandiosity, selfishness, and the inability to empathize with others.

We have all been witnessing the same horrors in our world, Prof. John Vervaeke, Meredith Miller, Cornel West, Gary Null, Amy Goodman, Sunsara Taylor, Carl Dix, Glenn Greenwald, Dennis Bernstein, Mickey Huff, Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Dr. Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Max Blumenthal, Abby Martin, Aaron Maté, Jeremy Scahill, et al.  Others have observed, too, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rachel Maddow, et al.  But we have not all shared the same public reaction to the horrors.  Some of us are moved into sympathetic action in solidarity with the suffering of others.  Some of us are not.  Some of us are blessed with strength and courage.  But too many of us have not yet found within us that spirit of strength and courage.  As James Baldwin reminded us:  the gap between who we think we are in private and who we really are in public creates a grotesque imitation of life.

Educators everywhere have been raising red flags, but they have been gaslit, denied, disregarded, marginalized, and persecuted for even being suspected of challenging the U.S. status quo.  The U.S. status quo is, and has always been, tragically, a white supremacist philosophy, which functions like narcissistic abuse.  The narcissistic abuser denies the reality of the abused.  Feeling trapped, or accepting a gilded prison, the victim is abused then provided care, in cycles, until the victim internalizes learned helplessness.  In this way, a dehumanizing trauma bond is established between the abuser and the abused.  This is also known as Stockholm Syndrome.

All across this land, teachers have been trying to teach, but many of them have been discouraged and silenced, if they are suspected of being liberal or, God forbid, leftist.  Uncritical America has been deceived into conflating the economic scale with the social scale.  In political science, a basic and popular political compass is comprised of two axes.  One axis ranges from left to right; this axis is about economic policy.  Another axis goes from top to bottom; this is about social policy.  Americans, who have not thought carefully about political and social sciences have unfortunately conflated, and mixed up, the social scale with the economic scale.  An economic scale on the right means extreme ‘competition’, free market fundamentalism, or neoliberalism.  An economic scale all the way on the left means extreme cooperation.   So, leftist does not mean authoritarianism, like so many Americans on the political right and center of the political spectrum are misled to believe.  The social scale determines whether a government is pro-liberty or pro-authority, in other words, whether a nation is libertarian or authoritarian.  Usually, a political compass will have a social scale going up and down, not left and right.  But America has been misled about these two scales.  Authoritarianism is a system of government, or social control, which can adopt a leftist (cooperation) or rightist (competition) economic philosophy.  However, we must realize the fact that the dominant political forces in our society want the American people to be divided.  We must face the reality that there has been a growing neo-McCarthyism rising across American schools, which I can attest to personally, after teaching social sciences for two years in California.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  There are many teachers out there, who speak out but are seldom heard above the howls in the wilderness of corporatist media.

Consider the “Midwestern Black Professor Teaching MAGA Babies” (Nov. 2019), who attests things are not alright.  But nobody wants to admit the gaslighting.  There is too much fear and conformity in our modern world. Many of us see things in our day to day lives, which don’t seem quite right.  But we silence ourselves for fear of the pain of retribution, or the pain of going against the grain.  How can you tell a MAGA parent that they are abusing their child by inculcating toxic behaviors, such as ethnocentrism, nationalism, racism, and narcissism?  More often than not, school administrators are unwilling to support their teachers when a right-wing parent decides to pursue a red-baiting witch hunt against a teacher, who merely may have reflected a differing perspective than the one parents prefer at home.  We’re not trying to change the world, teachers will tell you.  I’m just trying to protect my pension, they might say, if they’re honest. I just wanna keep my head down and make it to retirement.

My job wound up being a lot more than I bargained for,” reported Jonita Davis in November of 2019.  Unlike many other teachers, she stepped on a social landmine in the classroom, but was able to defuse it before being herself “the casualty”, as she wrote in her essay.

My job in 2017 was to teach Composition I to new college students, showing them how to express themselves through writing. My role quickly became that of social ambassador to kids who, raised in homes blaring Fox News 24/7 and Confederate flags flying high (yes, even in Indiana), were about to be unleashed onto the world.

It didn’t take long to figure out that aside from bigoted ideas, there was another problem the students had. It came down to simple language. These students still used words to describe Black and Latinx people that hadn’t been acceptable since the 1960s.

I once assigned the fiction story, “Waynes vs. Johnsons of Albemarle County” by Tyrese Coleman. Before the assignment, I had spent the semester teaching the writing process, including how to synthesize a reading into an arguable issue. The students were to find an issue to argue in Coleman’s story and write a short essay argument. The story was heavy with social issues. The one that most of the class — 13 out of 22 students, to be exact — chose to write on was police brutality.

I was momentarily floored by the rampant misinformation and bigoted, anti-Black statements. But, Indiana, outside of the Northwest corner abutting Chicago and a few spots near Indianapolis, was a red state.

Within those 13 essays, students argued that racism should not be tied to police brutality. All 13 used language proclaiming the “race card” was used or the issue at hand was that “the liberals” were trying to “race bait” the right wing voters. Three essays argued that “colored people” or “coloreds” were simply being shot because they were criminals. One essay used the term “fairies” in a homophobic jab at Black Lives Matter.

I was momentarily floored by the rampant misinformation and bigoted, anti-Black statements. But, Indiana, outside of the Northwest corner abutting Chicago and a few spots near Indianapolis, was a red state. I graded those essays with a raging headache that would not subside despite my attempts to treat it. I took walks, cleaned my house, baked pies (lots of pies as it was apple season), and even drank a little wine to loosen my nerves and relax. But, every time I returned to that stack of essays my blood boiled.

Jonita Davis, “The Midwestern Black Professor Teaching MAGA Babies Is Not All Right”, 8 NOV 2019

“Rand Paul Schools Blinken on Regime Change” by Richard Medhurst, 25 JAN 2021

Public comment, YouTube video comment section

Astute political observer Richard Medhurst has been paying closer attention to U.S. questions of war and peace than many other Americans. Medhurst makes the excellent point that our congressional leadership is in serious trouble when Rand Paul is the sanest voice in the room. Rand Paul used to be considered a fringe political outsider, son of politically-outspoken Ron Paul. Ron Paul used to be considered fringe, too. The dominant narrative on cable TV and the corporate media, or so-called respectable establishment media, was that the adults in the room, who are capable of dealing with the excesses of right-wing militarism are the Democrats. We, Americans, have believed this narrative for far too long. The Democrat Party is the party of peace. The Republic Party is the party of war. But it is time for Americans to realize that both of the dominant American political parties are parties of war. As Ralph Nader has said, we have a two-party dictatorship, right down to the staged presidential debates, which block alternative political parties from ever being heard by the American people. Ralph Nader, himself, was the last major third-party candidate to pose a serious electoral challenge to the two-party dictatorship. But he was blocked, too, cheated by the state, even detained by cops, according to Democracy Now!, for even trying to attend a protest rally outside of a presidential debate, where he was one of the top three candidates in the nation for president. Imagine that: One of the top three candidates for president, Ralph Nader, was so threatening to the two-party dictatorship, that they literally had to arrest him to prevent the American people from being exposed to his alternative ideas and alternative narrative for America. Neoliberalism gaslights America over and over again; and will keep doing so, until we have a wake-up call and/or break the trauma bond.

Q-Anon 101: In Search of Q” by Vice (Disney), 25 JAN 2021.

But we don’t need to wait for a wake-up call to break free from our trauma bond to war and militarism. We can have a revolution of values at any time by realizing that the only way our nation will survive the three evils of society is by realizing that the questions of socioeconomic justice, racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice are all intertwined in the social fabric of our society. Dr. King tried to teach us about the three evils of society. But America wasn’t willing to listen. His allies betrayed him, and left him hanging, isolated. And, now, look at our society, hanging by a thread, as 74 million Americans are up in arms against the new presidential administration. Thousands, or tens of thousands (according to some estimates) of people stormed the capitol on January 6th, seemingly representing those 74 million, who bought into the gaslighting of president #45. This all speaks to the prophetic nature of Dr. King’s speech, “The Three Evils of Society,” where he identifies the three main challenges in America to democracy and socioeconomic justice: “racism” (of course, even NAACP, et al were willing to challenge this), “militarism” (few supported King on challenging this), and “materialism” (nobody seemed to support King’s more sophisticated critique of materialism, which reads like a critique of capitalism).



A Revolution of Values

Teaching Activity. By Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 3 pages.
Text of speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the Vietnam War, followed by three teaching ideas.


Gentleman” by Fela Kuti


[25 JAN 2021]

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Jacobin | The CIA’s Secret Global War Against the Left



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LUMPENPROLETARIAT—Even as a kid, growing up in California, much of this was pretty obvious to me (and, I imagine, to others) even back then. But it’s refreshing to find corroborating evidence to end the gaslighting.  One social studies teacher at San Mateo High School did her best to answer my questions about what was going on in Russia at the time, circa 1990.  But it came in a hushed whisper after class, only me and my homie, who stayed after class, heard this bit.  What they need is glasnost without perestroika. Or was it, perestroika without glasnost?  Sepa la chingada.  Hay que leer mas.  She sure seemed right on.  But the streets… 

Something keeps calling… me… I feel the burdens on me… Something keeps calling… me… This is so heavy for me…

Raphael Saadiq, “Something Keeps Calling

Another high school teacher searched for answers to my restless questioning and simply ripped a piece of paper and wrote the name: “Noam Chomsky“. She said, “Read him.”  The sincerity and earnestness in her idealistic Latin American face seemed to hope I would read Chomsky.  I had no idea, who Chomsky was.  But, deep inside, I believed her; and I hoped I would follow through.  To read something, which was corroborating my teenage suspicions would have been like salvation because it would have ended the gaslighting so much sooner.  And it would have been me practicing what I preached.  But teenagers are moody and fickle.  They need guidance.

But, wait, why did I have to learn about the great Dr. Noam Chomsky via a snippet of paper with two words on it, passed hand to hand, as we happened to pass by each other on campus after school?  Why wasn’t the work of Noam Chomsky taught widely in the classroom?  What does this say about our nation, that an educator could only informally present valid information and analysis to a student?  Were we living under fascist censorship?  Has anything changed?  This was like secret information I was getting here, a secret tip pointing to the reality behind the veil.  But it also seemed to confirm all of the best educators, the most liberating educators, were all marginalized.

Forty-five years ago, under a cloak of secrecy, Operation Condor was officially launched: a global campaign of violent repression against the Latin American left by the region’s quasi-fascist military dictatorships. The US government not only knew about the program — it helped to engineer it.

Jacobin, December 2020

Basically, my whole entire life, forces within my government have been engaging in the erasure of the left and of grassroots democracy movements around the world.  Everything good and just and fair and kind, which my American teachers taught me and our great American leaders, Martin and Malcolm, taught me was thrown under the bus by the fake consumerist world of corporate America.  Teenagers can see through the bullshit of society.  Unfortunately, they usually lack the emotional intelligence to process it all.  My moral guidance came from my peers, or at least the only guidance I valued at the time.  So, I was a fool, disregarding the best intentions of my overworked parents.  It all seemed like bullshit.  But instead of reading Chomsky, like the kind educator lady was advising me, and becoming a serious scholar as a teenager.  I dropped out, or rather tested out of high school at 15, thinking it was all bullshit.  

Fuck the white education; so, I skipped a lot of classes…

MC Eiht, quoted in “Hood Took Me Under“, from Music to Driveby, Compton’s Most Wanted

But it wasn’t all bullshit.  I had work to do.  I just couldn’t see it.  There was a real, meaningful intellectual battle going on in the nation. And not everyone in institutions of power was insincere. It wasn’t totally bleak. I carried on as if there were no honest intellectuals out there; or I just wasn’t up to the task of reading as a lumpenproletarian teenager, despite the support of a few angelic teachers.  I can’t explain it.  If I do, perhaps it may explain why so few people today read scholars and experts, such as Noam Chomsky, who are so accurate and articulate about the world around us and can teach us so much.  Who knows?

Even as a high school drop out, dropped into the lumpenproletariat, so many sociological truths seemed so blatantly evident, that it’s disturbing to find institutional silence to injustice. It can be traumatic and disturbing to learn about so many horrible atrocities, killings, coup de tats, political destabilization, and other crimes of state committed by U.S. intelligence agencies to the point that we must question their very legitimacy.  One must overcome such trauma, rejoin the academic life, and adhere to the responsibility of intellectuals, as argued by Dr. Noam Chomsky, to search for the truth and to expose lies. To become responsible intellectuals, teenagers need mentors and role models to act as sounding boards to their teenage angst. Teens see the bullshit of society all around them, but then are gaslighted by the fake norms of institutions of power seeking to gloss over their abuses and failings, by schools and school districts, by police agencies and city councils, by environmental polluters and slumlords, by radio networks and TV networks, by all types of powerful institutions, who abuse their power. All of those institutions tell kids, everything is fine.  They manufacture consent.  They inhibit questioning through their abuse of power.

So, the youth might self-censor and become fake to get along in a sham corporate world, where the ills of society are airbrushed out. Or the youth might become withdrawn, unwittingly disillusioned with the emptiness of capitalist modes of production, mired in what Prof. John Vervaeke calls the meaning crisis.  This might overlap with the generation of apathetic millenials, which Simon Sinek makes viral videos about.  I’m reminded of the corporate media descriptions of apathetic shoe-gazing Generation X of the 1990s.    

21st century youth might learn to never complain, to always keep their mouths shut, to always follow instructions, to never question a single thing, and to earn their little piece of the racist empire, which preys on weaker nations around the world.

But isolated, atomized, individually or in little pods, we lose our collective power. To fulfill the responsibility of intellectuals requires a community. Rappers and singer-songwriters, folk singers, and poets, filmmakers, authors, and other artists have long exposed lies and uncomfortable truths. It’s only a lack of grit or our own inability to stomach our own reality, which has prevented us from calling out bullshit, when perpetrated by our own people or allies. But we must always speak out when we find the truth in order to expose lies and, hopefully, save lives.



Forty-five years ago, under a cloak of secrecy, Operation Condor was officially launched: a global campaign of violent repression against the Latin American left by the region’s quasi-fascist military dictatorships. The US government not only knew about the program — it helped to engineer it.

In Buenos Aires, a former Chilean general returns home, opens his garage door, and is blasted thirteen feet in the air when his car explodes, incinerating his wife. A conservative opponent of the country’s military dictatorship and his wife take an afternoon walk on the streets of Rome and are swiftly gunned down. On a rainy autumn morning, a car blows up in the middle of Washington, DC’s Embassy Row, killing two of the three inside: a leader of Chile’s opposition in exile and his newlywed American friend.

These were just some of the most prized scalps claimed by Operation Condor, officially inaugurated forty-five years and two days ago. With South America in the grip of military dictatorships and rocked by the same kinds of social and political movements that were demanding change all over the world in the 1960s and ’70s, a handful of the continent’s governments made a pact to work together to roll back the rising tide of “subversives” and “terrorists.”

What followed was a secret, global campaign of violent repression that spanned not just countries, but continents, and featured everything from abduction and torture to murder. To say it was known about by the US government, which backed these regimes, is an understatement: though even this simple fact was denied at the time, years of investigations and document releases since then mean that we now know the CIA and top-ranking US officials supported, laid the groundwork for, and were even directly involved in Condor’s crimes.

— snip —



[29 DEC 2020]

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Alexa O’Brien | Journalists, citizens, patriots and traitors




LUMPENPROLETARIAT[25 JUN 2020, 22:59]  The last time the USA felt like it was in this much upheaval was during the year the Occupy Wall Street movement arrived in New York City and took over Zuccotti Park and amplified the dreams and hopes of activists and working class people around the nation and around the world.




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Day 55 | Is Ideology Inevitable?


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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Monday, 15 MAR 2021]  Today, is Day 55 of Mr. Biden’s first one hundred days in office. We made a commitment to do our best to write a daily column during these first one hundred days, taking notes of the various manifestations of what Dr. King identified as the three evils of society. “Yes, the hour is dark. Evil comes forth in the guise of good,” said Dr. King. This guise of good appears before us as a system of “patronage”, as Dr. King described. This is a fascinating insight for us to (re)discover. Your author spoke to Curt Gray by telephone circa 2010, someone we all admired back in those days, during the struggles to take back KPFA. Even your author was so moved, and compelled, to run for KPFA’s Local Station Board, alongside Steve Zeltzer, Sureya Sayadi, and another comrade, whose name shamefully escapes me at the moment.

I had suspected people like Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Kris Welch, and Philip Maldari, those liberals, who do not allow the suffering to speak in all of its fullness and breadth, of being William O’Neals, of being Judases. But Curt kind of laughed at me and said, basically, No, the left is perfectly capable of being dysfunctional enough to destroy KPFA on their own without state intelligence intervention. I was skeptical. (I didn’t consider the Democrat Party part of the left, and still don’t.) But he was gracious enough with his time to explain to me about the system of “patronage”, which predominated internally at KPFA and Pacifica Radio, generally. Perhaps, this was true for all media institutions and their gatekeepers. He pointed out that there will always be gatekeepers. The question was: To what end? So, you can imagine our surprise, and fascination, when we (re)discovered Dr. King identifying the “Democratic Party system of patronage network”, as a stumbling block to justice, to truth and reconciliation. In my zeal for truth, I spoke with ousted and beloved former KPFA station manager Nicole Sawaya by telephone circa 2008. She was accessible and candid, but refused to speak on the record. So, I did not record the phone call. But she advised me to take the high road and to focus on the work.

But, then, as now, what work could I possibly focus on? I was just a working class bloke, who drove a truck filled with toxic chemicals for a living. But focus on the work we did.

We feel we have compiled in our modest scrapbook project more than enough evidence to substantiate our claims about the fraudulent nature of our “democracy” and of the vapid, meaninglessness of Mr. Biden’s faux-FDR veneer.

We do not feel the need to prove to liberals about the falsity of their rhetoric any longer. As we become confident in our critique of what Ralph Nader called the two-party dictatorship, which we need not remind our dear readers is a tyrannical institution, and as we’ve taken some time to carefully monitor the world of illusions, which is corporate media, and how it keeps people in their own little silos of thinking, or in their own little bubbles of illusion, we begin to look more inwardly for sources of toxicity. We began by critiquing our very own beloved free speech Pacifica Radio, and all of the tragic ways it has been internalizing toxic liberal/centrist logic, since at least the 1999 KPFA/Pacifica lockout. Lewis Hill was a patrician; was it always there? Did Pacifica Radio require the (true, uncolonized) participation of people of color, or the (true, uncolonized) participation of grassroots activists to become aware of it? If it was, that fact makes it no more just than any toxicity within the hearts of the framers of the U.S. Constitution, which toxic Originalist judges cling to these days in service of right-wing ideologies.

What is ideology? Why do we have ideologies? Is ideology inevitable?

As the horrifying Sieges of January 6th took place against state capitols around the nation, especially against the nation’s DC Capitol, a nice warm fire has been lit under many of our arses. We heard graceful black voices on WPFW (Pacifica Radio) ask us all to be bolder. Love more. Shine more. Be more. So, we try.

For some of us, a big challenge is expanding our bandwidth, so to speak. For me, that has meant finally being able to reply to all of my social media correspondence, which mostly consists of hate mail. It was way too painful before. Is this what it means to be a snowflake? Perhaps, the slur is baseless. We get called violent super predators, whilst called snowflakes. Which is it? Which descriptor best describes the left? The main argument accuses men on the left, as unwilling to fight, or to defend their women or their country or their livelihoods, or something to that effect. (We hope to learn more about our sisters and brothers on the right, through sincere dialogue, going forward.) I mean I have no problem with pugilism, other than its seeming futility in fostering understanding. An argument can be made, of course, for blowing off some steam. But at what cost?

It is certainly difficult to reply to hateful people, especially with non-violent communication. And, even if we’re capable of doing so, many excuses present themselves for why they are unworthy of our time and attention. After all, what is more valuable than our time and attention? But, on another level, hateful expressions seem like a cry for help. We mustn’t be naive. Some people are incorrigible. Some people are evil. Nevertheless, we welcome everyone and everything towards peace and justice. And we train to refuse and resist evil through militant, non-violent direct action.

In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.

Hate has no home here.

But where is here? What is this here? There is a degree of trauma we all carry. The trauma we carry from childhood can be painful. Sometimes, it can even be repressed. But the trauma might run even deeper, as Dr. Joy Degruy teaches us, when she discusses intergenerational trauma. Sometimes, we become unwitting alcoholics or drug addicts or food addicts or wealth addicts with adverse consequences, which are often perceptible, but sometimes imperceptible. We can internalize the pain. Or we can externalize the pain. It takes courage to translate the pain into something more life-affirming, life-advancing. Sometimes, we become violent or always on guard. It’s difficult to be vulnerable and pacifist, when one knows very well the dominant culture is cruel, judgmental, and unforgiving.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X were veritable saints, like a modern day Jesus of Nazareth. And, yet, our nation gnashed its teeth at them, and annihilated them, first in life, then in death via postmodern hyperrealism. It wasn’t enough to kill their physical bodies. Their enemies have eternally sought to also annihilate their true legacies.

Socially, the USA is trapped in a feedback loop of hatred and fear. Like Richard Rodriguez, I have been engaging in an ongoing argument with my working class Mexican father. Recently, whilst discussing injustice, he said, “La injusticia nunca se va acabar.” In the past, I would have said something like, No, not with that attitude, or some other such guilt-inducing phrase, unaware of the violence embedded in such language.

Instead, I agreed with him, and added, “Pues no, porque la injusticia la tenemos adentro, en el corazón.”

So, we strive to gain the patience of a saint. May we eradicate the cruelty from our hearts without becoming sacrificial lambs.

All apologies for the overly ambitious headlines and unanswered questions, dear readers. All dreams are ambitious. Are they not. Yet, ambition makes you look pretty ugly. We trust we can find solutions together, as Dr. King and Malcolm X suggested, once we learn to live like brothers and sisters.

As Dr. King concluded his speech, “The Three Evils of Society”:

“And I say to you that I choose to be among the maladjusted as my good friend Bill Coffee(sp?) said, there are those who have criticized me and many of you for taking a stand against the war in Vietnam, and for seeking to say to the nation that the issues of civil rights cannot be separated from the issues of peace.

I want to say to you that I intend to keep these issues mixed because they are mixed. Somewhere we must see that this justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. And I have fought now too long and too hard against segregated public accommodations to segregate my moral concerns.

“And, so, let us stand at this convention center, knowing that on some positions, cowardice asks if it is safe; expedience asks the question: Is it politic? Vanity asks the question: Is it popular? But conscience asks the question: Is it right?

“And, on some positions, it is necessary for the moral individual to take a stand, that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must do it because it is right.

And we say to our nation tonight, we even say to our government, we even say to our FBI, we will not be harassed; we will not make a butchery of our concsience; we will not be intimated. And we WILL be heard.”


  • The New Day Pacifica grouping, which is calling for antidemocratic governance of the free speech radio commons we know of as Pacifica Radio, is associated with the 29 OCT 2019 lockout of WBAI. cf. WBAI Fight Back dot org

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00:00 PDT,

“Slavoj Zizek on Biden, Race, and What It Will Take to Stop the Pandemic | Weekends” by Jacobin, .

Ten Warning Signs Your Liver Is Toxic” by Dr. Sten Ekberg, 11 DEC 2020.

01:00 PDT,

02:00 PDT,

(c. 4:15) On the notion of being ‘true to yourself’, fortunately, some of us paid a degree of attention to Prof. John Vervaeke’s lecture series, “Awakening From the Meaning Crisis.” A big takeaway for some of us was how he disabused of the notion of ever trying to be true to oneself. Ever since then, we now seek, instead, to be true to reality. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on one’s disposition, this cannot be done in a vacuum, or in solitude. This requires community. So, we commune with others to harmonize our realities. Then, we may be true to reality. | Perhaps, the problem with this communing, or communism, or communalism, is that others outside of this community, or commune, have more power. Having more power, they can impose their will on any community, to force them to give up their ideas, or communal ways of living, in favor of more individualistic or materialistic or alienated ways of living. It seems this is what my Stalinist friend at university meant when I openly admired our banker colleagues fine suit one day, as we strolled through downtown KCMO. It was an interesting moment. I admired my Stalinist friend so intensely. But I also used to be a dandy. And, perhaps, I always will be. If so, that likely means I could never be a Stalinist. Who knows? Who even knows what Stalinism is? It’s such a taboo topic, innit? | At any rate, there is this interesting tension between individualism and collectivism, apparently, within all of us, which seems to play itself out in our society in all manner of ideological pathologies. Perhaps, we may begin to resolve, or heal, some of these pathologies, if we cease conflating individual liberty with individualism. | Thus, we continue to self-educate for correct political action. Is the personal political? Does barbarism begin in the home, or in the human heart, for lack of a better word? | Solidarity.

0800 , WPFW TW On the antidemocratic filibuster rule in the US Senate. | 0815 PDT, On the Nigerian issue of recurring kidnappings.

08:00 PST, WBAI > […] 08:22 PST, Dr. Gary Null on detoxification and healing. | 08:40 PST, That’s odd. A man just hung up on me when I dialed I tried to avail myself of Curing the Incurable and another item on juicing. I used to be a big fan of the Juice Weasel. But this sounds updated. Plus, we need a cookbook for contributing to the unwaged labor at home. Our mind tends toward sinister explanations. Fortunately, I eventually got through. | THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO. PLEASE DONATE TODAY. #118595, $133.01, includes shipping. What can I say? Hopefully, these resources arrive soon. My old juicer broke. It’s time for a new one. We’re also excited, looking forward to the new book, autographed, too, from Mickey Huff and Project Censored, the new 2021 book. Get yours today! Solidarity. | 08:52 PST, Now, if we could just end racism, militarism, and materialism, we will be able to finally rest easy. Until then, the struggle continues. | 08:53 PST,

09:00 PST, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > “I Can Dream About You” clip, from the film Streets of Fire > Vitamin C helps prevent stroke; red meat and early female development; Vitamin B12 protects the brain; inhaling carbon nano tubules harms the brain; 10% reduction in stroke, reducing amyloid plaque, with high nutritional natural foods; green juices and green plants reduce stroke. Also, a commentary from Chris Hedges on bandaging the corpse; and more. | ‘Go to’ | Rosemary Frye(sp?) on the new coronavirus strains’ | 09:13 PST, Dr. Null said no one had tried megadosing with Vitamin C to cure AIDS. Dr. Null said he used 200,000 milligrams per day, intravenously. Of course, we recall Dr. Max Gerson, if memory serves us, who used megadosing to cure forms of cancer, until he was attacked, or persecuted, by the American Cancer Association (I believe is the institution). | ‘Doc film: The Cost of Denial.’ So, why did Anthony Fauci not fund one penny for any AIDS organization. 35 years later, said Null, the truth comes out.’ ‘AZT was toxic; people died.’ ‘Is it because it couldn’t be so easily monetized?’ | 09:19 PST, music break. | 09:22 PST, video clip on the CDC, COVID-19, and the importance of the anti-COVID-19 masked mandate. | 09:29 PDT, Dr. Null’s critical remarks on the masked mandate, the PCR test, and other controversial aspects of the statist responses to COVID-19. | 09:32 PDT, Next, Dr. Null’s interview guest on ‘a cautionary hypothesis, an open letter to the World Health Organization to halt injections of experimental and proprietary anti-COVID-19 drugs.’ | Early in this broadcast, as in past broadcasts, Dr. Null called bacon toxic. Yet, I’ve had positive body composition effects from a modified paleo diet, including high fat-low carb or high protein diets. However, I must report some recent inflammation, which I hope to resolve with lifestyle improvements, or modifications, as I have no access to institutional health care. We would like to see a debate between Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Gary Null on the health benefits and/or dangers of consuming bacon and red meat. I tend to eat a high fat diet, yet maintain an 8-10% body fat, muscular body composition with no fatty stools. | 09:45 PDT, Guest begins speaking now. 09:52 PST, Oh, no. The guest was seemingly uncooperative. Then, when given a chance for free speech, she bid Dr. Null goodbye and, instead, hung up.| 09:53 PDT, Perhaps, Dr. Null should hot have lowered the volume on her ‘microphone’ before. | 09:56 PDT, End of Dr. Null’s broadcast. [TW] That was a tough broadcast. Pacifica must help Dr. Null articulate his arguments, rather than marginalize him. If he has a point, his arguments will be corroborated. If he does not, his arguments will be refuted. But Pacifica Radio listeners deserve free speech, not marginalization of dissent.

09:56 PDT, WBAI & WPFW > News Headlines with Sue Goodwin [TW]

10:00 PDT, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > Topics: “sibling language experts Kathryn and Ross Petras on if the way we talk changed since Biden took office” Synopsis: “After five years of near-constant upheaval in all areas of American life including language, have new words been created since Joe Biden was sworn in as president on Jan. 20? | In this installment of Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI, sibling language experts, regular contributors to the program and the authors of Awkword Moments: A Lively Guide to the 100 Terms Smart People Should Know and That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means: The 150 Most Commonly Misused Words and Their Tangled Histories Kathryn and Ross Petras consider the latest cultural shift in US history.”

10:00 PDT, WPFW > TBD with TBD > Dr. King speech. [TW] | 10:10 PDT, Documentary film clip on Angela Davis. 10:16, Angela Davis cited Herbert Marcuse. George Jackson and comrades. cf. Soledad Brother. 10:31 PDT, Whoa! Angela Davis studied with Herbert Marcuse, which “made her a Marxist”, as opposed to some of the other members of the far left. ‘In that sense, she is a rarity.’ [TW] 10:33 PDT, Whoa! Herbert Marcuse audio! On Angela Davis’ influences, including Marcuse and the Algerian struggle for freedom. 10:52 PDT, On gradualism and the urgency of now. Thank you so much for this broadcast, WPFW!! ❤ > 10:55 PDT, News Headlines with Askia Mohammed. [TW] On the politics of the so-called Rescue Plan cash aid.

11:00 PDT, WPFW > To Your Health with Dr. Ted Watkins > Musical into. On the emotional and stress-related aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “What about our children?” Indeed. That’s been the hardest part for us, parents of young people. Our kids have, basically, been on house arrest. Stress is definitely a killer. cf. Dr. Robert Sapolsky (Stanford University)

1109 WBAI, COVID-19 talk

1113 PDT, KPFT [HD2] > On Native Lands and Native rights “West Berkeley Shell Mound”

1116 KPFA > Ralph Nader on health care politics and labor. FTC corruption. | Nader: ‘Democrats are undermining health care bill.’ Guest: ‘The people are trying to get single-payer, but Congress is not listening.’ ‘What’s wrong with the American people?’ Why don’t they stand up for single-payer or medicare for all, when it’s in their best interests to fight for single-payer, and the CBO has admitted it’d be cheaper overall for the American people. | Transcript available at Ralph Nader’s website.

12:00 PST, KPFA > Against the Grain with Sasha Lilley > Historian Shannon Clarke(sp?), author of book on “cultural workers”. We recall portions of this broadcast were presented during the previous KPFA fund drive.

1200 PDT, WBAI > […] “reparations” [TW]

14:00 PST, WPFW > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod >

15:00 PST, WPFW > Covid, Race, & Democracy with Ann Garrison > On the politics of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

15:00 PST, WBAI > WBAI Evening News >

15:30 PST, WBAI > CounterSpin >

18:00 PST, KPFA > The Pacifica Evening News >

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Invincible” by Tool, 2019.

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