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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] Today is Day 52 of Mr. Biden’s first one hundred days in office. American liberals, centrists, had made a big deal about how Mr. Biden, they hoped, would usher in an FDR-like New Deal. But, back then, there was a robust political left, which has been smashed since then. Not only are there no active leftist political parties, but there is little to no militant labor movement anymore. Third parties have titillated American voters disillusioned with the two-party dictatorship for decades, but none have ever made it onto the Presidential Debate stage, since, what?, Ross Perot?

So, a robust left existed during the time of FDR, socialist and communist parties. What most pressured FDR to enact his New Deal was the wave of mass strikes across the nation. And, of course, we were reminded by various authors and experts on Pacifica Radio of how the New Deal was more of a congressional affair, than something, which came out of the White House, or God forbid, unstable and polarizing executive orders, which only lead to yo–yo policies.

Today, it is illegal to strike. The labor movement gave up its militancy in exchange for proximity to the Democrat Party long ago. But the Democrat Party, in return, has only betrayed the working class. And that betrayal has led to the lowest levels of union density, perhaps, in history. So, few labor organizers are willing to engage in wildcat strikes anymore. And that means the divided working class has no leverage.

So, it was pure Pollyannishness to believe or “hope” that Mr. Biden will represent the divided working class. As Dr. Richard Wolff has emphasized this week, the crumbs and scraps, which the divided working class will receive from the so-called Rescue Plan, will not change anything about the suffering of exploited and impoverished working class Americans. After the initial buzz of the temporary cash crumbs fade away, we will be back to the ongoing class warfare, which has kept wages stagnant since the 1970s, and which will continue to widen inequality, and continue to tighten police state controls over the poor and over black, brown, red, and, increasingly, yellow people, to use the Nixonian color coding language of Americans.

Post-Trump, the herd mentality continues to spread.

Dr. Cornel West, one of our favorite thinkers and activists, made many admirable and prescient points on Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now! this week. The most salient for us today is the following:

The Condition for Truth is to Allow the Suffering to Speak

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Today’s other salient observations:

  • Pacifica Radio’s Askia Muhammad (WBAI & WPFW News) reported today that a new state law will make it illegal to talk to police officers. Protests have expressed public objection.
  • Pacifica Radio’s Askia Muhammad (WBAI & WPFW News) reported today that Mr. Biden gave his first major public address last night. Pacifica Radio’s Dr. Gary Null expressed concerns regarding Mr. Biden’s neurological health, detecting slurred speech or signs of dementia. A number of us have been thinking the same thing.
  • Margaret Prescod’s Sojourner Truth questioned the comparisons circulating among liberals between FDR’s New Deal and Mr. Biden’s Neoliberal Deal. As Dr. Richard Wolff argued recently on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, the divided U.S. working class has been pillaged since the 1970s with stagnant wages and dwindling benefits and job security. Mr. Biden’s so-called Rescue is nothing more than crumbs and scraps from the plates of the American Ruling Class because it is only a temporary fix. But the class exploitation and immiseration will continue unabated for the proletariat, the precariat.

Solidarity. Equanimity.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

04:00 PST,

It’s Our Love” by Thee Sacred Souls, 2021.

“Professor Richard Wolff: Imagining a Real American Rescue” by The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, 12 MAR 2021.

05:00 PST,

06:00 PST,

[English translation below]

Este canal de YouTube es uno de mis favoritos este año pasado porque nos expusieron a Lord Sumption, quien articuló claramente lo que muchos estavamos pensando sobre los bloqueos estatales de las sociedades, o sea la decision de encarcelar a toda la sociedad en sus casas. Además, hicieron muchas preguntas sobre lo que estaba pensando, pero nadie más parecía estar pensando, ni siquiera preocuparse.

Si escuchas atentamente, creo que encontrarás que este canal, o al menos Freddie Sayers, puede ubicarse a la derecha del espectro político. Nosotros nos posicionamos a la izquierda. Sin embargo, el año pasado, solo la derecha ha desafiado, o al menos cuestionado, los bloqueos, la encarcelada.

Lo importante para nosotros, como decía Albert Einstein, es no dejar de cuestionar.

Por lo tanto, nos comprometemos con toda investigación crítica, ya sea de izquierda o de derecha. No estamos de acuerdo con todo lo que dicen. Pero apreciamos su disposición a ir en contra de la mentalidad de rebaño predominante.


This YouTube channel is one of my favorites this past year because they exposed us to Lord Sumption, who articulated clearly what many of us were thinking about the state lockdowns of societies. Also, they asked many questions I was thinking, but no one else seemed to be thinking about, or even care about.

If you listen closely, I think you’ll find that this channel, or at least Freddie Sayers, can be positioned on the right of the political spectrum. I position myself on the left. Yet, this past year, only the right has been challenging, or at least questioning the lockdowns.

The important thing for us, like Albert Einstein said, is to not stop questioning.

So, we engage with all critical inquiry, whether on the left, or right. We don’t agree with everything they say. But we appreciate their willingness to go against the grain of the prevailing herd mentality.

07:00 PST,

08:00 PST,



10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > […] Lopate pushed the controversial zoonotic origins of COVID-19 myth again without qualification. We remind readers that this is an unresolved controversy, as acknowledged by Dr. Michio Kaku on Explorations earlier this week. The fact that Mr. Lopate is uncritically regurgitating the CDC’s dubious claims about a zoonotic origin of the SARS-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, is a red flag. We mustn’t forget the CDC is part of the U.S. military, which is to say part of the military-industrial complex. And let us not forget that their focus on the development of biological weapons, of which germ/microbe weaponization is a very real component. Either Mr. Lopate has an agenda to obfuscate controversy around the origins of the COVID-19, or he is uncritically and irresponsibly re: covid [] 10:17 carbs become glucose and glucose becomes lpyrovate goes jnto mitochondria […] 1024, doctor suggested interesting effects. But Lopate ignored him and instead moved to fear monger about obesity, only for the doctor to say that was wrong. […[ this chat is about weight loss, not body composition, sadly. Cf. Bikman, Why We get sick. Ben pakulski, et al. But we do concede that the more we eat, the faster our cells burn out, like Null said yesterday. […] “overtraining” […] 1046, The doctor just corroborated what we’ve been saying: fat does not make you fat. Your author practices carb cycling. Low carb days are high fat days. But be mindful of the triglyceride profiles. Beware of Omega-6 fats, which are estrogenic. Once I mastered the principles of natural bodybuilding, I always stay under 10% body fat, which is what we want to avoid various health issues associated with carrying excess fat. Of course, women’s healthy body fat percentiles are higher than men. And, ultimately, one’s ability to reduce body fat is a hormonal matter. If one hits a wall with fat reduction, the next step is to consider hormone function. But not everyone needs to be lean. And, we acknowledge, real women have curves. This doctor didn’t mention any of this. Oh, well. Again, all theory, no practice or experience. Pacifica’s Dr. Gary Null was a bodybuilder earlier in his life,270 lbs at about a 6 foot stature. Dr. Null knows from theory and from direct experience with body composition. “Weight loss” is a scam, dear readers. Please master your body composition: reduce your body fat and increase your body muscle, which will increase bone density and improve general health. […] 10:50 PST, ‘We actually produce more energy, pound for pound, than the sun does.’ Whoa. Cf. The Matrix, humans used as power cells for AI, which has plugged us into little bubbles of cognitive illusion, not unlike what society looks like today, perhaps. […] Our primary critique of Mr. Lopate is that he ignores alternative perspectives, such as his own colleague, Dr. Gary Null, who was on his own radio station WBAI in the very hour before his broadcast. This reminds us of what we have observed at other Pacifica Radio stations. It seems there are liberals within Pacifica Radio, who uncritically accept—is there any other way?—the notion of voting Democrat, which is antidemocratic because a two-party political cartel, whicy excludes alternative political parties from ballot access via Top-Two Primary laws and blocks alternative political parties from the presidential debates is antidemocratic. And it has created an acceptance in society of only two political choices, both neoliberal, both antilabor, both anti-working class. Also, two-party systems are polarizing, as we have been saying, and as must be patently clear to all by now. Yet, somehow, only Ralph Nader and a few other voices have acknowledged this reality on Pacifica Radio. And we recall when Ralph Nader was saying this, KPFA’s editorial consensus marginalized Ralph Nader, but championed the neoliberal Mr. Obama. Only people, like KPFA’s Davey D (Hard Knock Radio) aired critical voices, such as Mr. Carl Dix, who wasn’t afraid to go against the herd mentality and speak honestly about the two-party dictatorship.

Mr. Lopate, like his cognates at KPFA (e.g., Kris Welch, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Philip Maldari, et al) seem and at KPFK (Sonali Kolhatkar, et al.) and at WBAI (Kristine Blasdale(sp?), et al and her postmodern hyperrealism, pushing magical thinking towards “wealth and abundance“, neoliberal individualism instead of individual liberty; they seem to be brainwashing the youth, millennials and post-millenials against collective action, like the whole antidemocratic “New Day” Pacifica Bylaws Referendum, which seeks to disenfranchise the Pacifica Radio listeners, who are the legal and rightful owners of Pacifica), they all tend to avoid debate. We suspect these non-grassroots, non-activist types tend to avoid debate because, were they to attempt to debate their positions, they would be exposed as frauds. When I’ve called in to Pacifica Radio stations, management at all stations have censored me once I begin to question all of this, or raise difficult questions about the internal struggles within Pacifica Radio. But some of us have seen liberals, presumably Democrat Party partisans, who have been trying to NPR-ize, or corporatize Pacifica since the 1990s. We remember during the 1999 KPFA Lockout, when many of us camped out in front of our beloved KPFA/Pacifica National Office because we felt the state was trying to shut us down. Mr. Bill Clinton even hammered on Ms. Janet Reno because he felt she wasn’t cracking down hard enough on the protestors camped out in front of KPFA. So, when we hear Democrat partisans and apologists, who look down their noses at their colleagues to the left of them, or their colleagues willing to engage in more controversial questions than them, when we see such intellectual censorship, we must call it out.

On Wednesday, Mr. Lopate (like his cognates at KPFA often attempt to do) tried to claim that he doesn’t take a position, e.g. on controversial topics. Yet, his cheerleading guest said, I’m opinionated enough for the both of us. That underscored the reality that the very selection of guests is where Mr. Lopate and other broadcasters establish their position. It’s one’s bias which drives one to select a topic or guest to emphasize. Everyone is biased. The question is whether they are transparent, or secretive, about their biases. No one is neutral. As Dr. Howard Zinn said, You Can’t Be Neutral On a Moving Train. DON’T FALL FOR IT. Mr. Lopate invited listeners to email him with questions and comments at

Is This a Class Reductionist?” by Jacobin, 12 MAR 2021.

“On the Jacobin Show, Ariella Thornhill discusses why and how black civil rights and labor leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Bayard Rustin fought for the types of universal, redistributive programs that some liberals today consider ‘class reductionist’.”

Tune in to the Jacobin Show every Wednesday at 18:00 ET (i.e., 6 pm ET) on The Jacobin channel.

Wow. What a wonderful video. This analysis makes our hearts sing because it expands the lines of inquiry, which we have been pursuing here at Lumpenproletariat, especially since Epoch Philosophy opened up our eyes to the postmodern hyperrealism and revisionism, which has repurposed Dr. King’s true legacy in service of capital. Maybe it’s time for grad school.

10:55 PST, WBAI & WPFW > News Headlines with Askia Muhammad > […] ‘new law will make it a crime to taunt police officers‘?

11:00 PST, WBAI > Neurodiversity > topic: dyslexia, esp. in black and brown people

11:00 PST, KPFA > Voices of the Middle East and North Africa (VOMENA) > […] 11:07 PST, […] ‘the way Arab Jews were treated in Israel was terrible.’ […] 11:08 PST,

11:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 11:09 PST, [TW] ‘real romance means women matter’ […] On truth and reconciliation’, you can’t have reconciliation without truth. | ‘being angry at injustice doesn’t make you an angry person’ ‘censoring anger is a way to close a conversation’ | Next topic: Remembering Octavia Butler, super cool dystopian sci fi writer.

11:55 PST, new law could make it a crime to talk to police officers.

12:00 PST, KPFA > It’s Going Down > […] 12:12 PST, talk. sounds like the topic is gentrification in Houston. […] ‘mutual aid around the big Texas freeze’ due to what Dr. Michio Kaku described this week on Explorations as the wandering polar vortex, which has become destabilized due to human-induced climate change.

13:00 PST, KPFA > Project Censored with Mickey Huff > topic: big ag vs the environment […] Neoliberalism privatising the Point Reyes Seashore! […] 13:32 PST, Mickey Huff: “Local media matters.” ‘to fill the void of media deserts.’ […] One guest said he was going to be optimistic that Mr. Biden would do better than Mr. Trump. But we implore him to soul-search on that optimism. What is that optimism based upon, past political behavior of Mr. Biden, or a desire to be polite? We don’t think the man was a naive liberal. He seems more politically astute than us. When we listen to Project Censored, we listen like devoted students because they are the truth. But we are as frustrated as Dr. King by this uncritical support for Democrat Party politics, which, as Dr. Richard Wolff said recently on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow is misguided.

14:00 PST, WPFW > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod > Weekly Roundtable with Dr. Gerald Horne, et al. [TW]

The Resurgence of Race Reductionism – Touré Reed” by Jacobin, 12 MAR 2021.

14:00 PST, KPFA > Terra Verde > [TW] real talk. ‘Kern County, California fossil fuel industry plans fast-track drilling of many wells’ and privatize water? […] ‘grassroots’ ‘people of color’ […] ‘This struggle goes back to 2015.’ […] ‘That’s why a second lawsuit is being filed this week.’ […] ‘A single well can have many adverse side effects…’ […] ‘Most of the public comment was opposed to the well-drilling.’ […] ‘well-drilling ordinance will cause harm to rural, unincorporated areas and the local people, as the pollution worsens and the health problems worsen’ […] ‘30,000 premature deaths were due to fossil fuel emissions’ […] The New Republic article, “This is what..” ‘Hopefully, Newsom will do right,’ said the male guest interviewee. But what is that hope based upon, past political behavior or wishful thinking?’ […] 14:29 PST, ‘Ta-Nehisi Coates speech clip’. He seems to please white liberals. But does he challenge the two-party dictatorship, which white liberals support via the Democrat Party?

14:30 PST, KPFA > Pushing Limits > Host is interviewing Adrienne Lauby, a KPFA acquaintance of mine circa 2007-2010, when I ran for the KPFA Local Station Board. After 2011 to 2012, I worked with Abby Martin on After 2013, I was at UMKC. Now, it’s time to reconnect with our peace and justice friends. […] ‘SuperFest’ disabilities film festival. […] 14:53 PST, ‘What’s next for the Longmore Institute?’

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > News with Sonali | Sonali reported on COVID-19 with an uncritical lense, smearing Robert Kennedy for spreading baseless ‘anti-vaxxe’ rumors. Yet, in her accusation of Robert Kennedy, who has been banned from Twitter, Kolhatkar presented no evidence in her baseless smear. What’s wrong with this picture? […] 15:09 PST, music break. | Next segment: ‘American Rescue Plan’ is a $1.9 Trillion. Billions are set aside for black farmers.’ Guest: ‘John’ ‘At the turn of the century 1 million, 14% of farmers. Now, numbers are down drastically due to discrimination, unfair land practices, lending programs, and migration northward of black people.’ […] 15:12 PST,

15:00 PST, WPFW > News Views with Garland Nixon > […] 15:13 PST, ‘What do we need to know about the Haitian Constitution and why Mr. Biden wants to change it?’ documentary film: Aristide and the Endless Revolution. […] ‘It was a dirty informational war against Aristide because he posed an existential threat to US imperialism because he refused to be a political puppet, or proxy, for US imperialism.’ […] ‘US imperialism works 25 hours a day to overthrow any government they can’t control.’ […] ‘We must connect all movements for racial justice around the world.’ cf. Black Alliance for Peace. cf. Dead Pres on dreaming. cf. Malcolm X talked about the house slave vs the field slave. Many colonized minds have a house slave mentality. [TW] ‘That’s why internationalism is important.’ An injury to one is an injury to all, as the Wobblies used to say. Dr. King said something similar, decades later. […] Follow guest Mr. Danny Shaw on Twitter for coverage of Haiti. […] cf. Haïti Liberté. […] @DannyShawCUNY. cf. CodePink. Ecuadorian military may intervene against elections. […] ‘The US will never overthrow Haiti because the last little old lady left will come down from the hills and throw a rock at the imperialists, if she must. But they will never stop fighting for independence because they are very revolutioary. They know that ‘Kidnapping is a political weapon now.’ […] ‘Like Che Guevara said…’ […] call-ins invited. 15:38 PST, unable to hear broadcast any longer, as I’m on hold with WPFW to join the discussion on Haiti and the global struggle against the three evils of society on an internationalist level. […] I called in, dear readers, but I went off-topic and lost my focus, it seems. Or maybe I was censored? Maybe the host didn’t want me to expose the forces within Pacifica Radio, who are opposed to the Pacifica Mission statement, who want to eliminate democratic governance of Pacifica, who have been seeking to corporatize Pacifica since the 1990s. Patience is a virtue, they say. But Dr. King also warned us about gradualism, which is what liberals/centrists at Pacifica are keen on maintaining. […] 1549, male caller just said, ‘I have to commiserate with the gentleman, who can’t get on KPFA,’ he said, referring to your author, ‘but we can always get on WPFW.’ We hope. But what is this hope based on, past behavior evidenced, or wishful thinking?

Thank you for reading Lumpenproletariat. Also find us at

Solidarity. Equanimity.


[12 MAR 2021]

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Plandemic Dystopia #382 |  Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism


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LUMPENPROLETARIAT [Monday, 16 MAY 2022]  Here are some of today’s media/press notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (Please see below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle, and more.)

On today’s edition of Flashpoints, listeners were treated to an inspiring and alarming webinar from earlier this month, hosted by longtime union activist and teacher Jeff Mackler (American Federation of Teachers; Northern California Climate Mobilization, founder; Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, director; Antioch College, alumnus).  The purpose of the webinar was to draw attention to the increasing degree of censorship in the current political climate.  As Joe Lombardo wrote on the Facebook page for United National Antiwar Coalition, which featured the webinar livestream:

As censorship is becoming the norm in the United States, Alice Walker, a [fighter for human rights], antiwar activist, feminist, and world-renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple has been invited and disinvited to the Bay Area Book Festival. This was done because [of] her consistent stand in support of Palestinian rights. This, they claim, is antisemitism.

Speakers include Alice Walker, Chris Hedges, and Susan Abulhawa.

Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition

Indeed.  Of course, Chris Hedges also spoke out against censorship, as his entire RT archives of On Contact interviews, along with Abby Martin’s Breaking The Set program archives, were deleted from YouTube.  And  Susan Abulhawa spoke out about the “devastating impact”, which Facebook’s censorship of Palestinian activism has had on their ability to organize and mobilize support for Palestinian human rights.  [ 1 ]

Jeff Mackler (tall bloke)

Other salient observations:

  • (DoD) press secretary John Kirby held a press conference.  DoD concerns included Somalia‘s geopolitics after “the Somali’s presidential election yesterday” and AUSA‘s 2022 LANPAC Symposium in Hawai’i.  (cf. PBS NewsHour, et al.)  (More notes on this topic below.)
  • The state is still trying to coercively inject my son (and all kids), without parental consent, with experimental and cytoxic spike protein COVID-19 injectable drug products.  Indeed, last month Dr. Mobeen Syed summarized a new study showing S1 protein and spike protein circulating in the blood of individuals. But if all KPFA listeners get is Brian Edwards-Tiekert and his gaslighting segments with Dr. John Schwartzberg. KPFA, and Pacifica Radio still doesn’t seem to care, as the newscast bosses and most editorial bosses of bosses for current affairs programming toe the establishment line, refusing to invite dissenting doctors and scientists and perspectives. [  endnote ]

@LumpenProles, last modified/edited/updated on 25 MAY 2022 at 16:28 PDT.


[Notes will be modified/edited/updated as time and labor constraints allow.  Working class solidarity. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊]

Monday, May 16, 2022

04:00 PDT / 06:00 CDT, KPFT > Flashpoints > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

04:00 PDT / 06:00 CDT, KPFT > The Thom Hartmann Program

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  The Thom Hartmann Program suffers from what Dr. Noam Chomsky described as “the liberal bias” circa 1991.  But we can read between the lines, keeping in mind the false left-right paradigm, which seeks to funnel left-leaning people into the corporate, right-leaning Democrat Party, and which fails to expose the two-party dictatorship.  Being able to see through the liberal bias and the two-party dictatorship, we can cull details about the shallow politics of ‘the three branches of government’ and whatnot, to supplement our understanding of the deep politics of the American power elite, who actually control those three branches of government.

04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT, WBAI > What’s Going On? Labor Monday with Bob Hennelly

NOTES/COMMENTS:  [L12]  …  (c. 8:05)  A Democrat Party candidate.  N.B.:  The Democrat Party is a corrupt political party, whose leadership colludes with the Republican Party to block third party alternatives from ballot access across the nation with Top Two Primary laws and such, and by privatizing and monopolizing the Presidential Debates and so on.  Democrat politician focused on feelings, identity politics, and anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, like most Democrat Party politicians when addressing gun violence.  Yet, history shows that, when governments disarm their people, those governments become even more despotic than ever.  (c. 11:13 PDT)  …  Then, the female-sounding Democrat politician went on to sell her Colombian immigrant background as sociopolitical currency, as if any of her rhetoric will render her an opposition candidate against the status quo when we’ve already heard this song before, some of us for decades.  …  Then, the Democrat politician expounded further on platitudes about ideals and future generations, no mention of the two-party dictatorship, nor of how two-party systems are polarizing, no intellectual substance, just platitudes and empty slogans about “freedom” and “safety” and “community”.  “That’s how I think about politics.”  It is absolutely galling, after the nth time, to hear liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) use the rhetorical device of saying things, like that, or like, ‘one way to think about this issue is x‘, or ‘the way we can think about this is y‘.  Perhaps, at some point, this seemingly benign phrasing simply meant, the way I understand this is x.  But, now, this rhetorical convention, especially coming from timid liberals to their even more timid followers, is becoming dogmatic.  It is increasingly coming across as authority as truth, or intellectual authority preaching to the choir.
  |  (c. 15:00)  Then, the host adds more hot air to the balloon by invoking more tired buzzwords, such as “intersectionality”.

05:00 PDT, KPFA > Letters and Politics

COMMENTSThis 05:00 timeslot wastes a one-hour block on repeating the previous day’s show, as if this show was worthy of such repetition, as if it were deep politics, like Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner, rather than shallow politics or merely culture or obscure history, safely removed from current affairs “to bound thinkable thought“, as Dr. Noam Chomsky phrased it circa 1991.  Not even Democracy Now! is worthy of being aired twice per day on the same station, as it has sold out to “the liberal bias“.  But this repetition of programming, which suffers from “the liberal bias”, is an example of the way liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) colonize and monopolize the free speech radio airwaves and prevent voices to the left of them from having a fair opportunity to be heard.  |  Letters and Politics also suffers from what Dr. Noam Chomsky described as “the liberal bias” circa 1991.  As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I think the vast majority of white Americans will go but so far.  It’s a kind of installment plan for equality.  And they are always looking for an excuse to go but so far.”  It’s a bad installment plan for equality, for liberty, for freedom, for justice, one for a substandard product, with ballooning interest rates, which will never be fully paid off.  At least with the belligerent Republican Party, the oppressed know where they stand.  But
liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) feign commitment to helping the oppressed, yet only “go but so far”, as every year the goals of equality and socioeconomic justice are further away.

05:00 PDT / 07:00 CDT / 08:00 EDT, WBAI & WPFW & KPFT [simulcast] > Democracy Now!

NOTES:  [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  This program used to be a hard-hitting, adversarial newscast. I’ll never forget the day Amy Goodman interviewed former President Bill Clinton. He got his comeuppance. And we got to hear his true personality, his bullying nature. I never understood people, who interview people in positions of power, but then ask softball questions. People called it an ambush interview. Pfft. After 9/11, many of us were disappointed by the dishonesty, the lying by omission, the gaslighting. After COVID-19 gaslighting and refusal to interview dissenting doctors, scientists, and others, it was clearer than ever that Democracy Now! (DN!) has been compromised, or has sold out. As Lewis Lapham said about reading The New York Times, ‘I still read it,’ he said, ‘But when I do I know they’re lying to me.’ The same thing goes for DN! Like the KPFA news bosses and most of the Pacifica Radio news bosses, DN! suffers from what Dr. Noam Chomsky called “the liberal bias” circa 1991, when he was critiquing corporate media. Now, it also applies to most of the Pacifica Radio newscast bosses, who must make U.S. spooks proud, if they aren’t in fact on some spook payroll already.

06:00 PDT, KPFA > Democracy Now! > [see notes/comments above for earlier broadcast of this same daily episode]

06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT, WBAI > Law and Disorder with Heidi Boghosian, Michael Smith Producer: Geoff Brady

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]  “Topics:  Abortion  –  Roe V Wade – SCOTUS Leak  – Food Safety”  |  “Synopsis: Michael Smith Editorial On Kathy Boudin —-  Landmark Case Roe v. Wade Analysis  |If the court overrules Roe, its expected that half the states will outlaw or severely limit abortion. Thirteen states with so-called trigger laws would immediately ban the procedure. Five states that have pre-Roe abortion bans could once again enforce them. And 14 states would ban abortions before fetal viability.  |  Guest – Attorney Marjorie Cohn – Professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law  —-  Government Agencies Delay Food Safety FOIA Requests |  Over the last half-century, FOIA requests became critical tools for both journalists and activists seeking to illuminate federal agency activities.Todays guest has experienced this frustrating process”first requesting information; then waiting years for respective agencies to respond; receiving either no reply or replies with much the data blacked out; and finally, being forced to sue.  |  Guest – Zach Corrigan, is a champion of food safety and senior attorney at Food and Water Watch.”

07:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT, WBAI > Project Censored > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet.]

COMMENTS:  This is one of the best (i.e., honest, hard-hitting, accurate description, and solution/prescription-orientated) programs on Pacifica Radio, or anywhere, for that matter.

07:00 PDT, KPFA > UpFront

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]  Additional notes in archive page.

COMMENTS: This is the worst Machiavellian perception management, which will never inform the working class, which is oppressed by the power elite, nor help them connect the dots between issues to help the public see the larger truths to be able to learn from past experience.  This type of Machiavellian gaslighting hides its lack of concern for the suffering of others behind a veneer of journalistic objectivity or journalistic professionalism—professionalism, the journalistic refuge of scoundrels.  Liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists), like this host, appear to be professional amnesiacs, conveniently forgetting lessons from their own past interviews, if such lessons threaten the status quo, not to mention other common sense lessons from the broader society.  There are so many examples of when listeners can remember a key piece of information, which can help an interview reach deeper conclusions or attain new insights, but the liberal host feigned ignorance or simply failed to make the connection.  And listeners are given the mushroom treatment, as former KPFA manager Nicole Sawaya used to say, describing the long-standing patronage system culture behind the scenes at Pacifica Radio:  ‘KPFA workers are given the mushroom treatment, keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.’  At any rate, the listeners, who listen because they care about social justice, are the losers because these liberal hosts force each conversation to start at square one, or as far back to the starting line of intellectual inquiry from which the guest is commencing discourse.  Important insights culled from interview A will never show up on interview B or C, when liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) are managing a discussion.  Sure, such liberals will go into meticulous and sophisticated detail because this creates a veneer of intellectual seriousness, and it causes most listeners to lose the forest for the trees, to miss the bigger picture by failing to make crucial connections, to connect the dots, as they say in America, or to join the dots, as they say in the UK.  Connections will be made only when it doesn’t impact the status quo.  Of course, there are exceptions at Pacifica Radio, such as Flashpoints, Project Censored and deep politics programming, like Guns and Butter (which was forced off the air at KPFA).  But those exceptions are viewed as the black sheep by the bosses, rather than supported or embraced as allies. Oddly, during the first quarter of 2022, Mickey Huff was on Letters and Politics. I’ll have to relisten, if possible.  It’s evident educators, such as Mickey Huff, are open to collaboration and cooperation.  But it’s not plausible that entertainers, like Mitch Jeserich, would ever do anything with sincere educators and truth-seekers, like Mickey Huff, without an ulterior motive, such as reputational rehabilitation.  Examples of established ideas and conclusions, which can help liberate the working class, but which are marginalized or ignored by such liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists), as the hosts of UpFront, Letters and Politics, Talkies, etc., are ideas, which include modern monetary theory, the job guarantee program, the two-party dictatorship, the fact that two-party systems are polarizing, benefits of ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, the incompatibility between democracy and capitalism, and so on.  All of these ideas have been criminally obfuscated, suppressed, or marginalized to the best of their Machiavellian abilities.  And these are not partisan issues.  They’re only partisan issues, if you’re an antidemocratic partisan, a fascist, or an authoritarian.  Otherwise, we all have the common sense to identify basic democratizing features of a healthy democracy.  These are undisputable conclusions about a healthy democracy versus a diseased democracy, which have been accumulated after listening to countless voices advocating for social justice for decades.  When you listen to voices for peace and justice for years and decades, it’s hard not to learn basic truths over time.  Yet, somehow, some people, especially liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) never learn anything from history or past experience.  They still haven’t grasped the fundamental contradictions within capitalism, for example.  Only willful ignorance seems adequate to explain this.  The underlying presuppositions of such liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) deny all of these realities and begin with the false left-right paradigm, in which the Democrat Party is assumed to be a sincere opposition party, when, in fact, as Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, et al, have long admitted, we have a two-party dictatorship because America has undergone a corporate coup d’état decades ago. But you’d never know any of this from listening to liberals, such as this particular host.

[ 2 ]

09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, WBAI & > The Gary Null Show

NOTES:  (c. 09:00 PDT)  H&H, excellent commentary on nutrition, health, and longevity, including benefits of cacao.  |  (c. 19:50)  Up next, Margaret Heckler(sp?), Robert Gallo(sp?), Anthony Fauci, et al.  COVID-19 gaslighting from the establishment… | (c. 23:00)  music break, sounds like John Denver.  |  (c. 24:15)  |   Melissa Ciummei(sp?), sounds new. [TW] |  (c. 44:00)  A different British or Australian woman on the Great Reset [TW]  … plug for crypto.  Warning:  before you buy crypto, please watch the documentary film, Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King (2022), currently on Netflix.  ‘That was Sorrell…’  ‘BTW, I’m against all crypto currencies, there is nothing backing it…’  |  News Headlines with Sue Goodwin:  uncritical reporting on Ukraine, no mention of NATO’s illegitimate status, as a defensive alliance, after Soviet Union collapsed. It’s important the people understand this, dear Sue Goodwin. No mention of US/NATO imperialism, nor of US/NATO backed 2014 coup of Ukraine, nor eight-year Civil War in Ukraine provoked by neo-Nazi and actual Stepan Bandera Nazis and so on and so on.

COMMENTS:  The Gary Null Show is one of the most honest, compassionate, and hard-hitting programs on Pacifica Radio, or anywhere for that matter.  This program is easily as important, as the best of them: Flashpoints; Project Censored; On The Ground: Voices of Resistance From the Nation’s Capitol; Covid, Race & Democracy, Guns and Butter; et al.

Thanks to my sister for sharing this video with me:

The US medical system is still haunted by slavery” by Vox [via YouTube], 7 DEC 2017.

NOTES:  …  (c. 1:18) Harriet Washington, medical ethicist, author of Medical Apartheid

09:00 PDT, KPFA > Democracy Now! > [see notes/comments above for ]

10:00 PDT, KPFA > Letters and Politics > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  Letters and Politics suffers from the same “liberal bias“, as UpFront, Democracy Now!, Lopate at Large, Talkies, et al.

10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]  “Topics:
Daniel Bergner on The Mind and the Moon. |  Synopsis: When Daniel Bergner’s younger brother was diagnosed as bipolar and put on a locked ward in the 1980s, psychiatry seemed to have achieved what JFK promised: a revolution of chemical solutions to treat mental illness. Yet as Bergner’s brother was deemed a dire risk for suicide and he and his family were told his disorder would be lifelong, he found himself taking heavy doses of medications with devastating side effects.  |  Now, in recounting his brother’s journey alongside the gripping, illuminating stories of Caroline, who is beset by the hallucinations of psychosis, and David, who is overtaken by depression, Bergner examines the evolution of how we treat our psyches.  |  Join us when Daniel Bergner reveals how the pharmaceutical industry has perpetuated our biological view of the mind and our drug-based assumptions about treatment—despite the shocking price paid by many patients and the problematic evidence of drug efficacy on this installment of Leonard Lopate of Large.”

COMMENTS:  Leonard Lopate at Large suffers from the same “liberal bias”, as UpFront, Democracy Now!, Letters and Politics, Lopate at Large, Talkies, et al.

11:00 PDT, KPFA > The Ralph Nader Radio Hour > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

12:00 PDT, KPFA > Against the Grain

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]  “Fund Drive Special: The Taoist Classic “Tao Te Ching””  |  “Penn professor Paul Goldin discusses the Chinese philosophical text “Lao-Tzu,” also known as the “Tao Te Ching,” which has inspired and intrigued readers for more than two millennia.”

12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT, WBAI > Vantage Point with Ron Daniels

NOTES:  [haven’t listened yet]  “Synopsis:  Understanding Haitian Flag Day- With Dr. Leon Pamphile Author of Haitians and African Americans A Heritage of Tragedy and Hope, Pittsburgh, PA. |  We Remember Malcolm – With Professor James Small Teacher, Researcher, Global Pan Africanist, New York, NY. |  Guests:  James Small, Dr. Leon Pamphile”

13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT, WBAI > Covid, Race & Democracy with PNB Covid Taskforce

NOTES:  [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  This is a good show.  Your author is acquainted with at least two contributors.  Yet, I disagree most with the contributor I know best.  I disagree with the so-called Zero Covid approach because human history has proven it’s impossible for humans to ever be free of seasonal respiratory diseases such as coronaviruses or rhinoviruses.  Also, the scientific consensus is clear:  coronaviruses, when first introduced to a species, are more harmful, but less contagious; then, they become more contagious, but less harmful.  Of course, this is what happened with Omicron.  Age stratification means the older one is, the more vulnerable one is to any and all respiratory diseases.  But this program has aired conflicting perspectives on COVID-19.  Debates or panels with opposing perspectives could help resolve, or at least address some of the contradictions of occasionally allowing dissenting views, such as the Great Barrington Declaration, but mostly amplifying establishment assumptions, such as citing “case rates”, rather than truly sick and infected or hospitalized people.  Most COVID-19 statistics cite PCR test results, which are prone to error, depending on the cycle threshold used to magnify samples.  At any rate, the PCR test’s inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis, has stated categorically that the PCR test is not a diagnostic test.  Then, there’s the VAERS data, which is usually occulted, and the official statistical models have been occulted, and the 17,000 doctors speaking out in dissent, and the doctors being persecuted, targeted, smeared, for refusing to be coerced into pushing an absurd narrative.  The Gary Null Show addresses most, if not all, common sense concerns and critiques about the police state psyop response to COVID-19, which is threatening to close the open society, to force ‘COVID passports’ on everyone, to mandate jabs for kids without parental consent, to impose unscientific ‘social distancing’, to abolish cash and impose a central bank digital currency (CBDC), to make most people fearful of everyone else, to further alienate people and atomize society, in short, to incrementally impose inverted totalitarianism.

13:00 PDT / 15:00 CDT, KPFT > Hard Knock Radio > [archive not accessible; no free flow of information; no free speech]

13:00 PDT, KPFA > Women’s Magazine > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTSWomen’s Magazine uses radical language (i.e., grassroots activist language), but also suffers from the same “liberal bias“, as Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich, Talkies with Kris Welch, Leonard Lopate at Large, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Stephanie Miller Show, UpFront with Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Real Time with Bill Maher, Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and co., et al.

Livestream broadcast:

Behavior Analyst Reacts LIVE […]” by The Body Language Guy [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

NOTES:  …  1422 PDT, court is adjourned for the day.  postmortem analysis [T]

Livestream broadcast:

How the FBI Spied on Einstein […]” by The Film Archives [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

NOTES:  (c. 14:30 PDT)  …  (c. 1431)  audience comment:  ‘Einstein was a Zionist and an anti-racist’  [isn’t that an oxymoron?]  … (c. 14:33)  Einstein was a “co-sponsor” to attacks on Paul Robeson?  …  1435. …  1439 PDT  and he said, “Einstein was a pinko.”  I said, ‘Why are you whispering?’ [T]

Livestream broadcast:

You Can’t Get Away With It: The FBI and J. Edgar Hoover (1936 Film)” by The Film Archives, 16 MAY 2022.

NOTES:  14:40 PDT, Livestreaming > The Film Archives >  #premiere. FBI propaganda film

COMMENTS:  (1452)  Liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists), who refuse to publicly debate people like your author, I suspect will smear your author, for not providing footnotes and citations for each opinion, assertion, or fact-claim within these harried notes scrawled whilst riding a train or a bus or a truck.  But these are my notes, mainly for educational purposes, for the day when I actually have time to refer to them for proper writing.  But such critics operate in bad faith.  If they operated in good faith, they would fact-check political opponents first before accusing them of lacking expertise or cogency or coherence or whatever.  That’s why we fact-check these liberals, because they are monopolizing the airtime and screentime, but they aren’t telling the people the truth.   But your author is not a writer, but a hunter-gatherer.  Like Steve Albini sang, “I’m a bricklayer; I kill what I eat.”  I make no illusions of purity, or perfection, even broccoli screams when you rip or cut it out of the ground.  I only claim my humanity.  The words I scrawl are symbols of resistance to the machines of oppression, stolen moments away from what cognitive scientist Prof. John Vervaeke calls “the having mode”.  But I don’t need more than I can carry, no hording, no wealth stockpiling, no status symbols, no putting on airs.  The Native American lived in harmony with the creatures the Native killed.  The European immigrant came and engaged in genocide and wanton mass killings of buffalo from train cars out of mere spite. 

14:00 PDT / 17:00 EDT, WPFW > Sojourner Truth

NOTES:  [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  This program is usually revolutionary, but has been known to be soft on the corporate Democrat Party, prone to “the liberal bias“, when it comes to the two-party dictatorship, which can clearly see the corruption of the Republican Party, but has a blindspot for the corruption of the Democrat Party.

14:00 PDT, KPFA > About Health > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

15:00 PDT / 18:00 EDT, WBAI > WBAI Evening News > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

15:00 PDT / 17:00 CDT, KPFT > Code Pink Radio > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

15:00 PDT, KPFA > UpFront PM >

NOTES:  [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  This is a rerun of content from the morning broadcast, which automatically makes this broadcast offensive to the Pacifica Radio Mission Statement, especially when there are so many censored, dissenting voices out there, which deserve airtime.  UpFront is akin to NPR or PBS, not to perspectives not commonly heard elsewhere.  The most egregious example is the single establishment medical opinion on COVID-19 from Dr. Michael Schwartzberg, marginalizing other valid and sound perspectives, such as Dr. Peter McCullough, and other censored and persecuted doctors and scientists.  Instead of respect for the Pacifica Mission Statement, liberal programming, such as UpFront, repeats itself, monopolizing airtime with duplication of the worst Machiavellian perception management, which will never inform the working class, a working class oppressed by the power elite and by liberal gaslighting,  which will never help the working class make the crucial connections, which will never help them connect the dots between issues, whi “vitally affect the community”, help the public see the larger truths to be able to learn from past experience.  (See comments above for UpFront.)

15:30 PDT / 18:30 EDT, WBAI > CounterSpin > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

COMMENTS:  I used to dig this show back in the day, when it was on KPFA.  In recent years, it seems disappointing.  I’m not sure if the program became less hard-hitting, or if my perception is less susceptible to “the liberal bias“, deceptions, and wishful thinking.  Maybe it’s a combination of both elements.

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

N95” by Kendrick Lamar (2022)

Take it off!

17:00 PDT, KPFA & KPFK [simulcast]> Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein

NOTES:  […]  1710, sounds like Jeff Mackler on censorship, ‘Orwellian world nobody wants’  . … (c. 17:11 PDT)  Chris Hedges: ‘We have had a corporate coup d’état. | 1715 ‘Susan’  … 1717 ‘Facebook had an algorithmic policy to remove anything to do with Palestine…’  1718. ‘And I feel it’s getting worse…’  ‘We see now, with Musk’s purchase of Twitter, one man can act as gatekeeper…’  1719.  …  ‘I wish I had more answers, but reality looks pretty grim right now…’  |  Jeff Mackler (?):  ‘Well, the answers start with acknowledging reality.’  | 1720. ‘Alice’  ‘What is happening is we are losing the planet from right underneath our feet…’  ‘It’s almost a spiritual discussion we can have…’  ‘I think it’s in the Gnostic Gospels…’  ‘These beings are missing the boat, while they are destroying it…’  |  1721 ‘In 2014, I wrote a book about the fascist Ukraine.  And nobody challenged the facts…’  …. ‘Victoria Nuland…  ….they were Nazis…  led the storming of the Ukrainian Parliament…  And ordered the army to march on the Donbas… many refused and joined the Russian Federation army.’  …  1724. 
… 1727 ‘There are websites that portray activists as monsters with the intent to cause harm, starting with smear campaigns intended to ruin people’s careers or lose their jobs. |  1734 [TW]  ‘We all have to be in a circle with people, who want to know the truth…’  |  (c. 1740 PDT)  Dennis Bernstein, asking for listener sponsors, asking listeners to participate, or as I like to put it, asking listeners to become listeners sponsors and listener-owners, to help democratize KPFA, Pacifica, and all of terrestrial radio.


  • Video of event featured on Flashpoints is on Facebook:  LINK.

18:00 PDT, KPFA & KPFK [simulcast]> The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

NOTES:  pending

COMMENTS:  Usually, honest on basic social justice issues, but newscast bosses tend to gaslight listeners on COVID-19 (never mention VAERS data, VAERS deaths, assaults on informed consent, assaults on parental consent, no mention of litigation in India against the World Health Organization) and establishment Democrat Party politics (i.e., usually engaging in Democrat Party apologia and perception management to keep people within the Democrat Party imaginary and out of the third-party politics imaginary, in the sociology sense of the term, ‘imaginary’).  I.e., ‘it’s all good, just don’t question 9/11, COVID-19, nor establishment electoral politics.’  Having said all that, this is still a better nightly newscast than most.  I’m hard-pressed to think of a better one, especially since the demise of Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), especially not locally.  But that doesn’t excuse the KPFA news bosses’ intellectual dishonesty, lying by omission, and other deficiencies of journalistic integrity.

19:00 PDT, KPFA > Africa Today > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

20:00 PDT, KPFA > Transitions On Traditions

NOTES:  [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

“Shout Out” by Sekou Sundiata (1997)

“Here’s to the best words
In the right place
At the perfect time to the human mind
Blown-up and refined.

“To long conversations and the
Philosophical ramifications of a beautiful day.

“To the twelve-steppers
At the thirteenth step
May they never forget
The first step.

“To the increase, to the decrease
To the do, to the do
To the did, to the did
To the do, to the did
To the done, done
To the lonely.

“To the brokenhearted.
To the new, blue haiku.

“Here’s to all or nothing at all.

“Here’s to the sick, and the shut-in.

“Here’s to the was you been, to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep, to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“To the crazy
The lazy
The bored
The ignored
The beginners
The sinners
The losers
The winners.
To the smooth
And the cool
And even to the fools.
Here’s to your ex-best-friend.

“To the rule-benders and the repeat offenders.
To the lovers and the troublers
The engaging
The enraging
To the healers and the feelers
And the fixers and the tricksters
To a star falling from a dream.
To a dream, when you know what it means.

“To the bottom
To the root
To the bass, uh, boom!
To the drum
To the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“Here’s to somebody within the sound of your voice this morning.
Here’s to somebody who can’t be within the sound of your voice tonight.
To a low-cholesterol pig sandwich smothered in swine without the pork.
To a light buzz in your head
And a soundtrack in your mind
Going on and on and on and on and on like a good time.

“Here’s to promises that break by themselves
Here’s to the breaks with great promise.
To people who don’t wait in the car when you tell them to wait in the car.

“Here’s to what you forgot and who you forgot.
Here’s to the unforgettable.
Here’s to the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“Here’s to the hip-hoppers
The don’t stoppers
Heads nodding in the digital glow
Of their beloved studios.
To the incredible, indelible impressions made by the gaze as you gaze in the faces of strangers.
To yourself you ask: Could this be God? Straight up!
Or is it a mask?

“Here’s to the tribe of the hyper-cyber
Trippin’ at the virtual-most outpost at the edge on the tip
Believin’ that what they hear is the mothership
Drawing near.
Here’s to the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.”

“Shout Out” by Sekou Sundiata, from The Blue Oneness of Dreams (1997)

“Sunsara Taylor Speaks – May […]” by The Revcoms, 16 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description:  [pending]

NOTES:  One point of information:  bodily autonomy means the right to refuse forced/mandated medical procedures.

Why Did the Man Who Started the CIA’s Department of Dirty Tricks Shoot Himself? (1995)” by The Film Archives [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description:  [pending]

NOTES:  [L5]  …  (c. 4:12)  ‘What was the Georgetown Sunday Night Supper Club?’  … (c. 6:20)  ‘Evan Thomas, author, The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years  of the CIA.

by Useful Idiots [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

NOTES: [L5]  Kate Willet(sp?), thankfully, substituted for liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) Katie Halper.

by The Film Archives [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description:  [pending]

NOTES:  [L5] 

“WATCH: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds press briefingby PBS NewsHour [via YouTube], 16 MAY 2022.

NOTES:  Video appears to start late, Mr. Kirby is in mid-sentence.  It’s unclear how late.  But we only hear Mr. Kirby make a couple of announcements for a minute:  US imperialism in Somalia via AFRICOM + US imperialism on the Pacific Ocean via AUSA’S and USINDOPACOM’s 2022 “LANPAC Symposium & Conference in downtown Waikiki”, Honolulu, Hawai’i.  Then, he switched to answering questions.  |  (c. 0:59)  Q&A.  |  “Ben” from AP asked for more details regarding US imperialism in Somalia.   JK shrugged off the question: ‘I’d refer you to AFRICOM.  But I doubt they will help you with your questions.’  |  (c. 1:20)  “Jen” asked about Finland and Sweden’s “bilateral agreements” at the moment, ‘given the months-long process of joining NATO.  JK downplayed the process, as if it might not happen.  (Yeah, right.)  Then, JK served up some of a reheated canned response from “last week.”

Let’s listen to DeLauer on L-Carnitine [ 3 ]

“L-Carnitine | How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health – Thomas DeLauer” by Thomas DeLauer [via YouTube], 27 OCT 2016.  [DeLauer Endnote #]

Perhaps, my favorite scholar of bodybuilding supplementation is Jerry Brainum, let’s hear what he has to say about L-Carnitine supplementation. [ 3 ]

Should You Use L-Carnitine As A Fat Burner? | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum” by Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Net…, 7 FEB 2017.

[ 1 ]  It’s about time Americans join the rest of the world in protest against the growing rise of authoritarianism and fascism all around the world.  But whereas the police state response to COVID-19 with its absurd narrative and extreme fearmongering motivated many nations around the world to mobilize en masse against the rising tide of authoritarianism.  The United States mostly divided itself between Democrat and Republican on the COVID-19  government overreach, with Democrats largely buying into the false narrative.  So, for Democrat types, bodily autonomy is only to be defended when Roe v Wade is on the line (which I defend), but not when laws are being pushed to try to inject my son, and all kids, (which I also defend).  The state is trying to pass laws to inject my son, and all kids, without parental consent!  That’s a red line, for most parents, informed consent.  But, with the absurd COVID-19 narrative, informed consent is impossible because the ingredient list has been redacted, such that the public cannot know what exactly is in these cytotoxic, experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products.  And, of course, PubMed pulled the VAERS study published by Dr. Jessica Rose and Dr. Peter McCullough without cause, reason, or justification.  Since November 2021, PubMed has claimed it’s temporary and that a reason will be given.  But no reason has been given so far.  Dr. Mark Crispin Miller a name, which will be familiar to free speech Pacifica Radio listeners and Project Censored listeners, as Dr. Mark Crispin Miller was a frequent guest on Project Censored.  Although, come to think of it, I don’t think he’s been invited much, post-COVID-19.

My attempts at calling in to KPFA’s morning show, where they talk about COVID-19, and ostensibly respond to the needs of the community, have been rebuffed.  At best, I got through and my question was redirected, or deflected. At worse, I was censored and blacklisted.

[ 2 ] Domestic surveillance is despotic.  When I was a kid, it was understood spying was targeted, ostensibly, on foreign adversaries, not the domestic population. 

If 20th Century Americans suddenly learned U.S. intelligence agencies were spying on them, they’d be up in arms, especially 1960s and ’70s Americans.

But after the Powell Memo and the pushback against what the American power elite perceived as “an excess of democracy”, the reactionary dumping of Keynesian and Post-Keynesian economics in favor of the toxic Reaganomics of neoliberalism, gratuitous economic austerity, pain, and ‘capitalist discipline’, American idealists were largely crushed under the weight of economic repression.  Everybody started selling out, going corporate or hustling to survive.  And the American psyche started to be broken down.  It must be broken down because the awakening, which occurred as a result of what Dr. Noam Chomsky called democratizing forces of the 1960s and ’70s, is a genie, which cannot be put back in the bottle.  Since the ideas and ideals of the democratizing generations can’t be unlearned, the subject must be forced to accept totalitarian compliance.  9/11 and COVID-19 are moments of kairos for the American deep state, or power elite, as well as the global power elite, which is pursuing a totalitarian centralized world government emanating out of the global power elite’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, fronted by Klaus Schwab, a student of Henry Kissinger, and most likely a shill of US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism. 

The ’90s still saw some pushback activism, culminating in the 1999 Seattle WTO demonstrations. 

But after 9/11, Americans really took a psychic beating.  The whole terror alert psyop and the anthrax attacks.  Americans started accepting mass domestic surveillance.  The latest psyop, COVID-19, has rendered most Americans totally compliant.  Now, we are in what Prof. Mattias Desmet  calls a mass formation event of mass psychology.  Dr. Desmet’s forthcoming book will likely become a classic, The Psychology of Totalitarianism.

We must continue to speak out against this mass formation, this inverted totalitarianism, as Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin called it, in order to pierce the veil of the trance everyone is in.  If not, I suspect our society could face decades, if not centuries of totalitarianism.

We need to support and defend and liberate whistleblowers, journalists, and others, like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Mumia Abu Jamal, to encourage others to follow in their footsteps, knowing that the people will always have their back, and not cut and run, or abandon them when the despotic state comes down on them.

Working Class Solidarity.  ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊

[ 3 ]  I was recently asked about L-Carnitine.  For the young people out there interested in L-Carnitine, Thomas DeLauer has a good track record of accuracy, in my experience.  Apparently, circa 2011, L-Carnitine supplementation began trending, but was seen as ‘snake oil’.  L-Carnitine is a naturally occuring amino acid in the body, which works with the mitochondria in cells, the ‘powerhouses’ of the cells.  L-Carnitine vs Acetyl Carnitine. Both help shuttle fat into mitochondria to produce energy, and help remove waste from that fat metabolism.  Free radicals and cellular waste is always produced during metabolism.  Thus. L-Carnitine is a great antioxidant.  An ‘acetyl group’ means it can cross the blood-brain barrier, which means acetyl Carnitine can help with mitochondria in the brain better than in the muscle.

[16 MAY 2022]

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