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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Wednesday, 16 FEB 2022]  According to one of the workers, Mr. Fauci has been all over the news gaslighting everybody, pushing for more injections of the experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products, which profit big pharma, yet do not prevent transmission of the virus.  Mr. Fauci is acting as if the pandemic isn’t over, says the fellow worker.  Indeed.

Thank you for reading Lumpenproletariat.  More often than not, this Plandemic Dystopia series of blog posts will include rough notes, and journal entries of life under American “inverted totalitarianism”, as Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin called it. 

The Chappelle Show was probably the last time the world was on the same page, so to speak, gathered around a common perspective and narrative, at least for black and brown people, if not all people.  It seems like everybody saw the Chappelle Show, or was aware of it.  Then, the show ended.  We used to have late night shows, like Johnny Carson and David Letterman, which still managed to unite American consciousness around a single focal point. Now, even movie stars and celebrities have lost their grip on the nation, as they used to. Even stardom is atomized now. Every celebrity seems to have started their own podcast during the plandemic, as they struggle to retain their relevance. Jimmy Diaz complained in a recent podcast that Sharon Stone didn’t have health insurance because ‘during the first nine months of the pandemic nobody filmed dick’. Reality seemed to melt in 2020. With hundreds of channels on TV and thousands upon thousands of channels online, everyone went into their own little bubbles of reality. Americans spoke of “pods”, groups of people, who agreed to ‘stay safe together’. It all seemed excessive to me, given age stratification and all. At any rate, a process of social engineering was conducted, like a psychological operation or psyop. Doubtless, the evidence will become overwhelming. Now, atomization is extreme. The tube TV as a 20th century substitute for primordial nightly village campfire storytelling has been violently atomized into individualized pocket screens with individualized ‘content feeds’, everyone in their own little bubbles of reality with ‘curated’ realities. Except this isn’t geared toward self-directed individualism with a collective spirit, but toward a socially engineered consciousness of political alienation and total apathy. Our society might look like the society of spectacle and pomp, like the bourgeois dandies and ladies, depicted in the film, Hunger Games.

  • PODCAST [via SoundCloud] > Guns and Butterwith Bonnie Faulkner > “The Pandemic’s Global Impact – Michel Chossudovsky, #441 Guns and Butter” Intended for terrestrial radio broadcast, including WBAI (Pacifica Radio), on 16 FEB 2022. Instead, WBAI aired Guns and Butter, Episode #437 on 16 FEB 2022.
  • Guns and Butter [via WBAI] > Alison McDowell > “Block Chain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse.” [#437, originally aired on 6 OCT 2021; oddly, website lists #441 with Michel Chossudovsky for 16 FEB 2022.]
  • CDC Orwellian doublespeak (cf. Kim Iverson)
  • According to one of the homies, Mr. Fauci has been all over the news gaslighting everybody, pushing more injections of the experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products, which profit big pharma, yet do not prevent transmission of the virus.  Mr. Fauci is carrying on as if the pandemic isn’t over.
  • According to one of the homies, Eddie Vedder has been interviewed by Mr. Bateman on the Smartless ( ? ) podcast to promote his new album, Earthling. [haven’t listened yet]
  • According to one of the workers, Talk Easy Pod > Cate Blanchett on her approach to acting, but apparently avoiding reality, or avoiding any discussion of mass formation or the gaslighting COVID-19 agenda going on in the world right now. [haven’t listened yet]
  • According to one of the workers, director Soderbergh was interviewed on Literally with Rob Lowe.  [haven’t listened yet]
  • Geopolitics and Empire > Alison McDowell
  • Rebel News > ‘Trudeau gives BLM money while seizing the bank accounts  of peaceful protesters”

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06:00 PST / 09:00 EST, WBAI > Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner |  Interview Guest [#437]:  Alison McDowell [cf. Wrench in the Gears]

NOTES:  [Introduction]  Alison McDowell:  ‘The question that I’m trying to lay out right now is the larger issue of the Metaverse.  In that, block chain is foundational to tracking assets from the material world into the digital world.  Before advancing forward, what are the consequences?  Because, once we go far enough, I think it’s gonna be very hard to back out.  And that has profound implications for babies and children and the unborn and all of the other beings that we share the world with, if we decide to live in the Metaverse.  And the block chain is the system, that is required to make the Metaverse happen.’  | (c. 2:35)  ‘I’m Bonnie Faulkner.  Today, on Guns and Butter, Alison McDowell.  Today’s show: “Block Chain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse.”  What you don’t know about digital twins could hurt you.  Alison McDowell is a pioneering independent researcher.  Her journey into activism began as a parent of a public school student. In 2013, Boston Consulting Group closed 23 schools in Philadelphia.  This led her to begin examining money, power, and influence in her city.   Her work interrogates the global finance and technology interests, that under the rising biosecurity state, are advancing a transhumanist program, that would virtualize humans as digital commodities to be fed into futures markets to profit hedge funds.  What started out, as one mom’s attempt to rein in standardized testing and educational surveillance evolved into an international effort to catelyze a global peace movement against [abuses of] digital identity and the World Economic Forum’s planned internet of bodies.  Alison Mcdowell, welcome back.” |  (03:53) ‘Thank you, Bonnie.  I’m glad to be chatting again.”  (c. 4:00)  [Begin interview]  […]  ‘I’d like to begin with a deep dive into Bitcoin. […]’  | Alison McDowell:  […]  (c. 7:30) You will become a commodity.’

PODCAST [via SoundCloud] > Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner > “The Pandemic’s Global Impact – Michel Chossudovsky, #441 Guns and Butter” | “Michel Chossudovsky describes sweeping restrictive measures applied in Quebec, including a generalized curfew; issue of fundamental human rights; destabilization of civil society and economic activity leading in some cases to famine; two different testing procedures for identifying viruses are discussed; CDC and WHO no longer endorse the PCR test; difference between a genetic sequence and a virus; Canadian government funding of massive testing is creating a fiscal crisis; heavy indebtedness due to March 2020 lockdowns; Gates and Soros have patents on tests according to Forbes; complex overlapping alliances of sectors of Russia and China with the WEF; banking industry in China opened to the west via its entry into the WTO; head of China’s CDC, George Fu Gao, part of Event 201 simulation; nature of capitalism in China; composition of the Chinese Communist Party; 1960s Chinese Cultural Revolution; social structure in China based on Confucianism.” | “Aired: February 16, 2022”

NOTES: | (c. 32:40) MC | (c. 39:00) ‘Gates links to China’s CDC counterpart’


  • War Propaganda: Michel Chossudovsky” by GlobalResearchTV, 23 AUG 2018.
  • Without disinformation, NATO would crumble” [An interview with Dr. Michel Chossudovsky] by Manlio Dinucci, Voltaire Network (Rome, Italy), 27 APR 2019.

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Eddie Vedder played Vax Live, he said, to ‘encourage everyone to get vaccinated’.  Unfortunately, EV misrepresented the COVID-19 injectable drug products as ‘vaccines’, despite the fact that the injectable drug products do not prevent transmission of coronavirus.  And stopping the virus through preventing transmission was the very purpose of pushing the experimental drugs in the first place.  And the host, Mr. Bateman, knows better.  But he doesn’t call out Eddie Vedder for using the gaslighting terminology of fraudulently calling the therapeutics vaccines.  The experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products are not sterilizing vaccines.  The drug manufacturers have never claimed they prevent transmission.  It’s only the misinformation from the state-corporate media narrative, the false ‘official narrative’ being pushed, which has led the public to assume the injections will prevent transmission.  Yet, the hosts, Mr. Bateman and Mr. Will Arnett(sp?), failed to call Eddie Vedder out for the uncritical perpetuation of the state-corporate agenda, which doesn’t make sense, and which is further eroding our Constitutional rights and human rights.  Uncritical acceptance of this absurd narrative is setting us up for mass formation hypnosis and acquiescence to totalitarian movements around the world, largely subconscious psychological phenomena.  (cf. Prof. Mattias Desmet, Hannah Arendt, et al)

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10:00 PST  / 13:00 PST, WBAI > Lopate at Large > pending

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Brag by Laya (with Fivio Foreign)

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Trudeau gives BLM money while seizing the bank accounts  of peaceful protesters” by Rebel News [via Rumble], 16 FEB 2022.

CDC Changes Vaccine Definitions” by Kim Iverson [via YouTube], 23 FEB 2022.

[16 FEB 2022]

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