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ralph-nader-radio-hourLUMPENPROLETARIAT—On this week’s edition of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Dr. Ralph Nader leads a 2016 Presidential Election Post Mortem in roundtable format with Democrat Dr. Bill Curry (Salon) and leftish John Nichols (The Nation).  , which took place on Wednesday, 9 NOV 2016, the day after the election.  John Nichols is engaging, as usual, if a bit cowardly at times, dodging the occasional tough question from Dr. Nader.  For example, Nader asked Nichols and Curry when they would reach their breaking point and quit the corporate Democratic Party?  At least Dr. Curry was frank and didn’t deny his undying loyalty for the Democratic Party.  But Nichols twisted his response, so as to turn the question on Democrats in general.  In any event, this is an insightful trio of political observers.  Listen (and/or download) here. [1]




Vote_12345RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR—[14 NOV 2016]  [transcript pending]

[On abolishing the electoral college.]

[A thesis of what happened in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.]

[(c. 9:20) ]

[Two-minute Trump victory propaganda ad]

[(c. 13:30)  Democrats pushed away stronger candidates than Hillary Rodham Clinton, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and any others to the left of Clinton, who posed any serious competition in the primary.]

[(c. 18:00)  Dr. Nader gets back to the topic of electoral reform.]

[(c. 22:15)  How Obama killed his grassroots 2008 activist movement, turned it into a PAC with a grassroots mailing list, which proceeded to never have another meeting.  Then, the PAC was handed over to corporate interests.]

[(c. 29:29)  Dr. Nader gets back to the topic of so-called “third-parties”]

[(c. 33:30)  In a bit of Sophistic cowardice, John Nichols dodges the question directed at him, as a Democrat.  But he turns it into Democrats in general.]

[(c. 35:35)  Dr. Bill Curry is more honest and direct about his political positions.]



[snip]  (c. 59:59)




[19 NOV 2016]

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