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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Saturday, 9 APR 2022]  As the plandemic dystopia deepens, music concerts are becoming a thing of the past, for some of us.  During the 1990s, in my 20s, the Bay Area was an awesome place for hedonistic nightlife, concerts, and culture because world class artists would usually make the Bay Area a stop on their tours.  Of course, the Bay Area was also a hotbed of political activism, too.  Since the 2000s, the corporate culture of conformity seems to have started to erode the nightlife in the Bay Area, banning cruising in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and San Francisco, gentrifying the Mission District and much of Oakland, closing nightclubs down around San Francisco and the Bay Area.  And, nowadays, one must usually join the Cult of Covidians and submit to experimental injections of cytotoxic spike protein gene therapy drugs just for permission to participate in society. 

The Cruel World Fest on May 14th and 15th at Brookside at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena next month is one music festival your author may have attended, in previous decades.  The two main draws for me would have been Public Image, Ltd. and Morrissey, not to mention other ’80s legends.  But the 2020s is a decade of dystopia.  Morrissey will headline the Cruel World music festival.  Your author has attended many Morrissey concerts and supported Morrisey as an artist and cultural icon since the mid-1980s.  Unfortunately, Morrissey came out as a fascist during the white supremacist Trump Years, even sporting far-right and proto-fascist pins on his lapel on American and British TV. 

As an anti-racist and an anti-fascist, as a humanist, I recommend boycotting Morrissey and all racists and fascists.  I don’t recommend censorship nor cancel culture, which is persecution culture.  I didn’t support censoring Mr. Trump, even though I disagree with his anti-immigrant attitudes, racism, male chauvinism, and other aspects of his politics.  Nevertheless, the reality is Mr. Trump has functioned as a lightning rod attracting a global network of white supremacists for the last seven years.  With Mr. Trump, white America is projecting a siren call for all defenders of ‘white purity’.  Many groups from Nordic nations funneled money into Mr. Trump’s political campaigns.  This reflects how certain whites around the world see white supremacist and/or fascist ideologies as solutions for preserving a particular ethnic ‘purity’ of flaxen Saxon or Proto-Indo-European genetics.  A particular symbol of idealized recessive genetic traits—melanin-deficient complexion, ojos de color, flaxen hair—is being crystallized in the imaginations of white supremacist, and white supremacist-adjacent, types.  The desire to preserve these recessive genetic traits among some of those, who possess them in their family trees, inevitably leads the most resolute conservationists to demand segregation, linguistic purity codes (cf. English-only laws in the west; Ukrainian laws against Russian speakers in civil war atmosphere), anti-miscegenation laws (cf. Loving V. Virginia 1967, which legalized miscegenation), and so on.  As the Public Enemy album title, Fear of a Black Planet, emphasized, the fear of the white supremacist, whether a conscious fear or a subconscious fear, is the notion that if ‘the darker ethnicities’ mix with the Saxon/Aryan and/or Proto-Indo-European ethnicities, the blond and blue-eyed people will disappear from the face of the Earth.  Ethnic evolution is inevitable, given genetic interchange.  Thus, attachment to a particular ethnic or phenotype profile can only lead to suffering because this attachment demands restrictions against miscegenation.  And human behavior is unpredictable.  All of this white supremacist ideology of protecting a ‘white racial purity’ against miscegenation is toxic and can only lead to division, segregation, hostility, apartheid, and war.

Okay, so, maybe I can attend the Cruel World Fest just to see Public Image, Ltd. (PiL), then leave before Morrisey’s set.  I did like “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus.  Blondie, Devo, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, The Church all cool.  English Beat is excellent.  But I’ve seen them all in concert before.  And, then, mommawarnedme on Instagram pointed out how former Sex Pistols singer and PiL frontman John Lydon had recently become an elitist snob hating on the houseless in Venice, California.  And I thought: Damn, everybody seems to be selling out.  John Lydon had complained about houseless people loitering around his Venice home, vandalism, a brick through a window, and houseless encampments in Venice and on the beach.  Mr. Lydon resorted to pining for more help from “Mr. Policeman”.  In Mr. Lydon’s case, one feels for his circumstances, with his wife being ill, caring for her as society collapses around his Venice home.  We’re in a 21st century Great Depression and poverty and houselessness is on the increase.  But cops are not the answer, Mr. Lydon.  The problem is this plandemic dystopia, a controlled demolition of the American economy and other nation’s economies, which are under the influence of the global power elite. 

This controlled demolition of the US economy comes in the context of the transition from a unipolar world order, which seems to have peaked in the late 20th Century, to a multipolar world order.  9/11 marked the start of the decline of the American Empire, of US/NATO imperialism, as it behaved more recklessly out of desperation.  So, the US military agenda reflected a ‘Pacific-Asian Pivot’ during the Obama Presidency.  The BRICS nations were seeking pathways out of the dollar as a global reserve currency and toward dedollarization.  Meanwhile, China and Russia have been leading the BRICS in a growing alliance apart from US hegemony.   So, there now appears to be a confluence between China’s social credit system, the World Economic Forum’s drive toward a global digital currency system, legislative pushes against cash transactions, and the WEF’s opposition to the US dollar as an international reserve currency.  The problem is capitalism because, as anticipated, as we observe the decline of western economies’ standard of living and erosion of human rights, we are also observing the concentration of capital by the global power elite into three major asset managers.  This concentration of capital implies an attendant concentration of political power, which is antidemocratic and tends toward inverted totalitarianism.  Morrissey is a smart guy.  I’m sure he understands these things, hence the lapel pins.


  • The U.S. Is Run by a Selfish Oligarchy, a Ruling Elite with a Pretend Democracy & Free Market (1993)” by The Film Archives, 9 APR 2022. [See notes below.]
  • “Nomiki Konst BLAMES Krystal Ball, Jimmy Dore & Aaron Maté (clip)” by Sabby Sabs, 9 APR 2022. [L18]
  • “Wealthy Elites Outraged as Homeless Take Over West Coast Neighborhoods” by Daniel Newton, Neon Nettle, 29 APR 2019.  John Lydon complains about houseless people loitering around his Venice home, vandalism, and houseless encampments in Venice and on the beach, resorts to calling for more cops.
  • “Morrissey isn’t senile, he’s always been a racist” by Freedom News, 4 AUG.

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“The Robots” by Kraftwerk

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The U.S. Is Run by a Selfish Oligarchy, a Ruling Elite with a Pretend Democracy & Free Market (1993)” by The Film Archives [via YouTube], 9 APR 2022.

NOTES/COMMENTS:  Lewis Lapham interview in the context of the publication of his book, The Wish for Kings: Democracy at Bay.  …  On Mr. Lapham’s theory of the leisure class, including an outline of the self-aggrandizing ways of the power elite, including some remarks on social status symbols, such as Jack Kent Cooke’s box. | (c. 07:36) Interviewer. |  (c. 07:51)  Lewis Lapham:  [wry smile]  | (c. 08:12) interviewer: ‘What’s the World Bank?‘ | (c. 08:15) Lewis Lapham …   On the World Economic Forum  | (c. 10:29) Interview: ‘Who is Bob Gray? And what’s his relationship to you?’ | (c. 10:34) Lewis Lapham: ‘Bob Gray(sp?) was a man, who…’ ‘I first came to Washington in the late 1950s during the Eisenhower administration.’ … (c. 11:37) On the patronage system of the Washington, D.C. power elite, like the patronage system at Pacifica Radio and most every other institution in America. Lewis Lapham: “But, then, he was a young man and he was an aide to Eisenhower. And I can remember being interviewed by him. Uh, he had very little time. He was hard-pressed. And the interview took place in the basement of the White House, in the barber shop. I mean there was a garbage chair down there in those days. … I started to talk about democratic theory. I was very young, very idealistic. And Gray waved all of that off and sort of said, Don’t, please don’t waste anybody’s time, he said. The whole thing about government, about Washington, about power is simply to acquire the right sort of friends and make connections and do what you’re told until the great day comes when you can tell others what to do, carry whatever water must be carried, and so on. It was a very realistic assessment.’ | … (c. 18:00)  Mr. Lapham described the Washington, D.C. culture of “bowing and scraping” and “courtiers”.  Mr. Lapham defined a courtier as a “toadie, a dependent, one who will say to their patron, I will be whatever you want me to be; make of me what you will…”  This is reminiscent of the corrupt patronage system I witnessed within KPFA and Pacifica Radio and its boards of directors, also at schools and universities, as a student and a teacher, and in corporate environments.  It’s becoming increasingly clear this is the core of the various power structures in human societies and groupings:  power is usually held by narcissistic abusers over codependents, who lack the confidence, courage, or self-esteem to stand up for themselves and leave the abusive relationship.  Abusive relationships can form, not only in interpersonal relationships, but also in labor, employment, public, and political relationships. | (c. 35:00)  Mr. Lapham described an book interview program, which added ‘one or two extra interlocutors, who had written or read about the particular topic, so as to encourage discussion.  Your author’s eyes widened at the utterance.  For years, I’ve longed for a well-informed dissenting voice to swiftly call bullshit during establishment media interviews.  Establishment media has rude ‘crosstalk’ shows, where perspectives clash, but only briefly and in a shallow soundbite manner.  This could save free speech Pacifica Radio from capture by the Democrat Party shills.  None of the liberals (i.e. pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) at KPFA would be able to get away with pushing their false COVID-19 narrative, if Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Robert Malone or any other well-informed dissenting voice.  |  (c. 42:30)  On celebrities and the culture industry. (cf. Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment.  Imagine if interviewer asked about it.)

NOTES (re: ‘US Is Run by a Selfish Oligarchy‘ by The Film Archives):  From the YouTube video’s comments section, “Jeffrey Camberos” (c. 10 APR 2022):  “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” —
Friedrich Nietzsche  |  “Do not complain of the mean and the petty, for regardless of what you have been told, the mean and the petty are everywhere in control.” —Goethe | “We shall leave this world as foolish and as wicked as we found it on our arrival.” —

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