LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Monday, 11 APR 2022]  Below are some of today’s media notes.  The recent victory of Amazon workers in Staten Island is a hopeful sign for organized labor.  Historically, American labor has predominantly chosen white supremacist values over working class solidarity.  Perhaps, the Amazon and Starbucks union drives will represent a new chapter of working class solidarity in the USA.  Chris Hedges recently reminded us all, in a conversation with Briahna Joy Gray on her Bad Faith channel about the importance of moving beyond isolated social media activity to forming groups and supporting grassroots activists on the ground, particularly labor activism.  Indeed.  Of course, some of us have longer commutes and less leisure time for self-directed activity.  But we’re all on the honor system to do what we can with whatever time and resources we have at our disposal.  Perpetual entertainment and hedonism, or human rights and socioeconomic justice, the philosophical choice is yours.  You know my philosophy, not unlike KRS since ’87, the lumpen must evolve from being ‘criminal minded‘ to seeking freedom for humanity ‘by all means necessary‘.  The proletarians must speak to the lumpenproletarians.  We must wake the folk up.

Meanwhile, nobody seems to care that our society is entering a dystopian nightmare of Handmaid’s Tale proportions where women are treated like baby incubators without humanity.  Where are the millions of women protesting against the war on reproductive rights?  Maybe I’m missing something.  But all I see is Sunsara Taylor and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Bob Avakian leading a vibrant stand in public for reproductive rights.  I don’t subscribe to Mr. Avakian’s philosophy, nor agree with everything he says; but we must appreciate his organization’s efforts to shed light on important issues of the day.  These are issues, which others tend to overlook or downplay.  The establishment war against reproductive rights is one example.  And, if society’s power elite continue insisting on coercing as many people as possible to repeatedly get jabbed or injected with cytoxic spike protein COVID-19 injectable drug products, with adverse effects, including for reproductive systems, we may very well end up with a Children of Men dystopian scenario where society’s collective immaturity has rendered humanity sterile.  The way things are going with people like Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court and the trend of states passing laws restricting or eliminating reproductive rights, life is going to be more difficult for working class women and people, who care about working class women.  But, if human sterility crashes, life for women and all of humanity, might become a dystopian nightmare.  The way things are going with the whole simmering American 21st Century Pseudo Civil War, it’s plausible to imagine American fascists seizing upon a fertility collapse as an excuse for ushering in a Handmaid’s Tale future.  Margaret Atwood is an important visionary, ahead of her time.  Now we know, for example, from Dr. Shanna H. Swan that humanity is facing a global fertility crisis, as a result of the impact of humanity’s exposure to pollution in the environment, food, and water, including pthalates and Bisphenol A (BPAs) on women’s and men’s reproductive systems and the neurodevelopment of children. 

If we combine the assaults on humanity’s reproductive systems with man-made toxins and pollution with cytoxic gene therapy injections for big pharma profit and fascist biosecurity police state control of every individual under the false narrative of a statistically fraudulent pandemic scenario, all exacerbated by a public health system captured by corporate interests, which prefer to profit from pushing pharmaceuticals on the adaptive immune system instead of promoting fitness, nutrition, and strengthening the innate immune system, then we can start to see the contours of the plandemic dystopia future taking shape in America and, by extension, the western world under the influence of the global power elite, which meets annually at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  We seem hell-bent, as a society, to drift into inverted totalitarianism, despite the cogent warnings from wise elders, such as Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin, Dr. Henry Giroux, Fred Hampton, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Noam Chomsky, and others.  But not all of us.  Right?


  • “SUNSARA TAYLOR SPEAKS: Rise Up! Wear Green!” by The Revcoms, 11 APR 2022.
  • “Kim Iverson: …” by The Hill [, 11 APR 2022.
  • “Noam Chomsky FULL INTERVIEW: on Ukraine, Brexit and “the most dangerous time in world history” by The New Statesman, 11 APR 2022. [L1]

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Decay Into the Future: A 21st Century American Retrospective | Epoch Philosophy” by Epoch Philosophy [via YouTube], 11 APR 2022.

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SUNSARA TAYLOR SPEAKS: Rise Up! Wear Green!” by The Revcoms [via YouTube], 11 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description:  “Sunsara Taylor speaks at the abortion rights rally held on April 9 in NYC.  |  RiseUp4AbortionRights.org

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