LUMPENPROLETARIATFriday, 8 APR 2022]   TODAY’S SALIENT OBSERVATIONS  “If it’s magic, then why can’t it be everlasting, like the sun that always shines, like the poets in this rhyme, like the galaxies in time?”  I love Stevie Wonder and his artistry.  It’s safe to say I’m not alone in harboring such sentiments.  But Mr. Stevie Wonder’s pro-Ukraine propaganda, unfortunately, provides fuel to pro-NATO imperialism.  The same goes for Sean Penn, and every other idealistic person in the public eye pining for peace.  Lenny Kravitz recently posted a pro-Ukraine post on his Instagram account.  I’m sure Lenny is still the same righteous humane human being he’s always been before Mr. Vladimir Putin‘s “special military operation“.  But Mr. Kravitz is wrong, like many other well-meaning celebrities, on the issue of Ukraine.  I’m sure Mr. Kravitz didn’t mean to imply support for US/NATO imperialism.  But that is the implication in the sea of yellow and blue flags on people’s lawns and the “pro-Ukraine” slogans of the West.  You can’t talk about Ukraine without talking about NATO.  But liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) in the culture industry seem to forget recent history, as recent as 2014.  (But hold that thought.)  Oversimplification happens when we strive toward inclusivity.  A message of peace on Earth sounds good to liberals and others under the influence of the status quo.  But Ukraine is a flashpoint of US/NATO imperialism, which reflects the U.S. State Department’s desire for ‘regime change’ (i.e., a coup d’état) in Russia to remove Mr. Putin from power, against the will of the Russian people. 

Sometimes, unfortunately, the best of intentions of voices for peace can be co-opted, captured, hijacked, manipulated, used, or played.  It’s unlikely Sean Penn sold out or has made some Faustian bargain with the American power elite.  Mr. Penn probably doesn’t mean to uphold establishment talking points.  It just plays out that way, in the grander corporate media narrative, which was long ago infiltrated by, and saturated with, intelligence agency spooks.  He most likely means well, but just happens to be saying what the state wants the establishment narrative to sound like, vague allusions to unity, no mention of context or history.

Let’s be clear.  We oppose war.  The aforementioned celebrities sincerely oppose war, like all people of good will.  Therefore, we say No To NATO.  No to US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism.  Therefore, no to capitalist imperialism.  Therefore, yes to small businesses.  No to robber baron/corporate capitalism.  No to corporate capture of Congress, city halls, school boards, and state capitols.  No to militarism.  NATO must stop encircling the Russian Federation, provoking conflict, and stop expanding NATO by adding nations to NATO along Russia’s border.  Russia needs a buffer zone of allies or neutral nations around it, just like the USA has required, particularly with the Monroe Doctrine.  But instead the USA has been provoking Russia by continuing to expand NATO, by feeding into Cold War narratives beyond the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and by meddling in other nation’s affairs around the world, including the 2014 US-backed coup of UkraineVictoria Nuland became a symbol of contemporary US/NATO imperialism, when audio of a phone call was leaked to the public, which featured her discussing which Ukrainian puppet US imperialists preferred.

If we are serious about stopping war, we must recognize the role of the US military industrial complex (or what Ray McGovern calls MICIMATT) in profiting from war. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that the greatest purveyor of violence on Earth is the USA.  This is still true to this day, although our government has gotten much more clever about manipulating others to do our government’s dirty work through proxies. 

The US government has instigated war in Ukraine.  And elected officials and others are now clamoring for US intervention to establish a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine, which would certainly lead to WWIII.  Well-meaning pro-Ukraine antiwar celebrities, sometimes, feed into establishment narratives.  Gaslighting and deceptive framing of the important issues of the day by the establishment media sets up antiwar voices to function as tools, which end up feeding into US/NATO imperialism by promoting vague, simplistic pro-Ukraine propaganda.  The establishment media tends to spin or marginalize soundbites and slogans.  The truly critical voices are marginalized or censored.  Scott Ritter, for example, was recently censored off of Twitter, one of the world’s major social media platforms.

Know your enemy.  Know yourself.  The enemy is not Russia or China.  It is the global power elite, which meets annually at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to network and discuss how they can increase their power.  It is the Pentagon.  It is the Five Eyes Nations alliance and so on.  Concentrated capital will enslave us all, if we do not recognize the reality that the global power elite are engaging in class warfare from above against the working class of the world.  We can’t defend ourselves, if we don’t realize we’re under attack.


  • The false COVID-19 narrative is still being pushed by the American power elite and the global power elite. But lawsuits have been initiated, including reports by Reiner Fuellmich, Adv Dipali in India, Dr. Richard M. Fleming, et al.
  • Ukraine is still being used as a political football by the global power elite for geopolitical schemes.
  • According to one of the workers, hard feelings exploded after a televised tennis match, which led to a “copycat slap”, as western civilization continues to flounder in its collective meaning crisis. The slap heard around the world has given rise to copycat slaps.
  • According to one of the homies, Gaslit, a new ‘TV’ show with julia Roberts is interesting.  (We notice the psychology around the narcissistic personality disorder spectra and Cluster B personality disorders are becoming more ubiquitous in the popular, or folk, culture, as are the concepts of mindfulness, intermittent fasting, and critical race theory, among others in these changing times.)
  • How Jada Pinkett DESTROYED Will Smith’s MANHOOD” [i.e., How Will Smith Allowed…] by The Body Language Guy [via YouTube], 8 APR 2022.

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04:00 PDT

If It’s Magic” by Stevie Wonder (1976)

If it’s magic
Then why can’t it be everlasting
Like the sun that always shines
Like the poets in this rhyme
Like the galaxies in time?

If it’s pleasing
Then why can’t it be never leaving
Like the day that never fails
Like on seashores there are shells
Like the time that always tells?

It holds the key to every heart
Throughout the universe
It fills you up without a bite
And quenches every thirst
So, if it’s special
Then with it why aren’t we as careful
As making sure we dress in style
Posing pictures with a smile
Keeping danger from a child?

It holds the key to every heart
Throughout the universe
It fills you up without a bite
And quenches every thirst
So, if it’s magic
Why can’t we make it everlasting
Like the lifetime of the sun?
It will leave no heart undone
For there’s enough for everyone

Written by: Stevie Wonder |  Album: Songs In The Key Of Life  |  ℗ A Motown Records Release; ℗ 1976 UMG Recordings, Inc.

“Jah Pickney – R.A.R.” by Steel Pulse

Work truck background noise…  Joe Rogan and pals having fun with Will Smith’s alleged scientology associations, like Tom Cruise and Juliette Lewis.  Then, JR finds an article contradicting the claim and accuses his friend of spreading ‘misinformation’, as they all laugh…

09:00 PDT  / 12:00 EDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > Featured guest: Dr. Richard Fleming

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1030 soto show Richmond environmental justice student activism L4

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12:00 PDT, KPFA > It’s Going Down > […] (12:12 PDT)  ‘reproductive rights’ (male-sounding guest.)  Guest seems to reflect an establishment type of position, an uncritical position, on COVID-19.   |  Broad societal description of political landscape.  But no meaningful prescription i.e., no comment on what people should do about all of the issues under discussion.  Presumably, we’ll all post something on social media and end up voting Democrat again.  No meaningful critique of two-party dictatorship, nor of capitalism.  Guest and host sound like liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists).   (12:32 PDT) offline

“Bumblebee” by Boys and Ivy

“The Next 20th Century” by Father John Misty

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D > […] 16:16 PDT ‘anti-union activity’ Judy Greenspan(sp?) being interviewed by Davey D. …  One woman expressed concern saying COVID-19 is not over, many teachers have been out due to COVID.  She said they ‘tested positive for COVID.’  But she didn’t mention whether the teachers were quarantined at home because they had COVID-19, the illness, or SARS-CoV-2, the virus.  It’s unclear whether teachers simply have a positive PCR test, or they are actually sick with COVID-19 or a severe acute respiratory syndrome illness of some sort.  It’s likely the teachers simply have false positive PCR test results.  The PCR test was never intended to be a diagnostic test, and even the CDC has been forced to withdraw its recommendation for using the PCR test, yet the establishment types continue using the PCR test.  …  (16:21 PDT)  offline

17:00 PDT, KPFA > Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein

NOTES: (17:15 PDT) The Electronic Intifada Podcast with Nora Barrows-Friedman (former Flashpoints producer and co-host) …  Sahar Francis and Ahmed Abaful(sp?) with updates on occupied Palestine.   …  ‘UN Human Rights Council’  …  ‘ICC’  …  ‘Commission of Inquiry exposes the apartheid, racist regime of Israel.’  …  17:46 PDT)  Nora Barrows-Friedman (1748) [CC]

1748 WBAI From the Streets Gospel. 1750 CC

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