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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Tuesday, 26 APR 2022]  Here are some of today’s media notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (See below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle.)  The state continues to gaslight the American people into accepting perpetual violations of bodily autonomy on the pretext of the absurd COVID-19 narrative, as do many western states under the influence of the global power elite.

Everybody was talking about Elon Musk and Twitter yesterday, even my parents were informed via Telemundo.  My septuagenarian father was like, Quien es Elon Musk?  Initially, Elon Musk had purchased a huge position in Twitter.  Reportedly, in his first Twitter board meetings, he raised the issue of censorship.  Apparently, not seeing eye to eye on censorship, Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter.  At least that’s the wishful thinking narrative amongst people, who would like to believe in the notion of a benevolent oligarch, who can stand up for working class people against the wicked oligarchs.  It seems the notion is to train the public to see global elites and oligarchs as neo-feudal lords, some noble, some wicked.  Instead of restoring a progressive tax rate to rein in the power of elites and oligarchs, or nationalizing and democratizing public utilities, including monopolistic social media platforms…  Instead of meaningful reforms, there seems to be an individualistic temptation toward cult of personality or savior worship, toward the totalitarian impulse, rather than a collectivist impulse toward parliamentary procedure.  One may be reminded of Lewis Lapham’s book, The Wish for Kings.  Americans seem to inevitably wish for kings and lords, by the way they fancy one executive boss over another, instead of thinking in terms of parliamentary procedure, or pursuing true democracy, especially democracy at work.  Society seems to be backsliding.  Now, it seems Elon Musk has become the Lord of Twitter.

This week Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald was on the Bad Faith podcast and YouTube channel to discuss “the relationship between billionaires and the media.”

Other salient observations:

  • Recently, former U.N. weapons inspector, Scott Ritter was interviewed on the Unregistered Podcast (21 APR 2021).  Among the many salient observations, Mr. Ritter pointed out that the Ukraine army is the second largest army in Europe.  He also cleared up any doubts about Nazi, or neo-Nazi or Stepan Bandera, influences.  ‘The Nazis run Ukraine.  It’s as simple as that.’ (c. 19:00)
  • 504: Abby Martin: Duncan Trussell Family Hour (90 minutes)
  • According to a fellow worker, news reports are saying legendary New York disc jockey DJ Kay Slay died from COVID-19, after being “hospitalized due to COVID-19 since December 2021 and [being] put on a ventilator to help assist with his breathing.”  The question of ventilator protocols for COVID-19 patients.  RIP DJ Kay Slay.  (cf. Yahoo!; et al)
  • According to a fellow worker, actor Essai Morales has ‘gone quiet’. Initially, Mr. Morales was quite publicly opposed to COVID-19 injectable drug product mandates.  To corroborate the fellow worker’s assertion, we consider an article by Remezcla (19 APR 2021), which is fallaciously titled, “Esai Morales Pushes False Claim That COVID-19 Vaccine Is ‘DNA Modifying Experimental Therapy’“.  Reading the article, one finds all of his quotations cited from Instagram (now a private account, which your author has now requested to follow) make perfect sense to anyone skeptical of big pharma, which has obviously captured public health.  (cf. The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, published by Skyhorse and distributed by Simon and Schuster)  The state, for example, is trying to inject your author’s son and all children with these cytotoxic, experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products, going so far as to push totalitarian coercive legislation in California seeking to inject all kids without parental consent.  These drug products are experimental because long-term data takes years.  These drug products only had four months; and the limited clinical trial excluded pregnant women, the immunocompromised, and all but the healthiest participants.  And what little we do know, as a society, from VAERS data, from clinical experience is all being suppressed and censored in favor of gaslighting from medical authoritarianism.  Yet, the state wants to push these drugs on all people, not just the population group, which matches the test group in the clinical trial.  Your author’s sister’s friend has pulled her kid from high school in Southern California for home-schooling because they don’t want their kids taking these experimental cytotoxic COVID-19 injectable drug products.  Losing your job is not as bad as losing your life, or your bodily autonomy, nor succumbing to the totalitarian impulse and acquiescing to inverted totalitarianism, and worst of all leaving an even more fascistic and totalitarian police state for our kids and grandkids than Fred Hampton left behind for his family and all people, despite his best efforts to unify a working class “Rainbow Coalition” of all ethnicities against fascism and totalitarianism.  Besides there is no job security anyhow.  California is an “at-will” state, which means anyone can be fired from their job at anytime whenever an employer capriciously deems a worker persona non grata (not unlike the phrase leveled against your author by KPFA bosses, since 2007 for asking too many questions as a KPFA volunteer).  Your author’s sister-in-law has complained for almost a year about menstrual cycle problems since submitting to these cytotoxic experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products.  And many others are reporting similar problems, not to mention the VAERS data, which shows tens of thousands of deaths after injection.  Dr. Jessica Rose and Dr. Peter McCullough’s important paper on VAERS data has been censored and removed from PubMed without a valid reason provided.  A coalition of some 17,000 doctors are also speaking out, representing many more doctors, who have been punked (i.e., bullied) into submission, but privately disagree with the establishment big pharma narrative.  So, many red flags are being ignored by the establishment media/press, including most of the bosses at formerly free speech Pacifica Radio Network.  And, according to The Democracy Fund (c. 36:45), all of Dr. Peter McCullough‘s entire 25 years of published works have been deleted from public records.  (cf. Global Research).  Dr. McCullough and other independent-thinking doctors were successfully developing and healing patients from the SARS-CoV-2 virus before cell replication advances into a full-blown upper respiratory infection.  Before Dr. McCullough spoke out against the lack of early treatment protocols, and the lack of a steering committee of doctors to coordinate the free flow of information between doctors to share their best practices so as to establish a common stock of knowledge as to what protocols doctors were finding most efficacious for various demographics, most doctors were being discouraged from early treatment protocols and coerced into a dangrous and cytotoxic one-size-fits-all approach with patented drugs for the profit of big pharma, whilst enjoying exemption from any legal liability for vaccine adverse events.  It doesn’t take much to see the big pharma profiteering motive of censoring doctors, who were successfully treating SARS-CoV-2 infections, in order to allow infections to worsen, necessitate hospital intervention, and provide a pretext for pushing big pharma for-profit drug products.  Furthermore, as the most honest and clearest Pacifica Radio voice on the topic of COVID-19, Dr. Gary Null, has long asserted, the existence of successful early treatment protocols negates the establishment’s Emergency Use Authorization granted to big pharma’s one-size-fits-all, experimental, and cytotoxic COVID-19 injectable drug products.  Are we starting to get a sense of the medical fraud surrounding the COVID-19 issue?  And this is just scratching the surface of all of the valid and relevant information, which is being suppressed, censored, and withheld from the people.  Only the non-cowards have maintained their 20th century humanity, and courage to speak out against establishment gaslighting.  The rest of the herd seems as compliant or oblivious as Aldous Huxley’s soma-sedated hedonistic populace.  Esai Morales was opposed to coercive, forced, mandatory experimental drug injections, as were many of us, including leftists (i.e., anti-capitalists).  This opposition was, and is, valid and reasonable.  Bodily autonomy is a human right.  Furthermore, since then, a Swedish in vitro study summarized by Dr. Mobeen Syed shows the mRNA drug products enter liver cells and become DNA.  Will Remezcla offer a retraction, correction, or apology to Esai Morales?  As of yet, they have not.  And, now, he “has gone quiet.”  Let’s just hope he has still maintained his integrity, that his recent retreat from being a public citizen was not coerced, and that the invasion of the bodysnatchers hasn’t gotten to him, as it has gotten to so many of our neighbors and compatriots.  (See additional notes on this topic below.)
  • How Elites Lie to You: Propaganda & Manipulation by the Government & the Press – Noam Chomsky (1991)”, 26 APR 2022.  This video is from 1991.  But the parts where he’s critiquing the media, including the “weak” public radio and listener-sponsored radio, are eye-opening because everything he’s saying about “the liberal bias” is becoming the reality of ‘the liberal bias’ at the Pacifica Radio Network today.  It is categorically the case with the more controversial topics, such as 9/11, COVID-19, US/NATO imperialism, Democrat Party betrayals and collusion with the Republican Party to marginalize third party alternatives, and so on. [Additional notes below.]

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT, WBAI > Pacifica Radio Archive Fundraiser > [haven’t listened yet; 15-hour livestream continued until midnight]

Background noise (in the work truck, multitasking…):  “504: Abby Martin” by Duncan Trussell Family Hour (90 minutes)  (cf. Audible)

NOTES (re: “504: Abby Martin”):   random crude humour. |  (c. 10:00)  start of Abby Martin interview.  It’s just sad now hearing Abby’s voice, someone I once considered a friend before we lost contact when she went to RT. but it’s sad to see another truth-seeker sell out.  until Abby Martin proves, or renounces, her claims that the cytotoxic COVID-19 injectable drug products are “safe and effective”, her integrity is compromised, in my view.  |  …  host sounds like a liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist)  …  In his view, Mr. Putin is ‘the bad guy’.  No mention of President Biden or US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism by the host.  And Abby is resorting to pop psychology to surmise about how ‘people can do it,’ blaming US imperialism, in passing.  … |  DT:  ‘then the psyop happens.’  …  ‘Now, we have vilified every Russian.’  …  Are Russians united behind Putin.  Abby cited a recent podcast she did, then she discussed “very fascist repression going on” in Russia.  It was a lackluster response, which failed to mention the fascist repression of inverted totalitarianism in the US, including medical authoritarianism and medical apartheid.  Abby claimed the fog of war prevents us from seeing very clearly what’s going on.  Unfortunately, she didn’t cite journalists and experts, who do understand the Ukraine issue, such as Scott Ritter, Richard Medhurst, George Galloway, Alfred de Zayas, Aaron Maté, and others.  …  |  Abby asked a good question:  Why does NATO still exist.  … ‘and NATO promised, not one inch further east’  Now, she’s making sense to people, like your author.  ‘They had several red lines to not use Ukraine…’ (c. 35:00)  AM:  ‘But they waned.’  Abby Martin just attempted to downplay the Nazi influence in Ukraine.  She said the Nazi influence “waned” after the 2014 US-backed coup of Ukraine.  No mention of Azov Battalion.  No mention of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian parliament.  No mention of Stepan Bandera.  What’s going on, Abby?  Why the obfuscation?  Were you uninformed on this matter?  Is this what Machiavellianism sounds like? I would like to see Abby Martin debate Scott Ritter or Richard Medhurst or Aaron Maté or any informed person on this point.  Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter recently said on the Unregistered Podcast (#207), ‘Nazis run Ukraine. It’s as simple as that.’|  host:  (c. 37:00)  ‘Is this a trap?’  …  |  AM:  ‘What was Putin thinking?’  …  ‘I think the stage was set by the US a long time ago.’  As Abby Martin discussed NATO’s desire to include Ukraine, one might be reminded that “Putin Says He Asked Bill Clinton About Russia Joining NATO In Year 2000” (cf. Real Clear Politics, 22 FEB 2022).  After about 40 minutes, this podcast sounds confused.  The host seems hung up on Putin as ‘the bad guy’ and seems in denial about US/NATO imperialism.  “Things like that make me feel nuts because if you say it out loud…”  ‘It’s a fucked up time to be alive.’  …  ‘It’s a failure of society.’  …  ‘You think climate change is bad, imagine nuclear war.’  …  ‘Just have that in your mind, after COVID.’  |  AM:  ‘We have so much potential.  We could carve out this utopian world. But we abandoned it, for greed.’  No, Abby, greed is only a symptom.  The cause of this symptom, and so many other symptoms, is capitalism.  Unfortunately, liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) or what Jimmy Dore calls the “shit-libs” or what the Revolutionary Blackout Network calls the “reformist liberals”, people who want to reform the Democrat Party, these types of people fail to see the fundamental contradictions of capitalism, of capitalist modes of production.  So, they grope for all manner of descriptors to identify the problem.  As Martin Luther King, Jr said, ‘the liberal will only go but so far…’ in the pursuit of wisdom cultivation and socioeconomic justice.  Until one recognizes the fundamental contradictions of capitalism, all prescriptions will fail and lead to more symptoms, increasing inequality, increasing concentration of wealth and power, further erosion of human rights, and so on.  The literature is increasingly proving the fact that democracy and capitalism are incompatible.  |  DT:  ‘Maybe that is naive.  Maybe it’s what people like us wish…  You’re gonna have to push back against the land grab…’ This is a casual conversation.  …  On the censorship of RT content by state pressure and big tech collusion, including Abby Martin’s Breaking The Set and Chris Hedges’s On Contact.  Towards the end of the podcast, after the DESCRIPTION portion, getting into the PRESCRIPTION portion of the interview, Abby said, ‘I don’t even know how we go back…  We have to adopt a moral conscience’, she urged.  Some of us remember when Abby was a 9/11 Truth activist.  So, we know how to ‘get back’.  It’s called building an antiwar movement, Abby.  Remember when you were an activist?  Why aren’t we calling for a mass mobilization of a grassroots antiwar movement?  Then, the host invited Abby to  “stay a little longer”, presumably, to up the entertainment factor.  DT brought up “aerosolyzed smallpox”, which disappeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  In case we were unclear about the editorial bias of the host, this ending removed any doubts of the host’s Russophobic perspective.  Abby Martin also mentioned a new project called Dosed, which is more on the “entertainment” side of things.  She indicated feeling some burnout after Media Roots, Breaking The Set, and Empire Files.  Anybody, who has the responsibility of parenting can understand.  That’s a big part of why I quit Media Roots after Occupy Wall Street.

09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show pre-empted by the Pacifica Radio Archives bosses >

NOTES (re: Gary Null Show for 26 APR 2022):  [cf. PRN.live]  “Guest : Prof. Daniel (“Dan”) Kovalik. |  Professor Daniel Kovalik is a labor and human rights attorney and author, who teaches international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. For over two decades he served as a counsel for the United Steelworkers and the AFL-CIO, and is best known for his cases against Coca Cola, Drummond, and Occidental Petroleum based upon human rights abuses in Colombia. He was a recipient of a Project Censored award for his investigation into the murders of Colombian trade unionists. Dan is a graduate of Columbia Law School and received a fellowship at Stanford University’s law school. He has written several acclaimed books dealing with the scapegoating of Russia, plots to attack and overthrow Iran and Venezuela, US efforts to establish world hegemony by interfering in other nations and on Cancel Culture. His most recent book is “No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using Humanitarian Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests,” and his articles appear on Counterpunch, Global Research, Dissident Voice and elsewhere.”

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio preempted by Special Broadcast > [haven’t listened yet]  “Pacifica Radio Archives One Day Drive Hour #11″”

Background Noise (work truck) > PODCAST: Live on KEXP > Segell & Freedom Band [Performance & Interview Only]

NOTES:  rock band.  garage rock.

17:00 PDT, KPFA > Flashpoints preempted by Special Broadcast > [haven’t listened yet]

How Elites Lie to You: Propaganda & Manipulation by the Government & the Press – Noam Chomsky (1991)” by The Film Archives [via YouTube], 26 APR 2022

NOTES:  (c. 18:10) ‘It’s only if you submit to those systems that you are counted as a respected intellectual, for obvious reasons.’  (c. 18:24) [quote from intro]  “Presidential historian Thomas Bailey wrote in 1948, at the time we were setting off on a new war, The Cold War, he wrote, ‘Because the masses are terribly short-sighted and generally cannot see danger until it is at their throats, our statesmen are forced to deceive them into an awareness of their own long-run interests.  Deception of the people may in fact become increasingly necessary, unless we’re willing to give our leaders in Washington a freer hand.’  And in 1981, as the United States was launching a new crusade for freedom, Samuel Huntington the professor of government at Harvard,  said in a private but published discussion and interchange, ‘You may have to sell intervention or other military action in such a way as to create the misimpression that it is the Soviet Union, that you are fighting.’  That’s what the United States has been doing ever since the Truman Doctrine, which is quite accurate and gives a certain insight into the nature of the Cold War, in particular into the nature of the war against Nicaragua, which is what he specifically had in mind.  Well, these concerns over, uh, controlling the public mind tend to rise to the surface, particularly, after periods of war and turmoil […]”  …  (c. 17:00)  …  (c. 26:25)  ‘liberal bias‘  …  (c. 30:00)  “The liberal bias, to the extent that it exists […]”  … 

COMMENTS:  Topic delves into “the liberal bias,” which used to describe corporate media/press, but now also perfectly describes the editorial bias of the news departments at most Pacifica Radio stations, especially KPFA and WBAI, with a few rare exceptions, such as these truth-seekers: Mickey Huff, Dennis Bernstein, Esther Iverem, Gary Null, Steve Zeltzer, Ann Garrison, Anthony Fest, et al.  But, even they seem to have to watch what they say or do on COVID-19,  apparently, for fear of retribution or cancellation from the Pacifica Radio bosses.  Pacifica Radio seriously needs to reinstate monthly Managers Report to the Listeners broadcasts with listener call-ins and public message boards for listener feedback, like they used to have on the KPFA website. One-sided communication without meaningful listener participation is not  the way to build community, nor a community radio station.


  • The Liberal Foundations of Media Reform? Creating Sustainable Funding Opportunities for Radical Media Reform” by Michael Barker, Under the Mask of Philanthropy, 20 MAY 2018. [R0]

Why the rise of a new cloud-based ruling class is crushing democracy | Yanis Varoufakis” by The Institute of Art and Ideas, 26 APR 2022.

NOTES:  (c. 8:30)  ‘the cloudalists’ ‘algorithmic command capital’

For STRONG BONES and JOINTS! Just one teaspoon a day!” by Dijeta Meseceve Mene [via YouTube], 26 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description: “Discover how to strengthen bones and joints in seven days. The healthiest natural remedy for cartilage regeneration. Just take one teaspoon in the morning before breakfast and your bones and joints will be grateful. Say goodbye to osteoporosis! All the ingredients are healthy and natural, and the recipe prepares in less than five minutes. It is an ideal combination for the regeneration of joints and bones. Collagen in beef gelatin reduces pain in the knees, shoulders, and other joints and suppresses inflammation in the body. You can forget about the pain and the usual morning stiffness in the joints. Ingredients needed: – Flaxseed, 60 grams – Sesame seeds (40 grams) – Pumpkin seeds. (40 grams) – Beef gelatin, 10 grams – 50 grams of raisins – Homemade honey-200 grams. 00:00 Introduction 01:01 Ingredients needed 01:17 Flaxseed for cartilage regeneration 02:17 Sesame for healthy bones 02:47 Pumpkin seeds to strengthen joints 03:18 Grinding ingredients in an electric chopper 04:02 Beef gelatin as medicine for bones and joints 04:52 Raisins for recovery from osteoporosis 05:31 Grinding all ingredients again. 06:07 Adding honey to the recipe 06:56 Pouring the mixture into a jar | #dijetamesecevemene #forstrongbones #bones

[26 APR 2022]

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