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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Saturday, 30 APR 2022]  Here are some of today’s media notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (See below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle.)  I’m not sure if this is actually Day #366 of this dystopian reality we are living through.  But this is the 366th day that your author knew our society is really in trouble and had to speak out.  This is not a drill.  Our hopes for democracy had always been pretty slim.  That’s why Amy Goodman’s, Democracy Now!, show has an exclamation point, cognizant of the aspirant yearning for true participatory democracy. [1]  We are cognizant of the fact that, as of yet, we still don’t have a true democracy. 

The game was rigged from the beginning.  We had believed all the fairy tales of the so-called Founding Fathers or Framers of the Constitution.  But it had never been sincere.  There had always been class warfare from above, which Americans were unprepared to deal with.  It turns out the American Revolution was never a proletarian revolution.  The American Revolution was a bourgeois revolution.  After the Cuban Revolution, teachers were sent to the hinterlands to teach peasants to read, to end illiteracy.  After the American Revolution, the peasants were kept illiterate and ignorant; racist ideology proved a useful tool for capitalist division of labor.  The U.S. Senate and the Electoral College, for example, had always been institutions designed to constrain the popular will of the working class in order to protect the privilege of the American power elite.  The right to vote had always been limited to propertied men, the landed gentry. [2] 

If the right to vote can’t be controlled by the American power elite, as it has been since the beginning, then the power elite will probably do away with any pretensions toward democracy soon enough.  The Powell Memo symbolizes the American power elite’s contempt for the 20th century excess of democracy.  It turns out there is shallow politics and, then, there is something called deep politics, which corresponds to the American Deep State.

Thus, we see the rise of inverted totalitarianism, increasing government overreach and abuse of power.  Like 9/11, COVID-19 represents a great leap forward in terms of social engineering and police state control over society.  And, notice, the absurd COVID-19 narrative is being pushed in a coordinated global agenda.

If this all sounds outlandish to you, then you haven’t been paying enough attention.  Please pick up a copy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

Yesterday, The Democracy Fund, a Canadian organization, published video of a public event hosted by Dr. Julie Ponesse, the Pandemic Ethics Scholar for The Democracy Fund, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  RFK, Jr has a physical condition, which causes difficulty speaking, which often clears up or lessens, as he speaks.  But that shouldn’t be a reason to not pay attention to what RFK, Jr has to say because he is one of the clearest observers and public citizens with regard to the COVID-19 issue and how the police state response to it portends far-reaching consequences, which go far beyond public health and threaten to end the open society.  Fear is the instrument of totalitarianism.  So, Americans have been fearmongered into submission, especially since 9/11.

Few people are willing to engage with this topic because it so controversial.  Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the best experts on COVID-19 from the perspective of a practicing physician helping patients.  But he will only cite data and peer-reviewed scientific studies with regard to COVID-19 preventative and early treatment protocols.  Dr. McCullough, and other doctors and scientists, who refuse to go along with the establishment narrative, won’t get into the politics of COVID-19.  Few will.  Most doctors walked in line, abandoning the Hippocratic Oath.  One rare example of a dissenting scientist, who will engage with the deep politics of COVID-19 is Dr. Robert Malone.  Like RFK, Jr., Dr. Robert Malone says out loud what most people are afraid to say.  But, as Prof. Mattias Desmet has been urging us, the only way to break the trance of this mass psychology event we are witnessing on a global scale, this crowd psychology of mass formation, is to speak out about the absurd narrative that doesn’t make sense.  Let’s learn from these very well-informed leaders and dissidents opposing the status quo of uncritical compliance to corporate agendas.  And let’s ask ourselves:  Do we prefer democracy or totalitarianism?  The former requires work to actualize.  The latter only requires passivity and uncritical compliance.  The choice is yours and mine.

Other salient observations:

  • There was a rally at 4pm (16:00 EDT) in Antioch, California today, at the Antioch Police Station, as announced yesterday (Friday, 29 APR 2022) by Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling on Pacifica Radio’s Hard Knock Radio with Davey D (KPFA, Berkeley, CA).  See gallery below.
  • According to Mikhsela Peterson, he4 father Jordan Peterson has died.  (cf. Twitter, Unilad)
  • “Discussion on Mass Formation with Dr. Robert Malone, Prof. Mattias Desmet & Dr. Peter McCullough” by lo, 7 JAN 2022. [L5]

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[Notes will be modified/edited/updated as time and labor constraints allow.  Working class solidarity. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊]

Fear is the Instrument of Totalitarianism | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Dr. Julie Ponesse” by The Democracy Fund, 29 APR 2022.

16:00 PDT

There was a solidarity rally at 4pm (16:00 PDT) in Antioch, California today, at the Antioch Police Station, as announced yesterday (Friday, 29 APR 2022) by Free Wheelin’ Franklin on Pacifica Radio’s Hard Knock Radio with Davey D (KPFA, Berkeley, CA).  Neighbors, community members, and other concerned people came out to support various families, who have had loved ones murdered by cops.

Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling on Back The Blue (Facebook page), also a speaker via telephone. Notice the corporate TV correspondent lady in red, leaving before the press conference ended.  (Evidently, they got what they needed.)
Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling discussed the importance of mobilizing support for police accountability, the role of the press, the role of free speech KPFA radio and the Pacifica Radio network…

Disinformation Governance Board” Chief” Is Spreader Of Disinformation” by The Jimmy Dore Show [via YouTube], 30 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description:  “Joe Biden announced the formation of something called the “Disinformation Governance Board”, which will operate within the Homeland Security Department as a sort of Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”, point of

No One Is Telling You the Truth About the Car Shortage, So I Have toby Scotty Kilmer [via YouTube], 30 APR 2022

Quotation from video description: [pending]

[1]  Of course, Democracy Now! should drop the exclamation point to stop posturing and simply symbolize how they have sold out and abandoned their earlier adversarial journalism, in exchange for money from the likes of the Ford Foundation and what have you.  Maybe they got punked, or threatened/intimidated by some spooks to, stop dropping truth-bombs, or else…  Maybe people change.  Apparently, Amy Goodman has become a millionaire and seems out of touch with her grassroots volunteerist Pacifica Radio Network origins.

  • “The Democratic Party’s Ford Foundation Problem” by Nate Hochman, 14 APR 2022

[2]  In the Bay Area, on the Peninsula and Silicon Valley, in posh Menlo Park, once the home of Thorstein Veblen (The Theory of the Leisure Class), if you were a rough trade worker (or a resident, for that matter) you would see a copy of Gentry magazine wrapped in plastic tossed at everyone’s doorstep behind white picket fences of 1950s-sized Leave It to Beaver-type houses.  I always thought it was funny that the houses were not much bigger in Menlo Park than they were in my hometown of San Mateo.  But there was a certain invidious distinction to say you were from Menlo Park.  It was instantly recognized that you were of far lower station, if you said you were from San Mateo.  By the same token, the man, who could claim he lives in Atherton gained a striking invidious distinction over the man in Menlo Park.  And, so, it went.  The wealthy and the leisure class sought to distinguish themselves by their landed station.  Of course, the wealthiest had to separate themselves into the hills, like in Woodside or Woodside Hills to gain invidious distinction, where they can keep stables and horses and guest homes on their estates for visitors beside their mansions.  One longtime client of my father’s rough trade family business made the move from the swankiest hills of San Carlos to Los Altos Hills in the 1990s to one of the largest and most coveted properties in the area.  The man kept one of the first three or so Tesla cars ever made.  It was a glaring example of invidious distinction.  He had married a Mexican woman, who seemed to betray a bit of survivor’s guilt, which she assuaged by retaining my father’s rough trade services over the decades.  As a kid, with manly tools in hands, I remember people hiring rough trade services were very kind in the 1980s and 1990s.  By the 2000s, after 9/11, and various economic crises, the Bay Area had become a much more expensive, desperate, and bleak environment for the middling and lower-income people.  Many working class families on the Peninsula became economic refugees, pushed to the East Bay or Central Valley.  And, even, the well-to-do seemed under pressure.  It is nothing like the Bay Area of the giddy 1980s or the heady 1990s.  The Bay Area is now bleak and dystopian, sterile.  All of the colour and culture seems to have been drained.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of people out and about.  But the people standing in lines, at lunch eateries and gas stations and places all look afraid of each other.  Or they look like bland corporate drones.  Half of them wear masks and they can’t explain why when I ask them.  Few people on the Peninsula seem capable of thoughtful conversation anymore.  This is not the Peninsula I grew up in.  The whole 21st Century Silicon Valley vibe is dystopian.  As one example, on El Camino Real, from Palo Alto to Sunnyvale, there were cool record stores, which have all closed down.  Now, for new music people “go to” New Music Fridays on Apple Music.  It’s nothing like my teenage years, when I would see DJ Cameron Paul in acid-washed jean suits working out new mixes at the back or Star Records in San Mateo in the late 1980s, or exploring new alternative music in the 1990s at Tower Records in San Mateo or concerts at the Shoreline Amphitheater or the Warfield or Fillmore.  Tower Records died a long time ago.  There’s even a documentary on the death of Tower Records.  Now, we have an indoor culture of Priuses, Teslas, and Starbucks.  Everyone must keep moving.  And loitering is not allowed, unless it’s at Starbucks with a laptop or a business meeting.  There was a Rasputin’s Record shop; but that’s gone now.  Where is the youth culture?  Is it congregating in debauched house parties, like those depicted on HBO’s Euphoria?  The Edge in Palo Alto was closed long ago.  They had a teen night, if memory serves.  A security guard had to be hired for the past year or so, for crying out loud, to monitor the train tracks near Palo Alto High School to stop the rash of depressed Palo Alto teens jumping in front of moving trains.  A recent example was in 2021, when a Stanfor student, Jacob Aaron Miesel (23), was killed on the CalTrain tracks.  After 2018, the city of Palo Alto was forced to invest in “a $1.7 million” “Track Watch” camera system, including AI technology to “automatically detect certain behaviors and contact law enforcement if necessary.”  (cf. ABC News, 20 MAR 2018)  In San Mateo, where my brother still has family and often spends time, “everyone in the hood is now a scumbag”, he says.  Back in the day, as I walked around town, people would say wussup on every block, like Bob Marley sang in the “Natty Dread” song.  All I had to watch out for was the weird vendetta Tongans used to harbor for all Chicanos back then.  So, I carried a switchblade as a kid, in case I got jumped by The Tongans, as I walked back home to the Shoreview neighborhood, which was home to most of the San Mateo Tongans.  (The Tongan Royal Family seemed to have followed many Tongan expats to San Mateo County, as they purchased a 6,000 square foot house in the swanky hills of Hillsborough, where I attended middle school, with the preppy kids of the Hillsborough leisure class.)  A few of the Tongans were homies, where I lived down on the flats, “in the slums”, as wealthy classmate Peter King lamented.  “You live where?” he asked, on the first day of class, on Fifth Avenue?  Oh, you live down in the slums,” he sighed.  I didn’t think so.  My Fifth Avenue neighborhood looked like the neighborhoods on TV’s Leave It To Beaver.  Or, like Ian Curtis pined, we had avenues all lined with trees.  Whatever.  But these experiences led me to grow up with a similar outlook, as the privileged gentry, all college prep classes and upper class trappings at school, but with a tinge of racial/ethnic stratification, which was almost imperceptible.  Racial tensions weren’t as overt as they would become during the Bush and Trump years.  But I felt the racism and hostility from certain old school types.  But the younger white folks all seemed cool as fuck.  Back then, you had to be hard because the biggest threats came not from white racist violence, but from other people of color on the streets.  The romance of crime and violence seduced many ’90s kids of my generation.  I’d hate for my son to be shot at, like I was, or be involved in drive-by shootings or the silly gang shit from back then.  It’s a trip.  Soon, it seems, kids would be made too soft, too obedient, too compliant, too uncritical.  So, you got rich kids jumping in front of trains, and all manner of pathologies, which young people have been going through, not least of which is having to live through the absurd COVID-19 agenda and gaslighting and lockdowns.  But you also got the working class kids and younger people, stabbing each other in the back.  Before ethnic rivalries may have separated groups.  But, now, it seems everyone is atomized on the streets.  Meanwhile, all the Peninsula gentry care about is invidious distinction and conspicuous consumption.  Even their philanthropic balls, which they feature in the pages of their magazine are instances of invidious distinction and conspicuous consumption.  But the Peninsula gentry may be shriveling up.  I should say most of the local high society faces featured in Gentry magazine at philanthropic balls and whatnot around the Peninsula were white.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, most of the rough trade workers were brown, even if the bosses were often white.  And most of the rough trade customers were white.  By the late 1990s, observing as a rough trade worker on the Peninsula, the mixture of clients hiring rough trade services (including painting, construction, brickwork, concrete work, landscaping, HVAC, electrical services, and so on), most of those homeowners were new Asian immigrants.  In the South Bay, the Asian population had long been spiking.  It seemed like the only people making any money and hiring rough trade services were mostly Asian by the 2010s.  This seems to be the case in the 2020s.  Although, notably, during the Trump years, many Asian families, who had recently arrived some years before were complaining about the American schools on the Peninsula because of the school dysfunction with the lockdowns and all.  Anecdotally, I can report a trend of professional immigrant Silicon Valley Asian families that decided to pack up and head back to China because California schools were so bad, in their view.  That made sense back then.  But, nowadays, we’re hearing horror stories about Chinese people locked in towers and screaming in horror because they don’t know when they will be allowed to leave their buildings.  Today, on Pacifica Radio, if memory serves me, on an international newscast on WBAI, there was a report about the Chinese lockdowns where people were complaining that they didn’t know when the lockdowns would end and that food deliveries were sometimes late.  That’s quite dystopian.  China’s Xi Jinping’s close relationship with Russian Federation President Putin is dealing death blows to the USA’s unipolar world order.  Yet, Xi Jinping also appears to be forging a strong relationship with Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum boss, who gathers the global power elite every year in Davos, Switzerland to scheme on how to increase their power and wealth.  China’s social credit system is a favorite topic of Klaus Schwab and the Davos crowd.  So, we have Xi Jinping smiling and shaking hands with Klaus Schwab; and we have Russell Brand making viral videos about screaming and wailing people locked down in skyscraper towers, not even allowed to leave for groceries.  This is some of the most dystopian shit I’ve ever witnessed.  The only way they can protest in these Chinese skyscrapers is by screaming at the top of their lungs.  The sound was one of the most chilling sounds I’ve ever heard in my life.  This news sounds like some sort of crime against humanity, like something the world should be calling out.  Instead, it’s being swept under the rug.  Nobody is really talking about it.  And it may become our future in America soon, too.  I mean the state is trying to pass laws to inject my teenaged son with cytoxic COVID-19 injectable drug products, despite the VAERS statistics showing tens of thousands of deaths from these experimental jabs, and without parental consent, without anyone’s consent.  When I read 1984 in high school, I found it horrifying.  And now it’s coming true. 

Alison McDowell is an independent researcher, who deserves your attention, if you prefer democracy over totalitarianism, or being locked down in an urban tower.  Rosa Koire has written about UN Agenda 21 and SMART cities, which notably Palo Alto is starting to look like, as new housing developments are being built just as Rosa Koire predicted according to her research of UN Agenda 21 and plans for cutting off municipal provision of utilities to rural areas, and pushing preferential development of densely populated urban cores under an environmental pretext, but with an added bonus for the state of creating total surveillance SMART cities with urban housing buildings or towers, which build right up to the street, like narrow city sidewalks with tall buildings.  Presumably, this is to increase surveillance capacity by removing 20th century landscapes, which had more space and shrubs and what-have-you, areas for the unwashed to loiter or hide.  In Palo Alto, weird self-driving cars roll around all day.  But they seem more like surveillance vehicles, with rotating cameras on their rooftops, than benign beta testing.  Everywhere we look, the Peninsula is becoming a weird techno-dystopian place sterilized of any organic or grassroots culture.  Everything seems to have spawned from some corporation.  And all the legacy Peninsula gentry wanted was the prestige of their philanthropic galas, which never change the social ills they ostensibly work to resolve, but serve very well to evade taxes and create a false veneer of prestige for the local leisure class.  But all that phoniness seems to be washing away, as the newer generations of the gentry, the white leisure class, seems to be whittling away, as their kids and grandkids move away or aren’t really buying into the same trappings of privilege.  And the Peninsula properties are being increasingly taken over by Asian immigrants with money from abroad, or tech jobs in Silicon Valley.  These days, we don’t see Gentry magazine on the doorsteps of Menlo Park homes.  Gentry magazine was sold off to a Southern California publisher.  But the headquarters will remain in Menlo Park, like the headquarters of Sunset Magazine and so many Silicon Valley institutions.  Gentry magazine will do its best to carry on the legacy of California’s leisure class, as China says checkmate.

[30 APR 2022]

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