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symptoms of white supremacist ideologies: a trending meme circa Spring 2022 contrasting treatment of white versus non-white immigrants

LUMPENPROLETARIAT [Monday, 25 APR 2022]  Here are some of today’s media notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (Please see below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle.)   The medical apartheid is still festering.  Not enough people have woken up to the totalitarian slippery slope, which the COVID-19 mandates have coerced us onto.  The mass formation seems to be continuing.  So, we must speak out.  Wake the folk up.  A number of us are eagerly anticipating Prof. Desmet Mattias‘ forthcoming book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism.  This is a book, which I anticipate will be a must-read for every person who stands in opposition to totalitarianism.  A number of us, who’ve read Hanna Arendt, Gustav Le Bon, and other important works on the origins and the psychology of totalitarianism, understand that Ghent University Prof. Mattias Desmet‘s analysis is consistent with, and builds upon, over a century of literature.  The state is still trying to inject my son and your children and everyone else, without parental consent or anyone’s consent.  This must be understood within the context of the Great Reset, Russia’s growing bond with China, US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism, BRICS desires for dedollarization, and technological unemployment, and the rise of bullshit jobs, as Prof. David Graeber articulated.  And the military-industrial complex still wants forever wars everywhere, as the global power elite develop inverted totalitarianism.

On this week’s edition of Africa Today with Walter Turner, Pierre Labossiere (co-founder, Haiti Action Committee) discussed Haiti, its history of survival in the face of slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism under US/NATO imperialism—description, and prescription.

Other salient observations:

  • According to a fellow worker, Abby Martin went on the Duncan Trussle(sp?) podcast.
  • According to a fellow worker, JR Valrey (a fellow traveler of the free speech KPFA/Pacifica Radio world) has a new Ministry of Information podcast.  But “the sound was off; there’s like an echo in the audio.”
  • Developing the Ministry of Information Podcast: A short look at the journalistic trek of JR Valrey” by Minister of Information JR Valrey, SF Bay View Oakland Bureau, 3 MAR 2022.[RO]
  • The Ministry of Information Podcast hosted by the Minister of Information JR promo” by The Ministry of Information Podcast, 19 MAR 2022.
  • Racist brutality against Haitian migrants sparks outrage” by Martha Grevatt, Workers World, 27 SEP 2021. [RO]
  • Reporting from the ground in Donbas” by The Grayzone, 25 APR 2022. [L2]
  • Billionaires (Musk/Thiel/Omidyar) vs The Media? (W/ Glen Greenwald)” by Bad Faith, 25 APR 2022. [L2]
  • Project Censored [via WBAI/Pacifica Radio] for Monday, 25 APR 2022.  Hosted by Eleanor Goldfield and Mickey Huff
  • “Owning Your Own Shadow: The Dark Side of the Psyche” by Eternalised, 25 APR 2022.

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[Notes will be modified/edited/updated as time and labor constraints allow.  Working class solidarity. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊]

Westchester Lady” by Bob James (1976) (with Grover Washington, Jr, Gary King, & Eric Gale)

09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show

NOTES (re: Gary Null Show for 25 APR 2022): [TW] [L30] About 33 minutes in, the WBAI audio archive glitches out, all one hears is a weird buzzing sound. | The Gary Null Show is also archived, including program notes and video links, at PRN.live | (c. 0:01) Health & Healing Information – detoxification, chelating out heavy metals, and more. | (c. 9:08) Challenging an MD PhD on the Great Barrington Declaration, which is good. “But it doesn’t go far enough.” | (10:05) Announcement: forthcoming publication of newly digitized archival Gary Null material on health and healing. | (c. 12:27) VIDEO CLIP: Past examples of corrupt medical messaging from the establishment across two American generations. Similarly, today’s plandemic dystopia portends a bleak future of inverted totalitarianism, in which an uncritical population complies with forced medical experimentation, injection mandates with experimental and cytotoxic synthetic spike protein and mRNA biotech, which has been shown to circulate throughout the body enter cells and becomes DNA in liver cells, according to a Swedish study. | (c. 16:00) VIDEO CLIP: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya argues against the lockdown policies, i.e., total quarantine of healthy populations instead of acknowledging age stratification and focusing on the most vulnerable. | (c. 25:00) Dr. Gary Null Commentary challenging ‘the good doctor in Stanford’ to a debate and other critiques, including COVID-19 injectable drug products, policing, and criminal justice system. (c. 31:30) A critique of Will Smith‘s vulgar displays of public neofeudal neodueling violence and other social ills. (N.B. This is roughly where the WBAI livestream was interrupted by a loud, weird buzzing sound.) (c. 29:00, WBAI audio archive goes silent, as it did during the livestream, then a loud, weird buzzing sound. PRN.live audio archive is complete.) (c. 31:15) GN: ‘It’s all upside down. We’re living a lie, a maladaptive duality. That’s what we are today. If you doubt me just a look at [the codependent] Will Smith [and his narcissistic abuser wife, Jada Pinkett Smith]…’ Here, I disagree with Dr. Gary Null, as I have more personal experience and research experience on narcissistic personality disorder spectra. The fact is Will Smith suffers from elitism, classism, and pathologies of celebrity, like all elites in what Adorno and Horkheimer called the culture industry. And he has picked up what some NPD experts call “narcissistic fleas”, or narcissistic tendencies. There is a difference between a person with narcissistic tendencies and a narcissist. There are also overt and covert narcissists. And, then, there are malignant narcissists. As the world learns more about narcissistic abuse and high profile case studies, like Jada Pinkett Smith, Donald Trump, and Amber Heard, we will learn more about the methods and techniques of narcissistic abuse and other forms of emotional and psychological abuse. My thesis is that narcissistic abuse is at the heart of most forms of domination. Forms of domination from interpersonal relationships to business and public, political relationships, even ‘national social contracts’, even international relations are all subject to the toxic magnet trap, which occurs between a codependent lacking the self-esteem or strength to establish and protect healthy boundaries. So, we see the same narcissistic abuse cycle and tactics, including gaslighting and alternating kindness (‘lovebombing’/idealization phase) and cruelty (narcissistic discard). This alternation of cruelty and kindness, the gaslighting, the blameshifting, the twisting of reality, all breaks down the will and self-esteem of the codependent or captive, whether it’s a physical captive, emotional captive, or psychological captive. Pimps do this. And Hitler did this, as detailed by Hannah Arendt in Origins of Totalitarianism. And, now, America is doing this with a political system, which Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin calls inverted totalitarianism, as Chris Hedges also warns us all.

11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT, WBAI > Project Censored with Eleanor Goldfield and Mickey Huff

Quotation from archive description: “Synopsis: In the first half-hour of this week’s program, Mickey’s two guests explain the widespread problem of wrongful criminal convictions, and the obstacles that both legal investigators and journalists encounter when they try to uncover information. | Then in the second half of the program, Eleanor Goldfield speaks with long-time single-payer advocate Dr. Margaret Flowers about prospects for universal health care in the U.S. today. | Valena Beety teaches law at Arizona State University, and previously worked at Innocence Projects in two states (Mississippi and West Virginia). –
Geoff Davidian is a reporter with over 40 years’ experience, including at the Milwaukee Journal, Arizona Republic, and Houston Chronicle. –
Margaret Flowers is a retired pediatrician and a long – time advocate for universal single | the steering committee for HealthOverProfit.org, a group that campaigns for “a national improved Medicare for All healthcare system.” Margaret Flowers hosts Clearing the FOG, Forces of Greed on WBAI Tuesdays at 10am. -“

18:00 PDT

Free My People” by Joni Haastrup (2011) (Wake Up Your Mind) (also on Nigeria Soul Fever via Soul Jazz Records)

19:00 PDT,  KPFA > Africa Today with Walter Turner

NOTES:  Guest – Pierre Lubossier(sp?) (Haiti Action Committee)   …  |DESCRIPTION history | recent meme contrasted US treatment of Ukranian refugees versus Haitian refugees … 1938. ‘the US infiltrated grassroots organization from the top and manipulated the Haitian sellouts’  sounds like what happened at KPFA/Pacifica Radio.   1941 …  ‘Antonio Giutierrez UN sec general praising G9 thugs | 1944 PRESCRIPTION … 1951 WT: ‘Saturday 30 APR 2022 at 11am? 1130am, webinar’

20:00 PDT, KPFA > Transitions On Traditions with Greg Bridges >

NOTES: Opening Theme: “Shout Out” by Sekou Sundiata, from The Blue Oneness of Dreams (1997) | straight-ahead jazz. Fallen Heroes by Willie Jones “Jackin’ For Changes”. … (c. 20:15 PDT) offline

“Shout Out” by Sekou Sundiata (1997)

“Here’s to the best words
In the right place
At the perfect time to the human mind
Blown-up and refined.

“To long conversations and the
Philosophical ramifications of a beautiful day.

“To the twelve-steppers
At the thirteenth step
May they never forget
The first step.

“To the increase, to the decrease
To the do, to the do
To the did, to the did
To the do, to the did
To the done, done
To the lonely.

“To the brokenhearted.
To the new, blue haiku.

“Here’s to all or nothing at all.

“Here’s to the sick, and the shut-in.

“Here’s to the was you been, to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep, to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“To the crazy
The lazy
The bored
The ignored
The beginners
The sinners
The losers
The winners.
To the smooth
And the cool
And even to the fools.
Here’s to your ex-best-friend.

“To the rule-benders and the repeat offenders.
To the lovers and the troublers
The engaging
The enraging
To the healers and the feelers
And the fixers and the tricksters
To a star falling from a dream.
To a dream, when you know what it means.

“To the bottom
To the root
To the bass, uh, boom!
To the drum
To the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“Here’s to somebody within the sound of your voice this morning.
Here’s to somebody who can’t be within the sound of your voice tonight.
To a low-cholesterol pig sandwich smothered in swine without the pork.
To a light buzz in your head
And a soundtrack in your mind
Going on and on and on and on and on like a good time.

“Here’s to promises that break by themselves
Here’s to the breaks with great promise.
To people who don’t wait in the car when you tell them to wait in the car.

“Here’s to what you forgot and who you forgot.
Here’s to the unforgettable.
Here’s to the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

“Here’s to the hip-hoppers
The don’t stoppers
Heads nodding in the digital glow
Of their beloved studios.
To the incredible, indelible impressions made by the gaze as you gaze in the faces of strangers.
To yourself you ask: Could this be God? Straight up!
Or is it a mask?

“Here’s to the tribe of the hyper-cyber
Trippin’ at the virtual-most outpost at the edge on the tip
Believin’ that what they hear is the mothership
Drawing near.
Here’s to the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.”

“Shout Out” by Sekou Sundiata, from The Blue Oneness of Dreams (1997)

I never really heard of this dude before.  Maybe seen him on a grocery store magazine cover or something.

But this song caught my ear during Weekend 1 of the 2022 Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

I must admit this song is growing on me.  You can’t go wrong with ’80s beats and vibes…

“You know it’s not the same…”

I hope the #Covidian thing ends and the medical apartheid ends soon.  Then, those of us not in the Covidian Cult can participate in society again.✌🏽

Owning Your Own Shadow: The Dark Side of the Psyche” by Eternalised, 25 APR 2022.

NOTES:  …  (c. 11:45)  ‘It is not perfection we should strive for, but wholeness‘   …  (c. 11:50)   ‘Projection is always easier than assimilation’  …  (c. 17:14)  “A symbolic or ceremonial ritual affects one as much as any event, as long as it means something to you.”  … (c. 20:55) ‘William Blake

COMMENTS:  (c. 17:14)  “A symbolic or ceremonial ritual affects one as much as any event, as long as it means something to you.”  Indeed.  This is the chilling reality about the mask-wearing rituals everyone has been engaging in since the totalitarian and dystopian police state response to the SARS-Cov2 outbreak in the USA circa March 2020, including the authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-labor, unscientific lockdowns.  A very creepy thing happened, a mass formation event, as the American people went along with the police state government overreach uncritically, no mass demonstrations, just a passive compliance with a controlled demolition of the economy.  This was made possible by class divisions in society, with the PMC types (professional managerial class) largely out of touch with the working class, as they identify more with their bosses, angling to one day be the boss.  The PMCs could work from computers at home or laptops on the go.  And the American society went through a number of unscientific rituals, predicated only upon a faith in the establishment.  People stood, with religious piety, six feet apart from one another in shopping lines/queues.  People followed arrows painted on the ground, like lemmings.  To this day, people drive around in their cars, alone, windows rolled up, with weird surgical gloves on and a surgical mask.  I mean if someone time-travelled from before 2020, they’d be like, WTF?.  And the working class types were placated with Plandemic Payments/bribes, not seeing the adverse long-term economic ramifications for the working class, nor the fact they were getting crumbs out of the deal, as the American Power Elite looted the nation.  These COVID-19 rituals seem to symbolize, for those who submit to wearing a mask, when they know very well there is no scientific basis for wearing silly cloth masks, or being jabbed repeatedly, despite the horrifying VAERS data. It’s one thing to wear a specific type of mask with a specific rating in a specified environment. But it’s another thing entirely to walk around in society wearing silly cloth masks, especially under coercive societal peer pressure. Just look at the pictures of kids, looking all depressed wearing masks all day in class. Early childhood education teachers began speaking out. Children need to see smiles. These masks were messing kids’ heads up, harming their mental health and wellbeing. Kids were showing delayed speech development. And we can only imagine the long-term social consequences, as a generation of kids is raised to be pitifully unquestioning, uncritical, and compliant to any absurd decrees or dictates of the state. There seems to be something evil about parental deference to the state with regard to parental consent. This is all the more apparent in the context of widening awareness of a growing body of literature, which is critical of the unholy alliance between the state and big pharma, and more broadly the war against public health. Indeed, it appears big pharma has captured public health. (cf. The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr.)


  • Masks Can Be Detrimental to Babies’ Speech and Language Development: The good news is that parents can take action to compensate” by David K. Lewkowicz,Ph.D. (a senior scientist at Haskins Laboratories and an adjunct professor in the Yale Child Study Center, Yale University), Scientific American, 11 FEB 2021.
  • A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found” by Scott Morefield, Townhall, 15 JUN 2021.

Shadowplay” by Joy Division (1979)

[25 APR 2022]

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