LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Wednesday, 10 FEB 2021, 07:52 PST]  Today, is the 22nd day of Biden’s first 100 days in office.   And today is also the second day of the public hearing for the second impeachment trial of former U.S. president Donald J. Trump.  The Senators are adjourned until noon today.  As Marjorie Cohn (TruthOut) has argued, “The legal evidence is damning: Donald Trump should be held criminally liable for “seditious conspiracy” and “inciting insurrection” for his role in stoking the events of January 6, when an angry mob of Trump loyalists, incited by the president himself, stormed the Capitol building to stop the congressional counting of votes for Joe Biden in the Electoral College.”  But Mr. Trump is not facing criminal charges, yet.  This impeachment process to vote for a conviction is mainly to disqualify Mr. Trump from holding office in the future, which is evidently now his life’s mission.

But the American people are being gaslit by the Democrats and the Republicans.  The Senate spent most of the day yesterday debating whether or not it is even Constitutional to proceed with the impeachment because Trump is no longer president.  The absurd argument crumbled.  The blame for this “rot and stink”, as one legal expert described the current state of D.C. politics, this shameful Senatorial farce, is the fact that we have fake politics in the U.S.  It’s political theater because we have a two-party political cartel, where both parties deny the will of the people.  Another bullshit argument we heard yesterday argued that impeachment was moot, since the remedy through impeachment is removal from office and, Mr. Trump’s defense argued, Mr. Trump is no longer in office.  This was a complete farce because the point of impeachment is disqualification from holding future office positions.

So, Republican gaslighting continues post-Trump, as pro-Trump speakers continued to lie yesterday in their testimonials.  Aren’t participants in a trial such as this bound by an oath to tell the truth as in a court of law or else face perjury charges?  Well, we were reminded by one legal expert on Pacifica Radio’s Up Front this morning, this is not a legal trial.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump lawyered up, including hiring one Mr. Schoen, a lawyer, who has boasted about representing mobsters.  Taking advice from his legal team, Mr. Trump, like an unprincipled coward, did not show up to defend himself for his role in instigating and fueling mob violence on the Capitol on January 6th with the clear goal of undermining the electoral count by manipulating his followers into believing Mr. Trump had been cheated out of a fair election.

The Republicans have unscrupulously defended Mr. Trump on spurious grounds, such as the absurd notion that he cannot be impeached because he’s no longer president, which is false.  Legal precedent exists.  And, if it didn’t, it should now because Mr. Trump presented a clear and present danger to our republic for which he must be held accountable, and for which he must be disqualified from holding future office.  The Republicans will never acknowledge that because they still want to use his brand and popularity, despite his toxicity, racism, and divisiveness to U.S. politics.

As corroborated this morning on Pacifica Radio’s Up Front, this is not a legal trial.  But it is, nevertheless, very important, symbolically, as well as to preserve democracy by preventing Mr. Trump’s dictatorial aspirations.

We know the Democrat Party colludes with the Republican Party to block alternative political parties from the presidential debates and from ballot access in many states across the nation with top-two primary laws and whatnot.  So, why should we not expect the Democrat Party to collude with the Republican Party on this Trumpian political theater?  Delusion is the only reason we can fathom.

Mr. Trump is not persona non grata in the Republican Party, despite his crimes and toxicity.  In fact, his stock just went up.  Tom Hartmann was speculating this morning, given all the PACs and donors and crowd-funding, Mr. Trump may be sitting on a half a billion dollars of potential campaign funds.  The persona non grata in the GOP at the moment is congresswoman Marjorie Greene, who seems to have been scapegoated to deflect attention away from Mr. Trump.  In fact, Mr. Trump on the other hand is still being pampered by the Republican Party.  A couple of weeks ago, “Donald Trump, in a meeting with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday [28 JAN 2021], agreed to help the GOP retake control of the House in 2022.”  Since the Republicans are already scheming to bring the aspiring dictator back onto the world stage of politics, they must already be confident about chances for an acquittal, for escaping a conviction, which could disqualify him from holding office in future.

The RNC is planning to invite Trump to its spring donor meeting in Florida in April, Politico reported, citing an unnamed source.

Trump has said he plans to be active endorsing candidates and opposing those he considers disloyal, particularly Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, whom Trump blames for not helping him overturn the Nov. 3 election results in that state.

Tampa Bay Times, 28 JAN 2021

We do not have confidence that the Democrat Party is sincere, or capable, of convicting Mr. Trump.  Their argumentation was insincere and flawed from the outset.  We hope to elaborate on these points as time constraints allow.  But, suffice it to say, earlier more sincere articles of impeachment had been introduced in earlier years against Mr. Trump, but were ignored.  Then, after the 9/11-like events of January 6th, after massive public outcry, the craven Democrats introduced only one, single article of impeachment!  That told us from the outset that the Democrats were not sincere about pursuing a meaningful conviction.

Fight” by The Cure, 1987.

If Mr. Trump is convicted, he will be disqualified from holding future office.  But all of the red flags are pointing to insufficient votes for an impeachment conviction.  Mr. Trump will walk away from this untarnished.  He will return to his divisive demagoguery this spring.  And Americans, who dream of true democracy, will be knocked back on their heels in the absence of a sincere and authentic left-wing opposition to American right-wing toxicity.  We hope we are wrong because Mr. Trump could mean real Hitlerian fascism, if he is enabled to grow his brand, politically speaking. Solidarity.

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05:00 PST, WPFW & WBAI & KPFT (simulcast) > Democracy Now! […] 05:29 PST, Authors of new book, Four Hundred Souls, Keisha Blaine, Ibrahim X. Kendi

05:00 PST, KPFK >  […] 05:45 [TQ] caller: ‘Technically, they don’t have to have an impeachment trial.’ Tom Hartmann: ‘Well, they’re having it.’ Caller: ‘No, they’re debating whether or not to even have a trial. The Republicans are on the offensive. That makes them the aggressor,  winning round one.’  […] 05:52 PST, Tom Hartmann: ‘I think this is lookimg like a slam dunk.’ What? How? […]  cf. 6PM TWEET bY TRUMP JAN 6TH […] TH:

06:00 PST, KPFA > Democracy Now! > ‘The U.S. Senate has voted 6 to 44, to go forward with the impeachment process.’  […] 0609 tw, climate. […] 0610 tw, cop. […] 0618, as we listen to the audio montage again, it dawns on us, the timeline of events becomes clearer. Trump said to his people, I hope Pence has the courage to do what he has to do, ie, overturn the electoral process on behalf of Trump.  As Pence didn’t do that, the lynch mob mentality types saw it as their duty and privilege to engage in lynch mob behavior. But this granular level of detail dramatically exposes Mr. Trump’s guilt. The ones, who are definitely escaping accountability are the Republican Party and the Democrat Party for their role in creating the conditions, which made Trump possible, the polarizing nature of a two-party system, which the Republican-Democrat political cartel alwaya guarantee will exist. […]  06:50 PST, ‘the story of the White Lion slave ship predates the Mayflower narrative’

06:00 PST, WPFW […] 06:28 PST, real talk. activism, economic justice.

06:00 PST, KPFK > […] 06:57 PST, local announcements.

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07:00 PST, KPFA > Up Front with Kat Brooks and BrianEdward-Tiekert 1. Impeachment 2. COVID-19, Gregory Hodge, consultant 3. Local politics 4. East Bay fire. > KPFA News Headlines [TW] On Day One of Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial. […] ‘This is not a legal trial, so it will be voted along partisan lines.’  “constitutional gymnastics” 07:15 PST, [TW] ‘No lawyer is arguing electoral fraud. They will be disbarred if they lie in court.  No lawyer is willing to be disbarred over this.’  ‘What was not done, but could have done is argue causality’ 07:18 PST, guest lady: ‘They could have made a better argument for no causality but they didn’t do that.  Basically, they argued this is water under the bridge, impeachment will only make things worse, and lead us into civil war.’  BET seemed to ask if Trump can feign ignorance, if he really believed his own lies. […] 07:20 PST, […] 07:21 , understanding a “bill of attainder”, i.e., ‘twisting a law to benefit one’s needs.  But… ‘high crimes and misdemeanors do not necessarily require an “putting these false legal flags within the brief” ‘are really there just to provide whatever hook to hang their political case on’  […]  ‘Again, this is a political trial because it’s a democracy-preserving mechanism, but to avoid the appearance of political targeting, or persecution, there is an effort to link the impeachment’ to his incitement and […] “the stink and the rot” 07:27, nice.  Unfortunately, BET switched gears to critiquing a Republican. He did claim that she wanted to talk about “Bill Cassady(sp?)” at the outset. But we’re sure she would also have been more than happy to elaborate on that “stink and rot” she alluded to.  We suspect some of that analysis would expose stink and rot in the Democrat Party. We suspect BET did too, hence the topic pivot to the Republican Party, a straw man.  We already know about the Republican Party. What KPFA and Pacifica listeners often miss is how the Democrat Party fails and betrays them.  Democrat Party apologia runs defense for evil Democrat Party duplicity. […] 07:31 PST, News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary. [TW]. > 07:34 PST, COVID-19 statistics in Oakland and Alameda County. […] 08:02 PST, News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary. [TW]. ‘Only six Republicans voted to impeach.’  […] c. 08:30 PST, News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary. [TW]. […] 08:34 PST, labor news: journalist from Teen Vogue(?) on Bessamer(sp?), Alabama unionization effort at Amazon warehouse, since October 2020. […] What people often overlook about warehouse work, your author can report from experience, warehouses, including places like Home Depot and Walmart have very hard floors, built to withstand forklifts. And these hard floors are very hard on one’s knees, ankles, and legs when you have to work on your feet all day and hustle around on these very hard floors. Even with padded shoes, pads wear out.  A worker’s best bet is to avoid a heel-striking gait, or a flat-footed gait, preferably with a slightly elevated heel for shock absorption, i.e., move around like a ninja. Few are so agile, although anyone can get in shape.  Fitness and nutrition are still elements of an unpopular lifestyle in America. […] 08:43 PST,

07:00 PST, KPFK > […] 07:37 PST, primary source material: it sounds like audio of a Haitian immigrant. A translator seems to be helping Margaret Prescod interview immigrants, ‘who are now living next to the water.’ 07:39 PST, Margaret Prescod emergency fund drive mode.  PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFK. […] ‘U.S.-backed massacres'(?) of Haitians(?)

06:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 07:42 PST,  real talk. ‘San Joaquin, Central Valley farmworkers‘ are being denied COVID-19 assistance and relief due to “mixed status”  ‘We must coordinate […] support programs’ […] ‘His boss laughed when they asked for masks.’ ‘Eliseo and his co-workers called Cal-OSHA. And their complaints were ignored. […] 07:48 PST, ‘We involve farmworkers in devising policy’ […] ‘Our report comes at the Harvest of Shame documentary anniversary’  […]  ‘Bonnie, do farmworkers trust the vaccines?’  [….]  Daisy (latina-sounding), ‘Yes, some of the farmworkers we’ve talked to say that they want the vaccine.’ […] 07:53 PST,

07:00 PST, WBAI > […] talk; fundraiser; health topic/pledge premium. 07:54 PST, JuliaLoggins.com sells ‘these products one at a time’, or get a deal by donating to WBAI.  PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH WBAI.

07:00 PST, WPFW > […] 07:57 PST, music.

09:00 PST, KPFA > Special coverage of Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial, day two. But, first, the news… > News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary [TW]. > 09:05 PST, Day two begins with Jamie Raskin(sp?), a Democrat Senator from Maryland. […]  Nevermind the 18-minute montage, enter into evidence Jeremy Scahill’s “American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump” for a fuller picture of four years of incitement.  The lynch mob agenda didn’t begin in 2020.  It began as early as 2015, with Mr. Trump’s birther gaslighting tropes.

WATCH LIVE: Trump’s second impeachment trial begins in Senate | Day Two” by PBS News Hour, 10 FEB 2021.

09:30 KPFA […] Raskin: “Is this America?”  Yes, ask Childish Gambino. (Cf. his “This Is America” video) […] Eritrean Senator.  Sounds pretty good, but scope is still limited to the 6th, and to election cycle, not entire presidency. […]  09:49 PST, on the three key phrases of Mr. Trump: “fight like hell“, “Stop the Steal”, “the election was stolen”.  In his mind, Mr. Trump can argue dog-whistle politics,ie, blacks must not be allowed to be a valid voting block capable of undermining white privilege etc …1003 Senator ‘Joaquin Castro’ […] The Democrat Party argumentation is horrendous.  There is so much evidence that is missing.  Cf. Jeremy Scahill’s “American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump”, also missing is the role of the Republican Party as well as the Dem collusion with GOP for decades.

10:00 PST, KPFA […] Hadar Averom(sp?) expert analysis [Tw] 10:18 PST, Mitch Jeserich is still fishing for a taker on his suspect narrative that the impeachment process is a waste of time.  If you, dear reader, defend Jeserich on the grounds that he’s merely playing devil’s advocate, please bear in mind that’s virtually the only thing he does.  At that point, it’s not playing devil’s advocate, it is being a devil’s advocate. > 1021, next Senator: […] 10:33 PST, He expanded the scope of the ‘legal’ argument a bit, by citing Mr. Trump’s crimes against the governor and the state of Michigan.  That is commendable, but paltry.  Again, we repeat; forget these paltry pieces of evidence.  Get Scahill, Max Blumenthal, ChrisHedges,  Noam Chomsky theyd mount a stronger case..] 10:34 PST, ‘If Dems did this, the GOP would call it an act of war.’  Indeed. […] 10:36, FB group, Stop The Steal, plus linked website posted, ‘The cavalry is coming.’ Mr. Trump responded “I’m honored.” “Best day ever,” was his reply to another influencer on social media. ‘Ms. Lawrence’ […] ‘Here’s one more’ ‘Ms. Kramer(sp?)  I was an “Alameda County District Attorney” […] 1050, recess. MJ speaks to a “podcaster” 1105

11:00 PST, KPFA [] & KPFK [L.A.]> […] 11:14 PST, Madelyn Dean (Dem) played audio clip of Mr. Trump asking governor Rafensberger(sp?) to get him the electoral votes he needed.  ‘Rafensberger’s family received death threats.’ […] 11:18 KPFK simulcast confirmed. 1119,more audio evidence

1100 PST, KPFT > […] 1119, music

1100 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 11:20 music

Afghanistan Mercenary Shocker + US Says Nuclear War “Very Real Possibilityby Empire Files, 10 FEB 2021.

1100 PST, KPFT > […] 11:21, real talk. black youth traps of unconscious rap labels, author discussion

11:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK (simulcast) > […] 1140 kpfa end of ed liu (dem) remarks 1141, next senator (lady).  […] 1148, re: “The Proud Boys”, “On September 7th” “On September 29th” […] 11:50 PST, clip of Mr. Trump refusing to condemn chauvinist, hate group Proud Boys. ‘Dominick Pizola(sp?) and William Pepe(sp?) […]  ‘As Mr. Castro and Mr. Swalwel(sp?) showed you’ […] 1152, I-35 to Austin caravan was driven off the road. We recall this being reported on Democracy Now!. […] Testimony is getting better, but what is still missing is the stand-down aspect, as we reported at Lumpenproletariat, also as reported by Empire Files and, if memory serves, The Grayzone, as well.  Also missing are the roles of Holly, Cruz, Greene, et al esp. Republican Party machine. On January 29th Trump met at Mar a Lago with GOP bosses!  (See above.)


Irish MEP slates ‘Russophobia’ in Euro parliament, calls Navalny racist” by RT, 10 FEB 2021.


1200 kpfa 1204, [TW] ON Trump s use of music and curating the rally […] 1210, evidence from websites. Don’t forget podcasters and YouTubers, such as Lasse Burholt.  [...] 12:50 PST, Mitch Jeserich speaks to Clarence Hussein about the legalities.

12:00 PST, KPFT > 12:20 PST, real talk. TX, ‘prohibition doesn’t work’ […] 12:53, real talk.

12:00 PST, WBAI > […] 12:23 PST, “anti-black and a capitalist” […] 1255, “black diaspora” “Nigerian”

1200 PST, WPFW > […] 12:55 PST, Askia Muhammad with News Headlines […] racist incidents in military ranks

1300 WPFW > Tracy Chapman song

Pacifica Radio’s Live Coverage of the [Second] Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump” by Letters and Politics, 10 FEB 2021.

13:00 PST, KPFT > sounds like NOI show [TW] ‘Don’t take the vaccines. We’re not anti-vaccine. We’re against human beings being used as experimental human guinea pigs.

13:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > music

13:00 PST, WBAI > […] 13:10 PST, audio of Senator speaking against Trump [TW]

13:00 PST, WPFW > 13:13 PST, music

13:00 PST, KPFA [Berkeley] & KPFK [L.A.] > 13:14 PST, back to the impeachment hearings audio feed. […] 1335, ‘heroic Officer goodwin’,  But no mention of STAND-DOWN? cf. Past Lumpenproletariat and Empire Files.  1352, wnd of Stacey Pasket’s detailed “model”, which avoided standown […] 1353 PST, Senator ‘Swole-Well'(sp?)

14:00 PST, KPFA [Berkeley] & KPFK [L.A.] […]  14:04, video of the killing of Ashley Babbit, by Capitol Hill police.  This whole afternnoon is a whitewash of the truth.  Only, ‘heroic Officer goodwin’,  But no mention of STAND-DOWN? cf. Past Lumpenproletariat and Empire Files.  Cops took selfies, Mitch.  Say it! Senator ‘Swole-Well'(sp?) Mitch said dems have laid out a good case, despite no mention of inside job,  etc. […]1430, Adelle Stan (American Prospect) joins Mitch Jeserich, they speculate on the mob’s motives; but they only speculate on things which confirm their Dem bias. […] 1435, […] 1440, adelle stan seems unaware this was an inside job. Cf. Empire Files

1445 wpfw ‘black power’ comedy

“YouTube Drops the Hammer on Independent Media” by Secular Talk, 10 FEB 2021.

15:00 PST, KPFA > technical difficulties.  […] 15:08 PST, call-ins:  first caller, a woman, says she was ‘nauseated’ watching the video footage.  Indeed.  Imagine if you saw the videos of the cops opening doors and taking selfies.  […] 15:11 PST, next caller, another woman, asks, ‘What would’ve happened if a high-ranking military person, instead of Trump, had tried to pull this off. I would expect that he would sit in prison for many, many years, as I hope Trump does. Also, what about the cop, who killed himself?’  Jeserich doesn’t know what happened to the suicide cop; but speculated in such a manner so as to deflect from the inside job reality. […]  15:15 PST, Jeserich mentioned the secretary of defenses signing on to a letter calling on the military to stand down. […]  15:18 PST, caller Kristina(sp?) said ‘we are not standing  up to this like we should, that we are marching into the slaughter, like sheep.  As usual, Mitch Jeserich could not empathize with the woman, nor engage with her—what an asshole.  He, literally, just hung up on her, as she was distraught.  He didn’t try to comfort her.  But, worst of all, was Jeserich’s ideological censorship of her concerns.  The next caller (15:21 PST), was a calm-voice white-sounding guy, ‘Steven’. Since his call wasn’t very critical of the overall “stink and rot”, as one expert said this morning, then Jeserich let the man hold forth at length. And Jeserich was happy to engage with the trivialities of rules and legalities. 15:23 PST, after some rambling, now Jeserich moves on to “Janet”.  15:24, “Janet” begins asking if Trump has conceded or not, yet. 1526, after several interruptions, Jeserich finally let Janet continue with her remarks. We notice how Jeserich didn’t really do this when ‘Steven’ called just before ‘Janet’.  15:27, ‘Janet’ seems to be struggling to articulate her thesis.’I wonder how people in other parts of the country” […]  Her pont seemed unclear, Mitch seemed uninterested. […] 15:29 PST, back to audio of the impeachment trial. Raskin, introduction.

15:30 PST, KPFA > ongoing live coverage.  Up next:  David Cicilline, Democrat from Rhode Island. […] 15:40 PST, Cicilline claimed that “even Trump’s own family” tried to persuade Trump to call off the rioters.  Even Ivanka and Kirchner, claimed Cicilline.  This sounds unreliable.  […]  Yesterday, senators, including Raskin, said that his allies will show that “Trump was singularly responsible” for the events of January 6th.   This tells us Democrats have no intention of telling the complete story, including the roles of Senators Ted Cruz; Holly, and Marjorie Greene, also the role of the GOP, who is still courting him. > 15:53 PST, NEXT: Senator Castro. [Station I.D.] 16:01 PST, Castro (continued) […] ALSO MISSING FROM THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED IS EVIDENCE FROM GREG PALAST, et al, ON VOTER SUPPRESSION. […] 16:30 PST, end of testimony by Joaquin Castro.

16:30 PST, KPFA > Senator Mike Leigh (Republican), the hot-headed-sounding blowhard, ‘objecting to how his name is being used in the trial.  Senator Patrick Leahy is over-ruling. […] ‘Justice (?)’ […] 16:31 PST, live audio feed of deliberation over the objection. […] 1633, Leigh spazzes out again. “They are not true. I never made those statements.”

Kpfa 1654, caller pointed out ‘who is interrogating this? I haven’t heard anybody talk about this.’  We missed the previous 25 or so minutes. It sounds like the caller was asking about the inside job factor because Mitch Jeserich sheepishly acknowledged that ‘security was a bit lax’, although he may have been referring to back when he used to visit Capitol Hill. 16:57 PST, PBS News Hour video feed ended already; so, we assume the proceedings have been adjourned until tomorrow.

17:00 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints preview:  Multiple migration issues (Camila Perez Bustillo(sp?); ‘Biden blows off Julian Assange; Voters want Wall Street tax act > 17:02 PST, Camilo Perez Bustillo. […] 17:15 PST, last question for Bustillo, re: Trump loyalists, they see ‘we’re becoming a black and brown nation […] isn’t this the old guard of Senators and congress people?’  Yes, says Bustillo, as he goes on to elaborate. WitnessAtTheBorder.org > 17:20 PST, music break >  17:22 PST, James Henry. […] ‘Democratic Senator Kerry ended the Wall Street tax act in NY in the 80s (or 70s?).  Yet again we see the Dem Party is a false opposition party. The tax was merely five cents per $100. But, now, this idea is being proposed nationally. […) 17:34 PST, […] 1740, janet yellen had a rep as a labor economist; but lately she’s been collecting fat checks from Wall Street for “lecturing” […] Submerging markets […] James Henry

1742 PST, break. > JULIAN ASSANGE.  Kevin Gastola, editor Shatterproof. […] Pompeo, under Trump, said previous administrators have been squeamish about going after these people, we’re not’  Now, Biden appears to be chest-beating to show he’s not squeamish about going after “high tech terrorists”, as he has been quoted as referring to Assange. […] 1751,

17:00 PST, WPFW > 17:04 PST, talk.  labor.

17:00 PST, WBAI > Explorations > 17:05 PST, Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist on science topics.

17:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > 17:07 PST, talk/music:  Smokey Robinson.

17:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > 17:10 PST, talk. topic: Native American rights. [TW] ‘The great law of kinyange(sp?)’

17:00 PST, KPFK > Background Briefing with Ian Masters > Caroline Fredrickson(sp?), author of the Democracy Fix. [tw] on Trump impeachment. […]  ‘As we relive it, acknowledged Ian Masters, ‘it’s even more shocking, in a way.’  […] 1714, on the toxic effects of gerrymandering.  We saw the prob as undergrads in poli sci 101. Why have we all allowed gerrymandering to continue until now? […]

18:00 PST, KPFA > Pacifica Evening News > 1812 [TW] Hastings School of Law […] 1814, QAnon video says Trump will be inaugurated next month, etc. […] 18:16 PST, ‘the Oath-Keepers’ referred to Caldwell as Commander. […] 18:36 PST, technical difficulties, audio, glitching out, switching to funk and R&B music. lol […] 18:40 s africa variant detected in California, in Alameda and Santa Clara County […] Protests to recall Newsom […] 18:44 PST, ‘labor report says there will be ~450,000 less jobs […]  18:46 PST, the “Navajo Nation‘ have administered all of their COVID-19 vaccines and are ready for more’ […] 18:47 PST, […] 1855, clean up workers worked to clean up oil leak near refinery, near Richmond(?)

19:00 PST, KPFA > Bay Native Circle > “Amy Ralston Covall(sp?)” ‘received a commutation from Clinton’

Massive Indian farmer uprising against neoliberalism explainedby The Grayzone, 10 FEB 2021.

20:00 PST, KPFA > Dead to the World

20:00 PST, KPFK > […] 20:07 PST, noticias en español, noticias honestas

20:00 PST, KPFT > Really, But Not Really […]20:08 PST, talk.  Host complained about not being paid by KPFT anymore, because instead “they wanted to pay that pedophile.”  […]  ‘Are you alright,’ asked a co-host. ‘I’ve been under a lot of stress,’ he said.  Odd.

20:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Explorations with Dr. Michio Kaku […] > […] 20:14 PST, Dr. Michio Kaku. […] 20:16 PST, ‘maybe DNA began in Mars’ […] 20:21 PST, ‘scientists found missing link between whales and mammals, a dog-like creature.’  Interesting. No wonder dogs are man’s best friend. […] ‘duck-billed platypus predates mammals, corroborating Darwin’s claims’


“Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stansfield on the importance of Judas and the Black Messiah” by The Ringer, 10 FEB 2021.

The Great Reset seems like an alarming scheme towards state-corporate authoritarianism.  However, we disagree with the speaker’s political analysis.  For one, Marx never argued against private property.  And Margaret Thatcher was not a humanitarian.

One commenter, “raymond luca”, tried to share a link, but says YouTube censored him.  He wrote:  “here is the link :  /the-human-os/biomedical/devices/what-is-neural- implant-neuromodulation-brain-implants-electroceuticals-neuralink-definition-examples”

deborah nagle shared the following link, which corroborated the “Smart City” schemes for authoritarian control discussed by Dr. Rectenwald on Guns and Butter:  https://www.dqindia.com/world-towards-sustainable-resilient-urban-future/  AND  https://varindia.com/news/the-world-after–sustainable-and-resilient-urban-future-dassault-systemes

Sally Phillips shared the following link:  https://www.weforum.org/great-reset

Johnny Johnjohn provided the following helpful summary:

We are the proletarians and the lumpen.

We demand freedom for all political prisoners.

We demand the abolition of all for-profit prisons.

We demand prison for killer cops.

We demand the demilitarization of police agencies.

We demand an MMT-based job guarantee.

We demand the right to organize as workers on the job to defend workers’ rights.

We demand ranked-choice voting.

We demand funding for local social workers.

We demand Medicare For All.

We demand an end to corporate personhood.

We demand a living wage from all corporations, who can afford to pay one.

We demand adequate shelters and soup kitchens in every locale for the houseless and indigent.

We demand an end to “racial profiling”.

We demand an end to “stop and frisk”.

We demand an end to all proto-fascist/militarized policing policies and practices.

We demand a zero tolerance policy against racist cops.

We demand the abolition of the U.S. Senate.

We demand proportional representation in the U.S. Congress.

We demand these things because we deserve them and because it is our duty to do so, and because it is morally correct and just.

We work toward these goals with like-minded people through non-violence in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz.

We understand structural racism precludes a fair trial for a person of color in immoral domestic courts.



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