LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Tuesday, 9 FEB 2021, 08:00 PST]  We have a two-tiered justice system, Gloria J. Brown Marshall, WBAI host of The Law of the Land, reminded us this morning.  It’s amazing what a stark contrast she represents, when compared to the white liberal broadcasters on Pacifica Radio, such as Mitch Jeserich at KPFA.  Jeserich was, literally, asking his guests in yesterday’s broadcast of Letters and Politics whether it was even worth their time to discuss the impeachment, since it was such an irrelevant and foregone conclusion.   His guests, literally, had to school him on the basics.  It’s so disappointing that Letters and Politics has to even ask such basic questions.  The next question the dominant ideologues at KPFA will shepherd their flock through is, likely, to be whether or not Pacifica Radio should even continue to support free speech anymore, or get behind Mr. Biden’s “reality tzar“.  At Lumpenproletariat, we wholeheartedly second all of Gloria J. Brown Marshall’s statements and sentiments this morning with regard to the important impeachment trial of Mr. Donald Trump.  We hope more Pacifica Radio broadcasters get on board with the urgency of now.

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Notes from a working class left perspective…

The Payback” by James Brown, 1973.

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I Feel Good” by James Brown

04:00 PST, WPFW > […] 04:59 PST, music: R&B/Soul

05:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > > Sonali’s News Headlines [TW]  […]  ‘Not just that they are safe, but that they feel safe.’   How does one guarantee another person’s feelings?  […] 05:07 PST, ‘Bessamer Amazon facility poised to unionize.’  Just beware, workers, the CWA union sold out unpaid workers at KPFA/Pacifica Radio.  Beware of Gomperist unions, and business unions.  […]  “At the same time, a lot of people were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.”  [TW]  “Every motion they make is being surveilled. And they’re not happy.”  […] “I would say that 85% of the workers at the facility are African-American.”  ‘We see it as much as a civil rights struggle as a labor struggle.’ […] 05:11 PST, antidemocratic practices by Amazon to discourage voting by workers for unionization.  Bezos, evidently seeing the writing on the wall, is stepping away from CEO position.  […]  Amazon  anti-union propaganda even at eye-level in toilet stalls, captive audience meetings of anti-union propaganda.  “They’re even lying to people.” […] ‘Amazon even changed a red light to reduce stopping at a particular intersection to prevent workers from educating the public about their horrible working conditions.’ […] 05:17 PST, ‘Bezos move is a distraction from wage theft, of workers’ tips, which must now be paid back.’ Stuart Applebaum, UFCW […] 05:28 PST, “the latino paradox” Gustavo, wrote, “Ask a Mexican” […] 0540

05:00 PST, KPFK > Background Briefing with […] 0541 (rerun) Saraj Jaffe

0500 KPFT > Democracy Now! > […]05:46 ‘why do disabled people have to prove[…]?’ ‘Its a question of power’ ‘unfair’ ‘Biden announced deportation moratorium, yet deportations continue ‘ 05:50 music break 05:54, ‘We are seeing a continuation of the Trump administration policies unde3 thr Biden administration’ […] “ICE”

0600 WPFW voices with vision

0600 WBAI law of the land >2122092877 1. Impeachment dr Carter g woodson, b 1835 in Virginia credited with originating black history month’ euros/whites told him black people have no history. He refused to accept that. He couldn’t even marry ‘cos he felt his calling to establish/build/research black history was so important but time consuming cf. Nader [..?] 0610 hostt is speaking pure truth […] 6th [tw] ‘we can’t find 67 senators?’  […]  “Rudolph Giuliiani” Why is this man not behind bars for all of his crimes against humanity?  […] 06:21 PST […]  06:25 PST, prima facie evidence: bizarre clip of Trump speech, as rabid mob goes crazy, reminiscent of Orwell’s “two-minute hate”, in the dystopian novel, 0633 JB the big payback […]  06:40 PST, The urgency of now has returned to the Pacifica airwavesHallelujah! It’s shocking now, what a contrast this perspective is from Mitch Jeserich, et al, who were literally asking their guests if it was even worth our time to discuss the impeachment trial on air anymore, since nobody really feels strongly about impeaching Trump at this time of a pandemic. […] 06:53 PST, ‘What do you tell people, who drink the kool-aid?’ [TW]  ‘Gloria J. Brown Marshall’ […]  This is a fund drive broadcast.  PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO WBAI. “Become a WBAI buddy” by sponsoring. New book: She Took Justice.  New play: Shot Caught Assault(?). […] ‘Over 1k people killed by cops per year.’  We have almost never heard such a clear statistic of police killings on Pacifica Radio before. The west coast stations are stifled, compromised, and censored, when compared to the east coast and gulf coast.

0700 WBAI > Green Street > climate change and climate crisis

07:00 PST, WPFW > real community talk, sincere. local, DC. […] 07:08 PST, […] 07:26 PST, “Roach”  give the phone number: ” 202.588-0893.” Discussion around a film.  ‘Women are a great motivating factor for getting men out of prisons,’ said Roach. […] 07:28 PST,

07:00 PST, KPFA > […] 07:09 PST, Brian Edward-Tiekert (BET) is meticulously detailing the upcoming programming schedule for the impeachment proceedings.  07:10 PST, John Nichols joins the discussion.  BET:  ‘It’s all documented, including video. What’s their to debate?’  JN elaborated. […] c. 07:35 PST, Kat Brooks and guests, on Oakland policing.  “Armstrong” Black officers association accused Kirkpatrick of multiple counts of discrimination, internal racism. She didn’t deal with it well, slipped, got pushed out.  […] 0742, ‘Councilmember Bass’

07:00 PST, KPFK > 07:11 PST, tail end of Aileen Alfandary’s Pacifica News Headlines > 07:12 PST, Margaret Prescod speaks some facts and things. […] 07:45 PST, [TW] “deliberate social racialization” […] 07:49 PST, Margaret Prescod:  Please call 818.985-5735 or go online and please donate and help keep free speech radio KPFK on the air. ‘Dr. Joy DeGruy, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

07:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Flashpoints [rebroadcast] > […] 07:15 PST, [TW]  ‘Nichole Phillips, Haitian Bridge Alliance’  […] ‘They had President Aristide, who the people wanted.” ‘But the US government kidnapped him, removed him from the country, and installed puppet governments.’ […] 07:55 PST, [TW]

07:00 PST, WBAI > […] 07:17 PST,  ‘We’re trying to have the industrial polluters to pay their share and step up their transitional plans’ […]  07:19 PST, ‘What we’re hearing from Biden makes us hopeful. He has serious people on his team. “Hopefully, they’re liberated enough” to do the right thing with their positions. […]  The problem these types of conversations miss is party politics. The Democrat Party machine will co-opt and undermine any sincere social movement or campaign it touches.  It seems the Black Lives Matter campaign has been similarly compromised, according to recent local SF/Oakland Bay Area reports we’ve received at Lumpenproletariat.  […]  0722 ‘And what the Democrat strategy is to invest in the green new deal.’  […]  07:23, You see, the speaker is now basically parroting boiler plate Democrat Party agenda talking points. […]  ‘Even Greta Thunberg chastised […] 07:24 PST, [TW]  ‘The Dems must confront the fossil fuel issue. Even AOC, who has called for a Green New Deal, has been unwilling to call for a halt of fossil fuels.  And Bernie Sanders’ […]  07:26 PST, ‘We should have divested ten years ago.’ […]

08:00 PST, WPFW > […] real talk.  08:13 PST, ‘Yes, there has been change since the Civil Rights movements.’

08:00 PST, KPFA > […] “Stockton”  ‘The sheriff had to have known what was going on’  […]  ‘He’s friends with at least three on Facebook’  ‘Pratt, in Stockton’ ‘Three Percenter’ tattoo’  ‘The sheriff’s county people are seen running around with this guy.’  […]  “Come and Take Them” stickers on their trucks and shirts are seen as “a statement of defiance” against police reform, Black Lives Matter, and so on. […] 08:18 PST, [TW] Kat Brooks interview with expert witness. […] ‘Pratt had a lawsuit from before for police Brutality  Scott Morris, independent journalist. > 08:29, Vic Bedoyin, reporting from Fresno, on Tom Flores, another first. […]  What do we care that we have the first person of color to do whatever they did, if they are not revolutionary?  What good does it do, even if we have the first black or brown president, if they are not revolutionary?  Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr tried to teach America that we need a revolution of values.  In 2021, it’s long overdue and critical.  As Dr. King and Malcolm X taught us, we need a revolution of values. Be a revolutionary.  […] c. 08:37 PST, BET interviews guest lady on climate crisis.

08:00 PST, KPFK > Democracy Now! > […] 08:40 PST, [TW] on justice for people with disabilities, ‘being pushed to the back of the COVID-19 line’

Krystal & Saagar: After Outrage on $2,000 checks, Biden Backs Down On Lowering Means Testing” by The Hill

Saagar laid out nicely how Biden sold his people out by even agreeing to negotiate with the Republicans on this issue. But, then, we know they collude. They collude on the debates and everything else to keep their political cartel in power. Why wouldn’t they collude on this?

08:00 PST, KPFT HD2> Background Briefing withIanMasters[…] 0848 [TW] [Downplaying Trumpism is Dangerous ‘ Dr. Henry Giroux. […]  This is probably the best broadcast, which represents the urgency of now, which we are likely to hear on Pacifica Radio today, next to Gloria J. Brown Marshall‘s WBAI broadcast on The Law of the Land this morning. […] 09:34 PST,

09:00 PST, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > […] 09:35 PST, “dogshit alley”  Yo, is this FCC -compliant language, WBAI? […] 09:37 PST, ‘You said we are living in the loneliest society.’ […] Does social media have something to do with this?’  Nah, bro, the fascist police state, which criminalized casual public assembly, particularly against people of color, forced the lumpenproletariat off of the streets.  Then, the police state policies drove others, who may look like the lumpen, people of color, and the poor. Once the most vulnerable were driven indoors.  That was the point when the culture wars ended.  We suspect that’s what Alexa O’Brien meant, when she told your author in an interviewThe culture wars are over. Everyone lost.  I saw this reflected in my own family, each younger sibling was increasingly emasculated.  No offense.  On top of that, immigrant families are just as American as the next, but without documents, they are often afraid to speak out against injustice, or even speak their minds on the issues of the day. The psychological literature tells us that it’s toxic and unhealthy to bottle all of your pain inside.  Do not be afraid brown man.  Do not be afraid black man.  Do not be afraid people of color.  Do not be afriad brown woman.  You are beautiful. We don’t hate white people. We hate the oppressor, whether the oppressor is white, black, brown, or any color. We will coalesce with anybody, who has revolution on their minds because, as X and MLK and Hampton, et al have taught us:  We need a revolution of values. So, be a revolutionary. […] 09:53 PST, cf. Null event this past Sunday. […]  [TW] 09:55 PST, caller: old school bloke with real talk. 0955 PST, Facebook announced official opposition against Free Speech, starting with anti-vaccine speech. Evidently, the evil monopolists only need more time to select their next targets for censorship. But, make no mistake, we are all targets.

10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > health, stress? […] 1012 callins,

1000 WPFW > 1014, talk; human interest, local?

Press Briefing by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki | FULL, 2/9/21″ by The Hill, 9 FEB 2021.

10:00 – 13:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK [L.A.] (simulcast) > […] 10:15 PST, Mitch Jeserich, “live coverage” “Jamie Raskin(sp?) […] Thank you, Mitch, for narrating for those of us in the working classes, who can listen, but have to keep fighting for survival against poverty.  […] 10:41 PST, ‘The Federalist Papers, Paper #1‘, against ‘demagogues’ […] 1044, Joe Neguse(sp?) […] ‘the Bellknap(sp?) precedent’ Yet, “the president” decided that Bellknap did not establish a legal precedent! WTF?! […] 1055, citing Jonathan Turley. Yes! Abby Martin and your author have cited Jonathan Turley almost a decade ago at Media Roots. […]  on the legalities of why this impeachment is legally correct, unlike the GOP argues.  […] 11:06, ‘Given all of that, they struggled to support their position against impeachment. Still, they cited Prof. Falk(sp?) […] Our biggest complaint with Raskin’s argumentation is his claim that Mr. Trump is “singularly responsible” for the events of January 6th. Such argumentation attempts to absolve unwittingly, or wittingly, Senators Holly, Cruz, Greene, et al not to mention the culpability of the Republican Party for creating the conditions for Trump to do what he did.  Then, there’s the culpability of the Democrat Party, for colluding with the Republican Party to block alternative political parties. Those two parties constitute a political cartel. Then, there’s the culpability of all of us for having allowed all this rot to go on for so long.  […] B.S. argument: 1133, next speaker [..] Mj banter […] 1203 back to hearing, ‘Bruce Castor(sp?) […] BS: Castor’s entire first half hour was wasted rattling on about what “extraordinary” people Senators are. […] 12:38 PST, It seems this Senator is just wasting time, before that, he was bullshitting the American people… […] 12:43 PST, Oh, we see.  No wonder the gaslighting was so severe. This is must be a Republican.  The Democrats only half-lie. […] 1249, up next “David,” said the Senator, a Republican, evidently.  […] 1251, end of Bruce Castor’s gaslighting session. 1252, pst,, David Schoen(sp?), who has boasted of legally representing mobsters and other criminals. […] Wake up, America! Soon, even these scribblings will be missed when the police state shuts us all down, if we don’t wake the folk up.  We refuse to accept that. […] 12:59 PST, Schoen(sp?) is dang near foaming at the mouth, relative to the previous speakers. We think he’s a Republican, as he is engaging in severe gaslighting. […] 13:16 PST, Schoen(sp?) is still arguing against the constitutionality of this impeachment trial’s due process, citing, among other things, the Federalist Papers. […] 1317 […] 1343, Schoen is still arguing against impeachment because, he says, the only remedy of impeachment is removal from office. And, since he is no longer in office, he and his ilk argue, impeachment is moot. But what such gaslighting leaves out is the importance of impeachment for disqualification from future office. Raskin pointed this out in his testimony earlier. […] 13:51 PST, Wow, Schoen(sp?) is parsing the semantics of the word, “shall”. Unbelievable. This reminds me of the evil parliamentarianism some of us have witnessed by the likes of Brian Edward-Tiekert and his faction on the KPFA Local Station Board, which helped to drive Pacifica into the ground. […] 1357, “We don’t fear democracy. We embrace it,” said Trump defense lawyer David Schoen with an angry tone, which smacks of fear. […] 1359, oh, wow, he teared up, citing some poetic words. Wow. He is one of the three lawyers, defending Mr. Trump. […] 1401, Raskin. Then, Mitch Jeserich begins talking over the audio. But Raskin sounded like a rascal when he boasted that ‘this has been the most “bipartisan” impeachment ever, as if bipartisanship is anything other than antidemocratic. Bipartisanship only exists when the nation has been captured by political cartel or a two-party dictatorship. Clearly, the American ruling class knew they couldn’t do what the Mexican ruling class did for almost a century. In Mexico, the PRI party ruled for almost a century. In the USA, the American ruling class knew that they would need at least two political parties to fool the sleeping masses. Those, who bother to watch ‘boring’ politics, when so many other more […] 1407, John Nichols joins the conversation. […] 14:10, back to the Senate Trial. […] Schumer, et al move to adjourn until tomorrow at noon. […)

PBS Newshour Live Coverage: Impeachment 2021

1000 KPFT > […] 1044 PST, music: bongos

1000 KPFT [HD2]> […] 1045 PST, music: “Fell On Black Days” by Soundgarden

1000 WBAI [NYC] > […] 1046 PST, real talk: ‘if your vents are blowing air in, there’s a problem. Those vents are supposed to suck air out.’

1000 WPFW [DC] > […] 1048 PST, talk, liberal? bourgeois? local DC politics.

1100 wpfw […] 1109, talk; human interest.

1100 wbai 1110 pst. Talk, health.

13:00 PST, KPFT > […] 13:37 PST, Tom Hartmann is literally more concerned with selling copies of his new book, than paying attention to the narcissistic destruction of the American republic.  Unless this is a pre-recorded interview, this is a shameful moment for Mr. Hartmann.  And, to add insult to injury, he just defended the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the MIC.  ‘Those folks take the Constitution very seriously.’  What bollocks.

1500 KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar […] 15:50 PST, history: slavery in Mexico […]

15:00 PST, KPFK > Background Briefing with Ian Masters […] 1556, witness testimony and “actual evidence” of how Mr. Trump was recruited by the KGB, since at least the 1980s. [TW] Craig Unger, author of new book, which is going viral right now.

16:00 PST, KPFK > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > […] SK: ‘We’ve been discussing the GOP’s attacks on the impeachment’ […] 16:33 PST, clip from X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” […] YES! Kolhatkar played a segment, which is critical of the Democrat Party. ‘I am not a Democrat.’ What we need to hear, on repeat, is the bit where Malcolm X points out how people of color, and others, are “chumps” for voting Democrat, when the Democrats never keep their promises to people of color and poor people. […] 16:39 PST,

Keiser Report | Central Banks Swim Against the Rip Current | E1656, 9 FEB 2021.

We don’t like to hear Max Keiser speak badly about Modern Monetary Theory; but we can’t deny The Keiser Report always makes a lot of sense.

We would like to see a debate between Max Keiser and L. Randall Wray. Keiser interviewed Mike Maloney ( Maloney described MMT “currency creation” as “unsustainable”. The problem is Maloney offered nothing but platitudes and fear-mongering. Maloney blamed Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen because the currency will end up in the hands of Wall Street. However, that’s a downstream, structural issue, which is unfair to blame on the central bankers. Isn’t it? What role does Congress play in all of this?

Then, Maloney goes on to say the central bank is counterfeiting money when it creates money. Yet, all money is created this way. All money exists as IOUs. Maloney calls MMT “stealing”. That’s like the GameStop naked short selling scandal. These pro-capitalist types only complain when the working classes are getting a break.

Max Keiser knows better. So, it seems Keiser brought Maloney in to play his “useful idiot”, who is willing to play the devil’s advocate for the ratings. But, this way, Keiser avoids any backlash in case the analysis against MMT turns out faulty. Worse, Keiser cited Iceland to bolster Maloney’s argument about banks “counterfeiting” money. Well, in Iceland, in Keiser’s example, he said banks were “counterfeiting” money, not the Central Bank. That’s a big difference. Even then, as far as we know, American banks have been “counterfeiting” money here, too, for many decades. That is to say, creating money out of thin air through double-entry bookkeeping.

“Jan 6th, Fascistization, and Education – Henry Giroux” by theAnalysis-news, 9 FEB 2021.


We are the proletarians and the lumpen.

We demand freedom for all political prisoners.

We demand the abolition of all for-profit prisons.

We demand prison for killer cops.

We demand the demilitarization of police agencies.

We demand an MMT-based job guarantee.

We demand the right to organize as workers on the job to defend workers’

We demand ranked-choice voting.

We demand funding for local social workers.

We demand Medicare For All.

We demand an end to corporate personhood.

We demand a living wage from all corporations, who can afford to pay one.

We demand adequate shelters and soup kitchens in every locale for the houseless and indigent.

We demand an end to “racial profiling”.

We demand an end to “stop and frisk”.

We demand an end to all proto-fascist policing policies and practices.

We demand a zero tolerance policy against racist cops.

We demand the abolition of the U.S. Senate.

We demand proportional representation in the U.S. Congress.

We work toward these goals with like-minded people through non-violence in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz.

We demand these things because we deserve them and because it is our duty to do so, because it is morally correct and just.

We understand structural racism precludes the fair prosecution of morally outrageous practices in immoral domestic courts.




[9 FEB 2021]

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