Disclaimer: We have not yet read this book; hence the question mark. But it’s an interesting title, is it not?

LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 11 FEB 2021]  Yesterday, on Pacifica Radio, we heard coverage of the ongoing Second Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump. To be an informed citizen, or resident, or guest, of any nation requires that we pay attention to what’s going on in the world around us, outside our front door, beyond our own proclivities.  Modern life in America was alienating before COVID-19. Post-lockdown, the statistics have been even more bleak.

Carl Nielsen: Little Suite for Strings, Opus 1 by Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, 12 AUG 2013.

With regard to the proto-fascist siege, which surprised state capitols across the divided United States on January 6th, including most saliently at the nation’s capitol in D.C., it seems it was an inside job, as corroborated by Empire Files (cf. link 1 and link 2).  Of course, they have a whole team, dedicated to investigate journalism and researching this question.  For the individual, or even family or group of neighbors or friends, trying to stay informed, individually or grouped, can still be a daunting task.  It is a lot to take in all at once, assembling a comprehensive narrative of the events of January 6th.  Yet, if we had a team, like a reader’s digest for Pacifica Radio and Friends, as it were, the case for impeachment would be so much stronger. We are all witnesses.  Imagine if we could hear Jeremy Scahill testify, and Chris Hedges, and Noam Chomsky, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Dr. James McIntosh, representing more than 70,000 psychologists/psychiatrists, who tried to warn us that Mr. Trump may be a reactive narcissist.  That is the type, which can never admit to being wrong, nor to admit defeat.  Dr. McIntosh, on Pacifica Radio on the east coast, cited Hitler as an extreme example; and we know that story.

At the individual level, few have the stomach for engaging with the issues of the day.  Most turn away, turn it off, or change the station or channel.  Thank goodness some of us do.  If not for independent media, all we would have is toxic, corporate gaslighting narratives.  This is how we end up with the types of history books, which people like Howard Zinn and James Loewen later have to rectify.  We must realize, as working class people, that we must tell our own narrative, from our own perspective. We must not let our oppressors dictate to us what our reality is.  We know the incitement didn’t begin on January 6th, or even months earlier, as Senator Raskin argued. And we also know Mr. Trump met at Mar-a-Lago with GOP bosses only a couple of weeks ago to discuss next steps with Mr. Trump once again at the helm of the Republican Party.  The Democrat Party’s line of argumentation, starting with the decision to only submit a single article of impeachment, narrowed the focus of the case, which also limited the evidence presented, and even rest their case early, with some five hours to spare.  If nothing else, they should have taken public comment.  They made it easy for the Republican side tomorrow.

The ills of society are not for kids to worry about.  That’s for grown-ups.  But we can understand the teachers, who have called in to Pacifica Radio to discuss their usage of impeachment coverage in their classrooms.  And we applaud them.  We heard various people on Pacifica Radio, expert guests being interviewed, confess how traumatizing it was to watch all of the “ghastly” video footage.  One woman, “Christina”, said it was difficult for her to even bear listening to the audio on Pacifica Radio.  Your author has made a deliberate effort to avoid obsessing over those video images.  Those of us old enough to remember 9/11 know how unhealthy excessive consumption of violent propaganda and snuff news can be on the psyche.  The more important information can be gleaned from radio, some independent journalism videos, and readings with much more fullness and detail than watching traumatizing violence on repeat. But to each his own.

So, we have done that.  We have read what we can, given working class time constraints.  And that effort, combined with Pacifica Radio and independent media, has given us enough notes, references, and information, such that we can confidently corroborate the fact that the events of January 6th were an inside job, a number of cops opened doors, took selfies with Trump loyalists, have racist tattoos or insignia, and so on.

On Tuesday, the Senate mainly debated the constitutionality of proceeding with impeachment.  This was a frivolous, if not spurious, legal argument allowed by the Democrat Party, which has kowtowed to the Republican Party for too long.

Yesterday, the Democrat Party began laying out their case of incitement against Mr. Trump.  Since we have a polarizing two-party system, with only two significant political parties, which are ever considered in our American public discourse, then divisiveness is guaranteed. 

Logistically-speaking, according to Mitch Jeserich (Pacifica Radio), each political party gets 16 hours to make their case.  Democrats finished presenting their case, get this, with hours to spare! They could have presented more evidence. They could have called witnesses. Why didn’t they subpoena Mr. Trump? For many of us, this was a farce. It was like the Democrat Party was trying to lose.

Today, we heard news reports on Pacifica Radio that statistics of COVID-19 are trending downward for the first time.  The trend was seen over the previous week or so.  Unfortunately, the rise of less predictable coronavirus variants is confounding the hopeful statistics.  Independent media, including Democracy Now!, have done a good job of encouraging a scientific, evidence-based approach to COVID-19 responses, including encouraging social distancing and the use of face coverings.  On the right-wing of the political spectrum, we are hearing arguments about profligate black and brown people, who only want to sit at home and collect unemployment.  On the center of the political spectrum, i.e., centrists, U.S. ‘liberals‘, we are hearing paternalistic pap, symbolized by Mr. Biden’s winning smileDon’t worry, he smiles. Go back to sleep. We got this. There is nothing to see here. Keep moving.

What we find most suspicious, as people, who have six-pack abs, little-to-no bodyfat and muscular physiques, is the glaring lack of advocacy for fitness and nutrition.  In the natural bodybuilding community, we respect former pro-bodybuilder Ben Pakulski because of his intellectual approach to bodybuilding.  Pakulski is not afraid to ask questions.  He is now retired and, thus, decided to downsize his physique.  But he is still a world class bodybuilder.

Last year, Pakulski introduced his audience to Dr. Benjamin Bikman, who wrote the excellent book, Why We Get Sick. We recommend everybody read that book because Dr. Bikman summarizes for us the latest scientific literature, which corroborates with science, what bodybuilders have long known—how to get in shape.  That is to say, body recomposition, or build muscle and burn fat. Fitness is important for self-defense against all viruses, including coronavirus because the immune system is the foundation of one’s health. And the immune system begins in the gut.  We’re not saying nutrition and fitness will kill the coronavirus. But we are saying that the most vulnerable to the coronavirus are the same people, who suffer from the pre-existing conditions and comorbidities, which contribute to our American pandemic of ill health, much of which stems from issues related to insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity.  That’s where Dr. Bikman comes in.

@LumpenProles, Friday, 11 FEB 2021, 00:25 PST


Notes for future reference, future scholarship

Notes from a working class left perspective…

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05:00 PST, WPFW, WBAI & KPFT (simulcast) > Democracy Now! […]  05:17 PST, Amy Goodman updating us on impeachment trial, but it sounds like parroting Dem narrative, no selfies or stand-down evidence. […] Nermeen Sheikh: ‘The House could have, but chose not to, subpoenaed Mr. Trump! […] guest wrote article, ‘Congressional Members are also guilty’  Yes! […] ‘Josh Holly, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and others’ [….] 0544, Ann Sweeney(?) Wisconsin Uprising ‘ john nichols next left podcast [….] newsclick raided’ […] ‘Twitter blocked hundreds to protect big capital’ [TW] 0654, ‘since April of 2020, using pandemic as pretext big media has shed ~1,500 journalists, mainly “those who dissent”, laws like -Unlawful Activities Act’ […] India is giving the world a preview of the future of neoliberalism, if we don’t wake the folk up.

0500 KPFK > […] 05:20 PST, The Tom Hartmann Show (rerun?) > call-ins re: impeachment

0600 KPFA > Rising Up > 0522, flimsy argumentation from Sonali re: Trump. “It’s hard to pin down,” she said about proving Trump’s incitement.  No.  Simply listen to Scahill’s “American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump”

0600 WPFW > on the margin > real talk. “Black gay visibility” “Harlem Renaissance ” “They dont look at the humanity of the creators of those works’

0600 KPFT > Rising Up [TW] ‘virus #s going down, but variants…'[…] 0612 Michael Humphrey book on 4 yrs of trump tweets. Nice. We were just wondering about that yesterday. ~20K tweets, incl retweets […] 0617, ‘five themes’ […] nihilism must be at the heart of susceptibility to Trumpism. […] 0621, “the convertibili5y of the themes” […] 0626 rerun […] 0627 ‘Trump accused Ted Cruz of cheating to win his victory’ […]  ‘Greene demoted in congress for her Twitter feed’  Isn’t this political persecution?  How is this different from McCarthyism?  […] 0635, cf. The Conversation article. Assr Prof of journalism, Colorado State University 0636 cf. FreeSpeechFor People.org […] interlude > 06:39 ‘It protects bad police; and the good police already have constitutional protection’ […]  “It’s circular reasoning.”  re: police qualified immunity […]  ‘some type of policing reform act to remove qualified immunity. It’s not an anti-police thing. We say support the good ones; and jail the bad ones.’  […] 06:44 PST, Sonali: ‘Even if cops are suspended or fired, they’re often rehired elsewhere. It’s like a serial rapist going free.’  […]  guest: ‘The interesting thing is the police want better relations with the community. But they can’t do that without accountability.”  ‘It’s only if they break the law or cause harm; so, police should have nothing to worry about.’ […] 06:46 PST, ‘Police can just say they are a coward and they had fear in their heart, which caused them to kill; and they get away with murder. You or I cannot use the coward defense.’  […]  06:49 PST, Guest: In almost all cases, individual cops are not personally liable for any judgments. […] 06:52 PST, ‘Police are granted use of lethal force’; a license to kill requires accountability or else it will be abused. […] 06:58 PST, ‘That was Jerry  Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  He’s not just into ice cream.  He also has a moral conscience. […] 07:00 PST

07:00 PST, KPFT > Wide Open Spaces > music: Americana.

07:00 PST, KPFK > […] 07:01 PST, Sojourner Truth > speech, on Kingian Non-Violence. [TW]  ‘In 1956, I was so inspired. So, we went to get library cards. But we were told..  until 1958 with hundreds of white students. And, then, they gave me a library card.’ Whoa! > 07:05 PST, News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary | Christopher Martinez reports on ongoing Second Trump impeachment. > Margaret Prescod: black history, SNiCC, Ella Baker, et al.

07:00 PST, KPFA > […] 07:12 PST, Guest (male-sounding):  ‘They are good at fabricating narratives.’  On the networks, “Trump”, “FOX”. […]  [TW]  ‘And that infuriated him. So, he said go watch x, y, & z, smaller, “fringe” networks.”  […] ‘They are desperately trying to win back those viewers. And the way to do that is by saying over-the-top things about the January 6th ‘insurrection’. […] 07:16 PST, ‘FOX stuck their neck out by lying, along with Mr. Trump, now that Mr. Trump betrayed them, just like wannabe dictators are wont to do.  […] Matt G Media Matters)  […]  BET:  ‘I don’t even pay for cable.’  lol, who does? […] 0719, FOX is ‘going to be, from 7pm to midnight all right-wing talk’, less news, more of the opinions and “red meat” they think “the base” wants. The irony is not lost on any of us that the term Al Qaeda, literally, means “the base“.  [.. ]  ‘Wait, what?  Tucker Carlson is starting to question vaccine safety?  The KPFA guest finds this as alarming.  We find it reassuring, in terms of the First Amendment.’  […]  BET:  ‘Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was just on Tucker Carlson.’  Oh, yeah, what did they discuss, Brian?  Why don’t you tell us?  It seems insidious of you to point that out, as if it’s a smear, that he spoke on FOX.  Glenn Greenwald also speaks on FOX.  We will speak on any TV show, if it means getting our message out.  We already know any interview request has the intention of using the interview subject in service of the agenda of the interviewer. The only question has to do with where those agendas align or diverge.  But, since when is finding common ground or building bridges a mark of shame.  Pacifica broadcasters, such as BET lambast their political opponents, but never give them an opportunity to speak, to have free speech. Why speculate?  Why not just invite the opponents on air?  Why not debate?  Would such debates not be enlightening for all?  […] Matt Gertz(sp?) of Media Matters > 0730, up next, racial tensions between black people and Asian people > News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary | impeachment update |

07:00 PST, WPFW > […] 07:30 PST, It sounds  like Dave Zirin, host of The Collision.  “What they do is concussion tests” to figure out numbers for this class action lawsuit.

07:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] Flashpoints | 07:35 PST, farmworkers. > music break > Sarah reporting: on farmworkers, ‘race’, and covid. feb 2, 2021 press conference. [TW] ‘ a tri-state project, California, Oregon, and (?).  Dr. Deborax Saxton(sp?) and bonnie (?).  Erica Fernandez, et al.


BET acknowledged that the last two callers were former KPFA LSB members.  But BET did not mention they were members of his political LSB faction at KPFA.

.  Bet & Kat respond to his remarks about the use of the word “terrorism” against [?] […]

Tomas, c. 08:45 PST, end of Tomas’ call

0848, next caller: “Nader” , impeachment looks like it will fail. What’s the point of going through the motions?’

Bob in walnut creek, 0852, KPFA BET: “Doo-do-doo, let’s see. [i.e., which caller should I take it. We suspect he won’t take our call.]

0854, banter is running out the clock.”  BET started to groan, oh ,no i gotta take this call from Aztlan.  Nope, let’s go to Berkeley, Matt, a white-sounding guy with an east coastish accent. 0855, qe suspect BET will block us again.  Oh, come now, dear readers. Are we to believe they have that many phone lines? Your author was first in line.  BET said he was willing to hear from defenders of free speech. We suspect not.  […] It’s 0857, he said ‘CWA local 945’, that must be the same crooked union, which sold out the Unpaid Staff Organization (UPSO) at KPFA. Please look it up, dear readers. […]  It’s 0859, I’m still on hold. I could have been given 90 seconds, and they would have still had 30 seconds to sign out. I literally used a stopwatch to time everything. Notice how uncritical callers were given free reign to run out the clock.  […] 09:00 PST, KPFA just hung up on me. As a teenager, your author used to volunteer Friday nights at KPFA answering the phone lines.  We would have to put listeners, who called in on hold, but we NEVER simply hung up on a caller because we wanted to build up the listenership, not erode it. […] 09:02 PST

Krystal & Saagar: Neera Tanden CONFRONTED, Called Sanders Everything But an Ignorant Slut” by The Hill, 11 FEB 2021.

Neera Tanden (Center for American Progress) will be Biden’s ‘Ethical Watchdog’ in charge of “ethical waivers”? Among her credentials, NAFTA, TPP, and other neoliberal crimes against humanity.

Kpfa 0900 [] 0920, senator lady Diana Degette mentioned the selfies […] NEXT SENATOR: male-sounding […]

09:00 PST, KPFK > 09:36 PST, video/audio of violent minions and evidence of Mr. Trump inciting violence in the past. On the left and some liberals, we recall:  ‘Just knock the crap out of him’ at an event.’ […]  The case is getting stronger now by expanding the Apr 17 2020 Tweet: “Liberate Michigan“. Then, Trump loyalists stormed the building. Trespassers chanted: ‘We have a right to be here. Our president invited us.’  Others chanted, quote “Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler!” […];’Michigan siege was a “dress rehearsal” for the siege of January 6th.  […]  It’s good this senator guy is expanding the scope to loyalists attacking the Michigan capitol and Governor Whitmer. Let’s hope they expand the investigation to the what may have been the role of the Republican Party, which is still co7r8t […] 0945, ‘This is Tom Hartmann’s live coveragem

09:00 PST, KPFT > […] 0947 music: goofy rock music, this ain’t even some decent alternative or classic rock or metal.  What is this?  Why no impeachment trial awareness?

09:00 PST, KPFT [HD2]> […] 0948 rerun, Dr. gerald horne LAP, on the bitterweet science'[?], his book on boxing and white supremacy

0950 bai, anti-capitalist views on climate crisis [TW]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Virtue Signalling on [European] immigration, BLM, and Me Too is Dangerous” by UnHerd, 11 FEB 2021.

(c. 11:54)  Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘In the 1960s, women had more freedoms than they have now.  And people are talking about this at their dinner tables and social media and chat rooms. But it’s not talked about in polite society. And that’s wrong.’

(c. 34:52) “Absolutely. With the case of Black Lives Matter […]”

(c. 38:42)  “Actually, the whole West is suffering a kind of a bit of philosophical crisis where it feels not proud of its history, not certain what it values.  And, because of that, it’s chasing false gods, false ideals in an effort to try and find something  good to do.”

‘As my late friend, Chris Hitchens’ Oh, no…  a red flag.

We would appreciate a debate.

09:51 PST, , WPFW > blues music

Kpfa 0956 end of raskin, begin Ed liu(sp?) [] 1024, senator lady just said, “Violence is never patriotic.” Indeed. But, oh the irony coming from you and your ilk. […] “Cowboys for Trump” “Griffin” “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”  Imagine what Griffin, Trump, et al. think about people, like us on the left, the real left.  The Democrats are NOT leftists, they are centrists, especially in the electoral realm.  […] 10:32 PST This is scapegoating, though the two-party dictatorship is the real culprit, guilty parties. 1033 PST, the good Senator lady’s evidence is getting very charged. But her whole line of argumentation, which is the Democrat Party line, which is that Mr. Trump was “singularly responsible” for the siege of January 6th at capitols across the nation. But behind Mr. Trump is the Republican Party because without a party, he has nothing.  As we reported yesterday, on January 29, a GOP boss met with Mr. Trump to discuss how they will dominate upcoming election cycles.  [..] “Let today be the day that we reclaim the definition of patriotism.” […] ‘aug 17, woman murdered, heather Hire, her mother is Susan Brow(sp?)’ […] deanna degette from Colorado [] UP NEXT: David Cicilline a Democrat from [?] 1044, begin Cicilline’s remarks. We can hear the political opportunism in Cicilline’s voice. Even Mr. Trump is a scapegoat, the reCtive narcissist is a tool. […] 11:12 PST recess.

12:00 PST, KPFA > ongoing live coverage. We haven’t had time to monitor much of Pacifica Radio broadcasting this morning. But, hopefully, we can keep Pacifica Radio turned on for the rest of the day because this is historic.  And Pacifica Radio is home for many of us, especially those of us who are Pacifica babies  . We grew up in the Bay Area with KPFA, since childhood.  We remember when it used to be “free speech KPFA”.  We still have the car bumper stickers to prove it.  We never thought we’d see the day when even Larry Bensky would be longed for, the liberal leftists complained about during his time.  But, those of us, who remember Larry Bensky covering the U.S. Congress cannot deny how far KPFA and Pacifica Radio’s quality has fallen.  Pacifica Radio archives are a historic national treasure. Today’s Pacifica Radio archives reflect the toxic influence of liberals, often funded by big-“D” Democrat money, which blocks all perspectives to the left of them.  The few good shows on Pacifica exist in spite of those bourgeois liberals, not because of them. […] 1218, he said teachers get fired for espousing totalitarianism.  No, we can tell you about the more common practice of firing teachers accused of being too liberal, etc. […] 1220 senator guy, this is layer upon layer of deception, as he ostensibly defends free speech, but runs cover for the two-party dictatorship.  […] 1229, citing Voltaire.  Oh, the irony!  The earlier Dems basically engaged in McCarthyism when they began insulting China and their values.  They asserted what Americans stand for. And its not that. THAT WAS RASKIN. Next Dean.  No, Mr. LIU. […] 1241 PST, NEXT Mr. Joe Neguse, the Eritrean-American gentleman. […] 12:46 PST, It sounds like Mr.

U.S. Senator Joe Neguse (b. 1984), Democrat from Colorado (image used in public domain)

13:00 kpfa ongoing 1311 arguments ending ‘5 hours under time?’ […] 13:22 PST, citing Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, again, the revolutionary pamphlet, which kicked off the American Revolution against the dictatorship of the British Crown and Empire. […]  13:24 PST, sounds like Senator Schumer. […] 1325, your author just got hung up on by the KPFA staffer on the switchboard.  I remember her voice and face from back in the day. She’s an ally of BET, Jeserich, et al. She answered my call, after putting me on hold for 1 hour 45 minutes plus, just now.  She came on the line and, no hello, no nothing, just a narcissistic abuser vibe, and said, “This is the line to call guests. We have to hang up now.”  I immediately and swiftly said, “Wait! Wait! I’m here.  I’ve been waiting almost two hours. Please don’t hang up on me.”  1329, still no guest on air, btw. […] 1343, the Brandenburg Case, we must defend even speech we don’t like.  Censoring one hate monger only is like a bandaid on a gunshot wound. Circa 1335, guest liberal prof lady was entertaining notions of “the limits of free speech” […] 1346, “And our internet is not helpful right now,” said Nora Benavidez(sp?).  We demand a debate to undo the misinformation and anti-free speech, anti-First Amendment rhetoric of fear, she peddled. […] 1350, author of ? And Ruin book […] 1356, Jeserich just said maybe its not so important whether Mr. Trump is impeachmed or not. Maybe what matters is the “perception” people have in the American public.  Wow.  Who needs the CIA with hosts like these. 1357, back to banter/interviews. […] 1440, MJ rambling, he spent 7.5 min on the last guy’s question, Mike(?), maybe, now “Charlie”. ‘Can Donald Trump be arrestes for trying to overthrow the giovt? No. Saysmj […l1450 jsut called jn […] 1458, MJ signed out.

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar | News Headlines by Sonali | Interview on the legalities of the impeachment process. [TW]. […] ‘Removal and disqualification are two separate issues’ […] 15:17 PST, […] 15:52 PST, Guest just discussed ‘insurrectionism’ vs ‘institutionalism’.  We don’t think he is referring to the economic school of thought, though.  Maybe he is; but we doubt it.  At any rate, Sonali’s follow up question was disappointing.  She redirected her flock to question the institution of “the media”.  One institution she and her ilk, Mitch Jeserich, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aileen Alfandary, Amy Goodman, et al, will never question.  It’s a sad fact, which keeps KPFA and Pacifica Radio listeners from contemplating or questioning the dangers and polarizing nature of two-party systems, which in our case in the USA, as Ralph Nader has long emphasized, is a two-party dictatorship.  If you can’t see that, it may be because everyone, even liberals at Pacifica Radio, frame everything within a worldview, which is incapable of imagining anything other than undying (and too often uncritical) allegiance to the Democrat Party.

16:00 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio | KPFA News Headlines with Kristina Aanestad. | impeachment trial update > 16:06 PST, Davey D on Imagine Public Safety Taskforce in Oakland[?] SF Bay Area[?].  First guest, Langston:  ‘One of my parents is white. One of my parents is black.  Taskforce formed late summer/early fall.’ Presumably 2020. […] 16:09 PST,  Next guest, “Rosaline”, who was featured in a Chronicle article. […] 16:10 PST, ‘I’m Tongan-American.’  Hey, hello, my Tongan friends.  Those of us, who grew up in San Mateo, grew up with Tongans.  Evidently, the Princess of Tonga lived in the hills above San Mateo, in the wealthy township of Hillsborough. The Tongans always picked fights with us, Chicanos, back in the 1980s and ’90s.  As a kid, I used to get bullied by Tongans all the time.  My uncle taught my siblings and I how to box, as he was an amateur boxer and olympic wrestler and a legendary street fighter.  We have no hard feelings against the bullies of our childhood. We’re sure those bullies regret their behavior.  They say, steel sharpens steel.  What say you, dear readers?

1700 WBAI > 1745 “We want black power.” […]  ‘If we dying in Vietnam for this country. And, then, we come back home and can’t even take a piss in the bathroom!’ […] ‘We pushed Martin Luther King to speak out against the war.’ […] ‘So, they killed him.’ “Max” […]  Next man: ‘Dr. RICHARD Green.’ ‘So, I said let’s get Sam Davis’ to talk about the ‘armed self-defense’ […]  Third man:  ‘The Civil Rights movements have always been armed.  The underground railroad, too, was armed, which supported Harriet Tubman.  Tubman, too, was always armed.  The road to freedom was always a combination during our liberation. During Reconstruction in the South and white people were opposing all sorts of blacl advancement, for example, in South Carolina. So, they established the Red String Guard, a clandestine organization that tried to branch out throughout the South. Then, it spread to the North.  Then, the African Blood Brotherhood, which was a precursor to SNiCC, an armed, non-violent organization. The Garvey Movement incorporated them’ […] 1753 ‘brother al’ ‘education at the crossroads. […] ‘I don’t care how you fight, but fight!'[…] “Biden ain’t nothin’ but a hypocrite.” [TW] ‘The Democrat Party ain’t nothin’ but a […]’ ‘We demand Pan-Africanism!’

1800 PST, KPFT [HD2] > talk. topic: permaculture […] 19:20 PST, ‘There will be three unmanned missions to Mars’ […]

1800 PST, KPFT > […] 18:07 PST, talk. topic: frivolity; Netflix. […] ‘Your story is one of self-love. Tell us your story.’ “Okaaa-yy.” […] ‘I had been unhappily in love…’

1800 PST, KPFK > […] 18:11 PST, audio of impeachment trial | The Nation‘s Sasha Abramsky said this impeachment trial will provide a definitive record. The problem with that claim is the lack of acknowledgment of how this was, to an extent, an inside job. Cf. Empire Files. […] 1832, [TW] Mericle is speaking kinda real here. THIS IS THE KPFA WINTER FUND DRIVE. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFA. […] 1834, tw […] ‘Brown people are showing COVID-19 infection rates are, reportedly, 50% higher than the California average. […] 18:42, “police accountability” […] 18:55 PST, “AB545” […] 18:58 PST, ‘Chick Corea, 79! rip

19:00 PST, KPFA > APEX Express > “racist internment camps”  […] 19:10, “Haitian Bridge Alliance” […] ‘We are going to stage an outdoor socially-distanced protest noon feb 19 in front of ICE headquarters’ […] ‘and against mass incarceration’ […] ‘Students for Solidarity'(?), ‘Japanese-American community’ […]  ‘supporting HR30’ [TW]  […] ‘This is an important historical moment. And, if we can lend our historical narrative to help, we will.’

19:00 PST,  KPFK > American Indian Airwaves(?) > real talk. “the global police state by dr. william Robinson’ […] “capitalist accumulation” […] 19:22 PST, real talk. ‘Biden already said he met with bankers: Don’t worry. Nothing will change.  […] 19:24 PST, ‘He’s already said, we have to cut social security’  […] ‘He’s a staunch neoliberal.’ […]  ‘He has put together a center-right cabinet ‘  ‘And the potential for a fascist base to develop is going to increase. Unless there is a mass protest movement, we are in big trouble.’ […] ‘In the 1930s, there were mass resistance, which forced the New Deal.’  Indeed. We have learned fece‘ Larry Smith and Marcus, hosts. Prof of sociology, at univ santa barbara. Pre-recorded interview. Excellent! Brilliant!  […] 19:27 PST, THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFK. […818.985-KPFK or go online or join the Sustainers Circle. You won’t hear this kind of information on corporate media. It’s important to be exposed to different kinds of information,’ said Larry.  Indeed. […] 19:29 PST, […] 19:35 PST, Back to the interview:  “Part two of The Global Police State. [TW] […] 1940, ‘The very first battle Biden may have to deal with may be in Minnesota.’  […] We had BLM. BUT. ‘We also had the meat-packing workers, etc, labor. We need to form very broad alliances [to resist this rising white nationalism/proto-fascism]’ […] 1942, ‘open pit mine, 2.5 mile radius, destroying sacred sites’ […] 1945, ‘We need to link that to working class struggles’ […] 1950, “eco-socialism” […] 19:52, “transnational capitalist class” […] Host: “Larry Smith(sp?)”

1800 PST, KPFK > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod (rebroadcast) > topic: black history, SNiCC [TW] > KPFA News Headlines with Aileen Alfandary | […] Biden’s first call with Xi Jin Ping(sp?) | Biden’s sounding like slurred speech? > 20:11 PST, back to Sojourner Truth.

20:00 PST, KPFA > Dead to the World > music: The Grateful Dead.

“What Everyone Missed About Biden’s Double-Speak About Ending Yemen War” by Empire Files, 11 FEB 2021.

Krystal and Saagar: Tech Media TRIES TO DESTROY Clubhouse with Fake ‘Misinformation’ Attack” by The Hill, 11 FEB 2021.

“One Trait That Keeps You Out of the Narcissist’s Games” by Surviving Narcissism, 11 FEB 2021.

Dr. Les Carter, basically, described the grey rock method, without using that term. Saliently, various experts from various perspectives converge on the same truths, which illuminate insights conducive to the cultivation of wisdom and the avoidance of foolishness.


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