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IDC UMKCLUMPENPROLETARIAT—The third annual Interdisciplinary Conference is currently being presented by UMKC’s Doctoral Student Council, 24-25 APR 2015, at UMKC’s Atterbury Student Success Center.

Lumpenproletariat will archive photos, audio, and transcripts from sessions six and ten during day one of the conference here, as soon as possible.  (Please check back, especially after final exams next month.  Also, please find coverage of IDC day two here.)  If you have any content related to UMKC’s 2015 IDC, especially Session 2, please contact Lumpenproletariat.org and help increase the free flow of information toward the emancipation of the working classes through critical free speech.



IDC—Friday, 24 APR 2015  Atterbury Student Success Center

Chancellor’s Dining Room, 10:00 CDT  Check in and welcome:  coffee & pastries

Room 237, 10:30-11:45 CDT  Session 1—Panel:  The UMKC Africa-Health Project:  Translational and Applied Research Initiatives in Cameroon

  • Dr. Carole McArthur M.D. Ph.D. – Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
  • Dr. Eloise Rathbone-McCuan – UMKC School of Social Work
  • Eve Lofthus D.D.S.

Room 238, 10:30-11:45 CDT  Session 2Criminal (In)Justice and the Carceral City

  • Moderator:  Stefanie Cole, Economics / Geosciences
  • Ferguson:  Economic Insecurity and Vulnerability” presented by Travis Hart, Economics
  • Negro Removal Revisited: Urban Planning and the New Jim Crow in Kansas City” presented by Dr. Jacob Wagner, Department of Architecture, Urban Planning & Design
  • Rising Tides, Sinking Boats:  Cooperative remedies to reverse the vacancy crisis in the Urban Core” presented by Spark Bookhart, CEO, Harambee Builders Cooperative
  • Discussant:  Dr. Linwood Tauheed, Department of Economics

11:45—13:00 CDT:  Break for lunch

Room 238, 13:00—14:15 CDT  Session 3Critical Developments for Knowledge and Well-being

  • Moderator:  Devin Smith, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • “Collaborative Care on the Stroke Unit: A Cross Sectional Outcomes Study” presented by Janet Wood, Nursing / Medicine
  • “A comprehensive reaction Map for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry” presented by Christopher A. Knudtson, Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Science
  • “Love of Learning:  For the Student, By the Student” presented by Eliana H. Hudson, English / Creative Writing

Room 237, 13:00—14:15 CDT  Session 4—Roundtable:  “Student Impressions from an Inter-professional collaborative practice clinical rotation serving multicultural underserved patients”

  • Moderator:  Dr. Eileen Amari—Vaught, RN, MSN FNP—BC UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • Meera Shah, Pharmacy
  • Patrick Shaw, Pharmacy
  • Leopoldine Blaise, Graduate Nursing

Room 236, 13:00—14:15 CDT  Session 5—Seminar:  Introduction to Meta-analysis Techniques

  • Hessamoddin Sarooghi, iPh.D. Student, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Chancellor’s Dining Room, 14:15 CDT  Refreshments

Room 237, 14:30—15:45 CDT  Session 6Economics in Theory and Analysis

Moderator:  Ruchira Sen, Economics / Social Science Consortium

IDC Session 6, IMG_20150424_152206

  • “Business, Exchange & Fraud in the High Medieval Era (1001—1300)” presented by Nicola Matthews, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • “Rogue Ethics of Just War Conduct” presented by Taylor Foye, Bloch School of Management:Dr. John Henry discussing the Session 6 presentations.Public Administration
  • Moving Beyond our Western Philosophical Hang Ups” presented by Christian Dodge, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • Social Ethics:  A Pragmatic Political Economy” presented by Jerome “Jerry” Cox, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • Discussant:  Dr. John Henry

Room 238, 14:30—15:45 CDT  Session 7Applied Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Moderator:  Christian Spanberger, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • “Formulation Optimization of Hydrocortisone Butyrate-loaded PLGA Nanoparticles with central composite Design” presented by Xiaoyan Yang and Ashim K. Mitra, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • GIS: Moving Economic Modeling Forward” presented by Stefanie Cole, Economics / Geosciences
  • “The Critical Point (Of a Vapor, Liquid, and Solid) or Where Physics, Engineering, Marine Biology, Fisheries, Husbandry, Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Meteorology, and Politics Converge” presented by Mark Pederson, Physics MS

Room 236, 14:30—15:45 CDT  Session 8—Seminar:  Reference Manager Software Overview

  • Peggy Mullaly-Quijas, Ph.D.; Librarian III; Director, Health Sciences Libraries

Room 237, 16:00—17:15  Session 9Social Organization and Structural Adjustment

  • Moderator:  Julia Poznik, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • Economic and Historical Causes of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide: Coffee, Structural Adjustment, and Colonial History” presented by Emma Winkler, Anthropology
  • “The Social Ontology of Institutional Economics” presented by Dr. Douglas Bowles, UMKC Department of Economics
  • Energy, Ecology and Economy” presented by Aqdas Afzal, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • Who Decides Who Benefits: On Hierarchy and Cooperation” presented by Brian Matlock, Economics / Social Science Consortium

Room 238, 16:00—17:15 CDT  Session 10Economic History and Socio-Cultural Issues

  • Moderator:  Sudeep Regmi, Economics / Social Science Consortium
  • Labor Theory of Value Reconsidered” presented by Lydia Alpural-Sullivan, Economics

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160444

  • Cultural Implications of Market Expansion” presented by Evan Payne, Economics
  • Adam Smith’s Notion of Sympathy and the Capitalist Profit Motive” presented by Nicolas Quinn, Economics
  • “Social Determination of Exchange, Value, and Fairness” scheduled [but not presented] by Carlos Comini
  • “‘Endism and Neoliberalism” presented by Daniel “D.J.” Ferman-León

Room 236, 16:00—17:15 CDT  Session 11Analyzing Data and Writing in Qualitative Research Methods

  • Dr. Loyce Caruthers, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator; Division of Educational Leadership and Foundations

Pierson Auditorium, 17:30—18:30 CDT  Plenary Address

  • Becoming Interdisciplinary” presented by Dr. Joan FitzPatrick Dean, Curator’s Teaching Professor; Doctoral Faculty; Department of English Language and Literature; University of Missouri-Kansas City


Labor Theory of Value Reconsidered” presented by Lydia Alpural-Sullivan, Economics [1]

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160444

IDC Session 6IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160515

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160551

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160603

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160703

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160728

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160819

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160855

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160920

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_160932

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161006

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161019

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161103

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161148

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161314


Cultural Implications of Market Expansion” presented by Evan Payne, Economics [2]

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161438

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161522

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161533

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161541

IDC Session 10, IMG_20150424_161556


[1] Lydia Alpural-Sullivan (UMKC Economics) kindly allowed Lumpenproletariat.org to publish images, audio, and a transcript of her presentation, “Labor Theory of Value Reconsidered”.

[2] Evan Payne (UMKC Economics), a friend of Lumpenproletariat.org has kindly allowed Lumpenproletariat to publish images, audio, and a transcript of his presentation, “Cultural Implications of Market Expansion”.


All photography by Messina

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