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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 15 APR 2022]  PROSE   I don’t know when this plandemic dystopia will end, or if it ever will end.  We may be facing a long dark night of dystopia, as a society, a brave new world of total political alienation, apathy, and spiritual infirmity.  I’m not sure if today is even Day 351 of the American Plandemic Dystopia.  Perhaps, to find Day 1, we must go back to 9/11 or the Anthrax attacks and the rise of the biosecurity state, maybe earlier to Dallas 1963 or WWII or 1776.  But I do know that the bodily autonomy and human rights of Americans, are in serious trouble right now, as society and humanity crumbles.  The Constitution is being eviscerated.  The First Amendment is on trial in the political persecution of Julian Assange for practicing journalism.  As Randy Credico said to Dennis Bernstein recently on KPFA’s Flashpoints, ‘if Julian goes down, the freedom of the press and freedom of speech goes down.  And, if we lose the First Amendment, it’s over.’  It’s much harder to restore rights, which have been lost, than it is to defend existing rights, which we still have.  Prof. John Vervaeke reminded us, back in early 2019, “We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. There are increases in anxiety disorders, depression, despair, suicide rates are going up in North America, parts of Europe, other parts of the world. And that mental health crisis is itself due to and engaged with crises in the environment and the political system. And those in turn are enmeshed within a deeper cultural historical crisis, I call the meaning crisis.”  Those crises are worse today.  [1]


  • Today, is KPFA’s 73rd birthday.  Happy Birthday, KPFA!  Free speech radio KPFA.  May you be free from corporate interests and Democrat Party shills.
  • The Fonz was recently interviewed on a podcast, according to one of the workers.
  • The Coachella music festival is underway.  But is it a dystopian event, socially engineered only for members of the Covidian Cult, those initiated with the ‘jab of the beast’?  Meanwhile, a Swedish study has raised red flags, as the COVID-19 injectable drug products become DNA in human cells and may permanently change people’s DNA.
  • Coachella 2022 Channel 2 [link]
  • “The Chris Hedges Report with Dr. Cornel West” by The Real News Network, 15 APR 2022.

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08:00 PDT, KPFA > A Rude Awakening with Sabrina Jacobs > […]  (c. 08:50 PDT)  Sabrina Jacobs: ‘Happy Birthday, KPFA.”

09:00 PDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > [haven’t listened yet; WBAI livestream was glitching out.  KPFA and other livestreams were okay. ]

As of 16 APR 2022, WBAI.org archives reflect a gap, which cuts out most of WBAI’s broadcasting from Thursday night to Friday afternoon.

REVIEW > Lewis Lapham interview (1993)

09:00 PDT, KPFA > Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

NOTES (re: DN! for 15 APR 2022):  c. 0925, KA just said no strings attached for KPFA or Pacifica but Amy Goodman just had a Quincy Institute Soros funded pundit 2. Vijay Prashad on Ukraine  This conversation is absurd because Amy Goodman must feign ignorance about so many profound things, such as the plight of Julian Assange.  Of course, VP spells everything out for listeners, who may not know.  But AG’s reaction is that of one, who is largely ignorant of the topic and therefore cannot comment on, nor reply to, engage in informed discourse, none of that.  All AG will do is ask a separate question  |  …  we notice how JG adopts as far right of a position as possible, when on with a more establishment type, like the author on mass shootings. Juan Gonzalez sounded like a Minority Report fan:  Is there anything we can do to aprehend before they kill?

10:00 PDT, KPFA > Economic Update with Prof. Richard Wolff > Nurses are committing suicide.  It’s not an individual problem; it’s a structural problem, it’s a problem with the economic system, with capitalist modes of production’  | 1004. On the sanctions regarding Ukraine …. ‘demand in Canada is raising prices’ ‘sanction program is creating supply chain bottlenecks’ |  1006 ‘Oxfam America survey: What % of each state’s workers earned $15/hr or less?  …  |  Mitch Jeserich in fund drive mode.  The gaslighting is embarrassing….

11:00 PDT, KPFA > Voices of the Middle East and North Africa [VOMENA] > …  ‘leftist revolutionary was executed’ [TW]


12:00 PDT, KPFA > It’s Going Down > [haven’t listened yet]  | “Modibo Kadalie on Capitalism, Slavery and Maroon Societies in the Great Dismal Swamp”  |  “On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak to Modibo Kadalie and Andrew Zonneveld about their new book, Intimate Direct Democracy: Fort Mose, the Great Dismal Swamp, and the Human Quest for Freedom. We talk about how racialized slavery gave rise to global capitalism and how maroon societies in places like the Great Dismal Swamp gave space to vast resistance communities that brought together anti-colonial renegades and runaway slaves.”

13:00 PDT, KPFA > Project Censored preempted > Motown on Mondays > Music mix.  This sounded like it was a party music mix to celebrate KPFA’s 73rd birthday.  But the website rather creates an impression Project Censored may have been replaced the same way Guns and Butter was replaced by a synthetic left BreadTube version of deep politics.  …   (13:33 PDT) [CC]

“Scott Ritter: Massive Po…” by Richard Medhurst [via YouTube], 15 APR 2022.

14:00 PDT, WBAI livestream is still not working.  And WBAI archives only show archives up to last night, Thursday (14 APR 2022).

14:00 PDT, PRN.live > Livestream > Moderate Rebels podcast

NOTES/COMMENTS (re: Moderate Rebels podcast livestream):  Nicaragua is responding to US sanctions by redirecting US trade relations to the Russian Federation.  Moderate Rebels is the type of analysis we would have heard on Pacifica Radio back in the 1990s or earlier, before the current liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) faction at KPFA.  It currently goes by the name “UIR “, or at least it did so as of 2021.  They constantly have to change their name to gaslight KPFA/Pacifica Radio listeners by obfuscating their past misdeeds and bad reputation.  Past name changes for this Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club faction at KPFA include, “SaveKPFA”, “Concerned Listeners”, and “KPFA Forward”.

LIVESTREAM > PRN.live > A Bowl of Soul with host > music … “I Can’t Stand To See You Cry” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)by Kurt Vile (2022)

Hey Like A Child” by Kurt Vile (2022)

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D >

NOTES (re: HKR, 15 APR 2022):  […]  [TW] ‘an archival-sounding, or a youthful-sounding Mumia Abu Jamal commentary  …  book:  The Movement for Justice Against Police Violence by Mumia Abu Jamal. |  (16:10 PDT)  Davey D commentary:  On KPFA’s 73rd birthday.  Also, joining the broadcast from Lansing, Michigan, Angela Waters Austin (from BLM Michigan) speaks with Davey D about the latest execution-style killing by American cops of a Congolese refugee, Patrick Lyoya.  Mr. Lyoya was shot in the back of the head by the Grand Rapids police department officer.  …  (16:17 PDT)  ‘Michigan State police must conclude their investigation.  No arrests have been made, as of yet.  No charges have been filed yet.  No investigation of killer cop yet because ‘his lawyer is on vacation.’  …  (16:19 PDT)  ‘At no point was Patrick a threat to him.’  …  ‘We have no idea, if…’  |  (16:19 PDT)  Davey D…  ‘In the video, it was depicted he was running away…  Is there other videos…?’ |  (16:20 PDT)  Angela Waters Austin:  ‘He turned off his bodycam for a few seconds.’  ‘Then, you see him reaching for his gun, pointing it at the back of his head, and shooting him in the head. It was extremely intentional.’  |  (16:21 PDT)  Davey D:  …  fund drive mode.  THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE-SPEECH KPFA and PACIFICA.  BECOME A VOTING, LISTENER-MEMBER-OWNER OF FREE-SPEECH PACIFICA RADIO.  AND TAKE BACK KPFA FROM THE SELLOUT LIBERALS AND THEIR CORRUPT PATRONAGE SYSTEM. | (16:25 PDT) Back to the interview with Angela Waters Austin | (16:27 PDT)  Davey D: ‘So, is this federal money?’  … | (16:29 PDT) Angela Waters Austin (16:30 PDT)  offline

Juicy Fruit” interpreted by Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band [Big Crown Records, which seems to be associated with Dap Tone Records…]

Psychic Powers” by Janko Milovic and the Soul Surfers

17:00 PDT, KPFA > Flashpoints > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

All the Good Times” by Angel Olsen (2022)

18:00 PDT, KPFA > The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

Slow Down” by Loose Ends (1986)

LIVESTREAM > Channel 3 (Friday, 21:00 PDT) > Cordae

LIVESTREAM > Channel 2 (Friday, 21:35 PDT) > Idles

LIVESTREAM > Coachella > Channel 2 (Friday, 22:30 PDT) > Phoebe Bridgers

(22:10 PDT) > Lil Baby

“The Bigger Picture” by Lil Baby

LIVESTREAM > Coachella > Channel 3 > Baby Keem > Snoh Aalegra

23:00 PDT

LIVESTREAM > Coachella > Channel 1 (Friday, 23:05 PDT) > Daniel Caesar

LIVESTREAM > Channel 3 (Friday, 23:30 PDT, Gobi Tent) > Epik High [hip hop/K-pop]

LIVESTREAM > Channel 2 (Friday, 23:30 PDT) > Louis the Child

[1] Professor John Vervaeke: “We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. There are increases in anxiety disorders, depression, despair, suicide rates are going up in North America, parts of Europe, other parts of the world. And that mental health crisis is itself due to and engaged with crises in the environment and the political system. And those in turn are enmeshed within a deeper cultural historical crisis, I call the meaning crisis. So the meaning crisis expresses itself and many people are giving voice to this in many different ways, is this increasing sense of bullshit. Bullshit is on the increase. It’s more and more pervasive throughout our lives and there’s this sense of drowning in this old ocean of bullshit. And we have to understand why is this the case and what can we do about it? So today there is an increase of people feeling very disconnected from themselves, from each other, from the world, from a viable and foreseeable future.”

But we must give each other the benefit of the doubt.  The town crier cries, anyhow.  Narcissistic abusers are holding most positions of power.  They lack human empathy.  They lie.  They gaslight.  And narcissistic abusers love codependent people, who follow orders that don’t make sense.  The long-term goal is to drive benefits and wages to zero.  Human rights are also being driven to zero by the power elite.  They’ve got the guns, but we’ve got the numbers…

The only light I see in all of this darkness is shining from the people, who are willing to speak the truth, no matter the cost, when everyone else is going along with the gaslighting and narcissistic abuse.  As Lewis Lapham articulated in a 1993 interview, discussing his book, The Wish for Kings, “We as Americans like to pride ourselves as individualists, constantly. And one of the images of ourselves, that we like the best is that of Clint Eastwood figure, or the man against the system, the cowboy faring west in the rain. But we, in fact, are people very much dependent upon our institutional identities and identifications. I am of the bank. I am of the paper. I am of the studio, whatever. And this, of course is one of the premises of the book, which is the courtier spirit, which is the accommodating spirit. The democratic spirit is the one that simply speaks out and says whatever it’s in its mind. And candor is one of the great political virtues. We’re democrats to the extent that we try to tell each other what we know, what we’ve seen, what we feel. We’re courtiers to the extent that we tell each other what we each of us want to hear. So, the book is saying that, as more and more people in this country become more and more dependent on large institutions, whereas in the last part of the 19th century most Americans were self-employed, something like 80% of the population, many of them farmers, obviously, but farmers and small craftsmen and businessmen. In the 20th century, as the large institutional organizations come forward, now I think only two percent of Americans are self-employed. And, if one depends on an institution for one’s whole existence […] then, the independent habit of mind tends to give way to the more accommodating habit of mind. That’s one of the arguments, note six in the back of the book, the story of [Henry] Kissinger’s life is the story of the perfect courtier. Kissinger was a man, who knew how to play the court world, uh, extremely well. […]”

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