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LUMPENPROLETARIAT—[Wednesday, 13 APR 2022]  TESTIMONY   (Please find today’s media notes below.)  For some people, The New York Times is the newspaper of record.  But for some of us, since childhood, our newspaper of record has been free speech Pacifica Radio.  Then, one comes to find out that the liberals in power at KPFA (and the Pacifica Radio network) all start their day with The New York Times.  No wonder KPFA is starting to sound like, The New York Times.  If you grew up in the Bay Area during the ’80s and ’90s, free speech Pacifica Radio was way more radical, which is to say more grassroots, which is to say more honesty and less gaslighting, than listeners get these days from the liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) dominating editorial control of KPFA and the Pacifica Radio network for at least the past two decades.  KPFA and Pacifica Radio was even more radical during its heyday in the ’60s and ’70s, according to my elders.  I can only imagine, and be blown away by archival audio to see how bad KPFA and Pacifica Radio has become.  It breaks my heart to see what we are allowing liberals (i.e. pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) to do to Pacifica Radio’s editorial direction.  After all, the liberals have schemed to shut down and/or sell off Pacifica Radio stations.  The way a number of us see it, we need to be opening up more Pacifica Radio stations, not closing them down.

The west coast stations, KPFA (Berkeley, CA) and KPFK (Los Angeles, CA), are dominated by the liberal news department and public affairs bosses out of KPFA, mainly Aileen Alfandary and Mark Mericle (both quite cold and aloof people when you meet them in person without a proper introduction through their insular patronage system).  The east coast Pacifica Radio news departments also use some of the KPFA news content.  And their own newscasts out of WBAI (30-minute broadcast) and WPFW are also mostly uncritical on the topics of COVID-19 and Democrat Party/two-party dictatorship politics, imperialism, capitalism, poverty, and so on.  Overall, Pacifica Radio news, with a few exceptions (Anthony Fest, Ann Garrison, et al), is slowly, but surely reaching NPR or PBS levels of uncritical amplification of government talking points and gaslighting.  And today is Wednesday, the day a number of us, who are interested in deep politics, previously looked forward to tuning in, or livestreaming, Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner.  But the liberals (i.e. pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) at KPFA censored the program.  Then, we had to tune in to the WBAI broadcast online to catch the weekly edition of G&B.  But, now, the liberals at WBAI seem to have done the same thing there as well.  Probably, the last deep politics show on Pacifica Radio, Guns and Butter, has been censored, or forced off the air.  One would expect deep politics to be central to Pacifica Radio’s mission statement.  The liberals ruining Pacifica Radio know this, too.  So, they replaced WBAI’s Guns and Butter timeslot with a synthetic left BreadTube-like imitation version of Guns and Butter, which is called Covert Action Bulletin Podcast.  Instead of experts and independent researchers being interviewed, like Bonnie Faulkner does on Guns and Butter, the replacement program features a sycophantic-sounding woman and a cheesy-sounding bloke ranting and raving for an hour in a casual ‘podcast’ manner, as if they had hours and hours to ramble on and on.  Covert Action Bulletin may have been around since the 1970s; but this new podcast is an insult to listeners as a flimsy replacement for Guns and Butter.

On a more hopeful note, we can rejoice in the fact that we still have a few hard-hitting programs on the free speech Pacifica Radio network.  On today’s edition of The Gary Null Show, we heard an excellent interview with Dr. Michael Hudson with an update on the state of the global economy, international relations, geopolitics, ‘the Davos solution of global population reduction’, and so on.  I would have asked for more details about his assessment of “the Davos 1%” and concerns among working class people about moves against cash transactions and small businesses, and the inverted totalitarianism of using COVID-19 as a new form of social control to use COVID-19 coercion/compliance as a ‘permission slip’ for participation in society.  I would have asked Dr. Hudson for his perspective about the rise of the biosecurity state, particularly as articulated by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, among other questions, such as coercing kids into getting injected without parental consent, and the influence of China’s ‘vaccine passports’ and social credit system for social control.  Many western nations attempted to impose the ‘vaccine passport’ policy, but faced mass protests, including in Germany, Austria, France, England, Australia, Canada, and even the USA.  All this COVID-19 medical authoritarianism is a very serious threat to our human rights and presents a dystopian future, if we don’t wake the folk up and change course soon. 

We also heard good Pacifica Radio broadcasts from Flashpoints, Bay Native Circle, and the Against the Grain broadcast with the liberal professor talking about his article on the socialist art of Richard Wright was entertaining and informative.  But it still smacked of synthetic left gaslighting, mainly because Mr. C.S. Soong manages and massages the minds of all guests and topics, so that the interview keeps listeners’ imaginaries tightly confined within a liberal paradigm, which refuses to challenge the status quo of liberal pieties, such as the tacit insistence on uncritical support for the Democrat Party.  The entire underlying assumptions to such liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) discourse encouraged by Pacifica Radio bosses are twofold, (1) the Republican Party is racist and anti-working class (true) and (2) the Democrat Party is the working class opposition party, which is opposed to the Republican Party (not true).


  • Mass protests in Pakistan as ousted PM accuses US of regime change [i.e., coup d’état]” by The Grayzone [Pushback with Aaron Maté], 13 APR 2022.
  • Epic CIA Evil […]” by The Film Archives, 13 APR 2022.
  • The End of Western Hegemony? | Richard Medhurst [Presentation] for Muslim Student Council” by Richard Medhurst, 13 APR 2022.
  • A recyclery in Tracy, California, is still closed due to the Covid excuse.  But locals say it’s really a pretext against the local houseless people, who gravitate around it as a lifeline micro-industry.
  • This Is F*cking Terrifying” by Russell Brand, 13 APR 2022[Notes below.]
  • Vaccine Generated Spike Proteins Circulate in The Blood on Exosomes (Study)” by Drbeen Medical Lectures, 13 APR 2022.  ‘This 2021 study ought to have gotten a lot of traction in the news media because it raises another red flag warning about the COVID-19 injectable drug products.  This 2021 study corroborated the early concerns from experts about the spike protein circulating throughout the body, not just staying in the local injection area, and causing inflammation in various parts of the body, including organs, and causing immunogenicity, which can overload the immune system, thereby weakening the immune system.’ [See notes below.]
  • “German mayor opposes 10,000 euro award to anti-Semitic group Code Pink” by Benjamin Weinthal, The Jerusalem Post, 16 FEB 2016. [cf. T]  N.B.: Article provided no evidence, only ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies.
  • “Opinion | The anti-Semitism Fest Where Russian Spies, Code Pink, David Duke and the Nation of Islam Make Friends and Influence People: When a former U.S. intelligence officer was charged with spying for Iran, attention focused on the Tehran conference where she was radicalized. Meet New Horizon’s bizarre collage of neo-Nazis and anti-imperialists, recruiters for Russian subversion, and unmitigated anti-Semitism” by Alexander Reid Ross, Haaretz, 14 MAR 2019.  [cf. T]  [R0]

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04:00 PDT

“FULL INTERVIEW [with Prof. Marcello de Noli]: Sanctions on Russia are devastating the economies of European countries” by George Galloway, 13 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description: “FULL INTERVIEW: The fallout from #RussiaSanctions is crippling #Europe #MarcelloDeNoli”


  • The PROFESSOR‘S BLOG – Science, Culture & Human Rights For All – It is now THE INDICTER magazine (20 FEB 2015) Founded by Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

05:00 PDT

09:00 PDT / 12:00 PDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > [TW] Michael Hudson

10:00 PDT, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large preempted > [TW] On the ‘Guatemalan Syphilis Experiment.  [L7]

10:00 PDT, KPFA > Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich

NOTES/COMMENTS: … ‘An activist told me this.’  I.e., guest is not an activist. Yet, he’s lecturing on how to be an activist.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Liberals….  | (10:22 PDT). Host MJ is conducting a particularly nihilistic and repugnant display of liberal defeatism in this interview. |  …  This is a rerun.  Irony, sounds like guest is describing KPFA/Pacifica liberal gaslighting.

11:00 PDT, KPFA > Talkies with Kris Welch gaslighting on Ukraine,  COVID-19, and more |  1110 Guest said, ‘at least there will be a black voice in the room…  But what does that matter if it’s not a working class voice, but a liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) voice or a bourgeois voice.  …  This type of conversation doesn’t delve deep enough to question the two-party dictatorship, capitalist modes of production, or the status quo.  (11:21 PDT)  offline. 1131. Pretty good description, but lousy prescription because these speakers funnel listeners into the corporate Democrat Party, which will always betray its constituency.  …  1136. …  1138 KW:  ‘What can we do?’  |  Lady 1 and 2: donate to your local abortion funds.  Wow. Philanthropy.   That’s the liberal answer.  ‘Get involved locally.  These crazy schoolboards are, e.g., trying to prevent schools and the state from injecting kids without parental consent, i.e., anti-mandate people like your author, who don’t want their kids jabbed with experimental injectable drug products are viewed by the interview guest as ‘a crazy parent at a schoolboard meeting’.  …  |  (11:40 PDT)  Kris Welch, liberal banter | (11:43 PDT)  Kung Pao Comedy lady. (recurring cast member on this show)  Is this like one of those pay-to-play deals?  …  The nihilism and obliviousness of this liberal shallowness is sad.  We can read between the lines… 

12:00 PDT, KPFA > Against the Grain with C.S. Soong

NOTES (re: ATG for 13 APR 2022):  …  | 1229 on meaning crisis. … | 1254 CS asks a good question, finally:  ‘How might Wright’s work be used today?’  … This broadcast was a rerun from ‘November 10′(?), said CS Soong.  Once again, 95% description, 5% prescription, and milquetoast, mealy-mouthed liberal prescriptions, at that.  The basic stuff, which already failed back in the 1960s. The lack of civic or activist or revolutionary prescription in these liberal broadcasts by broadcasters ostensibly pursuing ‘understanding and justice and peace and whatnot between creeds and nations, as the Pacifica Mission statement articulates. The Pacifica Mission is a human rights mission, not just a “media mission”, like Christina Aanestad has recently tried to spin it on air.

13:00 PDT, KPFA > East Bay Yesterday with Liam O’Donohue(sp?) (LO) > Tour guides from the ‘Berkeley South Asian Radical Walking Tour’ …  liberal host, despite words like “anti-imperialist” being conspicuously positioned…  |  (15:22 PDT) Liberal human interest story, the kind of thing one might expect from a local access station, not a free speech radio with … LO made some vague conclusion about power, but is unable to question the power structure, or even delve into what other people, who have addressed the topic before have said about the topic, i.e., schools of thought or theoretical or ideological perspective.  I don’t have anything against the interview guests or audio documentary subject.  But Pacifica  Radio is supposed to be content/programming, which one doesn’t hear in the establishment media, whether it’s private or public.  Pacifica Radio is supposed to be programming the public, the listeners, do not hear anywhere else.  We hear this type of programming on PBS and NPR and everywhere else all day.  The problem is that this is liberal entertainment, human interest type of content, which is great.  But this type of contest does not challenge the status quo.  It does not interrogate the power structures of today.  It does not challenge the two-party dictatorship, nor the corporate Democrat Party, which the host likely votes for, as a likely member of the faction at KPFA, which shills for the Democrat Party.  Like Mitch Jeserich and other liberals from their faction, formerly SaveKPFA, perhaps now “UIR”, even Against the Grain does this little liberal trick:  they excessively focus on far-removed historical topics as a way to satisfy the left-leaning audience’s desire for subversive content.  But, with historically far-removed topics, it’s far easier for the liberal hosts to distract, demobolize, and depoliticize Pacifica listeners, instead of supporting the activists on the ground and the labor struggles

13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT, WBAI > Sojourner Truth > [notes pending; haven’t listened yet]

14:00 PDT, KPFA > Voices of the Middle East and North Africa with host woman > WTF?  Why is this on?  Isn’t this usually on in the morning?  Don’t tell me this is another instance of repeating the same content over and over, which KPFA’s liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) program managers have increasingly done with shows, like UpFront, Letters and Politics, and Democracy Now!.  And this repetition of milquetoast liberal programs happens, as deep politics shows, like Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner.  Well, let’s check the posted program schedule online before we accuse VOMENA…  |  …  (14:11 PDT)  [CC]

14:00 PDT / 17:00 EDT, WBAI >  Max Politics with Ben Max > […]  (14:11 PDT)  Local New York politics and a panel discussion with local politicians.  …  (14:29 PDT)  On the topic of the Brooklyn subway shooting, which occurred at the border of the district of one of the panelists.  … (14:31 PDT) [CC]

14:00 PDT / 17:00 EDT, WPFW > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod >  […]  (14:33 PDT)  ‘our mandate’  ‘climate change’  …  ‘Oshonee Confederacy’ ‘they used to say the time will come when the trees will die from the top down.’  …  (14:34 PDT)  ‘power politics in the negotiations’  ’emissions reductions have never been met…  ‘But during the 26 years of going to the COP… it continues to rise.’  …  ‘That’s why us as indigenous people have been joining up with the global south and black and other people of color…’  (14:36 PDT)  . ‘So, since then, we have said that corporations have taken over the climate negotiation …  (14:38 PDT)  ‘Hoodwinked in the Hothouse’  …  ‘megahydrodams’  ‘nuclear energy’  ‘and a lot of other energy sources that ar not clean and are destructive. … It’s a slide toward a lawless capitalism.’  …  ‘There is virtually no public oversight, no accountability.  …  We feel the Earth is not for sale.  … ‘a politics of desperation.’ ‘disaster capitalism’  …  ‘false solutions, like carbon capture’  …  ‘pollution as a commodity’  (14:44 PDT)  offline.

15:00 PDT, KPFA > UpFront (reruns) > On Pakistan and Imran Khan. |  Max Pringle airs a rerun of a clip from UpFront, BET provides a NY Times/State Department/establishment perspective, evidently, in order to colonize KPFA and occupy time slots with repetitive content, as deep politics or left of center content gets crowded out by all this liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) programming…  Richard Medhurst, George Galloway, Scott Ritter, et al are far better than this synthetic left faction at KPFA, which shills for the Democrat Party, and of which Brian Edwards-Tiekert (BET) is a partisan. … | (15:30 PDT) End of interview.  BET rattled off the guest’s accolades, as if that made his analysis any more more cogent or relevant. This discussion, like so many of BET’s interviews on geopolitics or domestic politics, often get lost in the weeds, in obscure details, which obfuscate basic and simple facts of reality. Simply compare the difference between someone like Richard Medhurst versus someone like Brian Edwards-Tiekert on geopolitics.  Medhurst is evidence-based.  Edwards-Tiekert relies on his feigned ignorance, like playing dumb when it suits his liberal narrative, deferring to the so-called expert he’s interviewing, usually an establishment type. I’m just a journalist; I’m not the expert. But it’s just a way to avoid inconvenient truths, obfuscate important information, and paint a particular narrative, in which the Democrat Party is the solution for everything, sometimes as an implicit assumption, other times as an explicit declaration.  |  (15:31 PDT) Max Pringle introduces next clip of BET, who interviews the woman, who prepares his taxes. …  (15:42 PDT) offline

15:00 PDT / 18:00 EDT, WBAI > WBAI Evening News with Paul Diorenzo(sp?) > music: chill-hop.  |  (c. 1:45)  Board Operator. |  (c. 2:00)  Begin newscast by Mr. Paul D by phone, low quality audio, unfortunately.  …  Newscast went blank after about 12 minutes.  The board operator had to go to some jazz music.  |  (c. 16:15)  Newscast is back up.   [L13]

15:30 PDT / 18:30 EDT, WBAI > Economic Update with Prof. Richard Wolff > (15:45 PDT) Dr. Joerg Rieger from the Institute for Christian Socialism …  (15:49 PDT) ‘ Christian Socialism dot com’  …  (15:53 PDT) ‘What’s wrong with capitalism?’  |  ‘The problem is… it’s not just about making money.  It’s about shaping people…  … it’s not democratic. …  ‘I have a new book, Theology….  (15:58 PDT) … (15:59 PDT) End of interview.

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio > [I haven’t listened yet]  “In Conversation with Lowkey”  |  “Davey D speak with Lowkey, a British rapper and activist from in London, England. With his own unique take on racism, war, and global political issues, rapper and activist (and member of several supergroups) Lowkey has emerged as one of the British hip-hop scene’s most outspoken artists. Born Kareem Dennis in London in 1986 to an Iraqi mother and English father, he first started rapping at the age of 12 and, after competing at various open-mike sessions on Carnaby Street, won an MC battle to earn the name of Lowkey.  |  Recently, Lowkey has become the target of a coordinated smear campaign to demonize, defame and deplatform him. It is thought that organized groups forced the University of Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Society to postpone his lecture and were able to stop his appearance at the National Union of Students in Liverpool.  |  And a campaign by lobby group “We Believe in Israel” is demanding that his content be removed from music streaming service Spotify. Which is clearly a form of censorship.  |  The campaign against Lowkey is designed to silence Palestinians and their supporters. Anti-Palestinian censorship is now reaching into the artistic realm. In today’s conversation Davey D speak with Lowkey about his political beliefs, his music and the threat to censor him.”

16:00 PDT / 19:00 EDT, WBAI > Off the Hook with a male-sounding host

NOTES/COMMENTS (re: Off the Hook, 13 APR 2022): cheesy song intro.  liberal banter, technical glitches, intros of four-person panel, reading ‘news stories’ from ‘Coin Desk‘  First on crypto, a fact-check.  ‘Virgil’  Who’s ‘Virgil’ vis a vis ‘North Korea’? |  1604 …  1607. It’s unclear what Byzantine granular drama this is all about. The host just introduced three other panelists, then began speaking obscurely. … (16:10 PDT) It sounds like this rambling man in ‘talking head’ mode is talking about a foreign political prisoner in North Korea.  Never mind political prisoners in America, presumably.  1612. …  1623. 2nd speaker finally speaks …  It sounds like someone named Virgil was accused by the US government and intelligence agencies of helping North Korea learn about blockchain technology and was sentenced to five years in prison.  Some of the guests knew Mr. Virgil Griffith. And one of the guests was also hauled into court.  |  1645. A different speaker is more outspoken, calling the verdict bullshit because the information Mr. Griffith presented was “Wikipedia-level information”. |  YouTube Channel:  2600(?)


  • Crypto Enthusiast Sentenced to 5 Years for North Korea Trip” by Jose Pagliery, Shannon Vavra, Adam Rawnsley, Daily Beast, 12 APR 2022.
  • The US sentenced a crypto expert to 5 years in prison after he gave a blockchain presentation in North Korea” by Phil Rosen, Yahoo!, 13 APR 2022.

17:00 PDT, WBAI > Special with Christine Blosdale(sp?) > [rerun]  ‘Brent Michael Phillips Awakening Dynamics Consciousness Seriea for people, who “struggle with money”…  This man is a snake oil salesman, as noted previously.  Presumably, replaying this recording repeatedly raises money for WBAI.  Isn’t life a trip?  (17:05 PDT) [CC]

17:00 PDT, KPFA > Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein [TW]

NOTES/COMMENTS (re: Flashpoints for 13 APR 2022):  […]  (17:05 PDT)  Interview Guest: James Henry. Topic:  wealth tax or a capital gains tax or “stock transfer tax”  …  JH:  ‘Nobody anticipated this kind of inflation.’  Actually, Dr. Michael Hudson seems to have anticipated it, by the sounds of his analysis on The Gary Null Show today.  |  (17:14 PDT)  DB:  ‘What’s next?  Where’s the resistance?’  [I.e., After discussing the description, now the question is: What’s the prescription?]  | JH:  ‘We’re getting some bills ready…  We’re also hoping we can elect a Democrat that can “become more reasonable”…  We’ve heard this before, for decades.  Most of us on the left, it’s safe to say, do not expect anything but harm from the Democrat Party. |  (17:18 PDT)  “inequality and poverty”, says the liberal guest.  But, as Yanis Varoufakis said recently, the problem with the left, meaning liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists)  in Europe and America is that there is no class analysis and an over-emphasis on  inequality.  |  1722 End of interview.  Music break. ‘Baby I Need You’ (70s vintage soul/funk semi-instrumental) |  [TW]  (17:25 PDT)  Julian Assange Update with Randy Credico. …  ‘There was only one journalist there from Pacifica, Steve Zeltzer.’  |  1730 DB. |  RC:  ‘People just don’t know how dire it is.  What are they gonna do next, burn books?’  |  1731. DB: critique of “liberal” journalists…  ‘They don’t  have a clue what their job is. They’re stenographers for the Pentagon.’  |  RC: ‘These are entertainers.’  …  Critique of establishment media, corporate media.  Unfortunately, the speakers offered no critique of liberals at Pacifica messing up the struggle for the working class.  …  1735. ‘If Julian isn’t defended, if Julian falls, the First Amendment falls, it’s over.  |  DB. |  RC:  Follow John Pilger, Craig Murray, amd Steve [Zeltzer]  | 

NOTES CONT’D (re: Flashpoints, 13 APR 2022):  1738 Nicole Phillips (from Legal Director, Haitian Bridge Alliance) with an update on Haiti, Haitian migrants in Mexico seeking asylum to enter the United States. COVID-19 excuse has been debunked. But Biden admin is holding on to the excuse.  A COVID-19 bill is in the works… Title 42 hangs up in the air…  Mexico is largely run by cartels and criminals’  …  ‘Haitian immigrants/migrants/refugees vs Ukrainian immigrants/migrants/refugees’  …  |  17:44 PDT DB. |  1744 NP:  ‘theatrics’ ‘to send Haitians back is a huge threat to their safety, as is to leave them in Mexico.  I spent a week in Tijuana and a week in Chiapas. Both lack adequate health care.’  … |  1748 DB:  ‘What do we know about actual people who were violently attacked after they were returned by the US government?’  |  1748 PDT NP:  ‘It’s difficult to track. Human Rights Watch…  Some returned migrants have to live in fear and extreme caution to stay alive…  Some migrants I’ve spoken to have been attacked…’  |  17:51 DB: (picks up the slack…)  ‘Are you driven by the role that the US played in all of this?’  |  1753. NP:  ‘100%’  …  On US imperialism, destabilizing nations, economic hitmen, and so on.  …  ‘It’s as if their [Haitians’] rights don’t matter at all?’  |  DB:  ‘What do we know about the Haitian immigrants in the United States?’  |  1756. NP:  ‘They’re generally not given asylum.  45% of Haitians win their asylum claims.  The rest are removed.  …  Black migrants are put in solidarity confinement more often.  … There aren’t interpreters, as needed.  …  No healthcare… We’ve heard reports about women being sterilized.  Many of them were black women.’ |  (17:58 PDT)  DB Closing remarks.  | NP: Closing remarks. |  1759 KPFA announcements.

18:00 PDT, KPFA > The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays > Liberal newscast, but it’s better than nothing.  …  (18:41 PDT)  ‘A black man, Patrick(sp?), was killed by a cop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.’ …  ‘He was shot point blank in the head.’  |  (18:46 PDT)  Brian Edwards-Tiekert annoncemenr:  Every Monday morning on UpFront, UC Berkeley Prof. Schwartzberg will gaslight listeners on COVID-19.  I called in a few weeks ago, as ‘John in Belmont or Redwood City or something’ and the Prof used no evidence or reasoning to counter my challenges.  |  1847 Back to the newscast.  …  |  1857 produce tainted


  • PATRICK LYOYA SHOT AND KILLED BY GRAND RAPIDS POLICE OFFICER” by Mike Creef (staff writer), The Black Wall Street Times, 11 APR 2022.
  • “Patrick Lyoya killed by Grand Rapids police during struggle for taser” by staff, Yahoo!, 13 APR 2022.
  • “Video shows cop shooting man in head in Grand Rapids, Mich.” by Sun-Times wires, Chicago-Sun Times, 13 APR 2022.
  • Strawberries and spinach often contain pesticides even after washing, according to an annual report of toxic chemicals in produce” by Andrea Michelson, Yahoo!, 6 APR 2022.
  • “This Salad Recall Is Affecting a Bunch of Major Retailers in 44 states” by Macaela Mackenzie, Self, 11 JAN 2022.

19:00 PDT, KPFA > Bay Native Circle > On sacred Native American sites being desecrated by capital.  … 1907 ‘The county should recognize it as a sacred site.  If this were a Jewish site, or some other site, we wouldn’t have to even be asking…  Why do we have to beg?’  [TW]  …  ‘Our sacred responsibility doesn’t mean a darn thing to them.’  …  ‘The environmental impact report is going to come out…’  ‘We need overwhelming public support…’  …  |  (19:19 PDT)  ‘An update on political prisoner Leonard Peltier from his spiritual advisor, Gene Roach, going back to 1975.  Co-director of Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.’   …  ‘William Kunstler’  … ‘Kevin Sharp(sp?), Leonard’s new attorney’ … |  19:43 PDT)  Lisa Bellinger (of American Indian Movement) and Rachel…  RIP Clyde Bellcourt(sp?)


  • Leonard Peltier Defense Committee press conference” by staff, Hawaii News, 31 JAN 2022. [cf. I]

End of Western Hegemony? | Richard Medhurst [Presentation] for Muslim Student Council” by Richard Medhurst [via Rokfin], 13 APR 2022.

NOTES:  [L51]

[cf. I]  [cf. T]

Vaccine Generated Spike Proteins Circulate in The Blood on Exosomes (Study)” by Drbeen Medical Lectures, 13 APR 2022

NOTES:  …  |  (c. 12:00)  ‘Dr. Bruce Patterson’s(sp?) theory that S1 is present in the monocyte…’  … |  What was done in the study?  Eight patients agreed to have blood drawn at various intervals up to several months after receiving doses of the COVID-19 injectable drug products.  The research was conducted at St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona; and they partnered with Yale University.’

COMMENTS:  ‘This 2021 study ought to have gotten a lot of traction in the news media because it raises another red flag warning about the experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products.  |  This 2021 study corroborated the early concerns from experts about the synthetic, cytotoxic spike protein circulating throughout the body, instead of just staying in the local injection area, as claimed by officials pushing the big pharma products.  As the spike protein circulates throughout the body, it can cause inflammation in various parts of the body, including organs, crossing the blood-brain barrier causing neurodegenerative disorders and strokes.  And the inflammation can cause immunogenicity, which can overload the immune system, thereby weakening the immune system. An over stimulated immune system can also create conditions for a ‘cytokine storm’ throughout the body.


  • Transport of Extracellular Vesicles across the Blood-Brain Barrier: Brain Pharmacokinetics and Effects of Inflammation” by William A. Banks, Priyanka Sharma, […], and Theresa L. Whiteside, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21 JUN 2020.
  • SARS-CoV-2 spike protein induces inflammation via TLR2-dependent activation of the NF-κB pathway” by Shahanshah Khan, Mahnoush S. Shafiei, Christopher Longoria, John Schoggins, Rashmin C. Savani, and Hasan Zaki, PubMed Central, 17 MAR 2021.
  • Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha” – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics, Science Direct, accessed 17 APR 2021. “Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) is a multifunctional cytokine secreted primarily by macrophages, natural killer (NK) cells, and lymphocytes.”
  • Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer–BioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines” by Sandhya Bansal, Sudhir Perincheri, Timothy Fleming, Christin Poulson, Brian Tiffany, Ross M. Bremner and Thalachallour Mohanakumar, The Journal of Immunology, 15 NOV 2021.
  • The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 induces endothelial inflammation through integrin α5β1 and NF-κB signaling” by Juan Pablo Robles, Magdalena Zamora, Elva Adan-Castro, Lourdes Siqueiros-Marquez, Gonzalo Martinez de la Escalera, Carmen Clapp (Instituto de Neurobiología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Querétaro, México), Journal of Biological Chemistry [via ScienceDirect], 8 MAR 2022.
  • PowerPoint Presentation (FDA.gov link in video description)
  • Alpha Interferon – LiverTox – NCBI Bookshelf

[L12]  [cf. T]  [cf. I]  [cf. F]

This Is F*cking Terrifying” by Russell Brand [via YouTube], 13 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description:  “As Chinese people wail from tower blocks and state-controlled social media increasingly control the narrative around science and war – how close are we getting to authoritarianism?  |  #socialmedia #China #lockdown #Shanghai”

NOTES/COMMENTS (re: This Is F*cking Terrifying” by Russell Brand):  The first few minutes depict a weird lockdown scene, apparently, in Shanghai.  And we do hear people screaming.  But the brief video clip is so dark, such that it is unclear to be certain about what’s happening in the video.  It seems inconclusive, almost like clickbait.  Perhaps, there is other evidence to confirm or corroborate the claims about extreme lockdowns in China and what people wailing out of windows was actually all about.  |  …  |  (c. 8:02)  “Now, remember, the conversation we’re having here is that we’re not currently living in that horrifying dystopic vision we just saw of people wailing and crying in Chinese towersBut we are living in a [Western] state where the government is using the authority gleaned from science to establish regulatory principles.  So, we’re sort of on a gradient.” |  It sounds like we’re on a path of plandemic dystopia.  Doesn’t it?  Orwell’s bleak 1984 gaslighting and thought police is blending with the inverted totalitarianism of Aldous Huxley‘s hedonistic Brave New World and paranoiac elements of Contagion, and Equilibrium, with some Hunger Games society of the spectacle debauchery.  We also observe elements of Minority Report, as Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! (15 APR 2022) frets and pines for developing a ‘pre-crime unit’, so police can arrest mass shooters before they commit a crime!  How can one be arrested for a crime they haven’t committed?  By implication, Juan Gonzalez appears to be calling for increased domestic surveillance, when he asked “what might have been done to be able to apprehend this shooter before he actually took action?”  At the very least, Mr. Gonzalez was fearmongering.  All of these dystopian elements appear to be transforming society into a fear-based global plandemic dystopia, a COVID-1984 ‘new normal’, as the global power elite further amass and concentrate the world’s wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands and global institutions supersede the power of nation states.  |  I didn’t like Russell Brand’s first bit about China because the only evidence presented to support his fact-claim was a brief dark video, which we might be misunderstanding out of context.  We recall Max Blumenthal‘s reporting on the Chinese Uyghurs, which contradicted establishment narratives.  But I do agree with most of Russell Brand’s outline of the post-COVID threats to the open society, to the free and democratic society, threats which are created by this use of a biosecurity pretext to establish increased authoritarian control over society and impose medical apartheid.  It’s important to observe that many people with large audiences have similarly spoken out and continue to do so.  In the past, such dissident voices would at least be interviewed somewhere, even if marginalized.  They would have gotten some traction in the national media.  Today, dissident voices are outright being deleted from the internet and social media platforms.  So, we need all hands on deck.  We need every person and group of conscience and good faith to be speaking out.  We need mass demonstrations, walkouts, work stoppages, and nonviolent civil disobedience to build up to a general strike.  Here are some other public people, public citizens, who are also striving to honestly articulate the erosion of human rights in the post-COVID-19 world, from a sociopolitical standpoint:  Dr. Gary Null, Max Blumenthal, Prof. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Julie Ponesse, Dr. Robert Malone, Naomi Wolf, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr to name a few.  Other experts are important correctives to the false establishment COVID-19 narrative, but prefer to avoid the political aspects and adhere strictly to the data, clinical experience, and scientific literature, such as Dr. Peter McCullough.  It’s important for everyone to speak out, to communicate the truth about COVID-19 statistics, including fraud, corruption, and Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data because the establishment media refuses to do so.  In fact the establishment media and officials like Fauci and Walensky are gaslighting the American people on the issue of COVID-19. |  So, it’s important for everyone to speak out and defend informed consent, defend parental rights, as government overreach violating bodily autonomy with injection mandates, including legislation calling for coercing kids into getting injected without parental consent.  This police state COVID-19 agenda is unconstitutional and inhumane.  And this totalitarian police state, described by Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin as inverted totalitarianism, is being imposed as class warfare from above by a class of people, which Dr. Peter Phillips calls The Global Power Elite, Peter S. Goodman calls Davos Man, Dr. Michael Hudson calls the rentier class in the F.I.R.E. sector of the economy, or by the broader heterodox economics critique of financialization.  And, of course, our U.S. government is a pretend democracy with a two-party dictatorship of shallow politics for the masses.  Meanwhile, the important decision-making is derived from deep politics conducted behind closed doors by what Dr. Peter Dale Scott calls The American Deep State.  |  (c. 11:40)  Caitlin Johnstone commentary


  • “Scientists must be free to communicate without politicians’ spin: Whether it’s about Covid or badger culls, the science can be unclear. But the public must hear about it from the researchers not government press officers” by Fiona Fox, The Guardian, 3 APR 2022.  [R0]
  • “Twitter IS “State-Affiliated Media”” by Caitlin Johnstone, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 8 APR 2022.  [R0]

“Mass protests in Pakistan as ousted PM accuses US of regime change [i.e., coup d’état]” by The Grayzone [Pushback with Aaron Maté], 13 APR 2022.

“Wild Goose Chase” by Steel Pulse (1984)

I thought the destructione
Of creation
Would be nuclear power
And radiation

I thought judgement
Would come
When dem drop
De neutron bomb

And man was heading
For extinction with
With contraceptive pills
That was made to kill
Legal murder
They call abortion

I thought the invention
Of robots yes yeh
All forms of life
Would eventually stop

But now dem dog gone crazy
Mass producing test tube babies

Oil a wild goose chase
Laws of nature they just can’t face
Ambition is to mash up the place
Who shall save the human race?

Chemicals in the food
To control population
intentions to build
A plastic nation

Cloning cats to have dogs
Human beings breeding hogs
On the moon in search of aliens
But now dem dog gone crazy
Mass producing test tube babies

On a wild goose chase
Laws of nature they just can’t face
Ambition is to mash up the place
Who shall save the human race?

These times of science and technology
This world is an unconscious lavatory
Using my people as guinea pigs
I man a fight it spiritually

Soon the old will inject
Themselves to keep young
Ain’t no telling what they do next
All I know that JAH must vex
0 righteous one keep in check
Thunder will roll and break wicked neck

On a wild goose chase
Laws of nature they just can’t face
Ambition is to mash up the place
Tell me, who shall save de HUMAN RACE?

Wild Goose Chase Lyrics as written by David Hinds

Lyrics 1984 © BMG Rights Management

[13 APR 2022]

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