LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Wednesday, 6 APR 2022]  It’s Wednesday.  For years, a number of us have looked forward to listening to the deep politics radio show, Guns and Butter, on free speech Pacifica Radio.  But ever since the 1999 KPFA Lockouts, liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists and/or non-anti-capitalists) have been encroaching on the independent spirit of Pacifica Radio and defanging its editorial direction and demobilizing its listener base.  These liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) dominating the local station board (LSB) meetings and programming agendas at Pacifica Radio stations function, wittingly or unwittingly, as shills for the Democrat Party.  At KPFA, Brian Edwards-Tiekert is a central figure in the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club faction, which has colonized KPFA, and helped ‘handle’ or ‘manage’ KPFA ideologically via editorial influence.  As others have noted previously, such as the original Save KPFA group (before BET and his faction appropriated the name), KPFA operates in a patronage system.  Presumably, the entire Pacifica Radio network’s intenal politics also operates with some form of patronage system.  WBAI currently indicates Guns and Butter broadcasts Fridays at 06:00 ET.  However, for Friday, 1 APR 2022, WBAI lists Special Health Program, by “various hosts”, not Guns and Butter.  The show was an episode of ‘Take Charge of Your Health‘, whose hosts make no mention of Guns and Butter in their opening remarks.  Meanwhile, a search of WBAI’s archives, filtering for only Guns and Butter currently  lists the following dates as the ten most recent broadcasts, all on Wednesdays:  23 FEB 2022, 2 FEB 2022, 19 JAN 2022, 12 JAN 2022, 29 DEC 2021, 15 DEC 2021, 1 DEC 2021, 24 NOV 2021, 17 NOV 2021, and 3 NOV 2022.  The most recent Guns and Butter episode listed on SoundCloud is dated 9 MAR 2022, “Andrei Martyanov – War In Ukraine: Geopolitical and Economic Fallout, #442” also lists Episode #442 dated 9 MAR 2022 as the most recent episode under “Archived Shows“. 

Let’s stand up for Guns and Butter and restore it to its rightful place on WBAI, KPFA, and any other free speech Pacifica Radio stations or affiliates with listeners, listener-members, and listener-owners that are interested in deep politics, not just shallow or superficial politics, which barely scrape the surface of reality or simply act as stenographers for state and corporate power, parroting establishment talking points.

Meanwhile, our best voices are being censored from the major social media platforms.  Chris Hedges and Abby Martin’s RT archives were recently censored by YouTube, who deleted the archives from the platform.  And, now, in the wake of the Ukraine-Russia military conflict, one of the best (i.e., most insightful, hard-hitting, honest, critical) analysts on the Ukraine issue has been censored by Twitter.  Of course, Dr. Robert Malone was also censored by Twitter.


  • “BREAKING: Scott Ritter Banned From Twitter | Richard Medhurst Interviews  Scott Ritter” by Richard Medhurst, 6 APR 2022.
  • “Breadtube with Nick, CJ, Caleb Maupin, and Jimmy Dore” by Revolutionary Blackout, 6 APR 2022. [L7]
  • “‘That’s What Happens When a Man Loves a Woman Who Doesn’t Love Him’: Earthquake Says Jada Should Have Stopped Will Smith” by Atahabih Germain, Atlanta Black Star, 6 APR 2022. Twitter: @RealEarthquake
  • The Power of Behavioral Science and Propaganda | Bob Moran & Julie Ponesse” by The Democracy Fund, 6 APR 2022.

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06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT, WBAI > Covert Action Bulletin with Chris Garaffa and Rachel Hu

NOTES:  Topics include ‘history between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia’; MLK, Jr assassination anniversary and what role US gov’t may have played in his shooting [no mention of William Pepper, of course];  and the ‘456 missing minutes of President Trump’s call logs from January 6th’, 2021.  |  webinar Friday, 1 APR 2022 will be out soon at CovertAction. | …  |  (c. 13:30)  clip of Dr. Gerald Horne(sp?) from the aforementioned webinar.  |  (c. 29:00)  MLK. |  …  |  January 6th rant 

COMMENTS:  Evidently, Guns and Butter has been covertly replaced by this Covert Action bullshit replacement for Bonnie Faulkner’s deep politics show.  Previously, liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) and shills for the Democrat Party at KPFA radio managed to force Guns and Butter off the air.  Now, liberals at WBAI have evidently done the same by replacing deep politics with fake deep politics by liberals, who posture as leftists, but who are really shills for the Democrat Party.  Covert Action Bulletin sounds like some BreadTube bullshit astroturf independent media.  The glib hosts are annoying, as they ramble in podcast format for the hour-long time-slot.    |  (c. 13:30)  clip of Dr. Gerald Horne(sp?) from the aforementioned webinar.  I like Dr. Horne’s analysis; it makes sense, usually.  But even liberals like KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich are not afraid to interview Dr. Horne.  But they won’t interview Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Scott Ritter, Richard Medhurst, or other critical observers, who speak critically about current events, not just historical events. |  music break |  Co-host Chris Garaffa stated Covert Action Bulletin has been operating since 1978.  |  (c. 29:00)  MLK segment, rant.  ‘COINTELPRO’  (old news; no mention of global power elite, WEF, Black Rock, Vanguard, et al.)


  • “COVERT ACTION INFORMATION BULLETIN: THE CIA AND THE MEDIA” by Central Intelligence Agency, 22 DEC 2016.

09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > […]  (09:44 PDT)  fundraising mode.  Heart Disease: A Natural Approach, a documentary film by Dr. Gary Null.  Very interesting. (c. 09:49 PDT)  ‘…because they were unaware of the early signs of heart disease…’  (c. 09:50 PDT) | (09:55 PDT)  News Headlines with Sue Goodwin:  ‘Title 42’ ‘immigrant rights’  |  Biden issues research initiative on ‘long COVID’ [no mention of VAERS nor adverse effects of COVID-19 injectable drug products by the state; so, stenography by SG didn’t mention it, either. Oy vey.] |…  ‘to suspend Russia from…’  |  Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson update. Murkowski, Romney join in voting for SCOTUS |  ‘no-knock warrants’ update. ‘Amir Locke(sp?)’ 

10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > ‘migrant crisis across North Africa’ ‘Irish Times’  ‘Eritrea’ … ‘international law’  …  (10:07 PDT)  offline

20:00 PDT

Why You So Craven” by Israel Vibration, 1981

[6 APR 2022]

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