LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 18 FEB 2021, 04:21 PST] Forget the 24-hour news cycle. We tune in to the news of the day to stay informed. We take notes. But we also tune out to focus on the bigger picture and the longer view. News outlets are only tools for us to use in the struggle for freedom. They are not meant for us to be enslaved to them. (Having said that, we must not let them sell off any Pacifica Radio stations. Please support free speech radio with a donation.) Yesterday, on KPFA’s Against the Grain, we heard an interview about the early days of free speech radio. Once upon a time, there was a radio show called News and What To Do About It. We thought to ourselves, Yes! That’s what workers need!

The first half of the radio broadcast would address some current event or issue in need of redress. And the second half of the show would discuss ideas for direct action to mobilize workers and their allies immediately. Brilliant! That’s what we, the people, need. If the freedom of the press is to ensure an informed citizenry, then a vibrant press is to ensure a vibrant and mobile citizenry, which can mobilize for mass direct action swiftly.

Dr. Richard Wolff on the Yellow Vest Movement” by Richard Medhurst, 17 FEB 2021.

The American working classes have been brutally punished on so many levels for decades. And Americans have been gaslit by the two-party system, or two-party dictatorship, as Ralph Nader calls it, for so long that we have been completely demobilized in America. Despair has gripped Americans by the throat for decades. But we need not despair. Where there is people, there is always hope. We just need to build bridges of dialogue, so as to foster strong social ties, and deep solidarity.

Of course, our political consciousness in the USA is severely deficient, as Dr. Richard Wolff noted yesterday in conversation with indy journalist Richard Medhurst. He cited Louis Althusser in his discussion, which contrasted the differing legacies we are living with today. In America, we are starting to see the true nature of the American Revolution. In France, they have been living their revolution to this day. It seems the American Revolution against monarchist fascism was hollow because the so-called founding fathers were not truly revolutionary. They were bourgeois elitists, racists, and slaves owners. Thomas Paine was a rare exception.

So, we have all drank the kool-aid, as it were, with regard to the nature of our nation. As noted by Dr. Wolff, the “ideological formation” at home is very important. What happens in conversations at the dinner table, and in bed before going to sleep, all those things are very important to how a working class population responds to crises. And, in the USA, we are currently drowning in crises. Yet, we have been paralyzed to act for justice. Black Lives Matter, despite all of its flaws, has proven to be the greatest threat to the fascist American police state cancer, which is foreclosing on the notion of democracy.

We, Americans, must realize what the French people have long realized. Power concedes nothing without a demand. And demands are made in the street through militant mass mobilizations and encampments.

In the USA, they say never discuss politics or religion in mixed company. If we live like that, it’s inevitable that, over time, such a social philosophy will be internalized by an increasing segment of our population. Pretty soon we won’t be discussing anything meaningful at home or work or anywhere. How many of our families nowadays actually encourage free speech and debate about the issues of the day?

Words are beautiful, but actions supreme.


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