LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Wednesday, 17 FEB 2021, 05:24 PST] When Sade sang, “I am a soldier of love.” Many of us instantly felt a pull, a connection. We could relate. We saw her sing this song live, in concert, those of us so privileged. It was a moment of humanity, amidst inhumanity.

Soldier of Love” (official video) by Sade, 2010.

Che Guevara said, the true revolutionary is always guided by love.

So, we self-educate for correct political action. There may be some truth to the old adage, barbarism begins in the home.

@LumpenProles, 09:39 PST


Notes from a working class left perspective, tuning into the most critical analyses of the issues of the day…

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08:00 PST, WPFW > Community Watch & Comment – Wednesday with David Whettstone > […] [TW] 08:25 WPFW, david tw dr said we are all capable of gaslighting […] On the importance of direct action and protest: ‘Protest is like a glass of cold water in the face, which […] 08:49 PST, ‘Doctor, tell us what we can do to avoid gaslighting?’ […] ‘The solution is communication, to allow for questions, to allow for space for different perspectives’ […] 08:50, ‘The first component is to reflect on one’s own experience and then learn how to talk about it.‘ […] ‘It’s okay to be different. But the way forward is having these hard conversations. To be gaslit by someone saying that these hard conversations are better to be avoided is not the way. Conversations are supposed to be liberating.’ […] 08:52 PST, Host David: ‘One thing, which bothered me was that people were saying what’s the point of impeachment? It’s not going to make a difference. But that’s wrong because next time this happens we may have the same trouble, or worse.’ […] 08:54 PST, per WPFWfm.org, On Air now: “Community Watch & Comment – Wednesday” with David Whettstone.

09:00 PST, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > […] On excess and success. Our society rewards excess. To get straight As, you need a whole lot of studying. This is true. Your author pulled at least a few all nighters at University. But I graduated with honors. I was trained by my stern father to be a hardworker. Yesterday, we heard a filmmaker discuss her film, Do No Harm, about burnout, drug abuse, and suicides in medical schools and medical profession. […] 09:02 PST, This sounds like an archival talk by Dr. Gary Null. But all of his topics are super relevant right now to many themes, we have discussed at Lumpenproletariat. […] 09:25 PST, Wow. This broadcast is resonating with your author very profoundly. Dr. Null ‘You experience the lesson, but don’t learn it.’ That reminds us of something John Vervaeke says about wisdom: Wisdom is learning the lesson, not just experiencing the lesson. […] “You cannot challenge orthodoxy.” [TW] ‘The reason is because ‘ […] 09:38 PST, […] 09:48 PST, ‘Fear always leads you back to orthodoxy.’ […] 09:53 PST, “Everything we do is revolutionary.” […] 09:54, ‘Thats why so many doctors never help people people becauae they stick with only what they know.’ ‘So, people compromise. Well, that’s one way to keep people under control.’ […] 09:55, outro: “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. […] Sounds like Chick Corea. […] ‘Call the care line, if you feel anxious or need someone to talk to: 8777191117.’ Solidarity.

10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > ‘Kansas-Nebraska Act’ ‘The Whig Party was the dominant political party at the time. And the rise of the Republican Party signalled the death knell of the Whig Party. So, we may be witnessing the death of the Republican Party.’ Indeed. But its potential replacement should not give freedom-lovers any solace, for a replacement political party for white grievance will be no more humane. […] Minority vs majority rule in the USA. […] 10:50 PST, ‘Major poll said 89% of Americans polled say Mr. Trump should have been impeached. Only 8% said he should not be impeached.’ [TW] Excellent analysis, corroborates our analysis here at Lumpenproletariat. […] Clearing the Fog on Tuesday mornings (Eastern Standard Time)

But I Was Cool” by Oscar Brown, Jr., 1960.

11:00 PST, WBAI > Minefield (sp?) with Dr. James McIntosh and female-sounding cohost > topic: Dr. Joy Degruy(sp?) of posttraumatic stress syndrome fame. […] 11:06, topic: ‘trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic‘ [TW] book: Medical Apartheid. […] ‘How to understand palliative care‘: ‘find people you trust, first, not strangers, nor HMOs. Research what all you family members’ experience has been, that’s what happened when Dr. Degruy(sp?) had to learn about COVID-19. So, “we need advocates.” ‘Have someone with you.’ […] ‘Support your own body’s immune system. Sunshine. Vitamin C.’ Zinc. Immunoboosters, clean food. ‘Don’t leave your loved ones alone.’ [TW] […] 11:25, on reparations and voter suppression.

11:30 PST, WBAI > Live On the Fly with Randy Credico > fund drive mode. Julian Assange. […] Randy Credico […] ‘UK judge made a very dangerous decision for freedom of the press’ ‘also, who’s to say China or Russia doesn’t turn around and persecute an American journalist?’ We can see how international relations can close down into an Orwellian nightmare. […] ‘That was Ben Wizner (ACLU).’

1200 wbai TW black agenda report

12:00 PST, KPFA > Against the Grain with Sasha Lilley | KPFA News Headlines | RIP Rush Limbaugh | ‘~15 million (mostly right-wing) followers’ […] 1225, “What was the role of grassroots pressure?’ Yo, that resonates strongly with us at Lumpenproletariat. […] “Alternative media projects that critique”—-,no, not liberals/centrists at KPFA, lol—-“consumer capitalism” […] ‘anti-communism’ […] ‘They had a radio show, News and What to do about it‘ First half of the show was about some news or issue; the second part was about mobilizing people to take action. YES! That’s what we always wanted free speech radio to be! […] 1245, ‘How did they [proto-free-speech-radio(?)] think and rethink advertising?’ […] historian Shannon Clark [TW] “CWA Local 9415”, ‘some of the big struggles of the 1940s are associated with our union.’ Perhaps, but didn’t your union, the CWA, sell out the workers at KPFA, the Unpaid Staff Organization (UPSO)? Aren’t they your allies, Sasha.’

1300 WBAI > Dr. Porter on “brain tap technology” for ‘calming the brain.’

1300 wpfw. > celebrating Chick Corea [TW]

13:00 PST, KPFA > […] [TW] It sounds like audio from Democracy Now! on service workers and fast-food workers and their struggle to raise their pay up to a living wage. Fast-food workers are being abused by poverty wages by corporations, who are making billions. It’s morally outrageous. It’s just wrong. […] 13:59 PST

Sounds like Kristina Aanestad pitching to raise money for KPFA/Pacifica Radio.” […] 13:54 PST, Wow! Amy Goodman? Helping KPFA raise money? Good job, Amy! Solidarity!

1400 KPFA > Voices of the Middle East > [TW] ‘A look back on ten years of the so-called Arab Spring, circa 2011. […] 14:21 PST, Excellent analysis of revolutionary struggles for freedom around the world, since the 1990s, and today’s global trend towards fascism.’ ’80s/90s, rise of globalization, then anti-WTO protestors […]’Almost every nation tried to use the pandemic to tighten state control.’ ‘They will still try to weaponize the pandemic. But they can’t keep it up forever. ‘ […] 1439,

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar | [TW] Neoliberalism Fail &;Climate Crisis, as national winter storm emergency covers Texas in snow and freezing temperatures and loss of power, natural gas fails, due to neoliberal neglect of infrastructure


Dr. Richard Wolff on the Yellow Vest Movement” by Richard Medhurst, 17 FEB 2021.

15:30 PST, WBAI > Economic Update with Prof. Richard Wolff | On income inequality, what it is, and why it’s a problem for society. […]


No To Dictatorship: Why Haitians Are Protesting U.S.-backed Moïse” by The Grayzone with Aaron Maté (host, Pushback), 17 FEB 2021.


16:00 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D > KPFA News Headlines ‘Climate change has caused a polar vortex, which normally hits further north to hit the continental United States. 😲 and more. Kristina Aanestad. | Host: Davey D. Some context: Unveiling of a mural dedicated to Huey P. Newton. ‘Center Street. East Oakland. Dana King, artist. | Guests: M1 (Dead Pres) & Umi. […] ‘What should we know about Huey P. Newton?’ […] Umi: ’10 Point Platform, but none of these points have been met to this day. When you put people first, you inspire people, like Chuck D. Huey was like a father, for many of us, who didn’t have a father. […] 16:10 PST, M1: ‘Newton; Hampton, Sr.; et al., their countenance inspired us so; it dared us to even speak out and fight back for freedom, and how to build community power.’ […] Okay, here we will recall a recent Jacobin video discussion: Community is not class power. […] M1: ‘He was like a rock star among revolutionaries.’ […] ‘And I just gotta say, ‘Thank you! And thank God for Huey P. Newton!” […] 16:15 PST, Davey D: ‘I often cite you and stick in my class, about study. No, you gotta understand the difference between socialism and communism. You have to know what the proletariat is.’ […] Davey D: ‘Can you all speak to the importance of studying?’ […] ‘Yes, there’s a lack of reading. Too often, we’re on TV supporting other people’s ideas. But we would see Huey with the law books. And redefining who you are.’ […] ‘And we have the resilience, if you go back to Garvey or W.E.B. Dubois.’ […] ‘Even when we become educated, we’re not seeking knowledge to help ourselves [and our people]’ […] 16:20 PST, ‘Lastly, I was blessed. So, I don’t wanna send no negative shots. We’ll meet you [the lumpenproletariat] where you are.’ […] ‘passing out leaflets’ […] Davey D: ‘He didn’t just get a degree to say he got one’, but to apply it to the struggle for freedom.’ […] ‘So, M1, when I talk to my class, I say they didn’t just put down rhymes. […] These rappers put a textbook’s worth of information in some of these records.’ ‘Let’s speak on that.’ […] 16:23 PST, ‘Thank you.’ […] ‘It’s bigger than me.’ ‘Huey only stepped up ‘cos nobody else was stepping up.’ […] ‘Now, he saw himself as a soldier.’ ‘He was a social scientist, trying to figure out how to leverage power to help his people because he saw that we, as a people, were in serious trouble. So, he said, what do we want now and what do we believe in. One, end police brutality.’ […] 16:27 marx, engels, the little red book by Mao, etc. And throwing up the flag of communism was seen all over the world; we, the Black Panthers, were in Algeria, Tanzania, Cuba, etc because of our recognized international connections.’ […] ‘And that’s what my motivation still is today.’ […] ‘He said: My field marshal is a political prisoner, George Jackson (cf. Soledad Brother). […] 16:31 PST, [missed six minutes] 16:37 PST, On nutrition and fitness: ‘You can’t fight the revolution, if you ain’t alive to fight it.’ […] ‘theoretical understanding of who the People Army is’ […] 16:39 PST, music break: ‘fight like a panther’ [TW] brilliant clip of Huey P. Newton (it sounded like, unidentified), Newton’s analysis is still super relevant today! […]| 16:42 PST, Davey D […] 16:45 PST, Texas is in serious trouble due to the winter storm. And even the Super Walmarts are all wiped out, sold out of essential necessities.’ […] THIS IS A FUND DRIVE, FOLKS. PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A SUSTAINER/SUBSCRIBER OF FREE SPEECH RADIO. PLEASE GO ONLINE. $150 or $15 per month gets you a super awesome Black History Month Pack! Please go to KPFA.org to make a pledge or donation. Some people are well off. Some people are struggling. Please consider donate for people, who can’t afford to pledge. If you can’t afford to donate, PLEASE DON’T donate. We don’t want your rent money. We don’t want your lunch money or grocery money. BUT we DO WANT every penny of your cigarette money. We want every penny of your beer money. We want every penny of your Starbucks money, well, maybe you can have one of those once in a while. Right? What’s the harm in a super sugary mocha latté? Well, refined sugar is inflammatory. But, hey! C’est la vie! Right? PLEASE DONATE TO FREE SPEECH RADIO. TAKE ACTION FOR JUSTICE. […] 16:53 PST, ‘Get the Knowledge Is Power pack with a speech by Maya Angelou speaking at the Calvin Simmons Theater, also a speech from Langston Hughes in a 1958 speech presented in Berkeley.’

17:02 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein | author The Hundred Year’s War on Palestine. plus Norah Barrows-Friedman. Three cheers for Norah! One of our favorite journalists covering Occupied Palestine. (cf. Ali Abunimah) | 17:05 PST, begin interview by Norah with the author of The Hundred Year’s War On Palestine by Prof. Rashid Halati(sp?). ‘His uncle warned of the Zionist [project?]’ […] ‘Israel’s invasion of Lebanon is one chapter.’ […] ‘the Nakba’ ‘the 1967 War’ ‘the first fatwa’ ‘the second fatwa’ […] ‘Both U.S. parties support Isreal’ and their illegal occupation of Palestine. […] 17:08 PST, Prof: ‘I’m just gonna talk a little bit about the book. And, then, we can go over some questions.’ […] ‘Why this book, after having written several books on Palestine. It’s because I listened to my son, and other members of my family, who suggested I write something more widely accessible, not just for experts and specialists. So, this is the first time that I’ve written in the first person. […] Whoa! Your author can super relate, recently experimenting or shedding fears of writing in the first person. There’s always a tension between the individualistic “I” and the collective “we”. We hope to address this usage of “I” and “we” at greater length, as time constraints allow. Family comes first. Well, first one must take care of self (basic food and water), then we take care of our spirituality, then family, then work/income generation, then we hit the gym and eat clean for mass. But we digress. Back to the interview. […] 17:15 PST, ‘To call the Zionist project a settler project is not to be derogatory. It is how they’ve discussed it, as a colonial project.’ [TW] […] 17:21 PST,

18:00 PST, KPFT [HD2-Houston] > […] 18:12 PST, talk. Indy fimmaking. ‘The B World’ ‘How has COVID-19 affected your career?’ ‘About 60 projects in 2019. And, now, I’m looking at like nine.’ […] 18:15 PST,

18:00 PST, KPFT > 18:15 PST, digital feed off line

Life in the Labor Movement w/Richard Hooker (Teamsters Local 623) by Jacobin, 17 FEB 2021.

18:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK [LA.] > Pacifica Evening News > 16:19 PST, [TW] […] 18:34 PST, Israel: ‘That’s not our problem.’ Mark Mericle: ‘We have to figure out how to fund this radio network in a non-capitalist way.’ YES, MARK! NON-CAPITALIST! […] ‘People of color are being left behind in state COVID-19 response. Oakland Coliseum, 0900 to 1900 PST, daiky for eight weeks, residents only,65+ preference and front line workers, teachers, etc. | Berkeley plan to vaccinate all teachers. Mandatory? | ‘~95% efficacy, claims Israel, as it says, “It’s not our problem’ to help Palestinians, who Israel has subjugated.’ | […] 18:50 PST, “America must engage in full reparations.’ YES! […] ‘Israel, Netanyahu, feel snubbed ‘cos it took Mr. Biden four weeks to call him.’ Oh, gawd. What a blowhard. Why isn’t he in prison for crimes against humanity? […] 18:59 PST,


Dorian Yates Jacked at 58 + Phil Heath Small Waist + Andrew Jacked Weeks Out” by Nick’s Strength & Power, 17 FEB 2021.

We recall Roelly Winklaar was sidelined at 2020’s Mr. Olympia due to COVID-19. Roelly versus Rami in 2020 would’ve been epic. Congratulations to Big Rami, 2020 Mr. O. But Roelly is back in the game and looking impressive. Well, truth be told, Roelly looks downsized, as he busts out some tricep extensions. He looks like a lot of us, we really flattened out during this horrible winter. But, now, we’re finally getting back to the daily routines, starting to reglycogenate and to fill the muscle bellies back up and whatnot. It’s time to get all vascular again, people. Your author stayed under 10% body fat, roughly, but lost a lot of muscle mass. No worries; we’ll get back up to full mass, and maybe reach the most massive physique yet. We’ll see. We can’t beat back Father Time forever, as Dave Palumbo says. If you stayed ripped all this time, since 2020, you are a soldier; and we salute you. Phil Heath looks downsized. But, then, everybody is downsized since the COVID-1984 plandemic began. It’s all good. The important thing is to not stop questioning, AND to not stop lifting.


Dave Palumbo Reveals Cancer Diagnosis” by RxMuscle – The Truth in Bodybuilding, 17 FEB 2021.


HusH” by KRS-ONE


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