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Cf. “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman

LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 29 JAN 2021]  We’re still counting the days.  It’s only day ten of this neoliberal madness.  Americans are still asleep at the wheel.  For some reason, barbaric treatment of prisoners trapped in covid-infected prison cells, immigrant families ripped apart, separated, disappeared. Black and brown people murdered by armed officials, who are supposed to be protecting, not endangering, and killing people of color on the streets in broad daylight with impunity; melting ice caps and escalating oil drilling, oil spilling, and oil burning. 

None of these horrors seem to faze very many Americans.  The entertainment is very powerful.  But so are the forces of physics and the social forces, which are leading us to the brink of a planetary ecological disaster. And, since neoliberal governments use crises as shock treatments, to railroad unpopular forms of government around the world completely devoid of any democratic principles. What would MLK, X, Gandhi, et al think of us today?



Reddit rebellion: amateur investors hold the line against Wall Street fat cats” by The Grayzone, 29 JAN 2021.


05:00 > wpfw wbai kpfk (simulcast) > DN! Polly Murray(sp?) ‘for the hour’

05:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > News Headlin 05:03 PST, [TP] On the political persecution of Green(sp?)


05:00 > KPFK > The Tom Hartman Show (rebroadcast) > [TP] call-ins: white supremacy, etc.

06:00 PST, KPFK > local announcements > 06:01 PST, The Stephanie Miller Show > opening banter: ‘Keystone XL action yesterday’, ‘Jill Stein’ […] 06:04, […]  06:29 PST, […] “We don’t have to do much to do better,” said liberal guy, “Carl”,, in a Freudian slip. […]  The giddy crew seems to be content with taking a passive, uncritical approach to the Biden Presidency.  They keep gushing about how nice, competent, and normal compared to the previous Republican president.  It seems that the extent of their political analysis only extends to the superficial rhetoric of empty promises and political posturing of politicians, such as Mr. Biden.  “We’re all gonna have to get used to government being boring again.”  Unbelievable. We just need to get used to the fact that boring government is good.  This sounds like the sort of attitude, which allows liberals to stay on cruise control in the political black hole known as the center.  Despite Republican rhetoric, Democrats are not leftists, but centrists, center-right, or even right-wing.  Stephanie Miller and company must read and grapple with the news and information from critical perspectives;  The Gray Zone, The Empire Files, Glenn Greenwald, Media Roots news, Black Agenda ReportScheerpost, Jacobin, SF Bayview Newspaper, Block Report, Lumpenproletariat.  […] 06:40 PST, “They’re crazy people,” said Matthew, divisively, bashing the QAnon activists and politicians.   If they are, the last thing we want to do is be cavalier or flippant about all of this.  […]  On the inside job of January 6th compared to the Watergate narrative and how shocked the nation was at that much lesser instance of corruption, or attempts to subvert justice. […] 06:57 PST, SM seemed to set up, then knock down, a straw man argument. Then, she celebrated about how flimsy the arguments of her political opponents are.

06:00 PST, Wpfw, 0606 b8den exec orders “EOs” [TP] 06:10, “This is a true victory.” […] “I just want to celebrate what happened this week.”  Brown people see the electoral victory of black people in Georgia of our black brothers and […]  06:12 PST, ‘let’s make sure we don’t recolonialize the whole world’ ‘it’s great, but it’s layered. We have to be cautious.’  Yes, I was about to say the previous speaker gentleman, the reverend, was overly optimistic. 06:14 PST, next speaker guy, activism optimism. […] 06:15 PST,  […]

06:00 PST, WBAI > (rerun; we heard this yesterday or earlier) [TP] COVID-19, vaccines, etc.

07:00 PST, KPFK > Sojourner Truth > [TP] On Biden’s first 100 days. […]  Blinken: ‘the world is watching USA to see how Biden admin will proceed after the previous president’s America First doctrine, which alienated many nations.  Indeed.  If other nations are watchuhg, as he says, or remotely on edge, then this scenario looks like the U.S. is now pulling the same good cop/bad cop routine, which the ruling class has been doing to the  > 07:12 PST, Laura Carlson on Mr. Biden’s foreign policy.  [Cf. Foreign Policy in Focus]  ‘It sounds like America First, continuation.’  Indeed.  ‘He’s setting up adversary relationships of measuring force’ ‘imposing policies, even among allies’, ‘that model of dominance remains’, Obama’s ‘Asia-Pacific pivot continues’ […]  “it’s very centralist” ‘involvement in the coup d’etat in Venezuela’ […]  07:17 PST. ‘reinforces that dominant male, patriarchal form’; Biden’s conflicts of interest’ […]  Margaret Prescod stays silent, as the guest lady lays out all of the existing and ongoing evils of the Biden administration. […] On the issue of occupied Palestine […] 07:21 PST, “Jackie Goldberg” gets an easy lay-up from Margaret Prescod puffing up ‘a difference’ between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden.  But ‘Biden opposes BDS, which helped South Africa, claiming it’s antisemitic. […]  The difference will be that Biden will base his imperialism “on policy”, rather than whims based on how he got up this morning, concluded Jackie Goldberg bizarrely.  I dunno, Jackie.  Imperialism in a tailored suit seems just as bad as imperialism in pajamas. […]  07:27 PST, Dr. Gerald Horn, [TP] ‘foreign policy will be shacked by the events of January 6th’ […] 07:33 PST, MP just offered an excessively polite, tepid, critique of US imperialism without using the i-word.  “Bully” sounds less scary, apparently. […]  music break song selection:  “Bad Card” by Bob Marley.  Really?  Whose reputation needs defending?  Biden’s?  Or Prescod’s?  It’s like the liberals are taunting their critics.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  The “propaganda spreading over my name“, which Bob’s lyrics speak to, in this particular context this morning, is spreading over the left, not the center. […] On the filibuster rule. […] 07:43 PST, Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan may be held up in Congress.  Wait.  What happened to the Democrat Party majority in the Senate?  Is there no Dem majority in the House?  […] 07:46, ”The main priority of the Republican Party is obstructionism.”  […] Woman: ‘On the executive orders, it was a calculated risk, but he had to undue Trump’s dirty work. But it is dangerous for democracy. But it’s not a substitute for legislation, as it’s not lasting.  Cf yo-yo policies.  Also, EOs are polarizing, as is the two-party system. ‘

07:00 PST, WPFW > […] 07:50 PST, news: vaccines

07:00 PST, WBAI > […] 07:52 PST, pitch; health.

0700 – 0800 kpfa > […] 0757, anti free speech rhetoric from Spwncer Sunshine PhD, what a fool.

0800 urban permaculture Sabrina Jacobs

08:00 PST, WPFW > [Tp] onmal Co mm0822 PST, on why black people, and people of color should not be Dems esp not GOP. […] c.08:40, I called in and got in.

0900 tp bai gary Null

1000 bai pt The Michael Slate Show > Jason Stanley(?) author of How Fascism Works

11:00 PST, WBAI > Emergency Fund Drive with Gary Null.  health topics. […] 11:45 PST, “immunological case studies”

11:00 PST, WPFW > [TP] (rerun) Biden and Trump admin abuses of indigenous rightsm […] 11:38 PST, on Biden TINA ideologies (‘There Is No Alternative’), Democrat Party apologism. Woman said she’s angered at Native American leaders saying aligning with Biden is the only way, and let’s just wait and see where this goes. No!, she says, we know exactly where this goes.  We knew Obama would deceive us, too.  Your author was deceived by Clinton.  We saw Arsenio Hall endorse Clinton, after he went on his TV show and played sax with the band in some Ray Bans.

12:00 PST, KPFA > […] talk. human interest.

12:00 PST, WBAI > [TP] Sojourner Truth > […] 12:47 PST, all these people sound like Democrat partisans, which is why we hear all of this Democrat Party apologia.  Laura Carlson just said “structural change” is what is needed.  But her liberal, or bourgeois, imagination prevents her, and others of her ilk, from imagining meaningful structural change.  Such liberals even forget the warnings of MLK and X about the traitorous character involved in being a person of color, who votes Democrat.  A person of color voting Republican is the height of cognitive dissonance, or trauma bond (cf. Meredith Miller, Inner Integration), or Stockholm syndrome.  […] 12:53 PST, Dr. Gerald Horn. 12:54 horn makes a critique of two-party dictatorship and host cut him off with 6 minutes to go.  Oh, well Headlines.  Right. >

1300 PST, WBAI > oN the ground > Audio: press conference re: murder of Kwamena Ocra. [TP] > News > excellent questioning of Margaret Flowers by Esther  on public concerns around for-profit vaccines.  This is excellent journalism by Esther Iverem, which we never get to hear from the political faction at KPFA (Berkeley), the LSB slate known as SaveKPFA.  They had to change their name after they got a bad reputation among the listener-supporters, who vote in LSB elections. They changed their slate name from Concerned Listeners.  Before that, they called themselves KPFA Forward.  As a lifelong Pacifica Radio listener, the internal cold war, or cold civil war, at KPFA and at Pacifica, since the 1999 lockout, with hindsight, and, in light of the events of January 6th as well as the aftermath, all of this reminds me of the abandonment of Reconstruction by the North, when they pulled their troops and abandoned black people. The situation at KPFA is one, where corrupted liberals, shall we say, neoliberals, including Mary Frances Berry—and historian Matthew Lasar has acknowledged all of this—-tried to capture Pacifica. When that failed, they seemed to have settled for occupation. To me, that faction is there to block all perspectives to the left of them, which are critical of Democrat Party politics.

“Teachers speak out: school closures are a disaster” by UnHerd, 29 JAN 2021.

Indeed. We, parents, could have told you all this from the outset. Nobody asked us. The pandemic exacerbates existing class war conditions, which were already punitive relative to the working classses and the underclass.

(c. 12:35) 

Is it not possible to open schools, but with a livestream feed option for those families, who fear in-person/in-class attendance?

As a California parent, I can attest that this has been a disaster.  ‘In some cities,’ said the American teacher, Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles may not open until drug companies get paid by mandating a COVID-19 vaccination.  No, thanks.  My teenaged son is healthy. We haven’t had the flu in years, since eating “clean” and getting fit and staying fit.  But folks like Dr. Gary Null, et al. emphasize how these COVID-19 drugs are experimental. Recipients are human guinea pigs, they say.

Cf. Why We Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease—and How to Fight It by Benjamin Bikman, PhD

Cf. Lumpenproletariat.org

by World Economic Forum, 29 JAN 2021.


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