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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Wednesday, 3 FEB 2021]  We are gathered here today, on this digital newsletter to discuss the issues of the day.  For some Americans, the first 100 days of Mr. Biden’s employment as figurehead of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government was a cause for euphoria and pollyannish glee.  The hope was palpable a couple of weeks ago.  Last week, the hope seemed less, as liberals struggled to articulate why Mr. Biden simply must back the evils of the state of Israel against Occupied Palestine, why the Democrat Party is going to let Mr. Trump get away with murder by not convicting him in the impeachment trial, why the Democrats are going to let Mr. Trump continue his career as a fascist demagogue, why Mr. Biden wants to take extra victory laps whilst flipping off the 74 million who preferred proto-fascism to his continuity of Obama-era neoliberalism, instead of working to hear them out.  No, they are not all deplorables, which America can simply write off.  U.S. liberals have struggled to explain why Mr. Biden is abusing executive orders, some have even called for stronger and faster executive power, further delegitimizing the executive branch, which, at this point, seems best to simply abolish, along with the Senate and the Electoral College.

Where does all this liberal, or more aptly neoliberal, ‘hope’ in a Biden Presidency come from?  The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Since as far back as Malcolm X and Dr. King, we have been shown—or, at least, people of color have been shown—that if we support a political party, like the Democrat Party, which never keeps its promises to us, we’re nothing but chumps.  Oh, no.  Fool me once. 

Apocalypse by Black Uhuru

Max Blumenthal made an excellent point, among many others, in the wake of the proto-fascist assaults on the Capitol Building on January 6th:  mental illness is a serious problem in America.  Indeed.  We will add the mental illnesses of racism and pathological narcissism.  There is little to no difference between the abusive behaviors of narcissistic abuse of codependent victims and racist abusers and their codependent victims.  The narcissist operates at the interpersonal level, like the racist.  However, whereas racist abuse can be scaled up from the micro to the macro (i.e., societal) level through ethnic ranking and hierarchical stratification, narcissistic abuse usually cannot be scaled up in the same way because it is not a racialized form of abuse.  Narcissistic abuse is about grandiosity or superiority; a need for admiration and/or external validation; the inability to empathize with others.  The narcissistic abuser always preys on the vulnerable, the isolated.  To scale up a task like this requires, evidently, a reactive narcissist.  In this regard, Mr. Trump has thus far proved himself exemplary.  A reactive narcissist, as described by Dr. James McIntosh on Pacifica Radio in the wake of the events of January 6th, is an extreme narcissist, who is incapable of accepting defeat, or ever admitting they’re wrong.  Dr. McIntosh cited Hitler as a most extreme example; and we all know how he ended up.

So, it turned out Mr. Trump had been gaslighting his constituency. But, now, Mr. Biden is gaslighting the nation, and the world with his, and his political allies’, neoliberal fantasies.  And just what are they?  As we enter year two of this global psy op we call the Coronavirus Pandemic, some prefer to call it the COVID-1984 Plandemic.  Such clever word-play is, evidently, too disturbing for many Americans to even contemplate.  Whether such word-play is outlandish or plausible seems less alarming than the fact that many Americans are triggered by such words.  It is said that most of our mental processes are unconscious. Yesterday morning on Pacifica Radio, we heard a professor on The Tom Hartmann Show discuss how the subconscious processes information, which is then kicked up to the conscious brain.  The point was that many people on the autistic spectrum, who tend to be able to focus on tasks for extended periods of time, which others would consider insufferably boring, tend to be more creative.  The idea is that, since our minds tend to network, we are susceptible to group-think.  In other words, our subconscious mental processes are influenced by our self-awareness of the social norms of others.  People on the autistic spectrum, who are sometimes accused of being insensitive or lacking self-awareness around others, are less influenced subconsciously by the decision-making filters of others.  So, they are more likely to be independent thinkers.  The whole time, we thought of someone like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.

Some of us refuse to accept the bullshit, from bullshit manners and how we should use this fork for the salad and that fork for the meat, or that we should get less Vitamin D because neoliberals or fascists insist we must wear a shirt or a tie.

And what is this Agenda 21?  How can we mass mobilize solidarity on a global scale for a seriously needed climate crisis intervention when there exists widespread distrust of the state?  The only silver lining to this past year of proto-fascist lockdowns has been the reduction in carbon emissions.  Is the neoliberal deep state actually trying to reverse climate change and achieve total, global fascism at the same time?  All the red flags are blowing in that direction in the current political climate’s winds of change.  Are they not?  So many questions, so little time.  Let’s put our heads together, shall we?  As Albert Einstein said, the important thing is to not stop questioning.  Cheers.  Solidarity.



Notes for future scholarship from a California native son, notes from a working class perspective, shunning false consciousness, like Antonio Gramsci

05:00 PST, WPFW > 0535, ‘there could be a thousand or more families “ripped apart” […]  (cf. vox notes)  […]  The Nazis had the vulnerable Jewish population to abuse and target for dehumanization and annihilation.  U.S. fascists have black an brown to kick around. […] 05:44 PST, ’19 bodies found in Mexico’ [TP]  “Aura Bogado”, a long-time Dem apologist.

Estoy Aqui” – Quetzal

06:00 PST, WBAI > Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner > 06:07 PST, ‘Agenda 21 is a hijacking of the environmental movement’ […]  This is, by far, the most important broadcast we’ve heard thus far today.  We know it’s early in the day, but I doubt any other broadcasters will present us with any information more urgent than this.  This broadcast corroborated the broadcast yesterday on KPFA by Against the Grain, with C.S. Soong, which discussed anti-capitalist orientations and techno-ecology… […] Guest: Rosa Corey(sp?), author of Behind the Green Mask.  This is quite chilling.  This is a must-listen broadcast.

07:00 – 09:00 PST, KPFA [Berkeley] > UpFront with Kat Brooks and Brian Edwards-Tiekert […] 07:50 PST, Conn Hallinan (Foreign Policy In Focus; WDRC, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club ally.  WDRC was the political faction of the dominant white liberal types at KPFA, who have opposed the more sincere, grassroots-activist-based broadcasters at KPFA.  Circa the 2000s, this WDRC/KPFA/Pacifica faction included:  Philip Maldari, Aileen Alfandary, Mark Mericle, Kris Welch, BrianEdwards-Tiekert, David Gans, et al.) […] News with Max Pringle […]  ‘Who are the Boogaloo Boys?’ […] The Pentagon is concerned  about “reputational” issues?  The Boogaloo Boys are going to make the Pentagon look bad!  Oh, the absurdity!  Does this man hear himself?  […]  “the uniform code of military justice” needs to be seriously put on blast. […]  (cf. vox notes) > news Max Pringle > 0838, covid impact at San Quentin, etc […]

08:00 PST. […] topic: ‘The Rebel Women of Nepal.’  […]  ‘BarbaraNimree dot com'(sp?)  […]  ‘Her political work is being set aside. It’s like the Two Killings of Sam Cooke.  First, physical death.  Then, historical death and/or erasure.  Sam Cooke was a major leader among black people, who met with political leaders. But that important history has been hidden, obfuscated, like that of the rebel women.  Solidarity.  […]  08:53 PST,

“It’s a pretty bleak situation.”  You’ve got Dems ready to “wimp out”, offered Ian Masters tepidly.  His guest conceded, “I would call it challenging.”  As we say at Lumpenproletariat:  Democrat voters are hopeful, but not revolutionary.  Trauma bonds always breed hope.  Next time they will treat me with respect.  Next time the domestic abuse will end.  I just know that my abuser will change.  I have hope.  […]  By the way, we’re getting reports from boots on the ground that Silicon Valley cops are out again, issuing traffic citations.  Cops were laying super low along the S.F. Peminsula in the wake of the racist and proto-fascist police behaviors we all observed on January 6th, 2021. […] 09:01 PST,

09:00 PST, KPFA > Democracy Now! > News Headlines with Max Pringle > […] c. 09:15 PST, Fascism in Myanmar/Burma.  […] 09:18 PST, ‘also they saw what happened in the USA on January 6th.’  Indeed.  Didn’t Trump Campaign manager Steve Bannon dog-whistle a celebratory quip about bringing back the 1930s?  We mentioned this salient point on Lumpenproletariat previously. Then, yesterday, we heard KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich ask the same question to his expert guest on Letters and Politics.  The expert interviewee said the Myanmar military leaders only care about their own agenda. But, soon, he conceded the undeniable and toxic effect of Mr. Trump as a leader of a major nation. […]  09:23 PST, clip of Aung San Suu Kyi.

10:00 PST, KPFA > Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich > Intro: Myanmar/Burma.  > News with Max Pringle > […]

WBAI > 0906 > ‘9/11 pre-text for war on terror,’ Brit lady speaks on Tony Blair side… [TP] […]  09:58 ‘Lawyers For Trump’

09:00 PST, WPFW > […] 09:10 PST, music […] 09:59 PST, ‘Africa Now is up next.’

09:00 PST, KPFK > The Tom Hartmann Show > […] talk: electoral politics; politics; bourgeois politics. Call-ins with ‘Rep. Brendan Boyle‘. Will somebody please ask about the antidemocratic nature of the two-party dictatorship?  Also, please discuss the polarizing nature of any two-party system.  […]  09:29 PST,

0900 kpft hd2 LAP rerun from yesterday

10:00 PST, WPFW > Africa Now > ‘Hotel Rwanda’ ‘Kagame of Rwanda’ [TP]  “human rights situation”[…] 10:40, Kagame the narcissistic abuser? Gaslighter?  ‘a cause against dictatorship’ [TP]

11:00 PST, KPFA > The Talkies with Kris Welch > Kris Welch’s News Headlines > 11:12 PST, for a second, we thought the Pacifica Radio app kicked us off of the KPFA livestream again because suddenly we heard music.  The Pacifica Radio app has a tendency of suddenly kicking us out of critical political discussions and into another station with less critical content. But, then, Kris Welch returned to the air and acknowledged the glitch.  Did I do something, she quipped.  […] ‘The resentment that never sleeps’  Oy vey.  We take it, this won’t be an anti-capitalist discussion. […]  11:19 PST, Kris Welch just acknowledged her “status”, but not her power nor abuse thereof, nor of her Democrat Party gaslighting and insincerity about the antidemocratic nature of the Democrat Party, which colludes with the Republican Party to block alternative political parties from the presidential debates and from ballot access in many states across the nation with top-two primary laws and whatnot. Kris Welch lies by omission, as here.  She feigns historical amnesia.  Let’s debate these questions. Solidarity. […]  11:49 PST, the discussion finally shifted to the gender dimension, roughly the last ten minutes. If this is correct, this corroborated our initial suspicion as the actual purpose of this broadcast. […] “Cecilia Ridgeway”(sp?) is the author.  >  11:52 PST, Kris Welch begins taking call-ins. Some of us have been, literally, blocked/banned from calling in to KPFA.  Anecdotal history for another time, but we’ll never forget the videos showing Kris Welch’s heinous behavior toward fellow KPFA staffer Nadra Foster, when Welch’s faction called the cops and Foster was beaten.  Welch’s faction even called the police on your author when he volunteered as a KPFA LSB Election Supervisor’s Assistant.  I attempted to videotape an LSB ballot counting.  And Lewis Sawyer blocked me.  See IndyBay.org for my writings. At least Larry Bensky used to let us debate him on air. […] KW Censored caller; guest has no clue about the metanarrative.

“Uncle Joe’s Rainbow Coalition Death Cult®” by Richard Medhurst, 3 FEB 2021

12:00 PST, KPFA > Against the Grain with Sasha Lilley > An interesting discussion with an author about her book about adoptive parenting, ethnicity (i.e., “race”), and the nature vs. nurture dichotomy.  Those of us in the know, in the extended KPFA family can detect the shift in topics, which Sasha Lilley chooses these days, post-maternity.  Congrats on the baby, Sasha!  We don’t resent this faction at KPFA, including Kris Welch. Grudges are toxic things to bear.  But having the wisdom to forego resentment does not necessitate accepting the codependent role of abused to narcissistic gaslighting and abuse.  There are no hard feelings, just plain ordinary facts, which topple bullies and tyrants of all stripes and magnitude.  […]  13:00 PST,

12:00 PST, WPFW > [TP] sounds like Black Agenda Report > explosive news on RussiaGate with Ray McGovern, Max Blumenthal, et al! > Next segment:  On the ‘Assatta Collective’, Nigerian policing problems of police abuse of power and petty extortion of motorists and so on.  It sounds like Mexico and such nations, perhaps, most of the non-imperial nations.  1980s USA was definitely a decade of decadent lunacy, as African nations were ravaged by starvation, all we could do was sing “We Are the World”.  In the 1990s, things changed.  The 2000s, well… The 2020s?  The decade of fascism?

13:00 PST, KPFA > East Bay Yesterday > talk; human interest; bourgeois?

13:00 PST, KPFK > talk; liberal. Concern for the entertainment industry?  Compassion for all, we suppose.  But where are our priorities?  An injury to one is an injury to all.  But we think of movie stars, like Armie Hammer, et al.  Oy vey.

1300 KPFT > 1317, sounds like the NOI show. […]  1335, sounds like Farrakhan delivering a commencement address. 1345, on X

13:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 13:19 PST, music

13:20 PST, WBAI > Democracy Now! >

13:00 PST, WPFW > 13:22 PST, real talk. [TP] rev holly lopez, parenting during a pandemic 1.888.373-7888, National Human Trafficking hotline.  Cf. HumanTraffickingHotline.org.  If you see something, say something. But the expert said, never approach possible human traffickers yourself to avoid putting yourself or others in even greater danger. The expert discussed seeing underage girls with older men on an international cruise, and another occasion at a restaurant.  We must not look away from the horrors, lest we allow predators to continue preying on the vulnerable. […] 13:29 PST, beyond hotlines, ‘how can we be a source of support?


14:00 PST, KPFT > music: “jass” (i.e., black classical)

14:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod […] 14:07 PST, sounds like KPFA News anchor, Max Pringle. […]  webinar by Haymarket Books:  ‘COVID-19 and decarceration’ [TP] […]  Good discussion of the movement for police/prison abolition: the point is to eliminate the conditions, which create the pretext for police state solutions to social ills, not simply to “eliminate the  buildings”.  Indeed.  […]

Extinction Rebellion founder: why right-wingers should be radical environmentalists” by UnHerd, 3 FEB 2021.

1428 bai > […]  14:28 PST, real talk.  topic: policing, “overpolicing”, police-induced social ills and pathologies, etc., mainly focusing around the metro NYC area.  […]  14:49 PST,

14:00 PST, WPFW > Live at Five > […] 14:50 PST,

1500 wpfw > talk: ‘youth development’ and policing

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > […]  15:19 PST, author lady on Myanmar/Burma.  Sonali Kolhatkar is eager to speculate various theories in order to bash Aung San Suu Kyi.  But, notice, when the issue is controversial, liberals, like Kolhatkar are loath to speculate. Then, they go into ad hominem mode and start calling everyone pejoratives, such as conspiratorial.  […] ‘Colleen Shatticks(sp?) & Joan Godlbloom, co-authors of Broke In America.  The authors seem sincere and pretty right on.  It’s a pity, Sonali Kolhatkar is incapable of critical thought.  If she is, then she is being dishonest, like Mitch Jeserich, et al. at KPFA.  Such liberals know very well that ‘calling your representatives‘ will change nothing.   We know very well political prisoners are rotting in jail because they tried calling their representatives, they tried public assembly and demonstrations.  Millions have marched on Washington for crying out loud.  What are we talking about, people?  Sonali concluded this good discussion with sincere women by leading them down a pollyannish path of deceit.  Those author ladies aren’t activists; they’re social workers.  They don’t know about the limitations of party politics and activism.  But Kolhatkar does.  But she lied by omission.  She should have informed those nice ladies about the extent of the COINTELPRO and the CIA’s global war against the left.  Tell the truth.  Engage in real dialectic.  Don’t just interview the guests, inform them, as needed, too.  For example, the guests’ topic was poverty and how to end it.  So, they emphasized the importance of an effective jobs program.  But Sonali Kolhatkar never informed the guests about the MMT-based job guarantee program, which economist Dr. Stephanie Kelton has popularized in recent years, especially since her 2020 NY Times bestseller The Deficit Myth: Modern Money Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy.  KPFA listeners learned about this from Dr. Kelton, Dr. Michael Hudson, et al. on KPFA’s Guns and Butter circa 2012.  Well, the WDRC faction at KPFA has seen to it that Guns and Butter be taken off the air.  Fortunately, it still airs on Wednesday mornings on WBAI.  But this type of thing is the opposite of the KPFA motto of “advancing the conversation…”  Your author has emailed Mitch Jeserich, et al about informing listeners about MMT.  But they ignored all correspondence.  Now, in 2021, we[…] (cf. Flat Broke in the Free Market: How globalization fleeced working people  by Jon Jeter; Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich)

16:00 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D > real talk: two guests, ‘Dr. Benitez’ & Dr. Losana Hotep’.  topic(s):  ethnicity (i.e., “race”), white privilege, “identity politics”, blind allegiance to a politician solely based on ethnicity (and other forms of tribalism), eg, blind allegiance to President Obama.  […]  Guest naively stated, and chuckled in the process, that ‘Barack Obama was exponentially better than Bush.’  Is that so?  Well, what about Obama’s shredding of the U.S. Constitution?  His NDAA Section 1021, which codified indefinite detention, extraordinary rendition, suspension of habeas corpus.  The Obama administration also smashed the Occupy Wall Street movement in a coordinated nationwide crackdown in concert with most of the mayors of major cities.  […]  16:29 PST, One guest started out sharp, but his whole analysis seemed to crumble once Davey D challenged him on the neoliberalism and other contradictions of people of color endorsing Obama. […]  16:33 PST, OMG, Davey D just asked the bloke if Booker T. Washington was a “neoliberal”.  Then, the guest addressed whether or not Booker T. Washington was a “neo-colonial”, not a neoliberal.  Perhaps, that move helped Davey D save face, as neoliberalism didn’t exist back then.  […] “Losana Hotep(sp?) said, “Don’t confuse strategies with goals.”  Indeed.  But let’s not confuse debunked strategies with viable strategies, either, which is so often the habit of Democrat voters and partisans.  […] 16:37 PST, the other bloke being interviewed sounds more honest or frank. […]  No more audio archives, Davey?  What happened?  We used to transcribe Hard Knock Radio interviews for Media Roots.  Davey D used to retweet those articles out.  He once mentioned to me his appreciation, and said he’d never seen his interviews transcribed like that.  We were very impressed with his interviews with Carl Dix (RCP). […]  16:50 PST, Dr. Hotep narrated the origin of sagging pants as street culture.  Prisons were so inundated with black and brown people that there wasn’t enough properly-sized garments. So, oversized pants tend to sag.  But the stoic dignity of prisoners turned sagging baggy jeans into a dignified aesthetic.  Vatos and cholos and the brothers in prison, too, they were all creased up, ironed and creased clothes.  When prison style became street style, the sharply ironed and creased element was slowly eroded. Contact Dr. Benitez:  REBELINTELLECT4@YAHOO.COM. […]  Dr. Hotep made sense until he started talking about U.S. party politics.  In his closing remarks, he warned against us internalizing neo-colonial and neo-liberal mindsets.  Indeed.  But, as he said that, and in light of his Democrat Party apologia, it is clear he, too, still has some internalized neoliberalism, which must be cleansed, to cite the Franz Fanon reference they made in their conversation.  Oh, how we would have loved to chime into Davey D’s ear and pitch him some questions to psycho-analyze the contradictions, which lead people of color, such as the good Dr. Hotep, to support neoliberal and/or capitalist politics, such as that of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.

17:00 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints > real talk.  topic(s):  immigration rights.  […] 17:48 PST, Norah Barrows-Friedman interview regarding the illegal occupation of Palestine, and an activist facing prison time. ‘Increase the cost of the occupation.’

17:00 PST, KPFK > Background Briefing with Ian Masters > […]  real talk. Emergency Fund Drive. Please Support Free Speech Radio. Per IM, KPFK LSB faction is antidemocratic, like the WDRC faction at KPFA.  Please inform yourselves about the realities of the various Pacifica Local Station Boards (LSBs) having been captured by moneyed interests that hate the grassroots activist spirit of Pacifica Radio.  I mean, to be honest, perhaps Lewis Hill and the other cranky, erudite old white woman—sorry, I can’t remember her name, she was around in the 1960s, I believe.  Anyway, maybe the anti-activist faction at KPFA are the rightful heirs of KPFA/Pacifica, since the original founders were also white liberals.  On second thought, no, that is not a valid position because said Dem apologist factions undermine Pacifica’s Mission Statement.  […] 18:05 PST,

18:00 KPFA & KPFK > Pacifica Evening News with Mark Mericle, et al. […] 18:26 PST, ‘vaccine nationalism’, ie, rich-nation narcissistic abuse. […] 18:31 PST, Mark Mericle pitches to raise money for KPFK! Cross-network solidarity. Nice job, Mark.

18:14 PST, kpft music

18:15 PST, talk: human interest. ‘the deep liberation process’; personal development/mastery.

18:00 PST, WBAI > […] 18:18 PST, real talk: activism, NY-based.  ‘how can we build public power (i.e., utilities)?

18:00 PST, WPFW > […] 18:24 PST, music

“Chris Hedges – The Decline of American Empire” by Democracy @ Work [clip shared by Reflection of Passion]


[3 FEB 2021]

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