LUMPENPROLETARIAT—We first encountered Catherine Austin Fitts on Pacifica Radio’s Guns and Butter as well as Flashpoints. Your author featured Catherine Austin Fitt’s Guns and Butter interview, Unpacking Mr. Global.” Fitts is controversial because she is an actual expert in stock markets and investing, who speaks frankly, but her expertise usually exceeds that of basic journalists, who may avoid her as a result of their own inability to deal with all of her controversial, yet expert assertions.

We support Catherine Austin Fitts’s First Amendment rights. We prefer her opponents publicly debate her, not censor her. We also support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s First Amendment rights. We prefer his opponents publicly debate him, not censor him. We support the First Amendment rights of everyone, especially people with controversial perspectives. We reject big tech paternalism telling us that they are doing a public a favor by deplatforming people under the false pretext of preventing harm. Erasure and censorship is infinitely more harmful than any perceived potential for disinformation and misinformation. After all, when roughly 85% of televised news stories are state-filtered, any notions of censoring social media as avoidance of harm are bullshit.



“Season 2, Episode 11 of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., featuring Catherine Austin Fitts” by Children’s Health Fund


[11 FEB 2021]

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