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Featured video: “Glenn Greenwald: The Complete Interview!” by The Jimmy Dore Show, posted 23 NOV 2020, accessed 24 NOV 2020, https://youtu.be/K_xmYwr6qt8



One of the first topics discussed was censorship of media and alternative perspectives. Liberals, argued Greenwald and Dore, pick on easy right-wing targets, like Alex Jones, for censorship. But those liberals fail to realize the institutional abuse of power never stops there. Eventually, everyone is censored, if we allow censorship to begin.

Holy shit. Glenn Greenwald seemed to confirm what Alexa O’ Brien said to me during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations: “The culture wars are over. Everyone lost.” It’s just taking some of us longer to realize this, to perceive this fact. The capitalist rulers not only hate the left, they hate the right, too. All opposition to the elite rule is being targeted for censorship.

Glenn Greenwald pointed out that a big contributing factor to Biden’s presidential win is the fact that many Republicans drifted over to the Democrat Party, having recognized that the Democrat Party is now, without a doubt, the party of corporate power. If we are Democrats disappointed in corruption in the Democrat Party, we just can’t forget the Republican Party is also a corrupt handmaiden to corporate power, too. The answer isn’t to swing pendulum-like between two sides of a two-party dictatorship, it’s to expand party politics. Jimmy Dore talked about his past efforts to help build a third party movement. Many of us go back to the years of Ralph Nader, or further. At some point, we have to admit this dictatorship we live under is antidemocratic and does not allow any competition a chance to grow.

(c. 24:23) Jimmy Dore asks Glenn Greenwald about the longstanding problem with the misguided belief that progressive reformers within the Democrat Party will be able to capture the party from the left, which has never worked in the USA since the Second Red Scare and McCarthyism vilified, criminalized, and witch-hunted leftists after WWII. And, worse, as Jimmy Dore points out, having ostensibly leftist reformers within the Democrat Party, such as the Squad, creates a false sense of opposition among Democrats. Yet, the evidence proves that the Democrat Party is not a sincere opposition party to the Republican Party.

(c. 37:15)

(c. 39:05) On Greenwald’s resignation from The Intercept over censorship issues.

(c. 1:01:49) On Greenwald’s abandoned friendships with Rachel Maddow, Chris Hays, and the topic of “cognitive capture”

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