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LUMPENPROLETARIAT—DIVIDED AMERICA:  Is it just me, or are the so-called “Proud Boys” basically white supremacist types?  They seem convinced that Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist (i.e., “Antifa”) protestors are “violent terrorists”.  Yet, the “Proud Boys” are violent, even with each other, as evidenced in this video.  And, of course, BLM and Antifa are protesting to jail killer cops.  But the only thing the so-called “Proud Boys” are concerned about is that they feel protestors are “treating cops like shit”.  They act like armed and militarized cops are somehow in danger from peaceful unarmed protestors.  The only possible threat to cops are people with guns, like “Proud Boys” and other pro-Trump & NRA types.  Nevermind that there is a trend of cops killing black, brown, and poor people with impunity. 

Right-wingers often argue that all those murders by cops captured on video were justified.  They literally blame the media for making cops look bad, rather than acknowledging the historical legacy of the U.S. white supremacist culture of lynchings, police brutality, racial profiling, and other racist policies, such as redlining and de facto racial residential segregation, which led to urban economic collapse, concentration of poverty, and the formation of American ghettoes.

White supremacist USA needs a post-Civil War process of truth and reconciliation, as done in South Africa, to untie the knots of racism created by right-wing politics, especially the Bush and Trump administrations.  But we can’t let the Democrat Party off the hook.  The Clinton administration and other Democrat politicians, like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, et al., in their zeal to outdo Republicans on the “law and order” issues, decided to ‘get tough on crime’.  Democratic rhetoric, like Hillary Clinton calling young people of color “super-predators” was soon followed by even more blatantly racist policing, such as racial profiling. The status quo was held in place by the Obama administration, until the Trump administration took office. President Trump has not been shy about flirting with white supremacy, immigrant baiting, race baiting, bigotry, and advocating, joking about, or otherwise condoning violence against his political opponents.

President Trump took office belligerently, sending signals to racist types with rhetoric around building a wall to keep out immigrants from the southern border. As part of his campaign rhetoric in 2020, Trump is doing his best to discriminate against his political opponents, encouraging racist groups, like the Proud Boys, to trample on the First Amendment rights of anyone they disagree with. Isn’t that pretty fascist?

Feeling empowered by President Trump, the Proud Boys see themselves as playing a role in a divine mission from God. At a rally called End Antifa in Portland, the Proud Boys hung their heads in prayer. Is this what Ozzy meant by a black mass?

I am called to your purpose lord.  Reveal your purpose to the Proud Boys.  Use us to lift up this city, to save the people of this city.

One Proud Boy described his philosophy to a Vice News reporter, which kind of sounds like one of those fundamentalist types from The Handmaid Tale.

We’re the Proud Boys.  And we’re western chauvinists. And we refuse to apologize for creating a model of the world.  I mean that’s simply what it is.  Like, we love America.  We don’t want to see it go to the shit-hole. Portland is kind of a shit-hole of America right now.



[5 OCT 2020]
[Last modified at 16:23 PDT on 5 OCT 2020]