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400px-Seal_of_California.svgLUMPENPROLETARIAT   Today, is a big day for democracy in the USA.  Today is the final Super Tuesday of the Presidential Primary Elections across the nation.  [1]  Lumpenproletariat has worked to catalogue some of the pros and cons of voting for Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Primary Elections. [2]  It appears the Green Party‘s Dr. Jill Stein‘s platform may trump Bernie Sanders‘ in terms of being the more boldly progressive.  And, of course, we have long concluded that Donald Trump is easily the worst candidate running for the presidential nomination in terms of his being diamterically opposed to the interests of the working classes, as a billionaire representative of ruling class interets.

So, the question became for progressives, and the Left, whether to back Dr. Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton to go up against the retrograde Republican candidate Donald Trump. [3]  Today, we the people, shall find out, hopefully, what the will of the people desires, and, then, time will tell the extent of any election manipulation, sabotage, or fraud which may have undermined the democratic process.  [4]



How To Vote in California’s 2016 Presidential Primary” (May 2016) by Independent Voter News

Who Will Steal the 2016 Election? Rolling Stone’s Greg Palast Answers” (25 MAR 2106) interview by Russell Scott


PACIFICA RADIO—[7 JUN 2016] [5] Listen to breaking coverage of the presidential primaries election here.

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[1]  In full disclosure, your author has already voted this morning for Bernie Sanders in the California Democratic Party Primary Nomination for President of the United States.  On June 7, 2016, Super Tuesday IV, four other states besides California also hold their primaries:  Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota.

[2]  See Index or search by category, e.g., Presidential Election 2016.

[3]  We also have other alternative political parties, but they have become so marginalised, even on the left, that their viability has seemed substandard.  There are a total of six political parties listed on the California Presidential Primary ballot:  Peace and Freedom Party, Green Party, American Independent Party, Libertarian Party, Democratic Party, and Republican Party.

[4]  We shall update this article, as California’s Super Tuesday progresses.

[5]  Terrestrial radio transmission, 94.1 FM (KPFA, Berkeley, CA) with online simulcast and digital archiving:  Special Programming: Coverage of the Presidential Primaries Election, hosted by Mark Mericle, et al., Tuesday, 7 JUN 2016, 19:00 PDT, three hour broadcast.


[Image entitled “Seal of California” by Original uploader was Zscout370 at en.wikipedia – The base image came from [1] and is Public Domain due to age, Public Domain.]


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