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AVeryMurrayChristmas_posterLUMPENPROLETARIAT—Comic, actor, and storyteller Bill Murray is one of our favourite people to survive the ’70s and ’80s and remain socioculturally relevant, whilst maintaining a deadpan countenance over the tragedies of our contemporary capitalist-mode-of-production existence.  As someone who will attest to a deep aversion to the proverbial Christmas/Holiday Special, I can nevertheless wholeheartedly recommend to you a new holiday special produced by, and available on, Netflix.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that Murray once teamed up with Jim Jarmusch to give the world the beautiful artwork that is Broken Flowers (2005), or the fact that Murray’s character puffs on a spliff with Jeffrey Wright‘s character (another all-time favourite thespian) in that film, or the fact that Murray teamed up with Sofia Coppola to give the world the immensely beautiful Lost In Translation (2003), a film which only put my spouse to sleep, but whispered deeply into the soul of a goodly number of us, nonetheless.  The fact that Murray has teamed up once again with the wonderful Sofia Coppola, not to mention other previous Murray co-stars, such as Jason Schwartzman and New York DollsDavid Johansen, can only warm our cockles.

If only for the seemingly spontaneous moment when Todd Rundgren‘s “I Saw the Light” redefines the typical Christmas carol, consider A Very Murray Christmas this holiday season, my friends.

Happy holidays, from Lumpenproletariat.org.


I Saw The Light” (1972) by Todd Rundgren


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