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Air_that_I_breathe_hollies_singleLUMPENPROLETARIAT   Before The Strokes could count on Albert Hammond, Jr. (b. 1980) for his songwriting, guitar playing, and musicianship skills, Hammond’s father, Albert Hammond (b. 1944), was writing and recording memorable music, such as the haunting “Air That I Breathe” (1972), which was later recorded to astonishing effect by many recording artists, including the excellent interpretation released in 1974 by The Hollies with their distinctive three-part vocal harmonies.

Interestingly, the song’s theme encompasses, in a nutshell, the essence of Mitch Monsur‘s argument of the idealisation of a romantic coupling ideal by which what’s lacking in each individual’s needs and desires is fulfilled in an ideal coupling.  Fortunately, melody exists beyond ideology.


The Air That I Breathe” interpreted by The Hollies

The Air That I Breathe” by Albert Hammond



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