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Dinosaur_Jr._Where_You_BeenWikiUserLUMPENPROLETARIAT—”Get Me” is one J Mascis‘ classic songs, very beautiful, poignant, and melancholy.  But it’s like the blues; songs like this have the power to help us transcend our existential angst and afford us some liberation, especially if we pick up a guitar or play a piano or any other musical instrument and give it a go.

You’re not gonna get me through this, are you?

In this clip, Nic Harcourt [1] speaks with J Mascis at a Guitar Center store and asks about one particular Dinosaur Jr. song from the 1990s, “Get Me”.


Get Me” (At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt) by J Mascis

GUITAR CENTER—(20 JAN 2015) J Mascis dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room to play and talk about the genesis of his musical career. [B]e sure to check out and follow J Mascis at JMascis.com.

Learn more at GUITAR CENTER.


[1]  Nic Harcourt is the former host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, broadcast out of southern California on Santa Monica’s KCRW.  I used to catch Harcourt’s show, Morning Becomes Eclectic on the job via internet.  That was awesome.  Me mates and I were introduced to many memorable songs and artists, then, having been made aware, also catching their gigs:  Like Red Room’s “Le Paradis”, Emiliana Torrini, Shelby Lynne, or The Strokes live in studio playing their debut records, and loads of stuff.  Harcourt has been described by the music writer Marc Weingarten as “the most influential DJ in America.”


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