LUMPENPROLETARIAT—From Pedro Infante and Vicente Fernandez to Prince and Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson, and Andy Bell, Robert Smith, and Morrissey.  Oh, and we mustn’t forget Bowie.  Who knows what it means to be a man anymore?  But, perhaps, we’re starting to figure out what it sure as hell doesn’t.


I’m Not a Man” (2014) by Morrissey

Don Juan
Wife beater vest
Cold hand
Ice man
Warring cave man
Well, if this is what it takes to describe…
I’m not a man

Wheeler, dealer
Mover, shaker
A-ho, but lonely
Well, if this is what it takes to describe…
I’m not a man
I’m not a man
I’m something much bigger and better than
A man

Two-fisted hombre, olé
Well, if these are terms you’d use to describe…

Oh, I’m shaking
Look at me; I’m quaking
True grit
True blue
Kill crazy
So very manly of you
You are the soldier
Who won’t get much older
You are the slow Joe
Who signed up to go

Wolf down
Wolf down
T-bone steak
Wolf down
Cancer of the prostate

Ways to sit
And, of course
Ways to stand
I’m not a man
I’m not a man
No big fat locker room
Hockey jock
I’m not a man
I’d never kill or eat an animal
And I never would destroy this planet I’m on
Well, what do you think I am?
A man?


I’m Not a Man lyrics © Artemis Muziekuitgeverij


[“Morrissey World Peace Album Art” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia]