LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Tuesday, 21 MAR 2023]  Greetings, fellow readers. Here are some of today’s media/press notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s, including inverted totalitarianism, medical authoritarianism, medical apartheid, police state surveillance, repression, and lockdowns, COVID-19 psyop, post-COVID-19 controlled demolition of the global economy, looming food crisis, the rise of neo-feudalism, houseless encampments of the neo-peasantry, nuclear danger, creeping WWIII provoked by US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism against the BRICS nations and the global south, military pollution, petrol pollution, corporate pollution, chemical pollution, geoengineering, chemical cloud seeding, endocrine disrupting chemicals in the food and water, a worsening global fertility crisis, and industry-induced climate change probably leading to a climate crisis of melting ice caps, record heatwaves, tornadoes, floods, drought, drying rivers, and other extreme weather events, which threaten life on Earth. 

Let’s learn together and find solutions together. Let’s build working class solidarity.  Let’s build human solidarity.  Let’s form groups and “act for justice”.  “[There’s] power anywhere where there’s people, as Fred Hampton said.  Siempre hay esperanza.  (Please see below for samples of today’s news cycle.)

If you only pay attention to one voice from today’s media/press notes, please listen to what Dr. Meryl Nass has to say.  Her presentation today on The Progressive Commentary Hour with Dr. Gary Null absolutely blew your author away.  It’s one of those presentations, which deserves to be front-page news and shared widely. There are many people out there (your author included, anticapitalists, pro-capitalists, Democrats, Republicans, others), who are very concerned about the overlapping agendas of the unelected, unaccountable global power elite:  the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, et al.  Like most agendas of the power elite, control is the prime directive.  And loss of liberty for the people is the flip-side to their control because it is we, the people, over whom the power elite seek total control.  Dr. Meryl Nass informs us about the International Health Treaty, which, if allowed to entrench itself as international law, will gin up more pandemics to impose ever stricter totalitarian controls.

But other important voices from today’s media/press notes also deserve our attention.  Margaret Flowers (host of Clearing the FOG: Forces of Greed), one of the last honest-to-God antiwar voices around (although, unfortunately, uncritical on COVID-19 psyop, biosecurity state or big pharma greed), interviewed esteemed longtime antiwar activist Kathy Kelly, who encourages us all to please find our nearest local military base and figure out what we can do to oppose militarism.  For her part, Kathy Kelly has set a good example for the rest of us, not unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other dissidents.  For example, Kathy Kelly was asked about her experiences with non-violent direct action. 

Kathy Kelly recalled one experience reaching out to drone operators: 

“I remember trying to deliver a loaf of bread to the Commander at Whitefield Air Force Base in Missouri with a letter asking him, you know, could they tell us how many people had been killed by drones operated by that base that day, and how are the drone operators trained to distinguish between civilians and military. And we know that there really is no way.  There just isn’t the technology to see anything more than kind of a grainy blob on a screen.   And I wasn’t given any answer to my letter.  And nobody came to accept the loaf of bread.  I was put in prison for three months.” 

Margaret Flowers: “Oh, my God.”

Kathy Kelly: “But this is the kind of action I think we need to take to hold the military accountable and to recognize that real people should not be called ‘bug splat’ or ‘squirters’, as they’re called in military parlance. And also to recognize Daniel Hale—“

Margaret Flowers: “Right.”

Kathy Kelly:  “—a fine whistleblower. He got a four-year sentence because he tried to tell the truth to U.S. people about how many civilians had actually been killed in much of the drone attacking, that he had been involved in because he was working as an analyst, trying to determine, who the targets ought to be. And he realized, 95% of the time, they got it wrong.”

This is America, home of the free, land of the brave.  Well, we certainly aren’t free, at least not free to question the belligerent U.S. military, which kills in our name, which kills with impunity.  If you didn’t know the U.S. military is fascist, you quickly do when you begin questioning the war profiteers and their methods.  Doing so is a moral imperative.

The global power elite have so much money, that they don’t know what to invest it in, anymore.  And the corporate bosses refuse to share the profits produced by labor with labor. So, they horde it and buy politicians and scheme in their elite circles, like at Bilderberg meetings or WEF meetings in Davos, Switzerland, brainstorming ways to further concentrate their wealth and power. As Dr. Peter Phillips said to Abby Martin in an interview about his book, Giants: The Global Power Elite: they have so much money they can invent wars just to have something to invest in.  And, as we’re learning, the global power elite can also invent viruses through gain of function bioweapons research and invent pandemics with inflated statistics and obfuscated models just to have something to invest in.  Gain of function research to weaponize viruses, to make viruses more virulent and deadly, and phony vaccines are just more schemes cooked up by the global power elite, people like Bill Gates (who publicly boasted about his lucrative ‘vaccine’ scheme), Anthony Fauci (the world’s most profitable drug dealer, a shill for big pharma), and Jeremy Farrar (of Wellcome Trust, the UK’s version of Anthony Fauci), schemes which benefit corporations lusting after filthy lucre and schemes, which please evil governments ravenous for imposing totalitarian controls on society. The global power elite long for the day when they can shed their pretense of humanitarian concern and shed their pretense of environmental concern and be free to be as debauched and depraved publicly, like feudal lords of the olden days.

After much reading and listening and thinking, it’s quite clear the global power elite are, by and large, neo-Malthusians and neofudalists.  Your author dearly hopes he is wrong.  Unfortunately, he is not alone in harboring such suspicions.  Your author writes these words without time for much editing, usually bound by time constraints and limited to nothing more than stream of consciousness prose.  But it’s prose borne of much contemplation and prior consideration.  And the purpose of these notes, above all, are strictly for your author’s own future reference.  The links are shared in the hopes others may listen or read the words and ideas and concepts therein because they truly help us make sense of what’s going on.  But the notes, especially since they’re usually hastily jotted notes, are primarily for personal purposes, for future reference, for a book project some day.

But, when your author encounters a voice, like that of Dr. Meryl Nass, the hope is that such voices might be shared widely because people like Dr. Nass are saying something very important, talking about topics and issues, which affect us all.

The COVID-19 psyop, the mind rape, the lockdowns, the controlled demolition of the economy, the gaslighting, as a one-off moment in time, or even a period of time, was bad enough.  Unfortunately, that was only the beginning.  The global power elite appear to desire neofeudalism.  The World Health Organization’s International Treaty is just one more scheme toward further concentration wealth and power.  And concentration of wealth and power is the driving force of capitalist social relations.  The International Health Treaty (or plandemic treaty) is a truly diabolical scheme.  Thankfully, Dr. Meryl Nass provides us with a very informative presentation of some of the most egregious aspects of the WHO’s International Health Treaty.  Listen and learn, and share it far and wide.  This is a global assault on public health and democracy.  Make no mistake.  Thanks to Dr. Gary Null for producing this important interview with Dr. Meryl Nass.

Please support free speech radio and free speech media.  The airwaves and bandwidth belong to the people.  All power to all people.

Peace be unto you.

I think our priority should not be electoral politics. I think our priority should be building disciplined, organized militant popular movements. And electoral politics can be part of that movement, but shouldn’t be the primary focus. We have to rebuild those organizations because the only strength we have is in our numbers. And, if we use those numbers correctly, we can pit power against power. But that requires organization.

Chris Hedges (quoted from a 2021 talk at Brooklyn College)

OTHER SALIENT (i.e., meaningful, truth-seeking, truth-tracking) OBSERVATIONS:

  • On the Banking Collapse with Dennis Kucinich” by Prof Michael Hudson [via YouTube], 21 MAR 2023. [41min 47sec] [TW]
  • A Bank Liquidity Crisis Has Been Triggered By The Fed’s Balance Sheet Contraction | Dan Nielson” by Blockworks Macro [via YouTube], 21 MAR 2023. [1hr 00min 35sec] [16:10 PDT] | [L2] “Does the ongoing turmoil in the banking world constitute a “Minksy moment”? Daniel Neilson, assistant professor of monetary economic at Bard College at Simon’s Rock and author of “Minsky” (2019), argues yes. Neilson explores the potential of contagion within the banking world, and he makes the case that the Federal Reserve’s Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) as well as the FDIC backstop might make this banking crisis short-lived. Neilson shares with Jack Farley several in-depth charts on the Fed’s balance sheet that might indicate a turning point and the pair share their views on the Federal Reserve’s meeting on March 22, 2023. Filmed the afternoon of March 21, 2023.”
  • ‘Real value’ of one U.S. dollar decreases by 86% in the last 50 years” by Justinas Baltrusaitis, Finbold, 21 MAR 2023. COMMENTS: Some outlets are reporting this statistic, as if it has happened overnight.  Also, reporting this in the context of recent talks between Russia and China to strengthen their mutual economic commitments and efforts toward dedollarization, some people are making it seem as if this is a sudden event.  But it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of price inflation, which affects the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is due to supply shocks resulting from US/NATO imperialist provocations and sanctions against Russia and the proxy war in Ukraine, as well as corporate price gouging.  Most of this was self-inflicted by the U.S. government, and not the result of “printing money”.  This article points to “stimulus packages” as part of this so-called “money printing”, but that’s chump change compared to the giveaways to corporations, banks, and the military-industrial-congressional-complex.  This article is light on reasoned argumentation and evidence.  Economists, like Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. Radhika Desai, Dr. L. Randall Wray, Dr. Jack Rasmus, and Dr. Stephanie Kelton offer much more comprehensive analysis with evidence to support their arguments.  It’s good to be aware of this type of trending headline.  But it’s also important to critique, deconstruct, and analyze the reasoning and evidence. The Geopolitical Economy Hour is a very informative series, which goes in depth into the rise and fall of US dollar imperialism. For example:
    • What Causes Inflation? Economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson Explain” by Geopolitical Economy Report [via YouTube], 27 JAN 2023. [1hr 34 03sec)

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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04:00 PST / 06:00 CST, KPFT [Houston, TX] > Flashpoints

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04:00 PST / 06:00 CST, KPFT > The Thom Hartmann Program

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COMMENTS: Thom Hartmann appears to come out of the 1960s SDS generation of antiwar activists. That fact makes his Democrat Party apologist tendencies all the more disappointing.

04:00 PST / 07:00 EST, WBAI [NYC] > What’s Going On? Labor Monday with Bob Hennelly

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05:00 PST, KPFA [Berkeley, CA] > Letters and Politics

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COMMENTS: This 05:00 timeslot wastes a one-hour block on repeating the previous day’s show, as if this show was worthy of such repetition. [ 1 ]

05:00 PST / 07:00 CST / 08:00 EST, WBAI & KPFT & WPFW [D.C.] [simulcast] > Democracy Now!

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COMMENTS: This show used to be a hard-hitting, adversarial newscast. Now, it’s mostly sellout entertainment with a liberal bias. [ 2 ]

06:00 PST, KPFA > Democracy Now!

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COMMENTS: [also see comments above for earlier broadcast of this same daily episode]

06:00 PST / 09:00 EST, WBAI > Law and Disorder [pre-empted?] > Law of the Land with Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

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COMMENTS: Gloria J. Browne-Marshall seems to have a great deal of integrity and honesty in her broadcasts.

07:00 PST / 10:00 EST, WBAI > Project Censored (pre-empted? cancelled?) > Clearing the FOG (Forces of Greed)

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COMMENTS: This is one of the best (i.e., honest, hard-hitting description and solution/prescription-orientated) programs on the free speech Pacifica Radio Network, or anywhere, for that matter.

07:00 PST, KPFA > UpFront

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COMMENTS: UpFront is among the worst Machiavellian perception management radio one can find, which will never inform the working class, which is oppressed by the power elite, nor help them connect the dots between issues to help the public see the larger truths to be able to learn from past experience. [ 3 ]

08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT, PRN.Live > Project Censored with Mickey Huff

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08:00 PST, KPFA > Law & Disorder with Cat Brooks

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08:00 PST / 11:00 EST, WPFW > Community Watch & Comment – Tuesday

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09:00 PST / 12:00 EST, WBAI & PRN.Live > The Gary Null Show

NOTES (PRN.Live livestream): 0900 PDT, PRN.Live > The Gary Null Show > […]  (09:09 PDT)  ‘this week, I’m focusing on problems in society, which are not being addressed properly in the media; and I’m also providing solutions…’  [Sounds like Dr. Null is continuing his topic theme from yesterday.  ]  |  0910 clip, Dr. Suneel Dhand(sp?) [Dr. Dhand is good, reliable, accurate, ethical, a YouTuber.  [TW]  ‘accute care is good in western nations, eg USA, UK, et al.; but we are horrible at chronic care…’  [Indeed.  cf. Sicko documentary film by Michael Moore; also HMO corruption and capture of doctor’s independence; also corruption and bad influence of big pharma…]  |  0914 back to Null on the problem with chronic care…  0914 … On Utrice Leid’s ongoing healthcare battle to save her life, to recover from kidney damage after being prescribed harmful medications, not to mention her battle with obesity.  UL used to be a WBAI broadcaster for some 23 years, said Null.  Now, she’s on PRN.  [TW]  …  0921 … ‘What if I told u that everything uve been told about COVID-19 was a lie?’  ‘Stanford…disinformation board…Taibbi … the great COVID-19 lie machine…’  0922 … on race vs culture  nice this is a point  ur author has been trying to articulate… 0926 …  0957 bysy signsl, your author tried calling, but he was too late, couldn’t get away from the rat race sooner:, I wanted to remind Null to remind his audience about the 10Letters dot org campaign to demand a Grand Jury against Fauci et al for Crimes Against Humanity

COMMENTS: This program, The Gary Null Show, is one of the most honest, compassionate, and hard-hitting shows on Pacifica Radio, or anywhere for that matter. This program is easily as important, as the best of them: Flashpoints; Project Censored; On The Ground: Voices of Resistance From the Nation’s Capitol; Covid, Race & DemocracyGuns and Butteret al.

09:00 PST, KPFA > Democracy Now!

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COMMENTS: [see comments above for 06:00 broadcast]

10:00 PST / 13:00 EST, PRN.Live > Leid Stories with Utrice Leid

NOTES: 1000 UL | 1. ED from Queens  … 1013 end of Ed’s call …  |  1013  Henry from Chicago  … |  c. 1025 3. ‘Ed from Queens, again’  I thought of something…This case shows what a joke this country is because this man tried to coup…And we’re over here trying him on some specious charge…  |  1027 PDT) [no callers…]  1029  4. ‘Marcus from Wisconsin’ ‘I usually don’t take part in these discussions because they are so astonishingly meaningless….  [UL laughs…]  ‘meaningless, Marcus?’  ‘Yeah’  Marcus critiques the laws as tools of the elites with no values or concern for humanity or something…basically, Marcus is slamming the failure of the legal system to get justice… This is a media show when there are many more important things going on… [I thought so, too but Ed pointed out Goeebels or some Nazi was in prison, but then rose to power or something…  That was a compelling point because Trump can be seen as a martyr here by his followers…]  ‘dioxin’ [in Palestine, Ohio] …  1033 …  |  unidentified woman [TW]  |  last caller, ‘Gwen from New York’ [TW]  your author wanted to call in to focus on totalitarianism…Fortunately, Gwen called in.  She shares many of your author’s concerns and she addressed UL’s questions brilliantly.  And Gwen closed by focusing on your author’s top concerns right now, CBDCs | Unfortunately, Leid Stories is not archived consistently at PRN.Live. Perhaps, you can volunteer and help with archiving. In the meantime, please search PRN’s archives for past editions of this excellent and important free speech radio program, Leid Stories.

COMMENTS: This program, Leid Stories, is dedicated to free speech, but free speech with common sense, courtesy, and focus. Listeners are invited to call in to speak freely about a particular question posed by the host, Utrice Leid. Unlike other call-in shows, like Thom Hartmann, Kris Welch, Mitch Jeserich, and many others on free speech Pacifica Radio, callers aren’t screened or filtered, dissonant voices aren’t cut short, or otherwise handled to control the narrative. Instead, the host, Utrice Leid, helps callers make their point, as long as it’s a cogent argument. Utrice Leid encourages critical thinking. On Fridays, the discussion theme is “Free Your Mind Fridays”, where listeners are invited to call in to articulate an opinion on any topic they wish. KPFA listeners deserve a radio host, like Utrice Leid, during weekdays, instead of partisan hosts, such as Kris Welch, who perpetuate phony establishment narratives, and stifle call-ins. | Leid Stories is one of the most honest, hard-hitting, yet compassionate, programs on the free speech Progressive Radio Network, or anywhere for that matter. This program is easily as important, as the best of them:  Project Censored; Flashpoints; The Gary Null Show; On The Ground: Voices of Resistance From the Nation’s Capitol; Guns and Butter; Clearing the FOG; Covid, Race & Democracy; et al.

10:00 PST, KPFA > Letters and Politics

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COMMENTS: This program suffers from the same “liberal bias”, as UpFront, Democracy Now!, Letters and Politics, Lopate at Large, Talkies, et al.

10:00 PST / 13:00 EST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: This program, Leonard Lopate at Large, suffers from the same “liberal bias”, as UpFront, Democracy Now!, Letters and Politics, Rising Up, Talkies, et al.

11:00 PST / 14:00 EST, WPFW > Covid, Race & Democracy

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

11:00 PST, KPFA > Talkies with Kris Welch

NOTES:  1106 [This is free speech radio KPFA, so we expect to hear said what is not said elsewhere.  But, surprise, surprise, it’s Kris Welch feeding us establishment pablum, NY Times/establishment narratives ] ‘According to the New York Times…”  …  1110 … |  1112 PDT ‘David’ on the phone, as Kris Welch asks him whether Trump will go to jail or not…’  … [guest rattled off a laundry list of piddly offenses by Trump but completely avoided the fact that Trump tried to coup the nation and Dems let him get away with it by not presenting the full evidence nor subpoenas for Trump(?) Pence, et al. As Gwen said he knew Epstein Trump knkws where the bodies are buried  cf Whitney Webb . …  1118. |  … ‘Guest argued SVB crashed due to crypto.  [Lies…]   1123  ‘the stress tests of the banks, which Democrats championed…’  [Notice the Dem apologis…]  1124 guest now giving the story of bond values going down, but not pointing out how the Biden admin’s Fed jacked up interest rates causing the problem, instead he blamed it on saying all the banks had to do was ‘check a box’  …  ‘S&L, one regulator got many imprisoned…’ citing 1 of ur author’s former professors at UMKC and his book The Best Way to Rob a Bank but guest failed to mention Clinton’s Reinventing Government Initiatives undermined Prof. Black Shame on him… ‘The problem is thr Democrats becauze they think that regulation is the answer to everything.’  ‘incentives to behave sounds too Republican’  ‘cultural weekly adam leipzig(sp?)’  | ‘ Lisa ‘
… 1136 [Lisa is a no show or something so KW asks for callins at 1800 # … David Cay Johnston: ‘the reason the Fed is clamping down is becAusw theres so many jobs.. ‘  [Notice the gaslighting, cf Dr. J rasmus, et al] …  1138 guest do we have any callers?.  KW: we have lots of callers. [Then why didn’t you let them exercise their right to free speech on free speech radio, Kris?  Notice how the people’s common sense voices are suppressed.  How can we explain this?  What is KW doing other than making the establishment happy?]     Caller, Leif(sp?) : ‘The question isn’twhetherBiden is mentally fit to run, the question is whether or not we can’t find somenody bettwr to run’  …  1140  |  1143 Lisa Graves (boss, at True North Research) on the phone now ,with more liberal bias, which Dr. Chomsky warned us all about so long ago…  topic:  Supreme Court of Wisconsin  …  1152 ‘very far right-wing faction…’  [More Democrat Party apologism… ur author supports abortion  rights, but Dems are equally culpable for the erosion of abortion rights. What have Dems done to defend abortion rights?  This is political theater, perpetuating the two-party dictatorship, the false left-right paradigm…]  1154 ‘Leonard Leo(sp?)’  …  KW pumps up LG’s credentials…to run out the clock…refusing to ask hard questions, refusing to critique the Democrat Party’s role in the erosion of abortion rights, deflecting to “dark money”]  …  1155 ‘Yes, I was in grassroots groups calling for a constitutional amendment, but not calling for Dems to do their job in Congress.’  Shame on Kris Welch and shame on Lisa Graves for bullshitting us, for the bullshit Dem apologism.]  1157

COMMENTS: This program, Talkies, suffers from what Dr. Noam Chomsky described circa 1991 as “the liberal bias”. Kris Welch is a stalwart defender of Democrat Party reformism. But, of course, the defense is done with subtlety and nuance. Uncritical listeners might even project their own views on to her liberal rhetoric and see what they want to see. But, make no mistake, Kris Welch is a staunch Democrat, a Wellstone Democrat to be precise. The Democrat Party will always be a corrupt, corporate party. Yet, some Democrat reformists never stop with their false left-right paradigm, operating from an underlying assumption or from the presupposition that the Democrat Party is a sincere opposition party to the racist, anti-working class Republican Party. Over time, a pattern of Democrat Party apologia emerges. This seems implausible as an ideological stance. Such apologia only makes sense coming from shills on some payroll.

12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT, PRN.Live > Clearing the FOG with Margaret Flowers

NOTES: 1215 PDT, PRN.Live > [sounds like Margaret Flowers Clearing the FOG some honest radio]  …  ‘ AUKUS’  … 1218  | eddie vedder masters of War  this sounds like the kpfa of my youth |  kathy kelly tw … ‘Merchants of Death’  … ‘please find your local military base and figure out what you can do to oppose militarism’

12:00 PDT, KPFA > Against the Grain

NOTES:  1200 KPFA Aileen Alfandary teachers strike in los angeles … 1213 ‘unitary executive thesis’  [Notice how Sasha Lilley feigns ignorance of topics like this one…When we’ve heard her in the past…  The most plausible explanation is to set the starting line of discussion as far back as possible…  cf. Liberal bias..   SL also  uses liberal buzzwords of ‘far right and right-wing’ which are dog whistle politics terminology, Dem apologism….  1215 CC

12:00 PST / 15:00 EST, WBAI > Vantage Point

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT, WPFW (D.C.) > Black Agenda Report Radio with Margaret Kimberley

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: Black Agenda Report Radio is definitely one of the best programs on the free speech Pacifica Radio Network, or anywhere for that matter. We miss Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon, former hosts; but Margaret Kimberley is holding it down… Also check out their website, Black Agenda Report.

13:00 PST / 16:00 EST, WBAI > Covid, Race & Democracy with PNB Covid Taskforce

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: Covid, Race & Democracy is a good show. But… [ 4 ]

13:00 PST / 15:00 CST, KPFT > Hard Knock Radio

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

13:00 PST, KPFA > The Herbal Highway

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: This program, The Herbal Highway, deserves your attention, dear reader, if you care about health and healing. Your author has learned a lot from this program over the years, even though he hasn’t always acted on those lessons.

14:00 PST / 17:00 EST, KPFA > Sojourner Truth

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: This program, Sojourner Truth, is usually revolutionary, but has been known to be soft on the corporate Democrat Party, prone to “liberal bias”, when it comes to the two-party dictatorship, which can clearly see the corruption of the Republican Party, but has a blindspot for the corruption of the Democrat Party.

14:00 PST, KPFA > About Health

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

15:00 PDT, KPFK [Los Angeles, CA] > News and Views with Garland Nixon

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: Garland Nixon usually provides a healthy dose of common sense, from an anti-imperialist, antiwar, anti-racist perspective.

15:00 PST / 18:00 EST, WBAI > WBAI Evening News

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

15:00 PST / 17:00 CST, KPFT > Code Pink Radio

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

15:00 PST, KPFA > UpFront PM

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: This is a rerun of content from the morning broadcast, which automatically makes this broadcast offensive, especially when there are so many censored, dissenting voices out there, which deserve airtime. Instead, we get duplication of the worst Machiavellian perception management, which will never inform the working class, which is oppressed by the power elite, nor help them connect the dots between issues to help the public see the larger truths to be able to learn from past experience. (See comments above for UpFront.)

15:30 PST / 18:30 EST, WBAI > CounterSpin

NOTES:  [notes pending; scribe hasn’t listened yet] 

COMMENTS: Your author used to dig this show back in the day, when it was on KPFA. In recent years, it seems disappointing. your author is not sure if the program became less hard-hitting, or if his perception is less susceptible than it used to be to “the liberal bias”, deceptions, and wishful thinking. Maybe it’s a combination of all of those elements.

16:00 PDT / 19:00 EDT, PRN.Live > Progressive Commentary Hour with Dr. Gary Null

QUOTATIONS FROM RADIO ARCHIVE DESCRIPTION: “Dr. Meryl Nass is an internal medicine physician in Maine and prominent medical activist who specializes in treating patients with Gulf War syndrome, adverse reactions from the anthrax vaccine and vaccine safety and efficacy in general. In the past she has testified on six separate occasions before Congress on behalf of veterans suffering from the causes of Gulf War syndrome. Meryl became a major voice during the Covid pandemic in exposing the failures, contradictions, and untruths in the narratives of the federal health agencies and the orthodox medical establishment. She has opposed vaccine mandates and the false claims and fear mongering about infectious disease epidemics and corruption within the medical industrial military complex. Last year, due to criticisms of the handling of pandemic, the Maine Medical Board accused her of spreading Covid misinformation by treating patients with HCQ and ivermectin and suspended her medical license. Hearings are still being conducted in her case. She works closely with Bobby Kennedy’s Childrens Health Defense and serves on the Board of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a non profit organization run by Vera Sharav that advances medical ethics that uphold human rights and protect humans from wrongful medical interventions. Her work is cited in many professional articles and publications. She holds degrees from MIT and her medical degree from the Mississippi School of Medicine. Dr Nass’ website where she blogs is AnthraxVaccine.blogspot.com

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16:00 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio

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16:00 PST / 19:00 EST, WBAI > We Only Want the World with Sunsara Taylor

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COMMENTS: This program, We Only Want the World, is dedicated to following Bob Avakian, the boss or leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party (USA). Your author doesn’t agree with everything the RCP line espouses. Sometimes, we gotta agree to disagree.

17:00 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints

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17:00 PST, KPFK [Los Angeles, CA] > GrayzZone Radio

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COMMENTS: You can’t go wrong with Max Blumenthal; he is one of the best in independent, investigative journalism around today. Your author only wishes it didn’t have to compete with Flashpoints on at the same time on KPFK’s sister station in Berkeley, California, KPFA. At least listeners can listen online to the archive of either radio show they miss because they won’t want to miss either one. | Circa mid-January 2023, Max Blumenthal mentioned a new Grayzone radio show on Pacifica Radio out of LA. Then, today, 19 JAN 2023, in a livestream with Revolutionary Blackout Network, Max Blumenthal mentioned the new Grayzone radio program on Pacifica Radio will be on in L.A. and in New York. This is good news. If only KPFK didn’t have to pre-empt Flashpoints. KPFK should’ve cut Rising Up, instead. Pacifica Radio Network listeners do not need the uncritical amplification of establishment narratives of Sonali Kolhatkar and Rising Up, an apologist for the corporate Democrats.

18:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK [simulcast] > The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

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COMMENTS: Usually, honest on basic social justice issues, but KPFA newscast bosses tend to gaslight listeners on COVID-19 (never mention VAERS data, VAERS deaths, assaults on informed consent, assaults on parental consent, no mention of litigation in India against the World Health Organization, etc.) and also gaslight listeners regarding establishment Democrat Party politics (i.e., usually engaging in Democrat Party apologia and perception management to keep people within the Democrat Party imaginary and away from the third-party politics imaginary, in the sociology sense of the term, ‘imaginary’). I.e., in other words, ‘it’s all good, just don’t question 9/11, COVID-19, nor establishment electoral politics.’ Having said all that, this is still a better nightly newscast than most. I’m hard-pressed to think of a better one, especially since the demise of Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), particularly regarding local news coverage. But that doesn’t excuse the KPFA news bosses’ intellectual dishonesty, lying by omission, and other deficiencies of journalistic integrity. WION is pretty good on global news; but there, too, one can detect the liberal bias, which Dr. Noam Chomsky has warned about since at least the 1990s.

19:00 PST, KPFA > La Raza Chronicles

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COMMENTS: Back at San Mateo High School, recognized as one of the more “radical” students by his peers, your author was nominated to lead the school’s “La Raza” club. Your author wasn’t feelin’ it, to be the ringleader of that motley bunch. They had their own liberal ideas, not a revolutionary outlook. Your author left them to their own devices. And he was left to his own devices. Since then, outside of La Onda Bajita, and there are doubts even there, most “La Raza” types appear to be liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists). They have no anti-capitalist analysis, nor outlook. (As far as La Onda, your author feels it was far more subversive when El Gavilan was breathing Aztlan fire over the airwaves and El Tecolote played firme rolita after rolita, rather than having pundits speak in Spanish, yet provide liberal analysis. It’s great that there is Spanish language programming on free speech radio KPFA; but it’s disappointing that programming is liberal programming. This disappointment is akin to the election of people of color or minority groups to office, as if their identity claim as a minority group member guarantees such people will have a perspective, which is different from the status quo. More often than not, when minority group members finally gain entry into positions of power and/or influence within the establishment, minority group members reflect and maintain the status quo)

20:00 PST, KPFA > Bebop, Cubop and the Musical Truth

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22:00 PST, KPFA > The Reggae Express

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[ 1 ] This 05:00 timeslot wastes a one-hour block on repeating the previous day’s broadcast of Letters and Politics, as if this show was worthy of such repetition.  Not even Democracy Now! is worthy of being aired twice per day on the same station.  But this is an example of the way liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) colonize and monopolize the free speech radio airwaves and prevent voices to the left of them from having a fair opportunity to be heard. Instead of deep politics, like Guns and Butter or Flashpoints or Project Censored or The Grayzone, we get shallow politics and mealy-mouthed critique of the status quo, if not uncritical amplification of establishment narratives.

[ 2 ] Democracy Now! used to be a hard-hitting, adversarial newscast. Now, it’s mostly sellout entertainment with a liberal bias. I’ll never forget the day Amy Goodman interviewed former President Bill Clinton. He got his comeuppance. And we got to hear his true personality, his bullying nature. I never understood people, who interview people in positions of power, but then ask softball questions. People called it an ambush interview. Pfft. After 9/11, many of us were disappointed by the dishonesty, the lying by omission, the gaslighting. After COVID-19, it was clearer than ever that Democracy Now! (DN!) has been compromised, or has sold out. As Lewis Lapham said about reading The New York Times, ‘I still read it,’ he said, ‘But when I do I know they’re lying to me.’ The same thing goes for DN! Like the KPFA news bosses and most of the Pacifica Radio news bosses, DN! suffers from what Dr. Noam Chomsky called the “liberal bias” back in the day, when he was critiquing corporate media. Now, it also applies to most of the Pacifica Radio newscast bosses, who must make U.S. spooks proud, if they aren’t in fact on some spook payroll.

[ 3 ] UpFront is the worst Machiavellian perception management radio, which will never inform the working class, which is oppressed by the power elite, nor help them connect the dots between issues to help the public see the larger truths to be able to learn from past experience. This type of Machiavellian hides their lack of concern for the suffering of others behind a veneer of journalistic objectivity or journalistic professionalism—professionalism, the journalistic refuge of scoundrels. Liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists), like this host, appear to be professional amnesiacs, conveniently forgetting lessons from their own past interviews, if such lessons threaten the status quo, not to mention other common sense lessons from the broader society. There are so many examples of when listeners can remember a key piece of information, which can help an interview reach deeper conclusions or attain new insights, but the liberal host feigns ignorance or simply failed to make the connection. And listeners are given the mushroom treatment, as Nicole Sawaya used to say (former KPFA manager, described the long-standing culture behind the scenes at Pacifica Radio): ‘keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.’ At any rate, the listeners, who listen because they care about social justice, are the losers because these liberal hosts force each conversation to start at square one. Important insights culled from interview A will never show up on interview B or C. Sure, such liberals will go into meticulous and sophisticated detail. But only when it doesn’t impact the status quo. Of course, there are exceptions at Pacifica Radio, such as Flashpoints and Guns and Butter (which was forced off the air at KPFA), but they are viewed as the black sheep by the bosses, not supported or embraced as allies. Oddly, during the first quarter of 2022, Mickey Huff was on Letters and Politics. I’ll have to relisten, if possible. It’s plausible Mickey Huff is open to collaboration and cooperation. But it’s not plausible entertainers, like Mitch Jeserich, would ever do anything with sincere educators and truth-seekers, like Mickey Huff, without an ulterior motive, such as reputational rehabilitation. Examples of established ideas and conclusions, which can help liberate the working class, but which are marginalized or ignored by such liberals, as the hosts of UpFront, Letters and Politics, Talkies, etc., include modern monetary theory, the job guarantee program, the two-party dictatorship, the fact that two-party systems are polarizing, benefits of ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, the incompatibility between democracy and capitalism, and so on. And these are not partisan issues. They’re only partisan issues, if you’re an antidemocratic partisan, a fascist, or an authoritarian. Otherwise, we all have the common sense to identify basic democratizing features of a healthy democracy. These are undisputable conclusions about a healthy democracy versus a diseased democracy, which have been accumulated after listening to voices advocating for social justice for decades. When you listen to voices for peace and justice for years and decades, it’s hard not to learn basic truths over time. Yet, somehow, some people never learn anything. They still haven’t grasped the fundamental contradictions within capitalism, for example. Only willful ignorance seems adequate to explain this. The underlying presuppositions of such liberals deny all of these realities and begin with the false left-right paradigm, in which the Democrat Party is assumed to be a sincere opposition party, when, in fact, as Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, et al, have long admitted, we have a two-party dictatorship because America has undergone a corporate coup d’etat decades ago. But you’d never know any of this from listening to liberals, such as this particular host.

[ 4 ] Covid, Race & Democracy is a good radio program. I am acquainted with at least two contributors. Yet, regarding the COVID-19 issue, I disagree most with the contributor I know best. I disagree with the so-called Zero Covid approach because human history has proven it’s impossible for humans to ever be free of seasonal respiratory diseases such as coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. Also, the scientific consensus is clear: coronaviruses, when first introduced to a species, are more harmful, but less contagious; then, they become more contagious, but less harmful. Of course, this is what happened with Omicron. Age stratification means the older one is, the more vulnerable one is to any and all respiratory diseases. But this program has aired conflicting perspectives on COVID-19. Debates or panels with opposing perspectives could help resolve, or at least address some of the contradictions of occasionally allowing dissenting views, such as the Great Barrington Declaration, but mostly amplifying establishment assumptions, such as citing “case rates”, rather than truly sick and infected or hospitalized people. Most COVID-19 statistics cite PCR test results, which are prone to error, depending on the cycle threshold used to magnify samples. At any rate, the PCR test’s inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis, has stated categorically that the PCR test is not a diagnostic test. Then, there’s the VAERS data, which is usually occulted, and the official statistical models have been occulted, and the 17,000 doctors speaking out in dissent, and the doctors being persecuted, targeted, smeared, for refusing to be coerced into pushing an absurd agenda. The Gary Null Show addresses most, if not all, common sense concerns and critiques about the police state psyop response to COVID-19, which is threatening to close the open society, to force ‘COVID passports’ on everyone, to mandate jabs for kids without parental consent, to impose unscientific ‘social distancing’, to abolish cash and impose a central bank digital currency (CBDC), to make most people fearful of everyone else, to further alienate people and atomize society, in short, to incrementally impose inverted totalitarianism.

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