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LUMPENPROLETARIAT [Saturday, 14 MAY 2022]  Here are some of today’s media/press notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (Please see below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle and more.)  

Imperialism Abroad, Class War at Home

China appears to now be cashing in its favor for abstaining and not voting against the Russian Federation at the United Nations Security Council’s Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly on Ukraine, which adopted Resolution 2623 (2022).  With China tacitly leading India and United Arab Emirates in a triad of abstentions, the Russian Federation won some leeway to defend the Donbas Region from neo-Nazi military battalions in a targeted “Special Military Operation”, not aimed at conquest of Kiev, as western pundits have framed it, but at ‘de-Nazification’.  After all, Ukraine has Europe’s second largest army.  It’s no joke that neo-Nazis and actual Nazis, followers of Stepan Bandera, have been engaging in a civil war against the Russian-speaking populations in Ukraine, particularly the Donbas region.  So, China became the voice of reason at the UN Security Council.  But, of course, nobody seems to do anything without some quid pro quo, including China.  So, now, China wants its leeway for its military to assert control over Taiwan.  As WION reported on Tuesday (10 MAY 2022), ‘Taiwan is now surrounded by warships and warplanes.’  “The PLA has carried out another round of drills near Taiwan.  Chinese warships and planes surrounded the island.  They conducted a partial rehearsal of “a possible reunification-by-force operation.””  WION’s Palki Sharma asked, Is China preparing to invade Taiwan?  One could argue the Russian Federation and China have been provoked into expanding their respective spheres of hegemonic influence to expand their safety buffer zones in the face of incessant US/NATO/AUKUS encroachment.

US/NATO/AUKUS imperialism has been encircling the Russian Federation and China, since the Obama era ‘Asia-Pacific Pivot’ and the implementation of the Air-Sea Battle Doctrine, which was outlined in a then-classified 2009 memo, which became official doctrine by 2010 [ 1 ].  As The Diplomat reported back in 2017, “From the beginning, it was an effort to develop an operational doctrine for a possible military confrontation with China and then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates openly discussed the need to counter China’s growing military capabilities. The signal received in Beijing was the United States had hostile intentions toward China and was trying to contain it militarily. The result was that the entire pivot was seen by Beijing as part of a broader effort to encircle China.” 

And US/NATO imperialism has also been provoking the Russian Federation, since at least the 2014 US-backed coup of Ukraine.  And the west has ignored the festering civil war in Ukraine since then.  After all, Clinton said no to Mr. Putin, when the Russian Federation asked to join NATO, in an attempt to avoid getting bullied by US/NATO imperialism.  NATO is an illegitimate institution, which should have dissolved itself when its raison d’être, it’s reason for being, ended after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The US war economy always needs a bogeyman to justify its military defense industry.  So, no matter how hard they tried, Mr. Putin and the Russian Federation were never going to be considered friends of the United States.  Who is a friend of the United States?  Bullies don’t tend to have real friends.  And this American war profiteering being prioritized over people is happening against the backdrop of the ever-present threat of nuclear war and nuclear winter.  President Biden’s recent demonstration of prioritizing war profiteering over people was described by truth-seeker Caitlin Johnstone as “The Most American Thing That Has Ever Happened”.  “President Joe Biden and top Democrats have agreed to a GOP demand to disentangle a stalled COVID-19 response package from a separate supplemental request for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine so the latter can move more quickly,” Roll Call reported.  We hear the perennial American song:  brutal imperialism (abroad) and totalitarian police state repression and control [domestically). 

The latest assault on the human rights of the American people comes in the guise of the unsurprising moves by the cultist Amy Coney Barrett and her allies, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanagh, et al. on the SCOTUS to undermine and destroy Roe v. Wade, by any means necessary.  Alito cited a ’17th century misogynist multiple times’ in his non-technical, non-scientific argumentation.  Our society is looking pretty dystopian, isn’t it?  It’s like we’re consciously striving to make our world into a hybrid version of all of the most horrifying dystopian cautionary tales, from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World of doped out and sedated hedonists (like our depoliticized and demobilized population), who lack empathy for others and do not care about the suffering of the world, the class oppression, to George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia, of a society under total surveillance, with a Ministry of Truth, like President Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Bureau, which monitors everyone’s thoughts and takes you to Room 101, if you do not comply.  Julian Assange and the Freedom of the Press are now languishing in Room 101, as of this writing, like many political prisoners, including journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. [ 2 ] 

To add to the dystopian pastiche, which is becoming of our society, we can add a global fertility crisis, which Dr. Shanna H. Swan, Ph.D. has described, summarizing decades of research, in her book, co-authored with Stacey Colino, “Count Down” – How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race.  Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, leading to phthalate syndrome, a syndrome assigned at birth.  Endocrine disruptors are limiting testosterone production in genetic males.  Human embryos have precursors of male and female gonads.  Genetic males are “incompletely masculinized”, as Dr. Shanna H. Swan describes it, when endocrine disruptors, such as phthalates found in food and the environment, limit testosterone production in human development.  This was first found in rodents, then it was found in humans, in pregnant women.  The human children from the first study are now being tracked to monitor sperm count and fertility rates.  Phthalate syndrome appears to be correlated with a diminished anal-genital distance birth defect, which appears to be an indicator of various fertility problems.  Phthalate syndrome appears to be happening to many mammals.  Dr. Swan described studies, which found that when mothers were found with higher levels of certain phthalates, which lower testosterone, in their early urine samples, their male children would have genitals, which were less completely masculinized.  Why isn’t this headline news?  Phthalates are found in many products, from foods to clothing to pesticides.  But this is only one class of endocrine disruptors.  This should be on the front page of every news outlet, until this problem is solved.  This is absolutely horrifying.  Instead, the establishment media/press merely registered a single hysterical rant about “gay frogs” from Alex Jones.  How does the establishment media/press get from Dr. Swan’s compelling science around a global fertility crisis and incompletely masculinized males to “gay frogs”?  How does the public go along with such bad journalism?  Is this willful ignorance?  In the dystopian cautionary tales, Children of Men and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, humanity faces a global fertility crisis.  It’s tough not to connect these dots between empirical data showing a global fertility crisis, combined with a doubling down against reproductive rights by cultist Supreme Court activist Justices pursuing a Gilead future.  And we haven’t even mentioned human-induced climate change…  [ 3 ]

Understanding the COVID-19 issue is the key to understanding today’s inverted totalitarianism

Pacifica Radio must provide a national debate on COVID-19 in order to honor its mission statement to “contribute to a lasting understanding between nations […] individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors; to gather and disseminate information on the causes of conflict […]

“In radio […] to promote the full distribution of public information; to obtain access to sources of news not commonly brought together in the same medium; […] public presentation of accurate, objective, comprehensive news on all matters vitally affecting the community.”

Instead most, if not all Pacifica Radio stations have been, at best, pushing a one-sided narrative on COVID-19, never mentioning VAERS data, tens of thousands of deaths after injection, gain-of-function, the cytotoxicity of the synthetic spike protein, censorship of doctors, censorship of peer-reviewed papers, DNA reverse transcriptase, reverse transcription (cf. Dr. Mobeen Syed summary of Swedish in vitro study), and so on, just like the establishment media/press.  At worst, it’s outright gaslighting, like Brian Edwards-Tiekert engages in with his Monday morning segments with the same establishment doctor.  No second opinion encouraged in this echo chamber of censorship with UC Berkeley’s Dr. Schwartzberg.  He couldn’t even address your author’s call-ins, resorting to obfuscation and deflection.  And the last time your author called in, and attempted to time my comments, because in the past, Brian Edwards-Tiekert always cuts me off, when he allows others he agrees with to go on longer.  But, instead, he just cut me off when I indicated my extended thoughts could be found at Lumpen.org.  This is the pattern all experience, when challenging the pieties of liberal (pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist bosses and pundits at Pacifica Radio.  That is not the spirit of free speech, but the specter of censorship and other social ills.  It’s time to demand free speech from free speech radio.

Other salient observations:

  • Sweden to join NATO with Finland as US-led war on Russia escalates” by Alex Lantier, World Socialist Web Site, 14 MAY 2022.  Article flagged by @JohnPilger.  I’m not a fan of Trotsky; and Stalin seems to have betrayed Marx.  This article and its Disqus (invasive app) comments section seem to be haunted, distracted, and at times possessed, by the ghosts of Stalin and Trotsky, instead of being inspired by the spirit of Marx.  Well, hell, the entire WSWS modus operandi is dedicated to the ghost of Trotsky, instead of the living workers of the world today.  Nevertheless, this is a worthwhile read.  And, of course, we must always read between the lines.
  • White supremacist, 18-year old Payton Gendron, committed a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. (cf. Revolutionary Blackout, WGRZ-TV, et al. (More notes on this topic below.)
  • Mass shooting, 21 shot within two hours, in Milwaukee.  (cf. WISN 12 News, NPR, et al)
    • Assistant Chief Welder: ‘last night in downtown Milwaukee, circa 21:10 CDT at 1105 North MLK, 3 people were shot (i.e., three victims of non-fatal shootings). One person of interest is in custody; and a gun was recovered from that incident.  Later, at 1102 Northwater at 22:30 CDT one person was injured in an all-city request, which means any and all available officers were being called to assist with crowd control.’  ‘Another shooting occurred later, at 1154 Northwater at 23:09 CDT.  17 people were injured by gunfire.  Five of the injured people were armed and taken into custody.  There was also a shootout between two armed groups, in defiance of heavy police presence.’
    • “At least 21 people were injured in 3 shootings after a Bucks game in Milwaukee” by NPR [Associated Press], 14 MAY 2022.  NPR cited ‘stress’ and the ‘pandemic’ as explanatory factors. Ethnicities of shooters and the people shot was not reported.
  • The COVID-19 gaslighting, the deceptions, the absurd narrative, the injection mandates continue to violate human rights, assault informed consent, and assault parental consent, as wars overtake the headlines.
  • This morning, we saw an Instagram reel, shared by Talib Kweli, of brutes disrespecting the pallbearers carrying the casket of assassinated Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqla (Akleh).  “This is gross [and] anti human.  Rest in peace”
  • Political prisoner, Julian Assange, continues to languish in prison (in Room 101), facing an extradition to the United States, where he would most likely be treated worse, tortured, and/or assassinated.  Evidence already revealed past CIA and intelligence agency designs and plans to assassinate Assange, a hero of the people.
  • Gravitas Plus: Which countries could go the Sri Lanka way” by WION, 14 MAY 2022.
  • REMINDER > “Climate Change Will Accelerate Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction:  The pace at which species disappear is picking up as temperatures rise, and things are looking especially troubling in the tropics” by Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian Magazine, 30 APR 2015.

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[Notes will be modified/edited/updated as time and labor constraints allow.  Working class solidarity. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊]

Ruined in a Day” by New Order (1993)

“Listen, I may be wrong, but you’ll listen; there’s something wrong, you could say…”

Regret” by New Order (1993)

Gravitas Plus: Which countries could go the Sri Lanka way” by WION, 14 MAY 2022.

Mass Shooting in Buffalo | American-Born White Supremacy Continues to Murder Black People” by Revolutionary Blackout [via YouTube], 14 MAY 2022.

NOTES/COMMENTS:  …  ‘There was another mass shooting at an Asian salon…’  ‘We plan on making a separate video dedicated to that topic to give it the respect, to give it its own searchable title and thumbnail, so when people search for that topic, they can find something.  …  ‘[reading chat comments]  The shooter was wearing an Azov Battalion isignia.’  [Wow.  US/NATO imperialism is empowering Ukraine as a center for global white supremacist ideology, as Sweden and Finland reconnect with their Nazi past (recall WWII) and race to join NATO in what seems to be shaping up as WWIII coming soon.  Neo-Nazis, actual Nazis, is semantical hairsplitting.  The effect is the same, symptoms of white supremacist ideologies poison international relations and prevent world peace.] … (c. 10:22)  …

“Video: Mass shooting in Milwaukee” by WISN 12 News, 14 MAY 2022.


2022 Indy Pro Prejudging : Blessing VS Charles Battle For the Win : Justin is Out” by Nick’s Strength and Power [via YouTube], 14 MAY 2022.

[I] [T]

“Abortion-rights groups rally across U.S.” by Reuters, 14 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description:  “Thousands of abortion-rights supporters rallied across the United States, angered by the prospect that the Supreme Court may soon overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide a half century ago.”


Mass Shooting in Buffalo | American-Born White Supremacy Continues to Murder Black People” by Revolutionary Blackout, 14 MAY 2022.

NOTES:  “10 People Killed – Buffalo, NY” | shooting livestreamed via Twitch | … 

[T] [F]

NOTES:  ‘This shooting comes in the wake of a shooting in Brooklyn’ 18 yr old

18:00 PDT

Abortion Rights Supporters Demonstrate in San Francisco” by NBC Bay Area, 14 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description: “Thousands of people took to the streets of San Francisco Saturday to demonstrate for abortion protection rights.  Thom Jensen reports.”

NOTES: ‘Massive rallies in Washington, D.C.; New York; Los Angeles; even St. Paul, Minnesota speak out in support of reproductive rights.  DC rally began at the National Mall and ended at the steps of the Supreme Court. |  In the Bay Area, rallies were held in San Jose and San Francisco.  Activists say bigger and bigger mobilizations are the key to success, no matter which of the two corporate political parties are in power.  Another activist called for work stoppages, walkouts, and wildcat strikes to disrupt business-as-usual.’

[I] [T] [F]

19:00 PDT

Blessing Awodibu WINS + His CRAZY Improvements!! INDY Pro Top 10 RESULTS + REVIEW 2022” by Desktop Bodybuilding, 14 MAY 2022.

[I] [T]

19:00 PDT

Search ongoing for suspect wanted in connection with shooting outside Grand Central Market.

Suspect in Buffalo mass shooting charged with first-degree murder” by WGRZ-TV, 14 MAY 2022.

Quotation from video description: “Suspect in Buffalo mass shooting charged with first-degree murder. A shooting at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue Saturday afternoon around 2:30 pm killed 10 people, Buffalo Police Department announced. A suspect was arrested at the scene. Buffalo police told 2 On Your Side that, in all, 13 people were shot. Eleven of the victims are African-American, two are white. Four of the victims were store employees, they said. A spokesperson for ECMC said they are treating the three survivors who are currently in stable condition.  The shooter, who has only been identified as an 18-year old white male, is in custody and is expected to be arraigned within the hour. |  “What started out as a beautiful day in the City of Buffalo turned into a terrible day, and one of tremendous heartbreak for every member of our community,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.  Brown said the shooter is not from Buffalo, and traveled several hours to the city for the shooting.  Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said the suspect drove to the Tops on Jefferson Avenue, exited his vehicle and engaged four people in the parking lot. He allegedly shot the four people, killing three. The other person was taken to the hospital to be treated.”


  • “The Legacy of Obama’s “Pivot” to Asia: The president’s Asia legacy is not worst in recent history. But it’s not the best either.” by Michael J. Green, Foreign Policy, 3 SEP 2016. N.B.: Establishment “liberal bias”; American exceptionalism; unilateral interventionism; no mention of United Nations.
  • “The Pivot to Asia Was Obama’s Biggest Mistake: The pivot failed to achieve key goals in Asia while inattention made matters worse in Europe and the Middle East.” by John Ford, The Diplomat, 21 JAN 2017. N.B.: Establishment “liberal bias”; American exceptionalism; unilateral interventionism; no mention of United Nations.

[ 2 ] 13 MAY 2022 was the 37th Anniversary of the helicopter bombing of a residential home in the middle of Philadelphia because the state disagreed with their politics. The fate of John Afrika, the MOVE organization and journalist and, now, political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal is all emblematic of the state’s contempt for liberty and participatory democracy, true democracy.


  • 35 YEARS LATER…HEALING?: The anniversary of MOVE should call for more than an apology. A forthcoming documentary points the way toward true reconciliation” by Larry Platt, The Philadelphia Citizen, 13 MAY 2020.

[ 3 ] On human-induced climate change… [additional notes pending]

[14 MAY 2022]

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