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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 21 APR 2022]  Here are some of today’s media notes to help us track and make sense of this plandemic dystopia we all find ourselves living through in the 2020s.  (Please see below, after this commentary and after today’s salient observations, for samples of today’s news cycle.)

Liberals (i.e., pro-capitalists or non-anti-capitalists) continue to feign ignorance of US/NATO imperialism provoking war with Russia over hegemonic influence or political control in Ukraine, even on our sacred grounds of free speech, the Pacifica Radio network.  We, the listeners, are being gaslit by liberals.  Your author, unfortunately, hasn’t been tracking the conservative media as much lately.  Undoubtedly, they’re up to their pro-capitalist, anti-labor, anti-immigrant, racist agenda and patriarchal priorities, such as glorifying Ukrainian women as model wives for their alleged obedience as mail order wives.  (More on that below…) 

But, make no mistake, the two-party dictatorship is solidly behind the military-industrial complex, to which we are all enslaved, as articulated this morning on free speech Pacifica Radio by Chris Hedges.  Occasionally, a decent, honest, and well-informed voice will get on Pacifica Radio.  But, even then, as Chris Hedges evidenced this morning on Pacifica Radio’s Equal Rights and Justice with Mimi Rosenberg (WBAI), and as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr has said, liberals will only go but so far for the advancement of freedom.


  • At approximately 06:55 PDT this morning, Alameda County Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, and paramedics responded to a car, which slid off Tesla Road into a ravine on the Livermore side of the Tesla Road peak at a sharp curve on wet road conditions.  It rained in this area last night.  The vehicle appears to have been driving westbound, as this is a recurring car crash spot, among others along this working class route of central valley workers to the Bay Area.  We hope the driver and any passengers will be alright.  Please drive safely, comrades.
  • According to one of the workers, Berner held a 4/20 smoke fest, yesterday, in San Francisco…  “There were hella hippies over there…”
  • Mike Tyson appears at San Francisco’s 420 cannabis festival in Golden Gate Park” by Dan Gentile, SFGate, 20 APR 2022.
  • In a recent podcast (“Jimmy Kimmel Made a Joke” by Sway), Jimmy Kimmel spoke about someone calling the cops on him and facing tons of opposition from his audience…   “I get a lot of death threats.”  “Mostly over Trump.”  In the interview, he spoke of “liberals” as if he is not a liberal.  It was an odd statement, for Mr. Kimmel is not a leftist.  He must be a liberal.  What else is there?  One is either pro-capitalist or anti-capitalist.  Liberals and conservatives are both pro-capitalist.  I bet Mr. Kimmel usually votes Democrat, yet he describes himself as a leftist, not a liberal.  And, of course, his overall ideological position is biased against conservatives. The interviewer, Sway, functioned here more as a courtier than a journalist.  Later in the interview, Mr. Kimmel explicitly referred to himself as being part of “the left”.  What a joke, and coming from a joker.  Mr. Kimmel is a liberal. (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist).  Leftists are anti-capitalists.  He is not an anti-capitalist.
  • According to a fellow worker, big pharma vax stocks tumbling as booster shots aren’t moving as expected. “But at that point,” said the vato, “they already cashed out.”  Indeed.  And the brainwashed mass formation continues (cf. Prof. Mattias Desmet)
  • Scare Tactics, Spin and Health Care” by Helen Redmond, CounterPunch, 29 JUN 2010.
  • According to Pacifica Radio News, a nationwide(?) lockdown of college and university campuses went into effect after reports of a person threatening students.  (cf. AP/Yahoo!, Caledonian Record) (Fearmongering?  Or valid precaution?)  In late January 2022, many historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) faced lockdowns after receiving bomb threats.  (“We’re living in fear!“)
  • According to a fellow worker, ‘Mike Tyson had to lump up some fools, who wouldn’t stop. He was cool with them, but they sat behind him and kept fucking with him.’  One may recall a similar scenario in a film scene where Mike Tyson bitch-slapped Robert Downey, Jr.  Black and White  Toback?  ‘Because the altercation occurred at SFO, it’s up to the San Mateo County D.A., whether or not charges will be pressed against ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.’
  • Petrol price check (San Joaquin County, California):  $5.099 (reg/low octane)
  • New Plastic Pills out soon, currently only accessible to members only (such as your author)…
  • US weapons, European supplicants block peace in Ukraine” by The Grayzone [Pushback with Aaron Maté], 21 APR 2022. [L7]
  • When the Star[bucks] Align (w/Kshama Sawant)” by Bad Faith, 21 APR 2022. [L2]  On the perpetual failures of the Democrat Party, Senator Nina Turner and the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) endorsing the less progressive, corporate courtier Shontel BrownSocialist Alternative, the unionizing efforts and successes by Starbucks workers, and more.
  • Unregistered 207: Scott Ritter” by Unregistered Podcast, 21 APR 2022.  On the reality of the Ukraine military conflict, Russia’s “special military operation”, which was provoked by US/NATO imperialism.  Scott Ritter provides historical context, as liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) and establishment media blurs historical reality by erasing historical context and traumatizing audiences with granular detail of atrocities with no historical context, often deceptively reported, or even staged.

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[Notes will be modified/edited/updated as time and labor constraints allow.  Working class solidarity. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊]

04:00 PDT

05:00 PDT, KPFK > Something’s Happening B > […]  (05:55 PDT) rerun of Thom Hartmann show: call-ins from misguided liberals.  Uncritical pro-vax and Dem cheerleaders. Your author has been watching people be deceived by the Democrat Party, and then deceiving themselves about the Democrat Party and the two-party dictatorship. | 0558 local announcements

06:00 PDT, KPFK > The Stephanie Miller Show > uncritical dem cheerleaders. Biden clips of BS rhetoric and false promises.  …  smearing anti-maskers, “mask-holes”  “Kick them in the T3, two tiny testicles’  No science. No sense of government overreach.  These people must read Dr. Sheldon S. Wolin. 0610 CC

06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT, WBAI > Equal Rights and Justice with Mimi Rosenberg > […]  (06:10 PDT)  Chris Hedges on the Ukraine conflict between US/NATO imperialism and the Russian Federation.   …  |  Mimi Rosenberg:  ‘We hope to rekindle the antiwar movement’  …  ‘I’m talking about liberal media that are sabre-rattling‘ …  ‘mainly cable media’ (Why stop there, Ms. Rosenberg?  Don’t let the Pacifica Radio liberals off the hook…  ‘to address my comrades on the left who try to absolve Russia of everything….’  ‘help us parse… versus stoking and expanding the war’  |  (06:17 PDT)  |  host cited Robert McChesney and John Nichols (a liberal your author has listened to for decades, a liberal who usually tends toward Democrat Party apologia and/or deflecting toward obvious ills of Republican Party) as exemplars of truth.  |  CH:  ‘the binary world of good and evil’  0628. ‘the rule of law’  If ICC charges Putin with war crimes, Bush must be charged, too. | 0630  host: ‘It’s not about de-Nazification’  (Wow. That is disappointing. Host is downplaying white supremacists in Ukraine and USA

08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT, WBAI > Joy of Resistance with Fran Luck and Maretta Short > […]  [TW]  (08:36 PDT)  On the pornification of Ukraine conflict.   ‘these internet searches’  …  ‘Ukrainian women are trending in porn searches online right now because of what they’re going through‘ … ‘this is based on 30 odd years of studying pornography…’

Pornography” by The Cure (1982)

I must fight this sickness, find a cure!

Cold” by The Cure (1982)

Your name, like ice, into my heart…

Mr. Plastic Pills, thanks for making a video with “normies” and beginners in mind.  Hopefully, we can expand our ranks.  As you said before, at least once, ‘There is a we.’

cf. Prof. John Vervaeke’s book, Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis, and other work by Chris Mastroprieto, et al. 

cf. “Zombies And Our Modern Crisis of Meaning | Episode 1 [based on the work of Prof. John Vervaeke, Univ. of Toronto]” by ThinkBigAnimation [via YouTube], 29 DEC 2018.

cf. “Awakening From the Meaning Crisis” by Prof. John Vervaeke (Univ. of Toronto), a 50-part lecture series on YouTube, which combines philosophy, cognitive science, history, spirituality, AI, altered states of consciousness, and more to create a compelling theory of society.

09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, WBAI & PRN.live > The Gary Null Show > H&H information | Spanish Harlem by Aretha Franklin | (c. 09:14 PDT)  [TW]  GN commentary | on-the-ground reporter in Eastern Europe, calling out establishment media gaslighting (09:19 PDT) …  (09:51 PDT)  ‘I wouldn’t say it’s totalitarian, but it’s very similar’  (09:52 PDT)

10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > (10:21 PDT)  This interview would be better with another interviewer, who is less prone to liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) gaslighting.  “I try to be democratic…” said the historian, who had to explain himself at one point, when Mr. Lopate invited him to step out of his integrity by going along with some liberal gaslighting.  …   The guest provided evidence of BLM literally having changed history when this historian said he was told since the events of 2020 (ie BLM, etc) his history book had to be rewritten. So, he read black writers and said, ultimately, his history book was all the better for it.  | (c. 10:29 PDT)

11:00 PDT, WBAI > Take Charge of Your Health with host > topic(s): ‘carbohydrates as signaling molecules’ …  guest: ‘and these vaccines increase cytokines.’. …  1124. …  This doctor plugged his aloe product as a solution to nutrient deficient diets, even with the best organic food, because of soil nutrient depletion and lack of rotating crops.  Good description, but lousy prescription: buy my book, The Code of Life, and buy this aloe product, the ‘immune modulating stabilizers’.  I wonder how much the host is getting paid here.  The doctor is certainly getting paid.  But he assured the host, ‘I’m not selling it.  I’m just there science advisor.”  …  1131. The host just told him again, yeah you can plug your wares at the end…’  ‘Yeah, I know I just wajja plug ky snake oil.mm’  … 1134 cc

11:00 PDT, KPFA > Talkies with Kris Welch > […]  1134 KW interviewing what sounds likr sn anti-capitalist, and to my mind sounding like an anti-capitalist for the first time ever.  Are we finally beginning to recognize the fundamental contradictions of capitalism?  Unlikely.  This is shallow virtue signaling or tokenism because the overall editorial direction of each  interview will follow the same pattern we’ve seen from Kris Welch and her faction for over 20 years now at KPFA:  Machiavellian apologia for the Democrat Party and the establishment, whilst roping in minorities and left-leaning types into their defeatist Democrat Party politics of demobilization and identity politics, which address ‘feelings’ and ‘spirituality’ and white guilt, but not material conditions not the two-party dictatorship.

12:00 PDT, KPFA > Behind the News with Doug Henwood

Quotation from archive description: “Donna Murch, author of Assata Taught Me, on black radical politics from the Panthers through the Movement for Black Lives. And Kyle Shybunko, author of this piece, on Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, a hero to many on the American right.”

NOTES (re: BTN, 21 APR 2022):  “A Historical view of Black Radical Politics, and the Viktor Orban Phenom in Hungary” | |  DH interviews a researcher from Oakland, on ‘Assatta Shakur’, et al, and Black Panther history.  …   (12:19 PDT)  This lady talks a good game and uses gancy language.  But, at the end of the day, she will (and DH) will shepherd listeners toward the Democrat Party.   Donna Merhlch Assatta Taught Me. 1220. ‘So, there was a class dynamic…’  Wow.  Would you listen to that.  Was that class analysis?  But, like KW, these instances will likely prove episodic because the kver. …  1223 DH:  ‘How should we think about it?’  This is a common liberal manner of speaking.  They say things like: One way to think about it is…  But, in actuality, DH, et al are training listeners to be followers, rather than independent thinkers.  …  1226.   …   ‘lateral organizing’   ‘MLM’   …   1228. | (12:35 PDT)  PhD candidate on Viktor Orban  …  |  (12:52 PDT)  PRESCRIPTION   DH:  ‘And, noe, ginally what about the opposition?’  Since this isna foreign nation, DH allows anbiy more time for political prescription and action.  One thing we not8ce about these types of liberals is they minimize, avoid or ignore any discussion political prescription when it comes to US party politics.  One would be forgiven for calling them apologists or shills.

13:00 PDT, KPFA > Bookwaves/Artwaves with Richard Wolinsky > rerun (KPFA.org archive incorrectly indicates Ursula K. Leguin & Gene Wolf; actual interview is Jane Smiley), from last week(?), recently, Jane Smiley, author of Paras in Paris, about a horse in Paris, not perestroika, as in Soviet Union needed glasnost without perestroika. …  the book is about the new liberal trend of recognizing the ‘individual personalities’ of non-primate animals, such as farm animals …  1323   ‘the Pandemic and before that the Trump years…’  …  JS on the subtle differences of warlike behavior among the various western European ethnicities, Scots, English, tribal, etc.   …  1329 …  |  RW:  End of interview |  1330 Brian Garfield. … ‘i’ve had nine pen names ‘  1336 offline

16:00 PDT, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio with Davey D > […]  (16:22 PDT)  (rerun)  liberal professor, brown-sounding (i.e., ‘Latino’/Hispanic’/”Latinx”/’Lateenex sounds like Kleenex’.   On racial/gender politics…  ‘white, cisgendered, heteronormative, white supremacist politics’ Prof. Michael Betinez(?)  … | (c. 16:34 PDT) Davey D …  ‘on gaslighting about the true slavery history, e.g., ‘Sally Hemmings was portrayed as Jefferson’s lover’, not a coerced captive or someone suffering trauma-bonding or Stockholm Syndrome. …  ‘critical race theory’ (really, the legal theory or critical history/scholarship/theory?. …  1635 …  1644 DD:  “It’s the ultimate form of gaslighting.”  I’m really glad DD made this connection.  I’m developing this theory on the relation between narcissistic abuse atbthe interpersonal level and aocietal-steuctural level…  |  DD:  ‘Dr. Michael Benitez’  ‘this lawm..’  |  1652 MB. … 1653 (simplistic racialized perspective of COVID-19.  Yes Dr. MB, black/brown suffer more, on average, but let’s not ignore or downplay the big pharma false narrative. Silence is violence, in this case.  |  1655 DD end of interview

17:00 PDT, KPFA > Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein > [L0] “Afghanistan Facing Famine and The Pandemic”  “Today on the Show: Afghanistan facing famine and the pandemic, people so poor and desperate there are being forced to see their own children as a way of keeping them alive. Also, will congress stop the worst humanitarian crisis in the world now? And We finally nailed Credit Suisse in the US, says people’s economist, Jim Henry.”

21:00 PDT

ANN GARRISON, independent journalist focusing on the African continent, via Twitter (@AnnGarrison, 3:15 AM, 21 APR 2022):  “How can there be a siege in Tigray if the TPLF are in control of Afar’s border with Tigray?  |  No one seems to be offering up a rational explanation here, bur I’ll no doubt be accused of supporting Tigray genocide.  |  I’d also like to know how the Ethiopian government can be expected to restore services like electricity, telecommunications, and banking in Ethiopian territory held by hostile armed forces.  Can someone help me with that one?  |  Linda Thomas-Greenfield @USAmbUN needs to explain how this is possible since she’s forever talking about a siege.”

22:00 PDT

Unregistered 207: Scott Ritter” by Unregistered Podcast, 21 APR 2022

NOTES:  On the reality of the Ukraine military conflict, Russia’s “special military operation”, which was provoked by US/NATO imperialism.  Scott Ritter provides historical context, as liberal (i.e., pro-capitalist or non-anti-capitalist) and establishment media distorts historical reality by erasing historical context and traumatizing audiences with granular detail of atrocities with no historical context, often deceptively reported, or even staged. |  (c. 9:06) SR:  ‘The Ukrainian army is the second largest army in Europe.  The first largest army is Russia.’  …  ‘Ukraine has 260,000 regular forcea equipped with thousands of tanks…trained to NATO standards…’  ‘also. 400,000 to 500,000 reservists…’  ‘Ukrainians are almost a million strong in fighting forces…’  … |  (c. 36:15) SR: ‘News Flash: Putin doesn’t bluff.’ … c3730. ‘He’s the least corrupt politician in Europe.’ … {c. 45:00) SR on the German problem and the Carthaginian Solution. … (c. 48:00) SR: Circa 2000, Mr. Putin asked President Clinton for inclusion into NATO (a Cold War institution created to defend against the Soviet Union). This was an opportunity for peace. President Clinton said no.


US weapons, European supplicants block peace in Ukraine” by The Grayzone [Pushback with Aaron Maté] [via YouTube], 21 APR 2022.

NOTES: [L30]

Cops arrested him for filming an accident scene, but did the police break the lawby The Real News Network [The Police Accountability Report], 21 APR 2022.

Quotation from video description: “The continued arrests of a group of Texas cop watchers is raising serious questions about how the law is applied to citizen journalists. In this episode of the Police Accountability Report, hosts Taya Graham and Stephen Janis investigate two recent arrests of Corners News, whom police charged after he tried to film a series of accident scenes. We discuss the applicable laws and rising legal threats against YouTube activists, examining the implications of the push by Texas police to charge people exercising their First Amendment rights. | Read the transcript of this video: [LINK] | [Please read additional video notes in video description, including how you can support the Police Accountability Report.]”

NOTES: [L16] [I]

[21 APR 2022]

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