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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] Dr. Gary Null’s broadcast today corroborated a lot of our thinking around nutrition, health, and COVID-19. Although there did seem to be at least one detail, which didn’t check out when we fact-checked his fact-claims today. But, outside of that, we greatly appreciate Dr. Null broadcasting many of our concerns around what we perceive as mass uncritical acceptance of experimental anti-COVID-19 drugs, whilst whitewashing all alternative perspectives. There are many problems with the notion of mass “vaccination” of the public with anti-COVID-19 drugs. We put the word “vaccine” in scare quotes because we don’t consider flu shots or covid shots as vaccines because they do not produce immunity. Thus, they are not true vaccines, like the other vaccines we’re given as children, which do not require repeated injections in perpetuity, nor seasonal injections. Flu shots and covid shots are therapeutics, not vaccines.

It seems to us that it is a conceptual sleight of hand by state officials to sell anti-COVID-19 drugs to the public as vaccines. The state may be footing the bill this year. But what about next year? We heard news reports on Pacifica Radio today reporting that officials are recognizing that the anti-COVID-19 drugs will likely have to be taken annually or seasonally to provide “immunization”. Meanwhile, the British press is reporting policy discussions around ‘vaccine passports‘. So, if we want any semblance of past civil liberties, or human rights, it is looking increasingly likely that “vaccines” will increasingly become mandatory. Since the start of this Orwellian nightmare, we have found Lord Sumption to most closely articulate our perspective.

But, before we get too political, let’s just try to stay with the scientific parameters for now. As far as the science around COVID-19, we ask for debate around controversial topics.

The public has an understandably favorable view of vaccines, as they seem to provide immunization against previously uncontrollable illnesses. Interestingly, we heard on Pacifica Radio yesterday, on The Leonard Lopate Show, an interview guest, the author of Contagion, say that the smallpox vaccine is no longer administered to the public. Because smallpox was contained, the vaccinations were phased out, he said. The smallpox vaccine injection would leave a scar. I remember my uncle, Jose, and other relatives have this scar, usually on a shoulder, the lateral deltoid muscle. We always thought that vaccine injection was no longer scarring. But the author said otherwise. I spoke to my father about this; and he said he remembers how horrible smallpox was in Mexico. But when he was a kid in the 1950s, he wasn’t immunized because the contagion had been brought under control. However, the Contagion author said that we might have another pandemic, if the smallpox samples stored in labs ever got out somehow. That was a chilling thought.

But, getting back to the conceptual sleight of hand of calling therapeutics, such as anti-COVID-19 drugs, “vaccines”. Drugs that are used repeatedly, obviously, are not providing immunization to users, such as flu shots and covid shots. I spoke to another friend from the Pacifica Radio world. He is 80 years young now. So, I can understand his concerns and decision to accept the mRNA, gene-based drugs. He disagreed with my focus on the use, or abuse, of language by inaccurately calling anti-COVID-19 drugs vaccines. Our contention is that calling anti-COVID-19 drugs vaccines will provide a false sense of security among members of the public. Virtually everyone, who I’ve spoken too made a fear-based decision to be injected with the mRNA, gene-based drugs, without having done their homework first, without having fact-checked anything. Almost no one made a reason-based decision. Some only assented to the injection to avoid problems on the job.

We pray everyone will be okay, as my family have already been injected. I still refuse to partake in the dangerous injection. I mean, if it came down to it, we would prefer the Sputnik drug, which is not a gene-based drug, and not designed to alter your DNA.

But my absence of fear towards all coronaviruses and rhinoviruses, including the SARS-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 illnesses, has allowed me to question the logic involved in the corporate-driven protocols responding to the COVID-19 “pandemic”. And, in so doing, I’ve encountered many glaring red flags, which warrant further attention and scrutiny.

Now, we put “pandemic” in air quotes because we have never been convinced that we are facing a real pandemic. We’re not saying people aren’t suffering or dying from COVID-19. But we are acknowledging all of the concerns from dissenting doctors. For example, we heard scientists and doctors, in their own voices, on The Gary Null Show, today claim that there is usually a spike, or increase, in deaths, above and beyond the usual baseline of annual deaths. But, they claimed, since the pandemic began to date, there actually has not been a spike in deaths. This corroborated what others have said previously, that, statistically, deaths from many other causes have decreased in proportion to numbers of COVID-19 infections have been reported. It seems Dr. Gary Null and others have a point about deaths from other related diseases and comorbidities have been transferred to the blanket COVID-19 cause of death. This would explain the lack of a spike in deaths, as would be expected during a true pandemic.

Moreover, on a previous Gary Null Show, we heard another doctor, representing a mass organization of dissenting doctors, who are taking issue with the use of the PCR test, which they insist, was never intended to be a diagnostic test. Another issue was the protocol for autopsies and/or death certificates. Doctors, such as Dr. Bukacek from Montana, have complained that the process for determining the cause of death is arbitrary and skewed toward labelling everything as a COVID-19 death, whether or not there were comorbidities, which may have been the primary problem. In fact, she argued, hospitals were encouraged to label the cause of death as COVID-19 for all deaths, which are even remotely seen as covid-related. Then, there was also a possible conflict of interest, for the more hospitals reported COVID-19 deaths, the more funding they tended to get from the state. This seems to have created a perverse incentive structure, which is inflating the reporting of COVID-19 infection rates. And, as a result of the magnification process involved in the PCR test, dissenting doctors argue that false-positive results are inevitable. Another point raised by dissenting doctors is their claim that the average death from COVID-19 is about 82. But the average age of death, for any reason, is 79. Another issue is the many reports of deaths due to injecting people with these experimental therapeutic anti-COVID-19 drugs, particularly in retirement homes. These anti-COVID-19 drugs are therapeutics because they have never been claimed to prevent SARS-2 infection nor prevent COVID-19 illnesses. The claim from big pharma, which is pushing these drugs, has always been to simply minimize the severity of COVID-19 illnesses, not eliminate them, nor immunize against them.

As noted before, we were embarrassed to find that we heard Dr. Gary Null report today on Pacifica Radio (WBAI) that “50,000 scientists and MDs” had raised valid concerns about the dangers of pushing untested drugs on the public, namely anti-COVID-19 drugs. When we found the article he mentioned, it was actually 6,000 scientists and 50,000 members of the public. But it was not 50,000 doctors. That was disappointing because I repeated this information to my brother and to a close friend, who I caught up with by telephone today. It’s a little thing, but it’s still embarrassing. So, we’ll have to be more careful with validating and corroborating information before repeating it anywhere. We’ll have to slow down a bit. But, nevertheless, even if there were a handful of dissenting doctors, I would sound the alarms. Those dissenting doctors must be heard and debated and corroborated or refuted, not ignored.

As a form of penance and to burn the lesson into my brain, I’ve decided to transcribe today’s broadcast. I remember a KPFA acquaintance from back in the day, a baby boomer lady, who warned me against paying any attention to Dr. Gary Null. So, I always have that grain of skepticism. But we’ve been paying closer attention to Pacifica Radio since Mr. Trump had made allusions to possibly not accepting the results of the election. And, then, the Sieges of state capitols happened around the nation on January 6th. That lit a fire under our bums. We heard broadcasters on WPFW and WBAI calling for people of conscience to be bolder after we saw an alliance of white supremacy attempt to overthrow the state on January 6th. Some of us felt a degree of guilt about past inactivity or apathy. So, here we are, doing what we can to advance the conversation for peace and justice.

But, as for the anti-COVID-19 protocols, we ask that people consider peer-reviewed work. From a cursory search for information at the outset, I found a peer-reviewed article showing that zinc blocked the virus.

It just doesn’t make sense to ignore important information. And it doesn’t make sense to ignore comorbidities when considering statistical analysis of alleged COVID-19 deaths, which in all likelihood the comorbidities are the primary cause of deaths, which are exacerbated by the virus, rather than caused by it. Perhaps, the most important comorbidity is insulin resistance because it leads to a cascade of problems, from Type II diabetes to dementia. (cf. Why We Get Sick, Bikman)

We’re not saying don’t get injected, dear readers. But we are saying it’s dangerous to be a human guinea pig in a global experiment undertaken by big pharma, whose primary objective is quarterly profits for shareholders, not public health or wellbeing, in our view. And the benefits are trivial to us, relative to the risks of injecting oneself with an mRNA, gene-based drug therapy, which is designed to alter your DNA. Dr. Gary Null has reported that the patents for these experimental anti-COVID-19 drugs have been registered by big pharma as gene therapy drugs, not as vaccines. And, of course, big pharma has secured immunity from liability. So, even if anyone suffers adverse effects or death from these drugs, as many people already have, especially in retirement homes, people harmed will be unable to seek legal redress or justice. And that means the drugs will continue to be pushed onto an unsuspecting public without regard for the adverse consequences, only a regard for corporate profits.

Meanwhile, Russia developed the Sputnik drug, which doesn’t alter your DNA. For years, people have protested GMOs, genetically-modified organisms. Now, it seems many of those people might become GMOs, themselves, given the nature of the mRNA gene therapy drugs, which are being misrepresented as “vaccines”.

Solidarity. Equanimity.

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[Transcription by Mr. Lumpen Proles for Lumpenproletariat and The Gary Null Show]

The Gary Null Show for Friday, March 12, 2021, on Pacifica Radio (WBAI).

THE GARY NULL SHOW[Friday, 12 MAR 2021] (c. 0:00) Tail end of Sue Goodwin’s News Headlines from the previous hour.

(c. 00:35) Introduction to The Gary Null Show

DR. GARY NULL: (c. 1:22) “Hi, everyone. I’m Gary Null. Nice to have you with us today. We’re gonna learn about how curcumin can boost your brain DHA level, a UCLA study. That’s important. We have a lot to talk about helping keep healthy, especially in a time of COVID. In fact, from the Hospital Del Mar Research Institute and the Pompeu Fabra University, zinc can help predict COVID severity. The more zinc you have, the less severe. The less zinc you have, the more severe. Also today, we’re going to look at the gut microbiome—that’s the good bacteria in your intestines—and how it influences the metabolism of processed foods, University of Alabama. New research points to a significant role of the bacteria to shape metabolism, including where fat is deposited on the body and metabolic hormones. If it sounds a little complicated, I’ll put it into a little lay language. Also, from Queen Mary University in the United Kingdom, ‘Convincing evidence that Type-II diabetes is associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s‘ Disease. Also, from Yonsei University College of Medicine in South Korea, there’s a lot of studies concluding a protective effect of the Omega-3 fatty acids, that’s the fish oils, against cardiovascular death. (c. 3:04)

“So, you’re gonna learn how to keep from dying sooner by one single item you put into your diet. That’s good. And a study finds increased risk of death among breast cancer patients, who drink sugar-sweetened soda, University of Buffalo—interesting. When I was talking about this back in the 1970s, and wrote the first article on it, along with investigative journalist Robert Houston. And Bob and I spent over a thousand hours researching the politics of cancer, how corrupt the whole industry was, top to bottom. And we had an insider feed a lot of information to me. I’ll tell you that story a little later. But the takeaway message was: When you look at what people were being fed in these cancer hospitals, and look at the vending machines, you had a lot of sugar-sweetened soda—rather ironic—University of Buffalo. You drink these sugar-sweetened drinks, and you have breast cancer, you die sooner—wow, what irony. (c. 4:19)

“Also today, commentaries, some really powerful commentaries: Chris Hedges, Glen Greenwald, Tom Whitehead. We have some video clips. One video clip I think you’re going to really find interesting because I’m going to play it, as a counterbalance to Biden’s—I don’t know what you call it. I was watching and I couldn’t figure it out. This man is lost somewhere—whoa. And we’re lucky. Anyone with a brain and looking at this is thinking: This man should be getting help, neurological help, because it’s clear that he’s suffering from some form of dementia. But everyone kind of pretends it’s not there. And, then, he gets out and rambles around. He talks about COVID, but only vaccines, vaccines, nothing but vaccines—whoa.

“Well, we’re gonna push back on that today. Some of the world’s leading medical doctors and scientists have something to say about vaccines. We’ll share that with you.

“And we wanna thank one of our fact-checkers out there. She is a consummate fact-checker. She’s looking for the truth in all data ‘cos she sends about five or six a day. And, so, we wanna thank Valentina Farsi(sp?). We’re gonna play one clip of hers, where the White House Press Secretary makes a statement. Now, mind you, when she makes a statement and is emphatic about it, then you have to assume that this has been fact-checked and is accurate. Well, she was fact-checked. She is inaccurate, completely inaccurate concerning COVID and the ‘vaccines’ In fact, nothing you’re hearing about the ‘vaccines’ is honest. (c. 6:10) So, we’ll bring you up to date on some reality checks on vaccines. I’ll tell you the truth about them. All that, on today’s show. (c. 6:20)

“But, of course, we start with the latest on health and healing because we all want to live a longer and healthier life. And we start with something simple. It’s an herb. It’s a simple herb. It’s the most common herb in curries—turmeric. Now, the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. C-U-R-C-U-M-I-N. Here’s the latest from UCLA, published in biochemistry and biophysiology [sic]. They found that, when you increase the amount of curcumin, you increase the production of DHA by influencing a precursor of ALA and DPA, after previous research showed that curcumin prevents reduced DHA content in the brain following brain trauma, and that curcumin plus DHA had added beneficial effects in behavior and the brain DHA content. And you need that. So, simply stated, if you want to have more DHA, and, mind you, curcumin and DHA reduced content of the brain precursor, which is n-3 DPA. And, so, you get a healthier brain when you take curcumin. How about that? It’s simple as can be. (c. 7:42)

“Now, another simple thing is zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral. It does dozens of things in the body, including helping our immune system, and is antiviral. Well, a recent study examined the levels of zinc in people hospitalized with COVID-19 in, both, disease progression and outcome. Now, listen carefully ‘cos this is what they found, that the participants with low zinc had a 21% death rate, compared to normal zinc [levels], which is only 5%. That’s a 400% difference. That’s tremendous. Now, mind you, that’s with normal zinc [levels]. Now, if they were taking 50 milligrams [mg] of elemental zinc, that would probably be down to 1%. So, more reason to take your zinc. Alright? (c. 08:41) Next, the time to clinical recovery was approximately 300% less time, meaning when people did not have enough zinc, it took them 300% longer to get back to normal health. So, the authors conclude the serum zinc levels could help predict the outcome of individuals with COVID-19. Remember, this is simple, inexpensive, non-toxic trace element. It’s naturally present in some foods, but better still just in the biological supplements, a vitamin supplement. Hundreds of enzymes require zinc to function properly. This also plays a role in protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, cell division, wound healing, immune function. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. It’s a superstar. It can reduce the deficiencies in the innate and adaptive immune responses in people with viral infection, cold, flu. The innate immune system is the body’s first line of response to prevent the virus from penetrating and replicating before the adaptive immune system develops targeted protection. (c. 9:56)

So, shouldn’t every doctor’s office, shouldn’t every hospital in America have a simple, quick analysis when you go in? What’s your zinc level?

“And that could help people. This was published in the review journal, Nutrients. So, if you want a healthier outcome, then take zinc. And why do you think that they’re suggesting—both, with Ivermectin and with hydroxychloroquinezinc? Because it’s the zinc the does the killing [of the virus], not the two other drugs. And, then, if there’s a bacterial infection, then, any of the major antibiotics can come in. (c. 10:37)

“The University of Alabama has a study about: As long as your flooding the gut with healthy, good bacteria, then it becomes what is called a microbiome—B-I-O-M-E. That means the amount of this flora in your gut—good bacteria. Good food, like miso and sauerkraut, pickles, kimchee. [1] The more tempeh, tofu, the more good bacteria you have. [2]

— snip —

[Transcript will be expanded, pending volunteer labor]

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[1] The point here is to increase the acidity of the gut in order to properly digest and metabolize all of nutrients and allow for optimal nutrient absorption. For excellent video summaries on this topic, cf. Dr. Sten Ekberg, Dr. Eric Berg, et al.

[2] Another important point here, in terms of helping strengthen or improve one’s gut microbiome, is prebiotics, such as pectin. We like apples, such as the Gala apple, for the fiber, nutritional profile, and the prebiotic benefits of pectin. Prebiotics, basically, feed the good bacteria.


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