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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday, 25 FEB 2021, 04:06 PST] So, what do you do? “I make money,” an American said coldly.

Today is Day 37 of Biden’s First 100 Days in Office. The notion of an admirable populist executive ushering in a transformative first one hundred days in office is a withering myth in American political history. At this point, we are questioning the validity of the presidential political model. The executive branch seems to collude with the other branches of government, more than it provides a meaningful check on them. In our schoolhouse understanding of the USA’s system of governmental checks and balances, the three branches of government—executive, legislative, and judiciary—are expected to provide a check on each other to prevent any single branch of government from dominating the others. In our current plight, not only have we allowed power imbalances among the three branches of government, since the rise of neoliberalism in the 1980s. But, more recently, we are seeing a trend toward concentration of power in the executive branch of government. U.S. presidents, especially since Mr. Bush II and 9/11, have increasingly acted unilaterally to implement policy by signing executive orders.

The trend of presidents signing executive orders leads to political instability because it leads to yo-yo policies, such as those, which Mr. Biden has summarily repealed post-Trump, but which will likely return with a vengeance post-Biden. These types of policies, which can be seized upon by the two wings of America’s oligarchic two-party dictatorship, the Republican and Democrat parties, become political footballs, to be tossed back and forth on a political field, which prevents any leftist participation. Meanwhile, the state increases its power over working class lives and the underclass, by constantly chipping away at our Constitutional rights, as we saw with Mr. Obama, as Democrat voters spin their wheels engaging in culture wars, and support a political party that always betrays them.

As far as the heroic president, increasingly, we are learning, as more historians speak out that the great FDR was not so great after all. We knew the only reason FDR ever provided Americans The New Deal was because of pressure from the left, from below, from the grassroots. And we knew it was the political pressure from the left, from socialist and communist parties, which had the greatest impact. But what we often forget is the profound importance of the waves of mass strikes, which happened across America at that time, and which generated the political heat necessary to truly pressure FDR to act for socioeconomic justice by enacting the New Deal policies, poverty relief, and jobs programs.

Things are different now. Since at least the 1970s, labor has been sacrificing its own leverage, its own power, in favor of proximity to the Democrat Party. Business unions and Gomperism have hollowed out union solidarity and union power. Unions have largely lost all power, even the ability to go on strike. Under Mr. Bill Clinton, the Democrat Party became a neoliberal party. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden represent a clear continuity of government. But we could also draw a clear throughline across all presidencies since Mr. Reagan to show that Americans have been re-electing varying shades of the same neoliberalism since 1980.

As liberals have increasingly acquiesced to the evils of the Republican Party, with its xenophobia, racism, anti-labor, and anti-democracy impulses, the ability to speak freely is becoming an increasingly dying art, especially in academia and among the intelligentsia. We can’t even speak freely about facts, as Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and others have warned us.

In academia, educators have so thoroughly internalized capitalist social relations, that fear and self-censorship runs rampant.

As an observer of American politics since the 1980s, your author can attest to the dwindling national leadership in America. Americans appear captives of this two-party system, which only offers the illusion of choice, but not real, meaningful choice. Maybe white folks can point to a plethora of national leaders, to which they can relate. For people of color, it’s more difficult to point to meaningful national leadership. As a kid, according to all the 1970s and ’80s TV images we saw in the Oakland-SF-San Jose Bay Area, many of us thought it was unanimously understood that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the greatest leader America had ever produced. We even remember Bay Area TV channels airing pro-multicultural community announcements in the early 1980s, which featured young people of color saying things like, “I’m proud to be Mexican-American,” or, “I’m proud to be African-American,” or “I’m proud to be Asian-American.’ The TV spots showed young people of color, aspiring to become productive members of society, like doctors or firefighters. It seemed obvious that the long arc of time bends toward justice.

As kids, however, 1980s American TV made us think that Ronald Reagan was benevolent, mainly because of his acting talents, and winning smile. And, perhaps, because of media gaslighting. We were also politically naive, those of us in grade school at the time. As we matured, politically, we learned that Reaganomics was never intended to help the fractured American working classes. Many of us didn’t even know we were working class.

Such was our class consciousness in the 1980s. We all thought we were middle class. As long as our kicks looked fly; we didn’t want to confront our class oppression anymore. We soon learned that Mr. Ronald Reagan abused his presidential powers to brutally suppressed striking workers. At that time, America should have been heeding the warnings of its finest scholars and political observers, voracious readers, who could connect the proverbial dots better than any of us, such as Dr. Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader. But, instead, we turned to the liberal class for answers, but only found craven duplicitousness. Liberal gatekeepers, essentially, blacklisted honest intellectuals, such as Dr. Noam Chomsky. As teenagers, we may be forgiven for being deceived by the liberal class. They seemed like a benevolent alternative to the evils of the Republican Party in the early 1990s. Even Mr. Chris Hedges supported Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, as we supported Clinton in the 1990s. We were wrong. We finally saw the light, the evil of this neoliberal two-party dictatorship we live under. Better late than never.

Now, we must wake the folk up!

How do we understand and address today’s continued support for the morally and spiritually and ethically bankrupt Democrat Party? How do we understand the political black hole known as the Democrat Party, which absorbs all light and resistance and leftist energy and disappears it.

Chris Hedges Greatest Speech Ever Made” by Reflection of Passion, 25 FEB 2021.

We should have been heeding the messages of revolutionary love from Dr. Cornel West, who was speaking out against the evils of society, heroically picking up the baton of Dr. King’s campaign of “the three evils” of racism, militarism, and materialism (i.e., capitalism). But moral outrage fell on deaf ears in the USA during the giddy, decadent, and immoral 1980s, as those of us old enough to remember will recall, and as Chris Hedges, discussed in his book, The Death of the Liberal Class. We, Pacifica Radio listeners, recall when we first heard Chris Hedges deliver a powerful address in Berkeley during his book tour for The Death of the Liberal Class. (KPFA got a lot of fundraising mileage out of that presentation.) As we’ve emphasized previously, Chris Hedges, like Dr. King, has become a living prophet because he has had the courage to say before a large audience what others do not, and their unheeded warnings have seen their nightmarish forecasts coming to pass. The sieges of state capitols around the nation on January 6th is one example of a prophecy foretold. Unfortunately, America is sleeping now. But January 6th was a big wake-up call for many people for different reasons. As more people speak out, it becomes harder to deceive the people.

In the post-Reagan ’90s, instead of listening to our elders, our scholars, our prophets, naively, we turned to the liberal class, foolishly thinking the Democrat Party was still the same political party, who put JFK in the White House. But just as the Civil Rights movement had lost all of its principled leaders of national prominence to state-based violence (cf. COINTELPRO, etc), after the assassinations of principled black leaders, so, too, did the Democrat Party lose all remnants of its principled leaders, since the assassination of JFK. Civil rights leaders and Democrat Party leaders continued to bank on their past credibility with the American people, as they increasingly went to work for big capital, wages stagnated since the 1970s, and our economy began to fall apart, gutted by both corporate political parties.

Today, the last few principled intellectuals, such as Dr. Cornel West, have become increasingly isolated in academia as the ongoing death of the liberal class continues to flounder and acquiesce to the burgeoning fascist politics of the Republican Party and its infatuation with Mr. Trump’s name brand. If we go back to the speeches of people, like Chris Hedges, we find prophetic messages we must heed, if we are to overcome the politics of despair.

As Dr. King said, we need a revolution of values; so, we say, be revolutionary.

You’re gonna have to say that we are the proletariat. We have to make a distinction.

Where there are people, there is always hope. All power to the people!


@LumpenProles, 08:02 PST


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From the Left Forum 2016

Chris Hedges at Left Forum 2016

Cf. Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies.

Southern Poverty Law Center, 25 FEB 2021.

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