LUMPENPROLETARIAT—[Sunday, 21 FEB 2021, 03:23 PST]  Can the United States of America continue any longer, as a democratic republic, whilst allowing free speech for proto-fascists and pro-fascists?  Some people say no.  Of course, we’ve heard anti-free speech arguments on the right forever.  But what’s up with these arguments against free speech coming from the left?

On one hand, we have seen that free speech for pro-fascist rhetoric led us to a failed coup on January 6th, 2021 at the DC Capitol, as other state capitols around the nation were also similarly assaulted.  And the attempted takeover of the DC Capitol only seems to have failed because Mr. Trump didn’t have the full cooperation of the military, although they were supportive enough to stand down

But Mr. Trump does seem to have had enough support from segments of police and Congress and, perhaps, intelligence agencies, since such actors clearly also enabled or allowed the siege of January 6th on the DC Capitol to get out of hand, as they did, according to our view, and as corroborated by Empire Files. (Cf. “January 6th Was An Inside Job”.)

In Germany, the rise of Hitler could have been nipped in the bud, early on, when it was only about 50 people.  But Germans didn’t take the threat of white nationalism seriously.  And the rest is history. 

We are staunch free speech supporters here, at Lumpenproletariat.  Even soon after the proto-fascist sieges of state capitols around the nation, we supported Mr. Trump’s right to free speech when Twitter deplatformed him.  Then, we heard a compelling argument for deplatforming fascism as an ideology.  One speakor on Pacifica Radio on Friday morning made a very compelling case for deplatforming the ideology of fascism.  Or was it deplatforming an individual?  We observe how some of that type of propaganda calls for deplatforming “fascists”, i.e., individuals, not just the overall ideology.  Same thing?

We heard this on Friday, and thought fascism might just be a limit to free speech.  To us, at Lumpenproletariat, Mr. Trump presents a clear and present danger to the U.S. republic, and future hopes for democracy.  Various legal experts and political scientists agree.  But the question is just how dangerous the threat is.  On January 6th, some of us feared the military might back Mr. Trump, despite the publicized stand down order.  The Revolutionary Communist Party has been the most resolute voice against Mr. Trump, calling for impeachment, disqualification, and incarceration for crimes against humanity.  On the opposite end of the political spectrum, the Republican Party, not only wants him to walk away from January 6th unscathed and with an untarnished legacy, but also to retake the GOP in 2022, as previously reported.  Then, you have the rest of the country somewhere in between those poles.  As we saw, Democrats were largely eager to move on.  Ms. Pelosi rushed the Impeachment Trial process by deciding not to call any witnesses, under the assumption the Republicans were unconvincable, but also at the expense of restricting the official Senatorial record of evidence.

The threat of a Trump dictatorship seems like a plausible reason for calling to deplatfom fascism.  And we want to do everything we can to stop fascism.

But, after hearing “The Marcuse Match“, or debate, between Matt Taibbi and RJ Eskow on The Zero Hour, Matt Taibbi cast doubt on the notion that it would be possible to deplatform or censor proto-fascist speech without opening the door for censoring other speech, especially on the left.  The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. And we know the CIA has waged a global war against the left, since at least the 1970s.

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At what point, do we draw a distinction between the president of a nation and the emperor of a de facto empire?

“The Biden administration is expected to break the Trump-negotiated deal with the Taliban and keep NATO troops in Afghanistan, according to media reports, and this is supposedly the right thing to do.”

What is this entity, some people call, US/NATO Imperialism?

Where do we draw the distinction between anti-imperialist and imperialist philosophies?  How do we know if we are supporting imperialism, or resisting imperialism?

And what was the deeper significance of Mr. Biden’s foreign policy signals at the Munich Summit?

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‘Ten-year rehabilitation project’ to rehab the GOP. Indeed. But, gentleman, scholars, please, why rehab it?  Why a polarizing two-party system, or dictatorship, as Ralph Nader has long held? […] Paul Choo(sp?); Brian Connelly(sp?); Marcus S; Jeffrey Kava-server(sp?)

09:59 PST, KPFT [HD2] > The Scholar’s Circle | What?  An instant replay?  Hm. Okay, we’ll expand our notes above, then.

1200PST, KPFT [HD2] > [] 1216, tw 6th


10:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > The Ralph Nader Radio Hour [rebroadcast, from before the death of Mr. Rush Limbaugh] | Guest: Tom Hartmann |


Michael Moore on Texas, the Legacy of Rush Limbaugh & the Dumbing Down of America” (Episode #166) by Michael Moore, 21 FEB 2021.


1227, kpfk, tw background Briefing Trump Manchurian Candidate

13:00 PST, KPFK > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > On Inauguration Day, many felt betrayed, many seriously confused.’ [TW]  ‘A mass psychosis seems to have gripped the United States.’ Author, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. […] 13:06 PST, “shared psychosis” cf. more recent book, Profile of a Nation. 1316, 3 steps: (1) remove the offendjng agent; (2) dismantle the indoctrination, which has resulted mostly in the right-wing media; they actually used sophisticated techniques, more emotion-based, than reason, based. Indeed. It sounds like heuristics, heuristic persuasion. […] 13:18, ‘also inequalities are deeply injurious to one’s health, even survival, cf. structural violence, which is the deadliest form of violence.’  […] 13:23, “We have to talk about deprogramming.” ‘ We have to talk about how to get out of a cult because, if we don’t, we’ll be in trouble.’ […] 1328,  ‘this mental catastrophe that turned out to be the presidency of Donald Trumpm […] ‘created a gag order’ […] ‘And that needs to change’ Dr. Bandy X. Lee, author, of Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul.  Author of textbook, Violence. […] 13:31 PST, […] 13:32, ‘the goldwater rule’ article: ‘The Shared Psychosis of Donald Trump’ ‘narcissistic symhiosis’ that make them “magnetically attracted” ‘a lock and key relationship’ Indeed.  This is what Ross Rosenberg discussed in his popular book, The Human Magnet Syndrome about the narcissistic abuser/codependent trap, which tends to occur when a self-love-deficient individual, who is a people-pleaser type, falls into an unhealthy relationship with a narcissistic abuser. The narc abuser, tends to exhibit the same three primary features displayed by racist abusers:  (1);inability to empathize with others; (2) a sense of grandiosity, and (3) the need for adulation.  […] 13:37, ‘the Goldwater Rule’, more restrictive than before. […] 13:44 PST, ‘Dr. Lee predicted he would refuse to give up power.’ […] 13:46 PST, ‘We can’t write off 70+ million Americans.’ Indeed, Sonali. […] 13:46 PST, THIS IS A FUND DRIVE BROADCAST. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO KPFK.  PLEASE DONATE TODAY. SAVE FREE SPEECH RADIO. […]  13:49 PST, Dr. Bandy X. Lee, […] You know we’re not gonna let Biden off the hook. We’re gonna hold his feet to the fire, like we do with every president.’ YES! TELL ‘EM, SONALI!  SPEAK TRUTH!  […]  “cognitively impaired” “emotionally impaired” ‘attracted to violence, supported violence, incited violence’ […] ‘The synagogue shooting’ ‘All of these point to Trump’ ’17 court cases point to Trump’ […] ‘The vast majority of violent acts are hidden, and are individual.’ […] ‘This is what we would expect from someone, who is a proponent of violence.’ […] 13:55 PST,

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“Wear You To The Ball” [ska] by U-Roy, 1970.

14:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 14:18 PST, [TW] ‘Palestine’ […] ‘the only people that can give the millions of Jews there legitimacy are the Palestinian people themselves’


The Strangest Thing” by The War On Drugs, 18 JUL 2017.


“Real Love (Anthology 2 Version) by The Beatles, 1996.


Cf. Nov 2018 peacetalksradio


Truth Behind SNL’s Controversial Israel Joke” by Empire Files, 21 FEB 2021.



“COVID Nursing Home “Conspiracy” Proven True, Biden Renegs On Student Debt, Haiti Under Dictatorship” by Niko House, 21 FEB 2021.


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