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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Saturday, 6 FEB 2021] Today is Bob Marley’s birthday.  We wish Bob Marley a happy 76th birthday.

Today is also Day 18 of Mr. Biden’s first 100 days.  And Mr. Trump appears to be set to avoid indictment in the impeachment hearing, as Democrats seem disinterested in pursuing aggressive action.  Meanwhile, KPFA’s Mark Mericle reported yesterday that Mr. Trump is still receiving U.S. intelligence briefings.  There is a breach of information security when the ousted president is still gathering U.S. intelligence, especially after he attempted to lead a mob to undermine the electoral process.



Sun Is Shining” by Bob Marley and The Wailers

Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

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10:00 PST, WPFW > […] 10:18 PST, “Jah Live” by Bob Marley […] 10:20 PST, female vocal, song, ‘You can’t stop Rastafari words’, but sounded more like American gospel than Jamaican music, than reggae.  […]  “One Drop” by Bob Marley

10:00 PST, KPFA > […] 10:24 PST, “a very good negro band from New York”, Langston Hughes. “I got up to fifty cents a line [for each poem].”  ‘So, I learned early on to cut my lines in half.  The lines got down to a single word.’ [audience laughs]  […]  More archival audio of Langston Hughes discussing “the Charleston”.  “White folks laugh, white folks sway, we got two more ways to do the Charleston”

10:00 PST, KPFK > […]  10:31 PST, Margaret Prescod in fundraising mode.  “Please do not let KPFA shut down.”  […]  10:33 PST, documentary clip about Paul Robeson.  “Go back to Russia, you, nigger!” said a man at Paul Robeson.  “When the concert was over the police did little to” stop the violence at Peekskill. Robeson continued to speak out.  His info was wiped out, “the eleventh man was eliminated, erased from the records.”  “Blacklisted in America” […]  THIS IS A KPFK FUNDRAISER. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE SPEECH RADIO. […] 10:46 PST, ‘In this next clip, you will hear Paul Robeson in England, meeting with the English workers, going down into the mines.’ […] 10:47 PST, [TP]

10:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > […]  No info of live broadcast at website, only archives. Cf. https://archive.kpft.org/  […]  ‘A white-sounding white man, sounding Texan, we reckon, spoke about western life. Then, a country song played about “a real small town, full of real fine folks, that fell on real hard times, when the boom broke”

Real Small Town” (2019) by Adam Hood

11:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] “Let’s Get Married (Remix)

“Let’s Get Married” (2010) by Jagged Edge (with Run)

11:00 PST, WBAI > […] 11:09 PST, real talk. “Cubans, especially, who think that because they have light skin, that they will pass. They will kill you as fast as a black person.’ [TP] “Friends, who didn’t rat us out, in revolution or crime.”  […]  ‘I thank God and the ancestors…”  “Happy Black History Month.  And thank you, Black Panthers. We’re gonna talk more about that when we come back.  Here’s Tito Puente.”

11:00 PST, WPFW > […] 11:18 PST, ‘reggae music, tribute to Bob Marley’ […] “Satisfy My Soul” […] “Try Me”

11:30 PST, WPFW > […] 11:39 PST, “Cry To Me” […] 11:46 PST, “We call this next section Black Man Redemption.”  […]  11:55 PST, “Survival” by Bob

12:00 PST, WPFW > “Crisis”

Crisis” by Bob Marley

12:00 PST, KPFK > […] 12:10 PST, [TP] Dr. Tandon(sp?), re: COVID-19 “…as they relate to Africa.”  ‘Places like South Africa and Nigeria are having a real hard time. Bur every crisis presents an opportunity. I’ve been in conversations with officials in Uganda […]  because more and more, we are separated from the empire.  Then, we have an opportunity for our people to practice our own skills.  Remember, after the Second World War […]  “I wrote a book called Ending Aid Dependence” ‘because no aid comes without strings, there are contingencies […]  ‘They are now supporting ISI, as I recommended.’  […] “Now, that the government has accepted my proposal […]”  […]  Host:  ‘Maybe this will be the new world order […]  the New Silk Road may have to be renegotiated after the coronavirus.’  Dr. ‘It’s going to be a total collapse of the Euro-Western Empire. We never thought America and Europe would have the most deaths in the pandemic. It’s a sign of the times.  People in the South, who have been exploited, will have a chance to break free’.  […] . yash tanda(sp?) Spotlight Africa.  […]  12:23 PST, ‘I don’t think the dollar will collapse quickly’  ‘China has been removing its gold, although we are no longer on a gold standard’  […]  ‘That will also weaken the IMF’ […]  ‘How do you explain this collapse to a western audience?’  The Dr. chuckled.  “A western audience?”  Even at Oxford, he said, even academic audiences, he said, are apathetic.  They just want to stick to their ideological position of “free trade” (i.e., neoliberalism). But now the scale is tipping on the other side.  China is leading.  The Chinese are very shrewd in this.’  […]  ‘The UN is another story.  It is two bodies. But the world is changing. So, the UN wil have to change.  If they don’t, we, the Global South, will have to do so.’ […]  ‘How do anticipate the change happening?’  ‘For example, China has been paying, but not getting votes. So, they linked with Russia. They are very patient.  So, America, Europe think of short-term profits, but China thinks longer term. So, they’ve been building infrastructure. But this coronavirus has accelerated this process of Chinese development and U.S.-European collapse.’ […] 12:32 “economic nationalism” ‘Globalism started in the mid-1980s.  But, after, globalization, our countries suffered more…” prof. Yash tandan author of Trade Is War on the world economy after the global pandemic. […]  ‘It depends on what Trump does’ […]  Evidently, this is a pre-Biden interview. […] Next interview:  12:46, [TW] ‘The African Institute of Resistance’  […]  ‘ We have to recreate who were before we were conquered by the imperialists.’  […]  ‘So, we want to speak to the diaspora, we want to rebuild power.  […]  In my view, we have to have power. And power is not just cultural.  It’s economic and military.’  ‘Professor Gutu’ Nkruma Kwame, Thomas Sankara, Nasser in Egypt.  “liberation thinkers, but also activists’  ‘I’m not saying I’m inventing anything.  I’m building on those.’  Indeed.  That’s what we say at Lumpenproletariat. […] 12:56 PST, caller: ‘KPFK is the most progressive station in then L.A. area, especially Freedom Now, which is the voice of black people in the L.A. area.’

13:00 PST, KPFK > ‘the car show’ […] White-sounding guys? “It’s a fascinating event” “Hammer Town”, usually “as many as 60,000” to burn fossil fuels for fun. Interesting. The spirit of Greta looms large. How dare you?

Greta Thunberg: “If you understood the situation, and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil. And, that, I refuse to believe that.”

13:00 PST, WBAI > […] 13:28 PST, real talk. “That is terrorism. And the only way we’re gonna” root it out is if we call it what it is,” says a sycophant to U.S. V.P. Kamala Harris, who is in ‘Las Vegas and gets to enjoy the weather. The hotels are constantly disinfecting and cleaning. So, casinos will be opening. Unfortunately, a lot of the buffets are closed. But I feel safe. It’s definitely a good time. I know a lot of the workers are happy. They’re happy with whatever capacity is coming their way.” […] ‘You also mentioned Taylor Green, she got stripped of her committee posts, as well she should have.’ […] ‘She’s definitely a conspiracy theorist! […] LISTEN UP, PEOPLE. THIS IS MCCARTHYISM ATTACKING THE RIGHT, INSTEAD OF THE LEFT. BUT IT’S STILL MCCARTHYISM. AND KAMALA TALKS TO THIS SICOPHANT LIKE A NARCISSISTIC ABUSER, IN THE LOVE-BOMBING PHASE, with all of the giggling and flippant demeanor, all cavalier. “Because I know I can be that change agent, that can stop people like her.” ‘But I have to go now.” [giggles] “But I miss you guys.” (i.e., you tin-foil hat Pacifica people) […] The WBAI host kind of went off on a tangent; and VP Kamala Harris, seemed to be taken aback for a second. “I’m always mesmerized when I come because it’s so beautiful.” “Thank you, very much, Kamala,” gushed the WBAI host. “I’m stuck with this WBAI family,” he said, ingratiating himself with the VP. […] 13:39 PST, “Don’t miss me too much, guys! [giggles, as she hangs up] ” […] Oh, wow. Those of us, who grew up in the Bay Area, who remember hearing Kamala Harris all the time on Davey D’s Hard Knock Radio and elsewhere, can see just how much she has changed. It’s a trip. She’s like off in la-la-land. There seems to be absolutely no seriousness of purpose in her demeanor anymore. And it’s disappointing that the Pacifica Radio reporter or DJ didn’t ask Kamala Harris any tough questions, or any good questions, or any helpful questions. As a matter of fact, we don’t recall him asking her any questions. She just giggled and, then, side-busted the Pacifica radio listenership. Please rewind the tape and fact-check the reality. […] It sounded like the Kamala Harris sycophant was arguing with the younger bloke. “Instead of fighting with you, I’m going to play some more Bob Marley. We are celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday.” […] 1352 PST, ‘gun violence in Harlem, shooter at large’ […] 13:56 PST, reactionary rhetoric?

13:00 WPFW > […] 13:57 PST, music: dancehall […] soul/R&B [TW] […] ‘Navasha Daya on The Culture Shack. “The Liberation Song”, album tribute to Gil Scott Heron.

1412 KPFA judge not by Bob Marley

15:00 PST, KPFA > […] ‘all-day Bob Marley 76th birthday special. Bob wrote, Get Up, Stand Up, based on War’s “Slipping Into Darkness”, whilst on tour together?’ If so, that’s interesting. As War was lamenting that “The World Is A Ghetto” and we’re all “Slipping Into Darkness”. Bob was like, nah. “Get Up, Stand Up! Stand up for your rights!” […] 15:50, PST, ‘Then, the CIA asked Bob Marley to spy on others for them. Bob turned them down. Afterward, Bob recorded “Rat Race“, singing, Rasta don’t work for no CIA.” […] ‘There are people, who think there might be some tomfoolery because […]” “And I don’t wanna be the conspiracy theorist, but […]” “Whatever the case may be, he did end up meeting an early demise.”

16:00 PST, KPFA > Black Wall Street: “The single worst incident of racial violence in U.S. history.” ‘Black Wall Street’ […] Afrikan Jamal Davis(sp?), Amandala Collective’, voices that witnessed the Greenwood Massacre in Tulsa. […] 16:04 PST, “Ted Terry, how are you?”

TheCommonsSF.org […] P&F Forum, inspired by the events of January 6th, police “complicity, in certain cases”


$15 Minimum Wage by 2025 is Unacceptable” by Richard Medhurst, 6 FEB 2021.


Wolff Responds: The Real Reason Why Lockdowns against COVID-19 are Opposed” by RichardDWolff, 6 FEB 2021.

The only way we’ll buy this argument from Dr. Richard Wolff is he finally acknowledges the existence of modern monetary theory (MMT) and endorses Dr. Stephanie Kelton’s job guarantee program policy proposal. We don’t need the rich people’s money. We, the people, own the U.S. currency, which is public money for public purpose. We demand a debate between Dr. Wolff and Dr. L. Randall Wray (or Dr. Stephanie Kelton, if Dr. Wray is unavailable).


Vivaldi: Concerto for Violins and Strings in G Minor, Op. 8, No.2,R.315, ‘L’estate’, 1. Alegro…by Academy of the St. Martin’s in the Fields, 15 DEC 2018.


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