Has U.S. president #45 reignited a toxic culture war grassfire, which Biden’s ‘winds of change’ will fan into a raging fire underneath the arses of the semi-astro-turfed Trump loyalists? 

Opportunistic writers are cropping up now, cashing in on the trending topic of “gaslighting” and “narcissistic abuse, as Americans got a huge wake-up call for different reasons on January 6th. The reactive narcissism of #45 has people searching for answers. But, instead of helping aid understanding, this wave of pseudoscience mystifies the psychology by calling it “dark psychology” and “secret powers”, and other pseudo-scientific terms. Such writers cash in, at the expense of the public well-being, by marketing double-speak ‘psychological self-defense’ with the optional reading as how-to manuals teaching would-be narcissistic abusers the ‘skills’ of abuse. The choice is yours.

Will Biden’s provocation push the loyalists further into the trap of fascist ideation?

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—[Sunday, 31 JAN 2021]  Help us understand this, good people.  If we understand this correctly, U.S. president #45, through his toxic America First! (i.e., imperialist, white nationalist, anti-semitic, neo-nazi, proto-fascist), MAGA (“Make America Great Again) (i.e., imperialist, white Christian nationalist, racist, anti-semitic, fascist) agenda, basically re-kickstarted the American culture wars.

What have been the effects of four years of super white, super racist, white nationalist rhetoric for global politics, for international relations?

With which world leaders did president #45 favor, befriend, and ally himself?  Why those particular leaders?  What were the motivations?  And what about this allegation that Trump has been an American with compromised loyalties because a KGB agent claims the KGB has groomed Trump, as a “useful idiot” asset for decades?

Observers on Pacifica Radio, et al. have warned of the dangerous potential for Mr. Trump to return to the U.S. and world political stage with some sort of Patriot Party.  The inability, or unwillingness, of the Democrat Party to secure an indictment on the single article of impeachment against Mr. Trump is looking a lot like a set-up for letting him off the hook for his many crimes of state and crimes against humanity. This is another example of evidence.



If we, Americans, only ‘consume’ corporate media, instead of doing our own research, our thinking will continually be manipulated by evil corporations into unconsciously (or, worse, consciously) buying into more of the same.

For free speech, independent, non-partisan news, views, and information, download the Pacifica Radio app, and listen to the people’s  story, listen to working class perspectives, and grassroots news that tells our story from our point of view, from below, not from above, not from an evil, corporate perspective, which does not care about working class people, or the underclass, and which distorts the framing of reality to absolve neoliberalism and its beneficiaries, whilst blaming its victims.  This is textbook narcissistic abuse, an abuse whose abolition is long overdue.

Miscellaneous notes from a working class perspective…



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Paul Street: The Anatomy of Fascism Denial” by Refuse Fascism podcast


[31 JAN 2021]

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