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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Thursday,  January 28, 2021]  One of the main themes, around which activist energy in America has been coalescing, regardless of political compass positioning, is opposition to something called neoliberalism.  But the word simply befuddles Americans.  We know it’s something bad; but we just can’t really tell people what it is when asked.  Even smarty-pants NPR types will usually be stumped by this word.  Liberals, or centrists, of the Rachel Maddow variety, et al., seem uninterested in such big words, as do such audiences.  And I don’t know enough right-wing podcast types to gauge their working knowledge of neoliberalism.  A Trump loyalist neighbor told your author about a few of his favorites.  He’s just been too busy fighting for his family’s survival, and working hard, within stolen spare moments to jot down what he can to contribute to documenting the people’s narrative about the events of January 6th.  And every time he’s listened to right-wing radio in his pick-up truck, it makes his blood boil.  Liberals point to “social media” and “FOX News” and whatnot as a source of hate-mongering.  But all of these critics overlook the hate labs going on in almost every work truck and job site via smartphone podcasts.  America loves podcasts.  And you can find anything to suit your personal proclivities online, especially if you’re into 4chan and 5chan and whatnot.  It just so happens that the predominant American proclivities include the three evils Dr. King warned us about, and then some, militarism, imperialism, racism, narcissism, materialism, capitalism.  Confirmation bias abounds, as working class Americans of all ethnicities consume disinformation and misinformation via hate-mongering and “alt-right” or proto-fascist influencers.  It is difficult for many of us to fathom that such evil is allowed on the airwaves, not because it should be made illegal by the state, but because it should have been made illegal by common sense, by moral outrage, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s and Malcolm X’s great sermons, speeches, and prophecies, by the conscience of a moral nation.  But America didn’t listen, or didn’t care enough, or decided that the philosophies Martin and Malcolm were trying to teach us were bullshit.  White America had a better plan.  And America went along with it, including many people of color, who should have known better.  This is it.  But, again, perhaps, I haven’t heard enough right-wing radio to fully understand their humanity, or lack thereof, with all due respect.  But I expect right-wing radio and right-wing podcast types to be no more informed than the NPR types or corporate media types.

Oh, no; to understand neoliberalism, perhaps, we must consult serious intellectuals, who live and breathe this stuff, not the people who only take the occasional visit to the land of intellect via a random NPR soundbite when they take a trip through the Starbucks drive-through in their Priuses.  But, even then, there is a lot of debate about just what neoliberalism is, when you really ask someone to define neoliberalism.  We struggle to articulate what this evil is, this evil known as neoliberalism.  It is so evil, it even escapes definition.  No wonder economics is every student’s least favorite subject.  Neoclassical economists like it this way.  Don’t they?  Restricting the study of economics to only neoclassical perspectives and topics bores young students and drives away any would-be critics of the discipline of economics.

Wikipedia has a pretty good definition of neoliberalism.  But, unless you have a degree in economics from a heterodox university economics department (which your author does), then one may not be sure, if one can trust a given Wikipedia article.  We should always keep in mind the fact that Wikipedia, while better than most other encyclopedias, is still subject to editorial bias.  The point is to use it as a reference to point to other secondary and primary sources.  But, even then, we don’t know if we understand the bias of each of those sources, even official or academic institutions.  Please correct us, if you disagree. 

“David Harvey Defines Neoliberalism” by Left Out (Democracy At Work), 21 JAN 2018

The truth is most U.S. economics departments are neoclassical in their ideological orientation, which means they leave out or marginalize new or alternative economic perspectives. The humanity and history is essentially erased from the discipline of economics; and the best attempts are made by the existing dominant U.S. neoliberal culture to transform the subject of economics into a sterile math class, disconnected from current events, disconnected from politics and political science, and disconnected from humanity.  Economics can never end involuntary unemployment; and working class people must be taxed to pay for government spending…  Workers must be happy with their lot in life and just go away and be quiet…  That is the political propaganda line of neoclassical economics; but it is unspoken.  Only a few heterodox economics departments teach neoclassical economics plus all the other stuff, which is usually left out (e.g., Marxian, Institutional, Post-Keynesian, MMT, etc).  The University of Missouri-Kansas City,  the New School in NY, Boston U Mass, are a few examples. 

This distinction in the field of economics is important for people to understand, if they are interested in understanding economics.  And we must have some grasp of economics, if we are to properly understand our society.  And, of course, we must properly understand our society, if we hope to change it for the better.  Many people are passionate about making the world better, and they cite neoliberalism as a problem, but are unable to articulate what it is.  So, let’s read on and learn more, especially from Dr. David Harvey, one of the world’s leading experts on the subject.

“2 David Harvey The History of Neoliberalism” (c. February 2011) by isasociotube, posted 11 MAY 2017.

The rough and tumble definition of neoliberalism we will offer, on the fly, is, basically, privatization.  We’re happy to adopt a better synonym.  It’s not just the evil of capitalism; but it is the evil of capitalism plus privatization.  Economist Dr. Michael Hudson (UMKC) has long warned us about a toll-booth economy, where moneyed interests, pecuniary interests, have bought all of the public sector, monopolized it, and then price gouge the public with exorbitant rent.  This is the rentier class, a parasitic class.  Imagine the Golden Gate Bridge, built and paid for by the people, but captured by Mr. Money Bags, who now charges you through the nose to use his bridge for private profit with no public accountability.  Then, imagine that happening to everything, highways, sewers, water lines, schools, you get the idea.  When corporations and the ruling class own and rent everything, then, the neoliberal project will be complete. Then, we will have total corporate rule.  By then, ceremonial references to democratic process will have been completely abandoned by society.  The definition of fascism, many say, is corporate rule, the opposite of participatory democracy.

But the best definition of neoliberalism was laid out by Dr. David Harvey in his excellent book, A Brief History of Neoliberalism.  We must all do our best to understand these concepts, which Dr. David Harvey has labored greatly too many years ago to articulate for our collective benefit.  That way, the next time we hear a discussion, which touches upon this evil of neoliberalism, which so many people point to as the source of so much pain and suffering, then, we will be well-informed about what neoliberalism is and how to disarm it.  Imagine if we had paid attention and read his book when he first published it, or when we first heard about it on Pacifica Radio, and taken correct political action to avert the evils of neoliberalism.  Imagine!



Meanwhile, living in America gets harder and harder for working people… 

But we, workers of the world, find community on the free speech airwaves and free speech media around the world…

Together we pursue critical media literacy and freedom of information…

We support free speech Pacifica Radio; but there are many other emancipatory free speech networks out there.  Where do you get your free speech media?  Each one teach one… 

Let’s see what’s going on out there today…

Thursday, January 28, 2021

05:00 PST, KPFK > The Tom Hartman Show […] 05:43 PST, real talk [TP]. “Walter.”

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">05:00 PST, <strong><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.wpfwfm.org/radio/programming/archived-shows&quot; target="_blank">WPFW</a></strong><strong> </strong>> <em><strong>Democracy Now!  ></strong></em> Disappointing vaccine interview (See voice notes; transcribe.)05:00 PST, WPFW > Democracy Now!  > Disappointing vaccine interview (See voice notes; transcribe.)

<p class="has-text-align-center" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">https://youtu.be/-I2w_t86KLchttps://youtu.be/-I2w_t86KLc

<p class="has-text-align-center" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><em>Democracy Now! News Headlines for Thursday, 28 JAN 2021</em>Democracy Now! News Headlines for Thursday, 28 JAN 2021

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">05:00 PST, <strong>KPFA </strong>> <em><strong><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://kpfa.org/episode/rising-up-with-sonali-january-28-2021/&quot; target="_blank">Rising Up</a></strong></em><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://kpfa.org/episode/rising-up-with-sonali-january-28-2021/&quot; target="_blank"> with </a><strong><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://kpfa.org/episode/rising-up-with-sonali-january-28-2021/&quot; target="_blank">Sonali Kolhatkar</a></strong> > 05:47 PST, […] 05:54 PST, Spokesperson, "Jennifer" said 'Community Change has been working with the Biden/Harris administration. Let's see what happens. But many of us expect neoliberalism, as usual. Wealth gets further concentrated in fewer hands; and working class people are devalued, people of color are scapegoated, not unlike has happened in the past when people live in fear and failed states become authoritarian. […] > <em>News Headlines </em>[TP]05:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > 05:47 PST, […] 05:54 PST, Spokesperson, “Jennifer” said ‘Community Change has been working with the Biden/Harris administration. Let’s see what happens. But many of us expect neoliberalism, as usual. Wealth gets further concentrated in fewer hands; and working class people are devalued, people of color are scapegoated, not unlike has happened in the past when people live in fear and failed states become authoritarian. […] > News Headlines [TP]

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">06:00 PST, <strong>KPFA</strong> > <em><strong><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://kpfa.org/episode/democracy-now-january-28-2021/&quot; target="_blank">Democracy Now!</a></strong></em> > There are 'race-targeting' coronavirus variants? […] Proud Boy leader guy was a cop informant. [TP]06:00 PST, KPFA > Democracy Now! > There are ‘race-targeting’ coronavirus variants? […] Proud Boy leader guy was a cop informant. [TP]

06:00 PST, WPFW > […] 06:16 PST, [TP]  politics of friendship. teaching.  organizing. What list of things are we committed to? […] Peasants have more to teach us, than w3 proles ir lumpen can. […] ‘comics are a 3rd thing’ said Bill ayers. ‘mike will help us out with some bob dylan.acoustic. solo. Subterranean homesick vlues […] “James Forman”  […]  06:54 PST, ‘If you think that my lane is narrow,’ said MLK, ‘than you don’t know me; and you don’t know what I’m fighting for.’  06.55 PST, music; local announcements.

06:00 PST, WBAI > Equal Rights and Justice > […] 06:56 PST, real talk. “Marcia Newfield” “Matt Weinstein” ‘MoveTheMoney resolution 747. Mimi Rosenberg(sp?) [TP] 

07:00 PST, WBAI > Folk Radio, airs Thursdays at 22:00 PST, folk music, NYC to Appalachia and around the world. > Up next, a rerun of “Brent Michael Phillips” with his ‘Awakening Dynamics System’, instead of Dave Zirin’s The Collision, sports from a ‘political’ perspective.

07:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > digital feed = dead air […] 07:03 PST,

07:00 PST, KPFT > digital feed = dead air […] 07:04 PST,

07:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK (simulcast) > […] 07:05 PST, KPFA News Headlines > on the 6th, etc. [TP] […] 07:09 PST, BET reports on “economics” and government “data dumps”, basically recent statistics from official sources.  Also, BET chats with Doug Henwood (Behind the News) about the small investor revanchist maneuver to outfox the large hedge funds, which were manipulating the price of Game Stop stock, betting that it would fail.  But small investors fought back.  At least, that was our understanding last night from what my family heard on NPR at home and we heard on Pacifica Radio and elsewhere at Lumpenproletariat.  But Doug Henwood tends to provide details on these types of human dramas with respectable accuracy. [TP] […] > KPFA News Headlines > Max Pringle > 07:33 PST, Prop 22 passed with millions from big tech […] right to form legally recognized unions […] Albertsons has replaced workers with ‘Door Dash'(?) workersm 07:35, interview with labor expert woman, on this “the most dangerous labor law“, which pays workers “by the piece”.  WTF!?  This is going back to peasant piece-meal work, only now “algorithms” will be computerized slave-driving.  This is some of the worst labor news we’ve heard at Lumpenproletariat in a long time.  The machine problem comes to mind.  Economists as far back as David Ricardo have long known that automation, robotics, computers, apps, and digital technology, and so on, would all lead toward the loss of jobs.  Outsourcing jobs by greedy neoliberal policies only accelerated this march toward mass unemployment. Accurate and reliable economists, such as Dr. Stephanie Kelton, have long admitted that the problem is not a profligate work force, but a lack of jobs.  Anyone in the ghetto can tell you that.  Anyone suffering economic pain, or even economic discomfort, could tell you that.  Dr. Martin Luther King identified the lack of jobs as a central crisis in America, since his time.  Marginalized poverty has always flared up in times of crisis, as desperate social pleas of the body politic crying out for help.  This is when we see social pathology. We demand democracy at work.  […]  07:44 PST, how app lords enslave workers with their scam algorithms… […] agism and abilism and discriminatory practices in covid responses […] 08:15 PST,

“Yannis Varoufakis with Russell Brand: The Working Class vs Social Justice Warriors” by DiEM25

08:00 PST, WBAI & WPFW (simulcast) > […] talk. real talk. topics: U.S. imperialism. Mexico, ‘war on drugs’, U.S. weapon sales to Mexican anti-drug forces. [TP] Sig Sauer. Colt. Legal commercial contracts. Also black markets. Graphs and maps are discussed.  U.S. gun sales correlates to, or causes, increased gun violence in Mexico.  0825, topic transition. ‘Thank you so much, John. Why are some countries so persecuted by the U.S.?  The U.S. opposes socialism and communism and ‘seeks to dictate development.’ “The habit of anti-communist […] is embedded” in the United States. Virtual Delegations Colombia (cf. Code Pink on YouTube).

08:00 PST, KPFK > Democracy Now! > […] anti-science guy is wrong, if he thinks suspicions on the part of people of color are unfounded.  The untold history of the United States must be understood by white people, not just people of color.  Eugenics, the Tuskegee experiments, Nazi influences in U.S. government and ruling classes, are all red flags. (See voice notes; transcribe)

0800 PST, KPFA > UpFront > [TP] […] ‘anti-protest legislation’, a big red flag, people. 1st amendment. [TP] > 08:50 PST, on the plight of prisoners facing COVID-19 infections with little to no support, only inhumane treatment. Action on Sunday, see FB page, JusticeForMuhammad(?)

09:00 – 10:00 PST, WBAI > The Gary Null Show > […]  Ralph Berrick(sp?) ‘used genetic engineering to modify a SARS-like virus, which can jump from bats to humans?  09:29 PST, RB and Sheezan Lee(sp?) worked together on Eco-Health Alliance, gets money from Fauci’s group, but much more from DOD, and a program called Threat Reduction Agency to take old biological weapons from the Soviet Union […]  ‘may be violating the biological weapons Convention’ […] 09:31 […] “gain of function research” US DOD is the only group, who could’ve created that form of weaponized anthrax,’ said expert research woman. […] > Yes, some of us at Lumpenproletariat, worked with Abby Martin at Media Roots.  And we reported about weaponized anthrax as well as the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, where envelopes with anthrax were mailed or delivered to members of Congress. Some observers pointed out that the anthrax attacks served to further shock, already shocked post-9/11 congress members, into going along uncritically with the PATRIOT Act. > Gary Null Show was cut off, and WBAI news headlines took over. So, there may be an extended length version of the interview available on Gary Null’s website or another outlet.

10:00 PST, WBAI > Leonard Lopate at Large > interview about the history of U.S. Southern slavery.

10:00 PST, WPFW > 10:04 PST, talk; labor. [TP] “at-will” policies will take us back to the days of peonage. 10:06 PST, “Ed Smith.”  ‘That’s an excellent point you made, “Rich.” “Schedule F” […] 10:14 PST,

10:00 – 11:00 PST, KPFA & KPFK (simulcast) > Letters and Politics > “uncertainties of the pandemic” […] 10:19 PST, the voice sounds like that of economist Joseph Stiglitz. Let’s see if your author can guess a random speaker’s voice. 10:20 PST, Host Mitch Jeserich mentioned narcissism of the American body politic, ‘turning inward’.  10:23 PST, just checked online to get a hyperlink for you all and—-drumroll, please!—-the voice was Joseph Stiglitz!  How many of you lumpenproletarians and proletarians got that right?  Just me?  Oh, yes, seriousness of purpose.  Yes.  […] > Mark Kent (Public Citizen) on Mr. Biden’s slew of executive orders. […] 10:47 PST. “yo-,yo polcies” […] We didn’t really get to listen to this segment.  We shall, as time constraints allow, in order to learn, critique, and grow.  Solidarity.

Continue reading at Tampa Bay Time…

11:00 PST, KPFA > The Talkies > 1. Some news:  Prof. George Yancy(?) and woman co-guest on air.  “The Q-Anon supporters still think Trump has some tricks up his sleeve”…  ‘MTG(?), Q-Anon congress lady’ [TP] Also, Black Agenda Report and more. […] 11:10 PST, Prof. George Yancy(?l on his new Truthout article. [TP] 11:18 PST, Excellent analysis from the professor. We would just raise our hands in class and say, brown people can speak to all of that, too.  Ask Richard Rodriguez.  Ask the lumpenproletariat. Ask @LumpenProles.  Ask the Robruken podcast host. […] “the centrality of love” […] “the pedagogy of teaching dangerously”.  Indeed.  All of us persecuted teachers can speak to that, too.  Just ask us about it.  We’ll learn about non-disclosure clauses together. […] Yes, some of us people of color have “internalized the white gaze” > Poet Raymond Nat Turner (Black Agenda Report).  Interesting. Nice poetry.  Confusing banter.  But it was nice to hear a fellow Pacifica Radio listener of color share collective historical memory of shared experiences of our global Pacifica Radio listening community.  Some of us have been listening since we were kids.  Solidarity.

11:00 PST, WPFW > […] 11:25 PST, talk; human interest. “my degree is in design”

11:00 PST, WBAI > […] 11:28 PST, talk; health. “Take Charge of Your Health”

11:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 11:30 PST, app digital feed = dead air. […]  13:47 PST, music; R&B; lascivious lyrics.

11:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > […] 11:31 PST, music; “I Call Your Name” by Switch.  But then I switched away and came back to find dead air. […] 11:32 PST, dead air.

11:00 PST, KPFK > […] 11:33 PST, piano playing in eastern modes, perhaps Dorian mode or Phrygian mode. “It’s sort of a like a capo on a guitar, which allows the piano to play microtones and, thus, play various modes.  Nice.  Be sure to study your musicianship as well as your harmony, good people.

12:00 PST, KPFA > Behind the News with Doug Henwood > Climate activist + some bloke on Leo Panitch, who died last month.  That’s truly terrible news.  RIP Leo Panitch. [TP] > Climate activist: “Kalamazoo”, ‘a big oil spill there’  “James Hansen” “Alberta”, Canada. […] > [TP] Chris Maisano (Jacobin) on Leo Panitch.  […]  12:34 PST, ‘Leo, in the post-Marxist crowd warned against sociological reductionism, eg, critique of Hobsbawm. […] “class formation” “trade unions”.  party politics. […]  Americans must realize the importance of these sorts of well-informed discussions about labor, activism, politics, and the working classes. Henwood balked at the Democrat Party.  Oh, come, come, now, Doug.  We mustn’t be so polite. Let ’em have it, for crying out loud. The Democrat Party has no legitimacy, especially not in the context of a Jacobin discussion.  Then, someone shifted the discussion to British party politics. We working class Americans love learning about British party politics, as we can learn much from their experiences. But don’t change the subject to take the corrupt Democrat Party, or the two-party dictatorship, off the hook.  Kris Welch, Mitch Jeserich, BET, and their cronies already do that at KPFA.  Please don’t join them in their Democrat Party apologia.

12:00 PST, WPFW > […] 12:10 PST, music; jazz/Latin; Swing Out Sister? […] 12:58 PST, News Headlines

12:00 PST, WBAI > Resistance Radio >  talk.  topics: indigenous rights; First Nations people rights; two-party dictatorship.  “There was no intent to have this enforced against Native American people.”  ‘So, this was a policy, which came down straight from the executive branch. And the crazy part is some people have paid this.”  “Jody Gillette(sp?)”  ‘The Senate Commission had $230,000 [swiped] from the [?]  Interesting discussion. 12:14 PST, ‘It shows a clear pattern by the Obama/Biden administrations that they don’t keep their word.’ […] real talk. […] 12:25 PST, This discussion must be highlighted by Pacifica Radio and all people of conscience and good faith.  […] on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the evil U.S. approach to disregarding indigenous sovereignty.

12:00 – 13:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 12:30 PST, app feed = dead air. […] 13:04 PST, app feed = dead air.

12:00 – 13:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > […] 12:31 PST, app feed = dead air. […] 13:05 PST, app feed = dead air.

12:00 PST, KPFK > […] 12:32 PST, music; piano; classical.

13:00 PST, WPFW > talk. topics: local arts programs, musicianship grants, etc. […] 13:44 PST, music; jazz (female vocal)

13:00 PST, WBAI > […]  13;02 PST, music; jazz; raw. […]  13:45 PST, WBAI Emergency Fund Drive.  Please Support Free Speech Radio.  Get Gary Null’s “Nitric Cell Stuff” with nitric oxide product to help your blood flow, to avoid blood clogging up, which is not healthy.  Those of us into natural bodybuilding can attest to getting an awesome pump in the gym when we eat plenty of nitric oxide.  Many of us have no health care, disciplined devotion to fitness and self-education is our only health care system.

13:00 PST, KPFK > talk.  topic: astrology?  […]  13:04 PST, “I was wondering if you could go into the history of astrology.”  ‘How it started was the shepherds would tend to their sheep. And they would start taking notes of the night sky…’

13:00 PST, KPFA > Richard Wolinsky interview with author of Squeeze Me.  ‘Novels are selfish; the primary audience of a writer is onself, to avoid going mad, to have an outlet.’ Indeed.  Some of us have had this nearly uncontrollable drive to write since we were children.  […]  author of Squeeze Me, a satirical book on Mr. Trump, the village idiot of the American ruling class, who proved to be a loose cannon, of which the American deep state lost control.  For the time being, it seems Mr. Trump and the American deep state have kissed and made up.  So, the servants of the American deep state in Congress seemed to have agreed to handle Mr. Trump with kid gloves in the hopes he’ll still be a viable asset for 2024.  Oy vey.  We hope such suspicions prove unfounded. […] 13:22 PST, Richard Wolinsky expressed surprise that Cubans voted for Trump.  Really?  I guess he doesn’t feel the heat of being an outspoken person on the left.  Being a liberal comes with many privileges.  Indeed.  Blissful ignorance is one such privilege, or curse.  I, too, voted Democrat once.  Once.  I was dang near a teenager when I voted for Bill Clinton.  What was your excuse?  Soon after that, a nice young woman from Half Moon Bay with a hippie vibe taught me about Ralph Nader and the Green Party.  Alternatives exist.  If they don’t, let’s create them.  Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat (or Republican) because two-party systems are antidemocratic.  […]  Truth be told, we appreciate Richard Wolinsky’s depth of literary discussion.  We just wish we didn’t feel so bourgeois and icky afterwards. […] 13:31 PST, That’s awesome; we can totally relate.  We are never satisfied with out writing.  “You’re not smiling when you’re writing. You’re as grim as you can be.”  Indeed.  But we would never publish anything, if we kept refining these words. […] 13:33 PST, “Karl Hyacin(sp?)”, author of Squeeze Me.  “The Bay Area is one of the best—it’s like a Mecca for writers. We love going out there.”  See Area 941 at KPFA.org for extended podcast version of this interview. > 13:35 PST, NEXT interview with a woman with a foreign accent.

13:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > […] 13:52 PST, dead air.  13:54 PST, dead air.

14:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > talk; music. “Dar Williams”

14:00 PST, KPFK > […]  14:05 PST, talk. book. climate change. “Lake Michigan”, ‘and now human waste flows away from Lake Michigan”

14:00 PST, KPFA > coyote white lady…

14:00 PST, WPFW > Clearing the Fog > […]  [TP] 14:08 PST, real talk. topics: PopularResistance.org; Alabama prison strikes; failure to protect U.S. prisoners from COVID-19.   ‘one-in-five U.S. prisoners has been infected with COVID-19’ > Julian Assange, hearing began at about 4am… Day of Action, Monday January [23rd?]  In USA, and elsewhere, please help “correct misinformation” around the case.  Pressure president to pardon Assange.  Press new members of congress.  Espionage Act is outdated, goes against First Amendment, must be repelled. ‘January 6th, Proud Boys will return to DC.’ [Hm. THIS MUST BE A RERUN.)  […] 14:20 PST, sounds like DJ “Ajamu”(sp?) cut off that excellent rebroadcast to give our nervous systems a break from all the heavy politics and whatnot with some chill neosoul.  Let’s go. […] “you always answer my calls” […] 14:30 PST, drum & bass chill neo-soul female vocal 14:31 PST, “I let it ride”.  Let’s Google that phrase. Oh, it’s Norah Jones. […] Sounds like Erykah Badu.  Yup.  […]  14:54 PST, “no worries ‘cos I’m here; now, you can breathe…I got worries…”

Robert Glasper Experiment with Norah Jones – “Let It Ride”


Erykah Badu – “Afro Blue”


Robert Glasper with Emeli Sandé


15:00 PST, WBAI > music: flute; funk; soul. Previous show: Driving Forces. Next: WBAI Evening News > Covid, nursing homes, police reform, etc. [TP]  ‘N.Y. Attorney General James, officials, et al question how statisticians could have under-counted nursing home covid infections’, reported news anchor. If only he would’ve reminded the audience that recently Democracy Now! recently reported that a statistician whistle-blower’s home was assaulted in a pre-dawn raid.  In police state fashion, armed thugs acting on behalf of the state ransacked her home, held her kids at gunpoint, and took all of her digital devices, hard drives, and flash drives, even digital devices, without wireless communication capability.  Why is that not a drumbeat story?  Why is the Assange trial not a drumbeat story? […] 15:08 PST, […]  >  15:48 PST, real talk. topics: immigration rights; ICE has violated the rule of law and human rights; Trump admin is like Obama admin. […]  Biden plan looks like Bernie’s plan(?)

15:00 PST, KPFT [HD2] > […] 15:09 PST, talk. topic: philosophy; “the soul”, “truth”, “value”, etc. ‘My position is “hylomorphism, Aristotle’s position, which is the position that I hold. So, I reject that there are two substances.’, etc. ‘For example, today is Martin Luther King day…’

15:00 PST, KPFT > […] 15:14 PST, app feed = dead air.

15:00 PST, KPFK > Living in the USA > [TP] the 6th.  Radio show formerly called Trump Watch(?) […] 15:16 PST,

15:00 PST, KPFA > Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar > talk. topics: labor rights, Democrat party politics; etc.  […]  15:22 PST, The New Deal was never meant to be sincere. Workers got a taste, then bosses fought back. And that lit a fire under workers asses.  The USA then saw a strike wave, which is usually where economist Prof. Richard Wolff’s narrative usually begins.  Labor said to FDR, hey, you better do something or else we don’t know what the workers will do.  Well, it was a mass strike wave going on across the USA at the time.  So, then, and only then, did FDR come through with the New Deal that we now know.  Of course, New Deal or not, capital fought back hard since Reaganomics, austerity, and neoliberalism.  For most workers, it’s,  literally, illegal for workers to go on strike, if they need to do so in order to work for a decent wage. […]  15:29 PST, “sectoral bargaining model” ‘the NLRB framework is way too high stakes’ ‘every workplace needs a gov’t, but most of them are dictatorships. We need more constitutional monarchies.’ […] 15:31 PST, Mumia Abu Jamal. [TP]  book with foreword by Angela DavisSteven Victoria(sp?), co-author of Murder Incorporated with U.S. political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, a journalist, author, and black freedom fighter, we would say, on a similar spiritual plane as someone like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; Malcolm X; or Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.  […]  15:36 PST, ‘We talk about the media’s ability to manufacture consent on many levels.  Cf. Amy Goodman, Howars Zinn, Stanton Lindon(?), et al.  […]  15:38 PST, Oh, the gall of some people.  Kolhatkar excoriated journalists, who are fine critiquing other nations, but then are loath to critique the USA.  It’s as if she’s taunting her critics because that dynamic, which she just complained about, is the exact double standard, which she engages in when she fails to critique the Democrat Party or the two-party dictatorship. Kolhatkar and her cronies, including similar Dem apologists at KPFA, such as Kris Welch, Mitch Jeserich, Brian Edwards- Tiekert, and Philip Maldari (although he’s less active these days, only his weekend show, perhaps).  But this whole argument Kolhatkar levelled is true about her and her faction’s Democrat Party apologism, which leads to suppression of left perspectives, which are critical of current events involving the Democrat Party politics. […]  15:44 PST,

15:00 PST, WPFW > […] 15:18 PST, talk. topics: strategies for writing a dissertation. You Must Learn(?)  […]  15:45 PST, “to balance out that educational equity” […] real talk “compensatory education funding” […] 15:46 PST, “low-income communities” “forms of oppression on top of the pandemic”

16:00 PST, KPFA > KPFA News Headlines > (see voice notes: Pelosi’s fear mongering about “the enemy within” […] people are “questioning the validity of school shootings”(?) > 16:06 PST, Davey D interview with a young black woman about ADOS, “African descendants of slaves”. [TP] ‘It was using the issue of reparations as a wedge issue against immigrants’

16:30 PST, KPFA > Hard Knock Radio [continued from 16:00 PST] “ADOS” “members of 4Chan” et al “viewed this as a way to manipulate black thought” […] “Gemma(sp?)” […] [TP] > 16:45 PST, Poor News Network > interview with hunger striker Jamal Johnson SKU, “Stop Killing Us” […] “SF Bayview” “Many are operated by Geo Group.”

16:00 PST, KPFK > […] “protecting wars of aggression in almost every continent” “This chapter, Sonali, is such an indictment of SCOTUS” […] “William O’Douglas” ‘was he perfect? Of course not. It doesn’t have to be the clowns in there now.’ ‘Steven’ his book is subtitled Perfecting Tyranny. This is interview three with Steven.

17:00 PST, WPFW > […] 17:39 PST, Jazz Masters > Remembering Frank Kimbrough. Subtle Monk vibes, Bill Evans, Vince Guaraldi, et al.

17:00 PST, KPFA > Flashpoints > […] 17:58 PST, Mike Biggs outro. > local announcements

18:00 PST, KPFA > The Pacifica Evening News with Mark Mericle > COVID-19; Biden; “Democrats in Congress Reject the Republican effort to”; Pelosi, we need more money to fight the “enemy within“; CA reports 2nd highest COVID-19 infection rate; new variants; China; Biden’s cljmate plan & Sacramento’s climate plan; and more. […] 18:07 PST, Mitch McConnell: ‘Biden can’t govern by executive order, unless you’re a dictator’? Of course, Republicans started abusing executive orders since Bush II. As Ralph Nader has long held, ‘It’s a two-party dictatorship.’ […] 18:12 PST, ‘Dems are gonna go it alone, which is great for the Dem agenda, but perhaps a setback for the American agenda. It seems Biden is determined to create further division, or to further alienate the motley alliance of Trump loyalists. […] ‘Biden was behaving like a benevolent dictator? […] 18:15 PST, ‘tensions between Democrats and Republicans in the nation’s capitol over security policies’ ‘Green(sp?) is a Trump loyalist.’ Pelosi statement. […] [TP] Kristina Aanestad. Critique of Green(sp?), who supports “debunked” myth about pedophilia. Wait. What? Pedophilia debunked? What about the whole Epstein scandal? What about the Bill Clinton scandal at Epstein’s pleasure island? […] Pelosi is gaslighting the American public to expand the national security state. Cf. The Grayzone. […] [TP] 18:23 PST, Mark Mericle. 18:29 PST, Blue Shield gets California contract for COVID-19 admin; and Kaiser got a cut of the action for some unspecified reason. […] On how to get COVID-19 vaccines to California formworkers… “Mendota” “Fresno County” “[…] and make sure they [the workers] have all the information they need”. Yeah, right. Cf. Dr. Bikman’s Why We Get Sick; also Gary Null […] 18:40 PST, ‘the killing of Andre Hill‘ ‘Quinlan’ […] 18:49 PST, neoliberal state decided to recognize Native American/indigenous sovereignty, but only to allow [oil extraction?] to the detriment of indigenous people and the benefit of corporate interests. […] GameStop stock story of small investor self-defense against big predatory hedge fund investors. Now that small investors fight back, now regulators take action, like the keystone cops, who show up at the end of the movie, after the protagonists beat back the antagonists. Let’s just hope the regulators don’t create more problems for small investors than they solve. […] RIP Cicely Tyson.

Cicely Tyson (1924-2021) died today, Thursday afternoon, 28 JAN 2021

18:00 PST, KPFT [Houston] > talk. human interest.

19:00 PST, KPFA > APEX Express > talk. activism. […] 19:17 PST, “Sarah Eagle Heart, Ogallala-Lakota (Return of the Heart Foundation)

20:00 PST, KPFK [L.A.] > talk; topic: housing rights; immigrant rights; renters rights; covid discrimination; etc. español. entrevista sobre el COVID-19, la pandemia, y los derechos de imigrantes. […] hombre: “los dueñod se aprovechan” ‘les importa mas el dinero que una vida humana’ […] mujer: “es una injusticia” “ellos lo que hacen es van tocando puertas diciendo que se tiene que salir uno” […] hombre: ‘tambien la oficina Sinclair’ “Si no hay trabajo, no hoy dinero” […] hombre #2: ‘companías de mantenimiento’ […] On the real, though, these Spanish-speaking folks sound like our brown aunties and uncles and cousins and parents. It’s not every day we get to hear people that sound like our brown parents from Mexico and Latin America like this, in a long format, working class, rank and file workers. Even my parents’ Telemundo and Univision doesn’t do this. We tried to play them TeleSur during the aftermath of the events of January 6th. And they were, like, nah. Oy vey. […] 20:49 PST, ‘Y ahora que sigue? Pues a luchar hasta el final.’ […] 20:50 PST, unidentified ‘Pinkertons’ stalking and intimidating immigrant renters and residents in “Westlake” […] señora, ultimas palabras? ‘Pues, que no se queden callados. Y que nos apollen.’ cf. umden.org cf. United Neighborhood Defense Movement. > 20:56 PST, “Exigimos”, rock en español.

“Exigimos” by DOCTOR Krapula, 11 OCT 2012

21:00 PST, KPFK [L.A.] > Nuestra Voz > programacion en español.

Thank you for reading Lumpenproletariat. This is my journal, the journal of one of your Californian native sons, recovering lumpenproletarians, which is to say, becoming proletarians, workers for peace and freedom. These are our rough notes for future scholarship and discussion. Hit us up at the Robruken podcast. Solidarity.


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