LUMPENPROLETARIAT-—“Character matters,” Dr. George Simon.



The nation is still on edge, most until the 20th, until the peaceful transfer of power. I suspect many white people will feel a great sense of ease at that point. But I suspect many black people, many brown people, many people of color will not feel at ease until #45 and the system of white supremacy, which is maturing into a system of white nationalism, is under arrest, instead of under a trance emanating from all three branches of government. We’re counting the days.

Like James Baldwin, I am not speaking to you as a representative of any group. I am speaking to you, America, as nothing more “than a poet that you produced.” I speak only for myself and the convictions of my human spirit. But humanity comes together around humane principles. At that time, we speak for humanity. At this historical moment, the zeitgeist will coalesce around the convictions of the courageous, free speech, and the worldly shame of the lumpenproletariat.

We are responsible for our own freedom; we are not begging for it… [It is our job to take it.] The only thing worse than being a black man in America is being a white man in America. Segregation doesn’t mean I am segregated. You are. We all are!”

James Baldwin

Now that they don’t need us anymore, they’re gonna kill us all off.

James Baldwin

And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard; It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall

Bob Dylan

Let’s pay attention to voices of reason and meditate deeply on how our nation has arrived to this point. What do you do for self-improvement? What do we do for self-improvement? Do we reflect? Do we think of others? Let’s listen to one another. We are not afraid to listen to the truth.

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07:00 PST, WBAI > “special edition of Building Bridges” Intro: “So What” by Miles Davis Quintet > James Baldwin, 2-hour special. Baldwin spoke for his times. Does he speak for ours? [TP] […] 07:31 PST, ‘holding up the mirror to white supremacy’ […] debate with William F. Buckley. […] 07:37 PST, ‘for calling it out for what it is: fascism’ (Earlier she corroborated my thesis that racism is rooted in narcissism. Yes! We are all starting to see the psychological mechanics of racism. She also mentioned a couple or other elements, a ‘loneliness of the spirit’. Read Fanon. Read Baldwin. Read Malcolm. Read Che. Read truth-tellers.) What a stirring and impassioned speech she gave.

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07:00 PST, KPFA > […] 07:49 PST, “Silence is not an option.” Tues jan 19 martin Luther King humanitarian award contra costa county […] “I want to thank all of our first-responders.” Thank our delivery drivers, our ag workers, our construction workers, our landscapers, our military. We thank all Americans for looking out for one another. We are still in a pandemic, worse off than at the worst peak last year. 07:53 PST, Its time to pray for peace and understanding. Chapter 7, Verse 14. Let us pray to be able to agree to disagree, if we cannot agree. We are all still Americans. 07:54 PST, what a beautiful vibe this woman has… My new year’s resolution, she said, is to be a little kinder. Me, too. (My new year’s resolution is to be more consistent in the gym, too, and with martial arts training, and to meditate more.) “Be a little kinder and extend a little more grace.” Yes, indeed.

[These are my raw notes. I will expand and edit, as time constraints allow. TP = transcript pending volunteer labor. Please help transcribe breaking news and information. It’s urgent that we document the people’s narrative of the events of January 6th and the aftermath of American social relations. Please, also monitor corporate media and right-wing media, too. Solidarity.]

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