LUMPENPROLETARIAT—As the United States looks increasingly like a failed state to many observers, who have been paying close attention to the news in the last few years and decades, writers and authors, such as journalist and educator Chris Hedges, author and educator Naomi Klein, linguist, educator, and political analysis authority Noam Chomsky, author Naomi Wolf, et al. seem to have the strongest handle on the state of the nation at the current historical moment.  They also have the greatest willingness to speak honestly, among their contemporaries and public figures.

American Psychosis, a short documentary film, featuring Chris Hedges.

It’s sad to see our American economy falling apart and floundering; poverty and homelessness increasing; jobs dwindling; a race-baiting president, encouraging white nationalist and white supremacist groups; a rotting, antidemocratic Supreme Court; an antidemocratic electoral system; killer cops killing with impunity; cops raising the “thin blue line” flag, in reaction against Black Lives Matter; ICE losing/misplacing hundreds of parents of detained immigrant children; environmental destruction; climate change; and so on.

Perhaps, you don’t empathize with Black Lives Matter or the plight of immigrants and economic refugees or low-wage workers or non-white people or anyone outside of your immediate circle of trust.  Or, perhaps, you’re not racist, just too busy or self-absorbed to care.  Perhaps, you do care a lot, but are afraid to be outspoken.

Many Americans choose to ignore the ills of society or retreat to illusion and self-deception. A few Americans refuse and resist bullshit.  Meanwhile, our society is becoming increasingly fragile as Chris Hedges discussed in American Psychosis. Having lived in totalitarian societies as a foreign correspondent, Hedges says, he knows what the tinder of totalitarian fire looks like. And it’s here in America today. We just don’t know what spark will light the tinder.



[25 OCT 2020]

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