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LUMPENPROLETARIATPushback with Aaron Mate speaks to Dr. Gerald Horne about President Trump’s announced “1776 Commission” to modify school curriculums, especially around topics of the confederacy and slavery. This comes, as President Trump’s evolving dialectic with his electoral base has led to one of the most divided periods of U.S. history. Dr. Horne remarked:

Attorney General William Barr has suggested to U.S. attorneys that they consider sedition charges and conspiracy charges against Black Lives Matter activists.

Supposedly, he suggested that the mayor of Seattle be indicted for not cracking down sufficiently on the Black Lives Matter movement.



  • Channel:  The Grayzone
  • Program: Pushback with Aaron Matê, “Trump’s Patriotic Education whitewashes racist, imperial US history”
  • Date: 20 SEP 2020

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(c. 11:00) “[…] because 1776 was an apartheid project.”


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