I am backdating this to the date, I first encountered this information, such is the way I choose to organize this scrapbook project, we call Lumpenproletariat.org.

We seek wisdom, truth, and sincerely.

We seek to avoid deception, especially self-deception.

This article is a stub, dear readers. I will return to this to make it prettier, or to give it the time and consideration it deserves, as time constraints allow.

But, suffice it to say, my readers, include future versions of my self. But my readers also include friends and family and, especially, strangers.

There is so much I want to share with you all. I am smiling again! Yay!

Honestly, dear readers, I didn’t smile much, after I was laid off last year. I was on a certain path. And, then, things seemed bleak. Many of us lost our sources of community: the gym, the church, the AA or NA meetings, any way to cultivate community, and to also practice spiritual fitness. Now, I don’t believe in supernatural explanations for phenomena. But I do believe in people. And I believe we need each other.

Real quick, let me just say that writing has always been a passion of mine thanks to most of my English teachers. I remember them all. When nobody else believed in me, as a little brown lumpenproletarian, my English teachers always believed in me.

And what happened was: I found my flow state.

I’ll explain later, or watch Episode 2


[16 MAR 2021]

[Last modified on 16 MAR 2021]

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