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LUMPENPROLETARIAT   Snoop Dogg, perhaps one of the USA’s most famous (former) lumpen, is back with some heat for early 2017; and he’s puttin’ it down for the streets where Black Lives Matter, cops kill innocents with impunity, and President Trump is taking the nation to a new low (or high, depending on one’s perspective) in terms of the influence of the white supremacist ideology infecting government and the state.  Snoop’s latest vocal track comes to us in a new remix for “Lavender” taken from BadBadNotGood‘s 2016 studio album entitled IV.  This is some solid funk.  And the video seems to offer alternate endings for more or less sensitive audiences (or perhaps to avoid libel or DHS challenges to free speech).  And the sociopolitical consciousness reflected in Snoop’s lyricism is commendable.

Resident evil
It’s on video
And still they don’t believe you



Lavender” (2017, Nightfall remix) by BadBadNotGood (with Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg)


[10 MAR 2017]

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