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media rootsLUMPENPROLETARIAT—On this Memorial Day, we pause from the usual tradition of solemnly remembering our military workers, who have died while serving our nation’s, often imperialistic, military objectives.  Abby Martin has focused the latest episode of her current TV show Empire Files to remembering the abuses, which our military leadership has knowingly inflicted upon our loyal military workers. [1]  Rather than avoid placing our troops in harm’s way, too often our military leaders have intentionally endangered our military personnel for the sake of experimentation without informed consent.  This 31-minute documentary also explores how many of our military veterans are denied medical care, and essentially left to die, when their illnesses, cancers, and ailments threaten to expose military wrongdoing.

Abby Martin‘s narration concludes:

“America’s politicians and military commanders tell young men and women all over the country that if you sacrifice, if you obey our orders without question you’ll be taken care of.  The reality is they’re treated like nothing but disposable equipment.  And, when they ask for help for being poisoned, they are met with a brick wall of lies and denial.  With the largest military budget in world history, the U.S. government would rather invest billions to deny the science behind sick vets just to get out of paying meager benefits.

“As long as the corporate elite rule for profit over life, our loved ones will continue to be sacrificial pawns just to serve their interests.  For those in the military today, this history shows that, without a doubt, the orders given to you from your so-called leaders cannot be trusted.  And your life could depend on exercising your right to walk away from them.”


Used & Betrayed: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats” by Empire Files

MEDIA ROOTS—[27 MAY 2016]  On Memorial Day, politicians will speak at ceremonies all over the country and repeat their favorite mantra: “Support the troops.”

This pledge is hammered into the American psyche at every turn.  But there’s a hidden, dark history that shows that the politicians are in fact no friend to service members–but their greatest enemy.

An easy way to prove this is to look at how they so quickly betray and abandon their soldiers after purposely ruining their lives, and even after using them as literal lab rats.

In this disturbing chapter of The Empire Files, Abby Martin documents decades of experimentation on unwitting US troops—from nuclear tests to psychotropic drugs—as well as knowingly exposing them to deadly poisons, from Agent Orange to sarin gas.

Most infuriating is that the hundreds of thousands of veterans seeking help from the government for the side-effects of these tests are always met with lies and denial.  Be prepared to be armed with info and pissed off about how veterans are really treated in the US Empire.

Learn more at MEDIA ROOTS.


[1]  Abby Martin is the founder of Media Roots, an independent news, culture, and information website.  Your author used to work with Martin at Media Roots prior to her starting work on her now-defunct TV show for RT, Breaking The Set.  Abby Martin is currently the host of Empire Files broadcast on TeleSur.


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