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hard-knock-radioLUMPENPROLETARIAT—On today’s episode of Hard Knock Radio, Davey D gave us an news update from the political prisoner beat.  Sundiata Tate and colleague speak out about an upcoming event to honour slain political prisoner Hugo Pinell.  Listen here. [1]



HARD KNOCK RADIO—[22 APR 2016]  [intro by Anita Johnson]  “What’s up fam.  You are tuned to Hard Knock, here on the Pacifica [Radio] Network.  Up next:  the life and legacy of political prisoner, Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell.  All this, and more, ahead.  But first these news headlines.”

[News Headlines (read by Aileen Alfandary) omitted by scribe, including Prince Autopsy]

  • Climate Talks at United Nations; Paris Agreement; Oxfam says provisions are not enough to avert three degree celsius of warming
  • Prince:
    • AILEEN ALFANDARY:  “Minnesota authorities say police found no signs of suicide or obvious trauma in the death of music superstar, Prince.  But it could take weeks before autopsy results reveal how the groundbreaking performer died.  Carver County Sheriff Jim Olsen’s office is investigating the circumstances of his death.  Olsen said his office was among those responding to Prince’s residents [and] compound yesterday when the call came that he’d been found unresponsive.”
    • JIM OLSEN(?):  “There were no obvious signs of trauma on the body.  The body was transported to Dr. Strobel’s(sp?) office for an active autopsy.  Results from that autopsy may take

[Hard Knock Radio intro audio collage]  (c. 7:05)

[music break:  R&B/gospel/soul]

DAVEY D:  (c. 13:45)  “Davey D, hangin’ out wit’ you this afternoon.  One of the things, that we like to do on the show—we think it’s critically important—is to always bring attention to our freedom fighters, who wound up being what we now know as political prisoners.  It’s a term, that the United States refuses to acknowledge.  They refuse to acknowledge that they have political prisoners in this country.  But many of us, who are students of movements, and understand the sacrifices, that many of those who have stood on the front lines, they are really just that.

“We wanted to talk to Sundiata Tate, one of the San Quentin Six.  And I wanted to talk about the upcoming celebration and acknowledgement of the life of Hugo Pinell. [2]  And, so, how are you doing?”

SUNDIATA TATE:  “Well, I’m alive.  And  thankful ‘cos I’m doin’ okay.”

DAVEY D:  “I wanna just build on the concept, so that people can kind of understand the significance about political prisoners.  So, those who are fighting for freedom behind the lines, those who are making sacrifices; your thoughts; and what do you think people need to really hold close to their heart?”

SUNDIATA TATE:  “The sacrifices, that people make. [car honks in the background]  There are numerous brothers and sisters still incarcerated for actions, that they took back in the ’60s and’ 70s, some even in the ’80s, tryin’ to make a difference in this country, standin’ up and resistin’ the oppressor resisting police violence, resisting, and resisting.  And many of them, now, are old people.  They are elderly.  They are in their 70s.  Some are even close to 80.

“And many of them are dying inside.  They need to come home.  And I think that it’s important people realise that whatever rights they have today, people fought for black people to be free.

“Well, for brown people to have some rights in this country, to be able to stand up and be recognised fully as human beings—I think a lot of times young people don’t realise the sacrifices, that people made for them to have the life that they have now, which is not a perfect life by no means.”

DAVEY D:  “One of the things, that I think [..]  [SNIP]  ”  (c. 16:36)

[SNIP]  ”

[SNIP]  (c. 59:59) ”

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Two of The San Quentin Six – Occupy San Quentin 2/20/2012” by Alex Darocy


Conrad George Jackson Documentary“, details of the murder of George Jackson At San Quentin Prison in 1971


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[1]  Terrestrial radio transmission, 94.1 FM (KPFA, Berkeley, CA) with online simulcast and digital archiving:  Hard Knock Radio, this episode hosted by Davey D, Friday, 22 APR 2016, 16:00 PDT.  [N.B.:  For some unfortunate reason, Hard Knock Radio removes all of its broadcasts from the archives two weeks after the broadcast date.]

The second segment of this episode of Hard Knock Radio is entitled “Young People Surviving Depression”.

[2] Also known as Hugo Lyon Antonio ” Yogi Bear” Pinell.


[22 APR 2016]