J Stalin @ Chili's (Tracy, CA), IMG950164LUMPENPROLETARIAT  Gonzo: An endorsement from a San Francisco Bay Area Emcee:  You’re making more sense than all them candidates out there right now.  Messina, if you were running for president, I’d vote for you! J. Stalin [1]



Who Are U?” by J Stalin

J Stalin @ Chili's (Tracy, CA), IMG_20160217_172309

Choppin’ it up with a local Republican, who assures us he’s not so RepublicanAre you a Democrat or a Republican? he asked me.  I’m a communist.  The whole room seemed to be paying close attention now.

Everyday My Birthday” by J. Stalin

J Stalin @ Chili's (Tracy, CA), IMG_20160217_172323

Our chatty Republican friend seemed to decide socialism and communism weren’t so bad after all.

Neighborhood Stars” by J. StalinToo $hort, and Mistah FAB


[1]  Hailing from Oakland, CA, discussing gender, phenotype, police terrorism, economics, and politics with the proletariat (and the lumpenproletariat) at Chili’s in Tracy, CA on Wednesday, 17 FEB 2016.


[19 FEB 2016]

[17:54 PDT  19 FEB 2016]