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444px-Nataliecole2007LUMPENPROLETARIAT—Some of us listening to the radio New Year’s Day heard the sad news that the wonderful singer, songwriter, and actor Natalie Cole had died on New Year’s Eve.  Qué triste, tan joven.

Natalie Cole’s music traversed the genres of Rhythm & Blues, aka R&B; Soul; Blues; Soft Rock; Black Classical, aka Jazz; Quiet Storm; and Adult Contemporary.  The world is a brighter place thanks to the brilliance of Natalie Cole’s contributions.


Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole with Natalie Cole


[1]  Point of information, Luis Medina, the music deejay, hosting KPFA’s Music of the World (sitting in for Stephen Kent) for Thursday, 7 JAN 2016 summarised the first group of songs and commemorated the passing of notable musicians and recording artists.  (The second song, “Adrift”, a traditional song stood out from the rest, from the album entitled Ruby by Shujatt Husain Khan and Katayoun Goudarzi on the Khan/Goudarzi record label.)



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