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438px-MLK_and_Malcolm_X_USNWR_croppedWikiUserLUMPENPROLETARIAT—On Tuesday, 19 MAY 2015, Kansas City reprazented for Claim Malcolm X Day WorldwideLumpenproletariat.org was reporting live from this important civic gathering, occurring simulatenously across the USA.  At 18:00 CDT, local community members peacefully assembled at 63rd and Paseo in Kansas City, Missouri for a rally to Claim Malcolm X Day.  Several speakers delivered impassioned and moving speeches and spoken word.  Representatives of Black Lives Matter as well as Chicana/Hispanic groups, such as Una Lucha were on hand.  Local poet and UMKC undergrad student, Corey, delivered a beautiful and moving tribute to the spirit of revolutionary struggle represented by brother Malcolm X.  The rally was followed by a march westbound on 63rd.  (Photos and transcript pending.)  The marchers chanted:

  1. No justice, no peace!  No racist police!
  2. Black Lives Matter!
  3. Ryan Stokes means, we have to fight back!
  4. Old Jim Crow, New Jim Crow, this racist system has to go!
  5. You can’t stop the revolution!
  6. We want freedom, freedom!  Tell those racist cops we don’t need ’em, need ’em!
  7. Police brutality!  Shut it down!  Mass incarceration!  Shut it down!  The New Jim Crow!  Shut it down!
  8. We are unstoppable!  Another world is possible!
  9. Hands up!  Don’t shoot!
  10. Same story every time!  Being Black is not a crime!



Claim Malcolm X DayKansas City”


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ONE STRUGGLE KCThere is a national call to CLAIM Malcolm X Day. Actions will take place across the country. This will be a day of reverence, resistance, and reflection. Come celebrate Malcolm X, and his dedication to the liberation of people of color, and all oppressed people. This will be a family-friendly event, with children re-enacting famous speeches made by Malcolm X, and fellowshipping with community. We look forward to sharing our love and admiration for Malcolm X with you all.

Malcolm X inspired and continues to inspire liberation movements here and around the world, including the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We seek to carry on his legacy in our fight against human rights violations at the hands of police, economic exploitation, and the prison and military industrial complexes. Malcolm X died in the struggle to empower, unite, and educate oppressed groups and communities in these United States. Fifty years later, One Struggle KC is honored to be part of this ongoing struggle in the Kansas City community, and beyond. Malcolm’s love for his people was transformative. In its actions, One Struggle seeks to harness that love for oppressed people everywhere and willl work tirelessly to move toward a world that Malcolm envisioned; a world where human rights are protected and human dignity honored.

#CMXDKC #BlackLivesMatter #Fergusonspring
#Malcolm50 #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson #YearofResistance #CMXD #ShutItDown #NoJusticeNoPeace

Learn more at ONE STRUGGLE KC.


CLAIM MALCOLM X DAY WORLDWIDEIt’s time to take a stand, make history and celebrate the life of a revolutionary warrior, a man who stood for something and believed in doing anything necessary to free black people. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!  ATTENTION BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA AND BEYOND!



[All photography by Messina]

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